27 Denim Upcycling Ideas Using Old Jeans

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Do you have a pile of old and worn-out jeans? Is getting rid of them too overwhelming for you? 

If you are nodding your head right now, I second you. It is one of the hardest things for me to throw out as jeans are those sturdy fabrics that are multifunctional and extremely durable. Also, they can be recycled into some amazing DIY and easy crafts, and hence, we could use our favorite jeans again and again! 

Don’t say goodbye to those worn-out jeans and repurpose them to make comfy slippers, bags, potholders, jewelry, and whatnot. Want a new wall art? Recycle denim. Want a DIY party banner? Denim pennants are waiting!

These amazing craft ideas need nothing but your time and little dedication, and Oh, a sewing machine would be great! 

Presenting a list of 27 DENIM UPCYCLING IDEAS USING OLD JEANS that would definitely stop you from throwing away those pieces of denim! 

1. Chic Aprons

Via Countryfarmhome

Want to recycle worn-out jeans? Transform them into shabby yet chic aprons! Aprons are very necessary for our daily kitchen chores so why not show some love to them and adorn them with creativity?

Add some pretty laces and floral designs to the denim cut out and your chic apron is ready to use! 

2. Denim Slippers

Via Allfreesewing

Make this awesome relaxation gear with your used denim and have that cozy spa feeling at once. These beautiful denim slippers are made from upcycled sewing ideas that would transform your old jeans into these comfy slippers. Also, this can be an amazing Christmas gift that is customized and hand made! 

3. Denim Wine Bags

Via Cathiefilian

Ever wondered how that recycled denim would look on your favorite wine bottle? I am deeply fascinated by this easy DIY, where I need to shape my old jeans and make an amazing cover for a wine bottle.

So, if you are visiting an old friend or up for a regular housewarming party, these wine bags are a perfect gifting solution!  

4. DIY Vest

Via Alldaychic

Reuse old jeans and make a sassy DIY vest. All you need are scissors, a sewing machine and an old pair of jeans. Cut several long strips of denim material and then sew them together in a basket weaving style.

You can also accessorize it by adding zippers, buttons, and chains. This design is best suited for a casual look. 

5. DIY Denim Basket

Via Allfreesewing

Don’t throw away your old denim jeans, instead recycle them into a pretty fabric basket. This quick DIY organizer is easy to make and is completely functional as well. Whether it is your makeup brushes or sewing collection, it can be used to store anything and everything. Moreover, it could be used as a gift pouch for festivals! 

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6. Denim Coasters 

Via Craftster

If we are recycling the fabric of those old jeans, why not the hems? Make beautiful denim coasters with those hems and use it as table mats for coffee mugs and jars. You can also dye them into some vibrant colors if you don’t want the blue look! 

7. Flower Corsage 

Via Allfreesewing

Sign up for these easy DIY denim fabric flowers and never spend money on corsages again! This amazing DIY is a perfect combination of delicate floral patterns and rugged denim.

You can add some beadings on the top to complete the unique and extraordinary floral corsage look and put them on display in your living room! 

8. Rags To Wreath 

Via Afishwholikesflowers

It might resemble those paper origamis but these are way more elegant and easy to make denim wreaths! You need to cut your jeans into small rectangular pieces and then keep adding those strips in a circular wreath shaped wire. Use ribbons to hang the artwork and add some beads and glitter for decoration. 

9. Notebook Cover

Via Livingwellmom

Make a sassy, back to school notebook cover with your denim pockets as the centerpiece. You need to cut out the portion of your denim pocket, make two holes, trim the sides and add laces, ribbons, and beads for decoration. This one could be an easy DIY project for kids as well. 

10. PomPom Necklace

Via Littlemissmomma

Want a piece of accessory that would complete your casual, jeans and tee look? Make a pompom bib necklace from your old denim rags! You need felt, denim fabric, hot glue gun, necklace chain, and pearls to create this chic DIY necklace. Those pretty flower shapes are very easy to make and they never get old! 

11. Camera Bag

Via Evilmadscientist

Show some love to your beloved cameras by gifting them a cozy bag. Cameras are extremely expensive and they need care and protection and this DIY denim bag is all set to make you feel safer than anything else. 

This crocheted style bag is made from denim cut-outs and cotton batik leftovers. There are buttonhole and button for the lid area for extra safety. Why wait? Add some sass to your camera collection right now! 

12. Denim Pillowcase

Via Ashbeedesign

Are you looking for a unique gift for your partner? Take your denim chevron fabric, sew some amazing ombre design with the strips, and make the DIY a cover for an old pillow!

