21 Genius DIY Wine Cork Crafts You’ll Actually Use

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Let’s be honest, when you’re not working, your schedule consists of just watching stuff on Netflix and eating. If you don’t do either of these, then you’re part of that 1% who are into taking up fun and educational endeavors—I’m talking about DIYs!

So why not try your hand at some DIY wine cork crafts? They can be used to make things that you can use around the house.

So, store all the wine corks safely instead of throwing them away after downing all that wine. If you already have a wine cork collection, then that’s great. It’s time to put on your craft hat and turn those corks into something useful!

21 Genius DIY Wine Cork Crafts You’ll Actually Use

1. Earrings

Via Savedbylovecreations

“Jewelry has the power to be that one little thing that makes you feel unique.” And that is a fact.

So, why not turn your wine corks into earrings? All you have to do is slice the corks to your liking, decorate them, and stick in eye screws and attach earring loops.

If that isn’t cheap chic at it’s best, I don’t know what is.

2. Never Be Late With A DIY Wine Cork Wall Clock

Via Etsy

Whether it’s an old record or some sort of round surface that can take some weight, it’s perfect as the foundation for a clock—made of wine corks! Mark the hours, then paste the corks accordingly. Now that’s rustic.

3. Utensil Holder

Via Amagicalmess

Pure. Genius. All you need is a steel can to place the utensils in, and a hot glue gun. Glue the corks at the bottom first to set a firm foundation and then move up. Looks pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Check out DIY glue gun crafts.

4. USB Holder

Via Youtube

I feel like whoever created this hack didn’t realize how ingenious it was at the time. It’s mainly for people like you and me who constantly lose track of their USBs. Use a slanted blade to cut into the cork to fit the USB, and push the USB into the cork firmly.

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5. Trivet

Via Creatorvox

Upcycle your wine corks into a stylish and rustic trivet. All you need for this DIY are wine corks and glue! Decide upon a layout you like and arrange your corks in that pattern before you start gluing them together.

6. Front Door Wreath

Via Anamericaninrome

Leaf wreaths are overrated. Try a cork wreath instead. All you need to do is decorate a straw wreath with corks. Make sure you start gluing from the interior.

7. Planter Box

Via Beckmenvineyards

Choose a suitable planter box, as well as your desired decorated corks. You can glue the corks in a consistent pattern or a random pattern. Finally, fill the box with soil and plants.

8. Heat Protectant

Via Youtube

If the pan on your stove is way too hot to touch, put a cork through the lid of the pan and use it to lift the lid. This prevents to use of gloves or awkwardly using a cloth to lift the lid.

9. Cork Toys

Via Reciclandoenlaescuela

If your child is driving you insane (no more than usual) and asking for a “fun time”, try this activity! Use balloons, markers paint, and even clay to decorate these toys.

10. Decorate Your Jewelry Organizer

Via Etsy

This is a really cool way to arrange your jewelry. Get your hands on a rectangular piece of wire mesh frame and decorate the edges of the jewelry organizer with some wine corks. Instead of buying the product from Etsy, make it yourself!

11. Drink Coaster

Via Pinkwhen

A wine coaster made out of corks. Ironic much? Carefully cut the wine corks with a sharp knife and smooth them out with sandpaper. This will give it a much cleaner and elevated look overall. Jeez, I sound like a fashion designer! Anything to get me closer to Louis Vuitton. Glue the corks together and enjoy the results.

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12. Cork Coaster (Another Version)

Via Youtube

Continuing the coaster theme, here’s another way to do it if you don’t have a hot glue gun. Arrange the corks in the shape of a hexagon, and tie a plastic clamp around the corks. Cut off the extra plastic and it’s ready to be used.

13. Bath Mat

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

The number of times I’ve slipped on my slippery mat is way more than the number of Avengers movies. In short, I’ve slipped on it A LOT.

Boil your corks, and cut them while they’re warm. Then prepare the other materials necessary for your mat and glue on the corks.

14. Decorate Candle Holders

Via Kacisdiykraftsblog

Very often, the wax of the candles coats the sides of the candle jar in an unattractive manner. To cover this up, and make the candle look more aesthetic, position corks around the candle jar. Tie a colorful or patterned ribbon around it and voila!

15. Wall Art

Via Brit

Yet another DIY craft to do with your kids, or even on ladies’ night! Enjoy the wine, but leave the cork ladies.

Decorate the corks individually with stickers, paints, colors, clay, or any other wacky item you can think of. Glue them onto the wall in any shape or form. Harry Potter, the state of Alaska, a cheesecake…anything that your heart desires!

16. Keychain

Via Youtube

Besides the question, “What’s for dinner?”, the next question my dad always asks is “Have you seen my keys?” Cue the frantic 15-minute search before he realizes it was on the coffee table.

Never lose your keys again by making this key chain! Just push a rounded screw into the center of the cork and attach your key to it.

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17. Tiny Plant Holders

Via Craftsbyamanda

These petite plant holders are perfect for decorating your fridge or coffee table! Just cut a small hole in the middle of the cork, fill it with glue and sand, and place the tiny plant in it. Stick a magnet to the side of the cork and you’ve got the perfect decoration right here.

18. Garden Signs

Why have little signs in your garden that topple over when you can have sturdy corks instead? Form a small hole in the center of the cork, and push a stick into it. Label the cork according to the plant you want it to describe, and place the stick next to the plant.

19. Fix Noisy Cabinet Doors

Ah, the source of noise pollution in the kitchen—cabinet doors! Cut off a small piece of the cork, and pump a bit of hot glue onto one side. Place the cork piece at the bottom edge of the cabinet door, and it shall be silenced forever.

20. Wine Stand

A wine bottle stand made out of wine corks. Could it get any better? I feel like Rafiki is singing the Circle of Life right now. Glue together a line of corks, and repeat with another line. Cut a few corks in half to glue between these two line structures. Then, place a few corks to act as pillars for the bottle.

21. Photo Holder

Via Sutterhome

Sometimes you don’t want to frame pictures, but you still want them to be near you. Cut a cork in half, then place it right side up. Create a slit from the top to bottom, but make sure it’s not too deep. Slide your picture in, and it should hold!

A lot of these crafts are useful around the house, and for most of them, all you need a knife and a hot glue gun! And wine corks, of course!