50 Best Christmas Crafts

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Ho, Ho, Ho, the holiday season is here! And with the holiday season comes the unavoidable chaos. Whether it’s planning an entire Christmas makeover for your home or just trying to untangle the strands of your Christmas lights, the mayhem just never ends.

But we have a way for you to thrive in during a time like this. It’s DIY! Now Christmas celebrations can get a tad bit expensive and let’s not forget the main aim is to have fun here. With DIY crafts, this problem is no more—you wouldn’t have to go buy all your decorations from a store and you can also indulge work on these activities with your family.

Go ahead and check out these fun, innovative, and attractive Christmas DIY crafts. 

50 DIY Christmas crafts 

1. Wooden Spools Wreath

Via Countryliving

No matter what kind of material you have—wooden, cardboard, or plastic—these tiny, vintage looking spools can add great value to your Christmas aesthetic. Tweak it to match your style. Your guests would be delighted at the sight of a spool wreath when they knock at your door. 

2. Winter Scene In A Box

Via Womansday

Pick up that Amazon box in which you received your order or that empty cookie box and convert it into a quaint winter scene. Fill it with a dreamy, picturesque landscape, or recreate a scene from your favorite Christmas movie. 

3. Gnome Ornaments

Via Happyhooligans

These nocturnal creatures are known to be a lucky charm for your garden. And if you don’t have one, then what are you waiting for? With these easy DIY techniques you can hang your gnome ornaments in your garden and bring yourself some Christmas good luck. 

4. Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Via Amagicalmess

If you thoroughly enjoy sipping on a glass of wine at dinner time like I do, then you have enough wine corks for this DIY craft. You’ll need around forty to forty-five wine corks to build this cute yet fancy Christmas tree. Check wine cork crafts you can DIY.

5. Sweater Stockings

Via Diynetwork

Gather all the old/unwanted sweaters that are shoved right in the back of your closet and start transforming them into these festive stockings. If you have these in red color, then that would be perfect!

6. Greeting Card Display

Via Shutterfly

Have you been hoarding all the holiday greeting cards since time immemorial because you’re too sentimental to throw them away? Well, we have a great way for you to recycle them. Pair them with Christmas garlands and hang them along doors, fences, stairways, or anywhere you like!

7. Origami Christmas Tree

Via Sugarandcharm

Oh, how the children in your house would love making these! Origami Christmas trees can be a lot of fun to make once you’ve set the pace. You can easily make a bunch of these in no time. This is also cost-effective and adds value to your decor. 

8. Sugar Cookie Ornaments

Via Goodhousekeeping

Here’s a quick tip! Make sure you’ve made extra batches of these sugar cookies, because you would want to binge on these delicious cookies once they’re ready. It’s okay! We believe cookies are meant to be binged on. But keep some to show off to your guests. 

9. Festive Pillows

Via Hgtv

DIY pillow decorations are one of the finest ways to accentuate your living room. For this holiday season, bring notice to your otherwise regular looking couch with this easy DIY trick. 

10. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Via Fabart

This one’s an unconventional craft, but it’s not unachievable. With cookie cutters and colorful beads, you can create all these beautiful Christmas ornaments and hang them on your Christmas tree. 

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11. Christmas Character Candy Pot

Via Crazylittleprojects

Every holiday, kids crave nothing more than Christmas treats. So you ought to have a Christmas themed candy pot. And we have a great way for you to boost your kids’ creative impulses—keep them busy by letting them decorate these Christmas characters like Rudolph, Snowman, or Santa Claus. 

12. Cinnamon Christmas Stick Ornaments

Via Thisgrandmaisfun

To add a little bit of spice and flavor to your decor theme, we present a Christmas tree made up of cinnamon sticks. This is one of the easiest ornaments to make and once it’s up on the tree, you get to enjoy the aroma too. 

13. Christmas Advent Calendar

Source unknown

Apart from the pleasure you’ll get from doing a Christmas countdown, you can also enjoy the little treats and gifts put in each of the calendar’s drawers. When you’re creating this, make sure you haven’t missed out on putting something in every drawer—we don’t want you to have a bad morning!

14. Village Mantel

Via Charlestoncrafted

Have you always wished to celebrate Christmas in the Santa Claus village in Finland but for some reason you’re doing it in your hometown? Don’t let your holiday spirit down. You can now make your own little version of the Santa Claus village and live vicariously through it. 