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You can use the color mixings according to your living room background and you will surely create something beautiful! 

13. Denim Rug

Via Abeautifulmess

If you have a stack of worn-out jeans, we have an amazing recycling idea for those fabrics. Cut out hexagons from those pieces of denim and sew them together into a beautiful rag. You need to trim the sides to get a perfect rug shape that would definitely decorate your interiors! 

14. Woven Basket

Via Sweetpaulmag

Wired baskets are common to every household. It’s time to update the multifunctional baskets and adorn them with denim fabrics! Cut long and thick strips from your old jeans and then cover the basket along its the diameter. Trim the extra strips once done and your stylish woven basket is ready! 

15. Denim Feathers 

Via Pillarboxblue

This DIY is basically a wall decor idea made from fraying old denim scraps. Make indigo or white feathers from those denim scraps with fine detailing of feather spine and shapes. This easy craft can be completed in an hour or less and you can be as creative as you want!

16. Easter Basket

Via Ehow

Let’s use those denim seams productively, shall we? Assuming you have already turned the rest of your jeans to upcycled projects, use the leftover seams and wrap them around a small wired basket and sew the loose ends. Your easter basket is ready to roll! 

17. Tote Bags

Via Brothersews

Tote bags in undoubtedly a namesake for handy baskets that could be used absolutely anywhere. Upcycle your used jeans into this amazing tote bag and take advantage of the durable denim fabric once again! 

18. Denim Whale

Via Allmyfriendsareflowers

This adorable denim whale is an amazing stuffed toy for your baby’s nursery. Take paper cutouts as stencils for the toy and then place it on the jeans and finely cut out the extras.

Fill in some polyester fiber fills inside and then sew the pieces together. The cute whale could be a wonderful gift for your kid’s birthday! 

19. Lunch Bags

Via Purlsoho

Recycle your old pair of jeans and transform them into buttoned lunch bags. Say no to those plastic wraps and boxes and let these DIY denim pouches carry your lunch safely every day!

20. DIY Potholders

Via Aarnilintu

Pancakes and cookies are delicious, aren’t they? But they can leave patches in your delicate hand if used with oven knits. Here is a DIY potholder made from upcycled jeans that would make your baking experience easier and will let you enjoy those pieces of heaven to the most! 

21. Baby Bibs

Via Beccaspapercutz

Babies are extremely cute but so are these pretty baby bibs. Make this amazing baby bib with your old jeans and customize it with your creativity. This could also be a very special gift for your best friend’s baby shower, after all, it is handmade with lots of love! 

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22. Play Crown

Via Creativegreenliving

Surprise your little ones with this easy DIY play crown. Made from upcycled jeans, this design is made from a long strip of jeans, sewed in a circle. The upper side needs to be trimmed in triangular fringes and you can also add stars and other decorative shapes on the sides to beautify it! 

23. Denim Pouf

Via Michelemademe

Transform those worn-out jeans into a wonderful piece of furniture with this DIY. Just like the denim whale, you need to use stencils for this one as well and then cut out pieces from the pant. You can use filling materials from other pillows and cushions to stuff this one. 

Though the embroidery is optional, it would be a great modification in case you are gifting this incredible pouf. 

24. Magazine Rack

Via Pillarbluebox

If you are a magazine worm and is always up for digesting those trendy gossips while sipping your morning tea, this DIY is for you. Make this trendy copper and denim fabric magazine holder with your used jeans and place it right next to your lounges. 

You need copper pipes, old jeans, a sewing machine, and epoxy glue material to complete this DIY. 

25. Picnic Blanket

Via Rfandg

Just like those easy rugs, make a denim blanket by sewing strips of denim fabric together. You can use different colors of denim to make them more creative. Use these blankets for a family day out or a picnic maybe! 

26. Party Banner

Via Skiptomylou

Make a stylish party banner with upcycled denim and you have a durable party popper ready! Cutout double-layered pennants from the leg area of the jeans and sew the sides for a better look.

Cut the pennants according to the length of your message and place the alphabets using fabric interfacing. You can decorate the artwork using glitters and colored glossy papers for a better look! 

27. Denim Brooch 

Via Liveinternet

My personal favorite and the most unique of the list is a denim brooch. Resembling the flower corsages, this DIY is a little tough to make but it is no less than a masterpiece.

You need denim rags, colorful threads for the veins, and clasp for the brooch. By dedicating 2 hours or less, you can earn yourself lots of compliments with this amazing DIY. 

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to the core and help you create lots of new projects. After all recycling and upcycling are always a positive thing to do!