27 DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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Are you looking for something manly and cool for your boyfriend? Are you done with those mainstream perfumes and wallets and want to gift him something really special on Valentine’s day?

DIY gift ideas can be your savior right now. I mean, nothing is more special than hand made gifts and it will always be exceptional no matter what isn’t it? 

Whether it is a holiday season or his birthday, DIY gift ideas can never be out of fashion and let’s say it, there are so many cool ideas! You just need to explore and create something considering the best interests of your sweetheart. 

Whether your boyfriend is a musician, foodie, sports lover or a travel enthusiast, we have it all. The DIY ideas are easy and you can be as creative as you want with all of them.

This list of 27 DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend has something for every guy out there, after all, even men need some pampering and appreciation! 

1. Xbox DIY Pillow

Via Sammileanne

Is your boyfriend a gaming enthusiast? My guy is always busy with his PS4 and to honor his gaming choices, I gifted him a DIY controller pillow on Valentine’s day. You would need a rectangular bed pillow, scissors, sewing machine and pins, printer, scrap materials and finally pillow stuffing.

This unique DIY is not easy but it can be a good choice if you are familiar with sewing and have done similar crafts before. Appreciate your guy and his Xbox with this unique DIY! 

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2. A Lottery Ticket Tree

Via Viewsfromastepstool

As amusing as it sounds, a lottery tree is so much unique as well. I mean, a lottery is not a healthy practice in our society, and who can imagine gifting someone a lottery tree? Trust me, if your guy is okay with the idea of trying the lady luck sometimes, this easy DIY would be a good gift for say, Christmas?  

You would just need a styrofoam cone as the tree trunk and then you can customize the tickets you have bought as the lucky leaves. Who knows, you might end up winning as well! 

3. DIY Photo Box

It is always great to capture some special moments and then frame them together. This amazing photo box is filled with pictures, handwritten memories, roadmaps and so much more. You can be as creative as you want with something like this, and your partner would love to be surprised with something this special! It is also very inexpensive and easy to make. 

4. Best Date Jar

Via Therealisticmama

Want to spoil your boo with some wonderful date ideas? Gift him a sparkling date jar. You can fill it with lots of date ideas, whether feasible or not. I mean, make it as personal as you can, write all your desires and let it out!

You would need a wide-mouthed mason jar for this and colored paper strips. You can also write about the best dates that you have had with your guy, special occasions, etc. The list is quite big! 

5. Origami Fortune Teller

Via Origamiway

This is not something you would prefer to gift your boyfriend on his birthday or Christmas. Surprise your guy with a DIY origami fortune teller on an intimate movie night where you can just fool around with this craft and have fun. It is simple, sweet and nothing formal just meant for fun and emotions! 

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6. Open Letters

Via Thedatingdivas

Just like a love jar, open letters are there to cheer up your guy when he is down or when he is missing you. Make this awesome DIY open letters, citing all your emotions and everything that you want him to know. You can make your presence felt always, if not physically, definitely emotionally.

Use some unique captions that would make him choose the right one according to his mood. If you are excited at this moment, just imagine how excited he would be while reading those words! 

7. Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

Via Practicallyfunctional

Planning for a romantic holiday with your boyfriend? Make some DIY heart-shaped tea bags and carry them along. Make that morning tea extra special with these tea bags and enjoy as you sip in your beverage by the campsite.

You can gift an entire set to your guy if he loves tea and makes him feel special (I mean, he already is I know, but appreciation is good, you see)!

8. Invisible Message Bottle 

Via Minieco

This DIY is my favorite! Neither you have to struggle to make this nor it is expensive. I would consider it a great choice as you can write a secret message and make it look super sexy at the same time.

Us invisible DIY ink to write your message in a scroll and put it in a beautiful glass bottle. Fill it up with colorful hearts to make it look more than awesome! 

9. Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Flavored pretzels are something that I often crave for. Why not use this sweetness as a gift? Dip those boring pretzel rods in yummy caramel and warm chocolate and let them cool off. This little trick will result in something extremely beautiful and tasty.

You can sprinkle those round pretzels with coconut bits, chocolate chips, or drizzled white chocolates for some extra sass. 

Pack those babies in a customized box and gift it to your boyfriend and let him dive in the salty and sugary snack! 

10. DIY Sharpie Mugs

Via Abeautifulmess

This is the easiest DIY ever. Customize a coffee mug with sharpies by doodling quotes and prints and make it special. Once doodled, you need to bake the mug in the oven and the prints will not get washed again! You can gift a collection of mugs with customized quotes and make him feel special!

11. Explosion Box

Via Scorpal

You must have drooled over those pretty explosion boxes you have seen online that re expensive as well. Did you ever think about making them?

Well, you can now as they are pretty easy to make. If you are accustomed to handcrafts, it would be a piece of cake. Prepare this easy DIY with lots of memories and your pictures together to make it extra special for your boyfriend! 

12. Origami Envelope

Via Krokotok

Just like those cute origami fortune tellers, you can make a simple yet unique origami envelope for your guy. It is extremely easy to make and you need some colored papers and sketch pens to complete this DIY.

Don’t forget to keep a special message inside it to make it more personal and something worth remembering! 

13. Song Lyrics Frame

As a couple, I am sure you must have that one special song that means a lot to both of you. Why not frame them with a romantic picture? Yes, picture frames can be boring and they are nothing unique.