15. Snowflake Coasters

Via Sugarandcharm

With the help of pipe cleaners, you can create these snowflake coasters. Just another little way to brighten the festive mood. You can always change the shapes and sizes according to whatever snowflake design you prefer. 

16. Santa Claus Napkin Rings

Via Cottageatthecrossroads

A completely undemanding process, this napkin ring can literally be made in ten minutes. If you don’t want to use your boring, usual napkin ring right before the Christmas dinner, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Follow these easy steps and you’re good to go. 

17. Paper Poinsettias

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Paper Poinsettias are gorgeous and sometimes they could look better than the natural ones. All you have to do is select a good color scheme for your poinsettias, grab a pair of scissors, and follow the tutorial!

18. Paper Leaf Garland

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

When you find your staircase, porch railings, or fireplace mantel undone, simply grab some construction papers, and start cutting them in any shape of leaf you desire. Hot glue them to wire and add some yarn cherry or flowers to each bunch if you like. 

19. Straw Wreath

Via Womansday

Collect all those red and white smoothie straws from your nearby juice bar and convert them into something classy and jovial. The red and white from the straws will create a good optical illusion. How about some puzzling Christmas decorations for your guests? 

20. Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Via Easypeasyandfun

Has painting always been your thing? If yes, then this is your golden opportunity to shine. Grab some acrylic paint, because we are about to have fun with colors (golden color too). Now start converting the pine cones into Christmas trees. You can use pom-poms and other stuff to decorate them.

21. Felt Gingerbread House Ornaments

Via Imagineourlife

Felt gingerbread houses are a lot easier to make than the real ones. We suggest you give these fake gingerbread houses a try and hang them as ornaments. You won’t regret having these tiny, adorable houses on your Christmas tree. 

22. Christmas Bulb Centerpiece

Via Countryliving

Collect all the bulbs you can find in your ‘Christmas decorations’ cabinet from your basement. You can paint the bulbs if you like. Set it as the centerpiece on your dining table and sit back and enjoy your hard work with a glass of wine. 

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23. Wine Glass Snow Globe

Via Anikaburke

Now, this is not the most traditional methods of creating a snow globe. But using a wine glass is not the worst option either. Make this using heavy cardboard and a few other snow globe essentials and you’re ready to roll. 

24. Painted Pine Cone Wreath

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

To make your pine cones look like flowers, cut them in a way that they end up in different shapes looking like flowers! Paint these, and mix them with pine boughs to create this fabulous wreath.

25. String Christmas Tree

Via Homemadegiftsmadeeasy

A string Christmas tree will give a minimalist touch to your decor. With the right colors used for the string, it will easily blend in with your interior, adding substance to it. 

26. Snow Angel Ornaments

Via Ribbonsandglue

Nobody says no to making snow angels. Whether it’s lying on the snow and making one, or creating a miniature snow angel for the holiday season. Decorate your Christmas tree with these cute ornaments!

27. Holiday Card Tree

Via Lushhome

Do you just wish to do something different this year and incorporate a little bit of an unorthodox style to your Christmas celebrations? We have a simple yet unusual way for you to do it. Make a holiday cards’ Christmas tree! 

28. Snowman Centrepiece

Via Hometalk

Add a pop of element to your dining table with the help of Frosty the snowman or recreate your favorite Frozen character- Olaf. 

29. Geometric Wreath

Via Sugarandcloth

A simple approach to the otherwise complicated construction of a wreath, this wreath goes to show how hassle-free your holiday decorations can be. No complications, no inconveniences! Just simple  and beautiful circular shaped wreaths. 

30. Santa Ornaments

Via Decoist

You better not forget about Santa ornaments this Christmas. Santa Claus is coming to town! And he’ll be pleased to see all your efforts, and might even throw in some extra gifts for you. 

31. Jingle Bell Napkin Rings

Via Ridgelysradar

Buy a few jingle bells for you napkin ring decorations and jingle all the way home. They contribute more to the festive atmosphere, and with a few florist wires and ribbons, you’re all set to create pleasing napkin rings. 

