51 Best Porch Christmas Decorations

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What are the things that come immediately to your mind when thinking about Christmas?

Let me list out mine. Holidays, Cleaning, and the best part- Decorations!

Be it the living room, dining area, or the fireplace, Christmas decorations indulge everyone.

But the place which requires and attracts the most attention is our Porch. From choosing a theme to picking up the right ornaments and pieces, it seems like a treasure hunt where the treasure is the desired Porch. 

Well, for some, assembling everything might not be as easy as sipping on their Hot Chocolates, so, here are some of the best decoration ideas to make your holidays delightful!

51 Best Porch Christmas Decorations

1. Yarn Wreaths


Let us get a bit imaginative with our wreath and instead of a traditional one, we can make one using some neutral colored yarn and twine balls.

Arrange them beautifully and add some Christmas ornaments (preferably from previous years, frugality is golden peeps) or snowflakes to top it.

2. Do Lots with Little

Via Digsdigs

A Merry Christmas Decor doesn’t need to be done with a lot of expensive things. In fact, going minimal with the things and colors we use is the new hype because of its utterly graceful and refined vibe.

 Why go anywhere when some prelit Christmas trees and fairy lights can make your porch rock!

3. Jingle Bells

Via Attagirlsays

Add a buffet to give your porch a comfy holiday feel along with a bistro chair and merry cushions.

Statement the buffet with a pot filled with pine cones and faux bushes. Also place candles and a belled wreath to finish it.

4. Add Christmas Signs

Via Allthingsnifty

A welcoming and appealing porch is all we thrive on Christmas, right? This Christmas sign pretty much does the same!

Take your favorite papers and pen down whatever message you want to display. Top it with a giant bow matching the color scheme.

5. Slay in Sober

Via Maisondepax

This natural porch with pine cones and a pair of boots is the perfect example of posh elegance.

A leafy green wreath with matching garland and a lantern holder on the sides with a Christmas tree is all you need for this classy look.

6. Chilled and Chic

Via Digsdigs

Make use of this chilly weather to make your porch stand out by making this crystal clear candle holder using water and some twigs.

I bet no store stocks something as cool as this!

7. Say it With Stockings

Via Digsdigs

Upgrade a green wreath by hanging a Christmas stocking right in front of it. This adds liveliness to the wreath without investing in a dozen Christmas balls.

You can also add some garlands and faux leaves of a green that’s different from the bush upon which you’re placing them.

8. Coz Christmas is Colorful

Via Dimplesandtangles

Add a pop of beautiful and bold colors. Its Christmas time guys, you can do whatever you feel like. The best part- bright colors go along with everything.

Add a belled wreath, colorful balls, hang stars, deers, and whatever you feel like!

9. Snowball Lanterns

Via Tumblr

Use snow to make more than a snowman. Add pretty candle holders made out of winter snow just by rolling it into balls, make an igloo-like structure, and place a candle inside it. 

Place multiple of these to light up everything like a firefly! 

10. Display With a Ladder

Via Ribbonsandglue

Opting for rustic over a well finished wooden thingy is the new modern trend. Like, using a rustic ladder decorated with pine cones, some Christmas toys & ornaments.

Pair this with a beautiful Christmas Tree, green garlands, and bright lights that can make our porch look glamorous. Also, don’t forget to add a chalkboard engraved with some Merry thoughts. 

11. Party in a Pot

Via Bewtweennapsontheporch

Fill earthen pots with glittery plastic balls and place them here and there around the porch to sprinkle joy everywhere.

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Don’t forget to add some fairy lights at the bottom so that they don’t lose their glow when the sunsets.

12. Add Green Gifts

Via Woohome

Let’s change our gift wrapping papers a bit. Wrap the gifts with prelit faux garlands and secure them in place with a buffalo print ribbon to add the much needed happy color.

This way you can add greens without actually using a pot.

13. Pine For All

Via Digsdigs

Replace your traditional circular wreaths with the ones made of painted pine cones and leaves to make your porch stand out.

Add pine cones to your basic green garlands as well to get a complete theme.

14. Galvanized Bucket

Via Findinghomefarms

Give the porch stairs a happy decor by placing galvanized buckets on each of them with certain Christmasy words or symbols inked on them with a chalk pen. Add some fresh greens (preferably in a glass jar, filled with water), and lights to make it all bright and joyous!

15. Add Lots of Greens

Via Craftberrybush

Make your porch look all lush and green this Christmas by adding a lot of leafy pieces. A leafy green wreath with a buffalo scarf on the doors topped by a green faux garland with buffalo bows and lights, supported by multiple Christmas trees on the stairs. 

Decorate this with red plastic bulbs or twine balls and some fake presents and lantern boxes. This is one the most exotic combination you can ever try on the porch. 

16. Sisal and Nutcrackers

Via Sugarandcloth

Create your festive Wonderland by adding giant nutcrackers and sisal trees on your porch.

Use a frosted wreath and use mini sisal trees to decorate it.  Add oversized lights on your garlands as well to create an all-new festive Toystory.

17. Upgrade Your Ways of Using Wreath

Via Theinspiredroom

Repurpose your old wreaths by converting them into a chandelier which adds immense joy and festivity to your entrance.

