41 Christmas Trees for Small Spaces (Christmas Tree Alternatives)

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Moving into my new house with significantly small interiors got me face to face with a lot of problems while decorating for Christmas and especially, placing my Christmas Tree.

When having a small space, a normal-sized Christmas tree with gifts takes up a lot of space which doesn’t look appealing at all. Plus, the mess a live tree creates with its falling leaves makes the room look cluttered & miserable.

But have you ever thought about adorning your cute little house with a small Christmas tree? Yes, instead of avoiding trees why not adorn your house with a beautiful and small Christmas tree.

The best thing is some of them are so unique that it will leave your guests in awe.

So, here some of the best small tree ideas to embellish your house with their snazzy looks.

41 Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

1. Copper-n-Baubles

Via Architectural digest

It’s high time people, let’s change the way we look at Christmas Trees. It doesn’t always have to be a lush green figure sprinkling dead leaves over the floors.

Use some copper rods, ribbons, glass balls, and baubles to frame a Christmas Tree. Surround it with fake gifts and some toys to make this innovative tree.

2. Desk-Top Tinsel

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree | Includes Pre-strung White Lights and Stand | Silver Tinsel - 4 ft

This 4 feet Tinsel Tree is one of the best ways to consume your desk space and save the floor for other activities.

Not just for space, this tree is more than effective for mesmerizing people by its enchanting looks and sparkly appearance.

The best thing is you can buy it from amazon.

3. Lets Peg a Tree

Via SugarandCloth

Be playful and childish this Christmas by trying out this pegboard tree topped with a pom-pom ball and surrounded by bright and poppy colors. 

Mount a pegboard with a metal pipe into a ceramic planter and paint it in your desired green. Now peg all you want to decorate the tree.

4. No One Minds a Spoon, Right?

Via Oneprojectcloser

This is the Universal excuse, whether it be your favorite ice cream or apple pie, a spoon doesn’t make that much of a change, isn’t it?

But, it will change the way you think of a Christmas tree when you try out this amazing idea and stick your spoons together to make this Spoon-Full Tree.

5. Shrinked-n-Sweet

Everyone loves to have an all surrounded Christmas tree with gifts and toys and stockings all around it, but not all of us get to do it due to small living spaces.

Well, I say, now is the time. This Christmas, don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want. Just change your regulars to minis and enjoy your cute little space!

6. Let’s Fabricate One


Mount your tree on the walls by making a wooden frame and covering it with a green velvet fabric of your choice. Decorate it with Christmas ornaments and some garlands. You can also add some lights if you want to.


7. DIY Accordion Tree

Via Ruffled

Let us make our Christmas Tree with paper cutouts. All you need are some paper, a basket, some Spanish moss, scissors, some dirt, and rocks.

Now draw your favorite shapes for the tree and cut them out. After assembling the tree, decore the basket with pom-pom garland and moss.

8. Cut A Corner

Via Typicallytopical

Use 3D illusions to achieve a Christmassy vibe without using much space by cutting out a corner from plywood sheets. Paint it in your desired colors and surround it with gifts and candles.

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You can all add lights and pom-poms to add to its beauty.

9. Lights – In-n-Out

Via Potterybarn

This LED tree from Pottery Barn is a true gift for those short on space.

Mount this LED-lit tree on the walls and place gifts and candles around it. You can also add some stars or baubles adding to its sparkle.

10. DIY with Dowels

Via Vintagerevivals

Dig in for your saw people, we got a DIY for you.

Mount a long dowel stick on a wooden platform and attach smaller ones to it in all directions to hand all the ornaments of your choice.

Plus point- This can be used as a handbag organizer post-Christmas.


11. Fill the Walls

Via Hindurko

Use the walls to create a base for your tree. Mount two wooden rods in the shape of a tree and fill it with faux garlands and fairy lights.

Add big starts and ornaments to make the most out of this clever and classy Tree-Trick.

12. Do It With A Lit Frame

Sometimes, a little does a lot, like this pretty little wooden frame shaped like a Christmas Tree. 

