31 Awesome DIY String Light Decor Ideas

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As a rabid enthusiast of all things DIY, string lights are possibly my favourite article to DIY with. Easily available and endlessly versatile, string lights can be used to brighten up just about anything- whether it is an old piece of reclaimed wood or mood board with paper cut-outs.

The best part? Because of their ease of use, they cater to amateurs and experts alike. I have carefully curated a list of amazing string light projects, some of them personal favourites and others I am waiting to try out myself. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration, you have come to exactly the right place!

1. Accent a Gallery Wall

Via Apartmenttherapy

A stunning accent for your gallery wall, string lights not only lend enough light to view painted nuances better but also create a relaxing ambience.

2. Ceiling Canopy

Recreate what it feels to have an outdoor picnic under the stars, in the confines of your room. Hang rows of string lights from the ceilings. You can even drape a light fabric to create a dream-like atmosphere.

3. Glowing Curtains

Via Mrkate

Hang some string lights behind sheer curtains. It makes the room look dreamy.

4. Dining Room Fixture

If your dining room is low on the lighting, hanging a couple of lengths of string lights is just the right solution.

5. Light Rope

Via Amerrymishapblog

Is it a rope of light? Yes, it is. As simple as it sounds, all you need to do is twist the lights around a length of rope.

Pro Tip: If the rope happens to be an old one, paint over it with a colour of your choice.

6. Get Your Plants to Glow

Via Themerrythought

I have come to realise the importance of fake foliage in one’s house. They require little to no upkeep, are not messy and you do not have to remember to water them every day.

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Draping the fronds around string lights or vice versa is a fun idea to brighten up your living space.

7. Decorative Ladder

Via Abeautifulmess

Works well with almost any architectural style, all you need to do is wrap string lights around a ladder. 

8. Tree Trunk Lights


Great mood lighting for the next outdoor party you’re playing host at.

9. String Lights Strung from a Fence


Works for both fences and balcony rails, there is no prettier sight than fences aglow when it is dark.

10. Watering Can Light

Via Smartschoolhouse

Thread fairy lights into a watering can with a removable head, and you have an art piece that is both unusual and attractive.

11. Solar Faucet Garden Light

Hear me out. A solar faucet gardening light is not only a great source of light but also accurately replicates the flow of water in light form.

12. Pineapple Lights

Via Alittlecraftinyourday

Little glowing pineapples. If that is an idea you are willing to get behind, this is the project for you.

13. LED Headboard

LED lights are your best bet if you are looking to conserve energy, and a LED headboard if you are looking to add some pizzazz into your bedroom.

14. Easter Twinkle Lights

Via Creativeramblingsblog

A colourful time of the year, these Easter string lights are everything that is so great about this festival.

15. Illuminated Chalkboard

Via Brepea

Have your to-do list glower at you ( quite literally). Better still, write down a quote every Monday and use it as a luminous inspiration for the rest of the week.

16. Star Light Garland

Via Monmakesthings

A sky full of stars. For your wall.

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17. DIY Rainbow Lights

Via Buzzfeed

Super easy to manufacture on one’s own, this display is about as colourful as it can get.

Pro Tip: You can use the traditional VIBGYOR line-up, or use colours of your choice, in a specific order.

18. Reclaimed Wood Sign

Via Natalme

If your love for retro and for string lights are on par, this is a project you need to execute!

Hang up your sign behind the bar or in a prominent position of the house and grab eyeballs.

19. Marquee Style Light

Via Welivedhappilyeverafter

Lighted letters. All you need is a ton of cardboard, super-strong glue, paints, and string lights.

20. Coffee Filter String Lights

Via Craftyourhappiness

Sustainable, simple and easy on the pockets, coffee filter string lights are a sight for sore eyes. The filter paper is translucent, which lends an unearthly, dreamy effect to the setup.

21. Fall Leaf Garland

This project is simplistic and full of allure. All you need to do is collect a bunch of leaves in vivid reds, yellows and oranges, press them and hang them in a garland. Interwoven with string lights.

22. Window and Twig Nightlight

Via Hometalk

Fall asleep with images of a forest glade, swaying fronds and a pale glow.

The requirements are easily available and inexpensive- an upcycled window, a frame, twigs and leaves, string lights. 

23. Stuffed Animal Night Light

Via Matsutakeblog

Repurpose an old stuffed animal or toy into a night light for your bedroom or study. Be careful though, it is wise to steer clear of creepy dolls with staring eyes!

24. Illuminated Shadow Box

Via Instructables

Shadow boxes, in my opinion, are never out of style. Whether for a children’s room or for the den, a shadow box is always an astute choice.

25. Glowing Gift Boxes

Via Marthastewart

Jazz up your Christmas decorations, courtesy of these glowing gift boxes. Line them up at the bottom of the tree and watch them twinkle through the night,

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26. Lighted Ceiling

Via Nestofposies

Create a magical space in your home with the help of hooks and string lights. Added bonus? It takes all of twenty minutes, no more.

27. A “lit” Swing Set

Via Pinterest

We all have memories with swing sets, and we can agree that they look wonderful both inside and outside the house. If you have one in your possession, highlight it and its best features, by draping a row of string lights on it. (Could not find the source, let us know if you find it)

28. Frame Your Fireplace Mantel

The mantel is where we gravitate toward, to display pictures of the family, of our friends, of travels. And what better way to highlight memories even better than to drape the mantelpiece in lights?

29. Frosted Vase Lighting

A personal favourite, string lights in a frosted vase look ethereal.

30. String the Lights Around a Pergola

Via Countryliving

If you are one of the lucky few who have their backyard equipped with a pergola or a gazebo, hanging string lights from the frame makes for an incredible set-up

31. Make Your Garden Glow

Via Dust And Doghair

Another decor idea for the outdoors, string lights and shrubbery are a match made in heaven. Dense or sparse, highlight your backyard foliage to the best of its advantage by draping string lights on and around them.

Tip: Use LED lights as they save energy and are eco-friendly.

And there you have it, 31 awesome string light ideas for your next DIY project. For you to use, alter and pass on!

Make sure to save the pin, so you can refer to these ideas back again!