32. Paper Leaf Wreath

Via Wearescout

You must’ve noticed the value a plant adds to your home, just with its greenery. Interior designers swear by the color green. Collect different shades of green construction paper and start building your customized paper leaf wreath. Once you’re done, hang it in the not-so-pretty spots of your home and notice the change. 

33. Treat Bag Toppers

Via Thehomesihavemade

This one is a unique and detailed idea for your Christmas crafts. When you give away the gifts wrapped in a box or an envelope, attach cute little Christmas characters at the top or something related to the gift you’re giving. This could add a speck of humor and fun to your celebrations. 

34. Santa Hat Door Hanging

Via Thespohrsaremultiplying

You will need a large Santa hat, a hanging basket, and some glue gun to create this beautiful and festive door hanging. Once you’ve built it, put all sorts of treats or flowers and hang it on your staircase, window, or your main door. Check out craft ideas using glue gun.

35. Reindeer Table Runner

Via Heidimilton

Table runners are essential for your dining tables. Why not make a beautiful one? A cute reindeer with a red nose at the bottom of your table runner is simply attractive. Get some fabric paints and  Reindeer Christmas Stencil and get to work!

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36. Paper Feather Garland

Via Liagriffith

Again, a slightly different approach to holiday season decorations. Paper feathers, especially the ones made out of white construction paper, can give a serene and royal touch to your home. 

37. Sock Snowman

Via Easypeasyandfun

Tell me, isn’t the inner child in you that loved arts and crafts in school dying to try this out? A snowman made out of a sock? And it’s okay if you have no sewing skills, because this is a no-sew craft! This has to be the cutest miniature snowman ever made. Get your kids to indulge in this fun craft. 

38. Christmas Village 

Via Magnolia

Your countryside soul will love this idea. Create any countryside place you’ve always wished to visit or recreate the classic ‘Three King’s’ setting. Place it on your porch, or your yard and get ready to receive compliments!

39. Plaid Christmas Tree

Via Downredbunddrive

Are you a fan of plaid/flannel, but are tired of seeing your closet filled with plaid shirts and skirts? Reuse the fabric to make these cute and simple Christmas trees. This proves that you could literally use any unwanted stuff from your house and turn it into something festive. 

40. Paper Plate Grinch

Via Iheartcraftythings

Give a little tribute to Dr. Suess with this paper plate Grinch. Keep an eye on the Grinch through, don’t let him steal Christmas from you!

41. Felt Leaf Garland

Via Darlenebrink

Felt leaves will never die, that’s their glory. This could be one of the decorations that could stay forever. So invest in these felt leaves and make a quaint garland out of them. 

42. Felt Candy Ornaments

Via Happinessishomemade

Like the leaves, felt candies are exciting crafts projects for the children in your house to participate in. Follow the instructions and enjoy making them with your kids. 

43. Handprint Reindeer

Via Simpleverydaymom

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer is every kids’ favorite. Let them construct this reindeer and make sure they don’t forget to glue on that red nose!

44. Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Tree

Via Amotherthing

Yarn can be a little tedious to work with. However, the process of wrapping something with yarn is oddly satisfying. Make your yarn-wrapped Christmas tree while enjoying the process. 

45. Winter Snow Globes

Via Networx

Use any wide-mouthed glass bottles from your kitchen, a few miniature Christmas trees, and follow the instructions given in the linked article to successfully create your winter snow globes. 

46. Christmas Light Tree Ornaments

Via Thehappyhousie

Christmas lights again! Yes, there is just so much you can do with beautiful looking lights. Make tree ornaments with these! Now you don’t have to trouble yourself with tangled wire lights. 

47. Nativity Puppets

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Stage a show after building these nativity puppets. Gather every family member to play a character—this could be a fun post-dinner activity for your family. 

49. Pine Cone Elves

Via Hgtv

We cannot leave elves out of the holiday decorations now, can we? These teeny tiny pine cones will serve as cute elves this season.

50. Countdown Blocks

Via Seevanessacraft

Countdowns always help create more excitement with every passing day. This year, make countdown blocks with red and white color schemes. 

We have finally reached the end of this article containing 50 amazing Christmas crafts. Make these with your family this holiday season and fill up your home with love, fun and warmth. Display your handicrafts proudly and you are definitely going to be on the receiving end of many compliments! Merry Christmas indeed!