When I first saw this, I immediately knew what’s going to light up my living room! Surround it with deer toys, Santa, baubles, and gifts for that perfect vibe.

13. You Got a Plywood Sheet?

Via Danslelakehouse

Coz I’m gonna ask you to take it out and paint it. Take a green or black plywood tint and paint a tree of your desired dimensions. 

Before painting, make sure to add some dowels on the board for your ornaments as what is Christmas without some fun?

14. Chalk-n- Lights

Don’t wanna get into woods and leaves? This trick won’t require you to even touch them.

Take chalk and draw a tree on your walls, whatever shape, and size you want, and then decorate it with garland and lights. 

Don’t forget to add stars to it.

15. Shoe-n-Snowflakes

This is the most imaginative idea I have seen in my entire life.

Arrange some shoes and boots on the wall to give it the shape of a tree and surround it with some snowflakes (plastic ones or painted). This idea appeals a lot to those who fancy modern art.

16. Twigs-n-Tinkle

Via diynetwork

Create the tree of your dreams by mounting a wooden stick on the walls and adding some broken twigs collected from the garden.

To complete the rustic theme add a wooden star and some red ornaments to decorate the tree.

17. Make A Fairyland Portal

Via Pinterest

This heavenly tree idea is going to be your kid’s favorite place to chill around with their toys.

Just suspend a white net fabric from the ceiling and add some fairy lights. Now you’re all set to invite the fairies over for dinner.

18. Tasteful As Tarts

Via Countryliving

Use multiple tart tins of a different number of sizes to create a tree as tasty as tarts.

Stack inverted tins one over the other starting from the largest and finishing at the smallest tin.

You can all add a star-shaped tin on the top to give the symbolic finishing touch that will transform it into a Christmas tree.

19. Fun With Baubles

Via Wayfair

This 6 feet tall white Christmas tree with its shiny red baubles is a head-turner for everyone who passes by. Neither too wide nor too tall, this short and slim Christmas Tree from Wayfair is perfect for small spaces.

20. Chalk-down An Illusion


Want your kids to be involved in the Holiday preps? Let us make the kids draw a Christmas Tree on the chalkboards and display them as an award.

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Decorate them with pom-pom garlands and some pretty toys and gifts to welcome our New Born King.

21. Beat Through The Bushes

Via Gradinroad

Now is the time to get up off your chair and search for some natural or faux leaf bunches that you’ll be needing for this trick.

Stick these leaves on the walls starting from the smallest at the top and work your way down to produce a tree-shaped illusion. Decorate it with baubles and fake gifts.

22. Vintage Tin Tree

Via Countryliving

Place your mini Christmas tree in a tin can to let the luster of tin add to the sparkle of Christmas around your house.

To beautify it even further, you can tie a ribbon or attach a bow to the tin can.

23. Stack Up Paper Cups

Via Solteirasnoivascasadas

Let us paint paper cups in colors that glitter, that is, gold and silver, and stack them one over the other to give them the shape of a Christmas tree.

Stick a star to the topmost cup to add the final touch to your wonderful Christmas Tree.

24. Tape a Tree

Via diynetwork

Apply Washi tape on the walls to make the shape of a tree. Add tapes of different colors to work as ornaments for it. 

Or, you can also stick pom-pom balls and other ornaments like baubles and garlands to make it more lively.

25. Attached To The Roots

Via Houzz

Let us go minimalistic and eco-friendly this Christmas by using a long branch of a tree to account for a Christmas tree in our interiors.

This idea suits well with neutral interiors. Add garlands and gifts, both of the neutral pallet to add a statement to this look.

26. Tree of Wishes

Let us make a tree that multitasks.

Stick sticky notes to the walls in the shape of a tree in different shades of green. Add some paper baubles as well.

Now, you can make all the members and guests walk to it and pen down their thoughts and wishes! Simple and Cute!

27. Coz Fairies Adore Sparkle

Via Colelctivegen


Not only the Fairies but humans as well love to see bright lights sparkle.

So, why not we make a tree that sparkles? Yes, we can and we will! 