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Why not write a song lyrics in the background and then paste a picture right in between? You can either write or use a template and print the lyrics. It would not only look fabulous, but you might also end up earning some compliments for this! 

14. Hershey’s Kiss Cookies

Via Sixsisterstuff

Does your boyfriend have a sweet tooth? Saviour his taste buds with some delicious cookies made form the ultra-famous Hershey’s kisses!

It is prepared from an easy cookies recipe, topped with marshmallows and Hershey’s kisses. You can gift him a large box so that he can enjoy the delicious snack during the holidays and can never stop thinking about you! 

15. Comics Picture Frame

Via Instructables

I often get nostalgic at the talk of some iconic comics and I do believe that comics can never be outdated. I mean, those things were our childhood! Take your man down the memory lane by gifting him a comic frame.

You can print all the characters from his favorite comics and cover it around a hardboard in the frame structure. Make sure he never feels that he has grown up enough and he cannot enjoy comics anymore, he has the special frame waiting! 

16. Ticket Stub Box

Via Thinkingcloset

We often visit concerts, theaters and go for a movie night with our special one. Unlike me, many of us would keep those tickets as a memory. If you are one of them, make a memory box out of them by framing the tickets.

You can decorate the backgrounds for a creative set up and add quotes as well. Isn’t it a great gift? After all, they are so much more than tiny pieces of paper! 

17. Valentine Kiss Cookies 

Via Thefrugalgirls

This easy to bake cookies recipe is nothing but glam. It is a chocolate cookie so it is bound to be delicious, but those chocolate kisses and candies are undoubtedly the best part. You won’t even need an hour to complete this and your guy will enjoy the deliciousness at every bite! 

18. DIY Sticks and Stones

Via radmegan

Did you ever think about customizing natural treasures like rocks, stones, and twigs? Collect some of these wonders, it will be awesome if you can find unique shapes, customize them by doodling and painting. You can scribble different quotes, draw something or simply try to replicate a pattern. 

Your guy would love every bit of it as it is personal and it would mean a lot to both of you. Go ahead and collect some rocks, girl!

19. Sweet Jar

Via Happygouckyblog

Presenting an amazing Valentine’s sweet jar for your honey! Shower your sweetie with love and affection with this cute sweet jar, filled with candies and toffees.

You can also use labels to decorate the jar and right some lines for your love. Let him enhance his taste buds by letting him sneak a taste whenever he misses you! 

20. A Week Of Love

Via Thedatingdivas

I hope you have come across those medicine storage pieces with seven hollow partitions, meant for seven days in a week. Use one of such boxes and write personal love letters and messages for seven days.

Ask him to open according to the day of the week and watch while he is surprised by your words. You can also put printable love quotes and appreciate everything about him. After all, he tolerates your mood swings, doesn’t he? 

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21. Pop-Up Photo Box

Via Countryliving

Convert a monogrammed jewelry box to a pop-up photo box with this easy DIY. Print some of your best memories together and fold them into a top-down manner.

Place the roll inside a jewelry box and glue down the white part of the last picture. In this way, when your boyfriend opens the box, the picture list pops up and he can enjoy each one of them one by one! 

22. Love Coupon Book 

Via iheartnaptime

If you spend a hard time deciding where to go on a date with your boo, this one is definitely for you! Gift your guy a coupon book that is full of several activities, some fun, some romantic, and some even about the daily chores.

He must pick one of them when you want him to and you guys have to do what is written, sounds fun, right? 

23. DIY Heart Candle 

Via Helloglow

Customize a scented candle with some golden inscription on it. Say, the initials of your boyfriend or both of you, it could be anything. You need a linoleum cutter, glitter pen, and tape to complete this easy DIY.

Use such candles on a romantic candlelight dinner and light up the setting. Also, you must avoid this if he is allergic to scented candles. I mean you don’t want him to sneeze all through your dinner, do you? 

24. Date Nights Key-Ring

Via Thinkingcloset

Plan some amazing date nights for the next twelve months, laminate them in a colorful and creative style and attach all of them to make a keyring!

Whether it is a board game night, a romantic gateway or say just hanging out by the pool, it is going to be special for him. After all, women hardly plan dates and you have planned twelve of them. Trust me, it would be a big deal for him and he would love it! 

25. Customized Beer Bottles

Via Makethebestofeverything

Women and wine, men, and beer. These words are no less than a synonym for each other and I can’t agree more. We have already mentioned something with Xbox and now it is time for a beer! 

Impress your guy by gifting him beer bottles with customized labels. You can paint them, write quotes and funny dialogs and make it much more than just a drink! 

26. Vintage Domino Clock

Via Sadieseasongoods

Gift your boyfriend a vintage wall clock with this DIY which is a treat for a gamer guy. This easy DIY can be made from recycled wood and stick the dominos in order with glue.

Make the clock kit separately for a better fit of the mechanics and you will have a perfect wall clock ready. This could be an awesome birthday gift, what’s say? 

27. DIY Fabric Beverage Holder

Via Positivelysplendid

We have something that your boyfriend would love during the summer month. This insulated DIY beverage holder is made to keep all your favorite drinks cool even when the sun is burning.

This could be a great gift for your guy as he would be chilling by the pool, without the beverage getting warm. We know warm beer is nothing less than a curse!

If you are confused, don’t be. Nothing is perfect and who cares even? It is the feelings and hard work that matters the most. Begin the brainstorming right away and once you figure out the perfect option for your boyfriend, don’t wait, get to work!