On a plywood sheet or on the wall itself, hang some fairy lights in the shape of a tree. Use some fake gifts and toys to complement it.

28. Create a Collage

Let your kids select their most favorite stickers and showpieces. Now, arrange them all in a collage and fill the empty spaces with multiple star and round stickers.

Make sure you’re doing this to make it take the shape of a tree. You can also add small toys to add to the playfulness of the tree.

29. Readers Favorite

Via Houzz

Let us use an old book and a long branch mounted in a galvanized bucket lined with burlap on the inside.

This neutral, minimalistic, and rustic Christmas Tree idea is an extraordinary compliment to White Christmas adding tonnes to your interiors.

30. Slim White Fir

Via Wayfair

This 3 feet tall frosty fir tree from Wayfair should be one of your top choices if you are someone with not a lot of space to spare for decorations.

This white fir tree comes with 50 preinstalled white lights adding a sparkle to your space and in your lives.

31. Coz Polka Dots Are Evergreen

Via diynetwork

Be it clothing trends or be it a Christmas Tree, polka dots never go out of fashion. 

On your doors, walls, or a plywood sheet, stick colorful dots in the shape of a tree and add a star on the top.

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You just made a simple and colorful Christmas tree!

32. Suspend a Tree

Let your ceiling hold the trees for you. Suspend a multilayer Christmas tree made of wreaths and connected with white ribbons. Use the same ribbons to suspend the tree with a hook.

This way you can cut down the usage of both the floor and the wall space.

33. Tomato Cage for Christmas

Via Countryliving

This Christmas, let us invert a tomato cage to make a Christmas Tree.

Place it in a tin bucket filled with some fallen leaves from the garden and decorate the cage with the choicest of your ornaments. This is one of the most imaginative ways to have a Christmas Tree.

34. Styrofoam Tree

Via Solteirasnoivascasadas

Use styrofoam sheets to create a Christmas tree. Cut out triangles of Styrofoam and pin them together to give the shape of a tree.

Now use decorative baubles, stickers, and stars to complete the overall look of the Christmas tree.

35. Let’s Do a Bit Architecture


Let us fabricate a cage-like structure qualifying to be called a tree due to its cone-like shape.

Use come twine and glue to make a tree by shaping it using a cone. Decorate it with some cute and small foam fruits.

36. Stack Up The Gifts

On a cake stand, stack up some gifts covered in the colors of your choice starting from the largest at the bottom. Work your way up to get a tree-like figure. 

This is an innovative way to cut down on the cost of both a tree and ornaments.

37. Greet With A Card

Via Typicallytopical

All of us have a pile of Christmas cards stacked up on a shelf or a drawer, isn’t it?

Let us put that pile to use by putting them up on the wall in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Add stars, baubles, and gifts to finish the look.

38. Compact-n-Cozy

Via Housebeautiful

All of us aspire to have a fireplace where we can sit and sip our hot chocolates and enjoy the holidays. 

But not all of us have this privilege.

But, we don’t need a fireplace to enjoy the vibes it gives away. Let us draw one and place a small and cute Christmas Tree right next to it to create the perfect resting place!

39. PVC and Ornament Trees

It is time to rush to your garage and search for some PVC pipes that are needed for this idea.

Stick small pieces of PVC pipes on the wall in the shape of a tree and fill the holes with pretty baubles and toys. Easy, wasn’t it?

40. Tree from Ladders

Ladders are real lifesavers, be it for construction, organization, or Christmas tree, it never disappoints us.

This ladder made in the shape of a tree is the perfect replacement of the traditional trees reducing space usage and most importantly, the mess.

41. Fun Fillers

These baubled-up trees made of wooden frames are one of the shiny, classiest, and cutest trees you can think of decorating your house with.

These trees look flawless and extraordinary when grouped. The red baubles add to the Holiday vibes.

Christmas is a lot more than dinners and decorations, no doubt, but they do play an important role. But never let these things ruin your festive spirits. Be easy on yourself and try to find the best and easiest way out as we did here. Coz Christmas is a lot more than Christmas trees and decorations.