Use prelit wreaths if you feel like making it even brighter or add pretty decoration pieces to enhance its charm.

18. For we Have Seen His Star 

Via Digsdigs

This porch decor is one of my favorites when it comes to doing things smartly.

This red wreath with a star and bushy prelit garland is one of the best combos you’ll ever use on your porch. Add a quote on the doors if you want. 

19. Freezing Wreath

Via Savvymamalifestyle

This frozen wreath with snowflakes in its decor is perfect for a bricky backdrop or those who are not too much into decoration and stuff.

Add one or two playful pieces like a sled or skates to pair with and you’re done.

20. Giant Nutcrackers

Via Pinterest

Candy canes and Nutcrackers have the capability to turn everything from neutral to happy in a snap.

If you’re lucky to find these giant Nutcrackers, then never let them go. Pair these with overloaded prelit garland and a candy cane wreath to give your little ones the porch to play around.

21. Balls-n-Deers

Via Awesomeinventions

Oversize the joy this Christmas with these oversized baubles and pair them with white deers to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Add fairy lights to your garden bushes and bows on your wreath and windows to complete the look.

22. Cool and Classic

Via Thehappyhousie

When having a popping backdrop, then there’s nothing much to do as bright colors add to half of the decor.

The remaining half can be done effortlessly by adding a simple wreath, some baskets with greenery, and lanterns. 

The best addition is a signboard with Merry Quotes.

23. Red-n-Merry

Via Sassywreathsbyviri

When in doubt or clueless about what to do this Christmas, then go for candy canes and match everything with the same colors.

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A candied garland with striped bows and a candy cane wreath with a festive doormat makes the best entrance for your guests.

24. Pumpkins For Christmas

Via Pinterest/ At Home Arkansas

Who said pumpkins are only for Halloween?

Use pumpkins along with other greeneries to give your porch an autumnal vibe even if you have a white Christmas. Adding a wreath of orange leaves will also add to the theme.

25. Upgrade Old Crates

Via Thecozyoldfarmhouse

Upgrade old crates piled up in your garage by stacking them one above the other to give the effect of a flower vase.

To give them the complete flavor, keep a bucket filled with festive bushes and fairy lights on them.

26. Try a bit Rustic

Via Sheholdsdearly

Rustic is one of the most popular themes people take up for Christmas. 

Wooden logs, sled, things covered in burlap, and wooden skates are some of the things that give the perfect rustic flavor to your porch.

27. Wagons and Crates

Via Bethbryan

The best thing about the rustic look is you don’t have to add a lot of colors to support it, so, it can be considered as a thrifty theme. 

Just add a lot of greens to the wooden commodities your garage holds and Ta-Da!

28. Green Gloria

Via Source unknown

These swirling lush greens are the best plants I’ve ever come across. These modish and imaginative plants can spark up your porch with their internal spark.

Pair them with a lot of other greeneries and lantern holders to set the perfect runway for your guests.

29. Let Gnomes Welcome Santa

Via Pinterest

Dress up some small festive bushes as gnomes to add a bit of funk and childishness to your porch. There make the best doorkeepers when it comes to putting a smile on the face of whosoever passes through the door. 

30. Fun With Ribbons

Via Sweetsorghumliving

Replace your traditional garlands, put on one that’s made of ribbons and frost leaves. Wide and colorful ribbons give festive feelings without opting for red.

Pair it with the wreath by adding a bow made out of the same ribbon to it.

31. Vintage-n-Victorian

Via Brooklynlimestone

If you have a victorian porch, you don’t need to worry much about what to do with it because of the charm it carries in itself.

Small additions like bows, a signboard, and boots with baubles hike its beauty which in itself is a statement.

32. Add a Bouquet

Via Digsdigs

Can’t find the perfect wreath for your door? Use a festive bouquet instead!

Take the festive greeneries and assemble them into a pretty bunch. Add a sled and fairy lights to complete the look.

33. Tree Illusion

Via Makingitinthemitten

Want to get a bit non-traditional this Christmas? Make a Christmas tree out of Christmas lights! 

Fabricate one using an old crate and your favorite colored lights. Top it with some decorative pieces. 

This goes extremely well with Rustic themes.

34. 3-Wreath Hanging

Via Decorandthedog

Why go for only one wreath if we can go for many? Add multiple wreaths one below the other to your doors, preferably prelit ones to ensure enhanced beauty when the sun’s down. The most significant part is the ribbon that adds vibrance to it.

35. Candied Porch

Via Hikeanddip

Oversize the fun and happiness with this oversized candy cane complimenting your porch with its festive colors and jingling bells. Don’t forget to make these beauties glow in the dark.

36. Add a Banner

Eaaglo Buffalo Plaid Christmas Decorations Outdoor Happy New Year Door Decor Christmas Door Banner Christmas Porch Sign Welcome Sign Decoration Christmas Porch Decorations Merry Christmas Decoration

Christmas Banners are one of the best things to fill up space with the festival vibe we want around. 

Moreover, it’s really a lifesaver if you don’t want to do too much decoration but want a porch that is well decorated.

Buy it on Amazon.

37. Frosty Front

Via Homedepot

Don’t want to stick to reds and greens? Make a frosty front by placing a white faux Christmas tree and some frosty garlands. Decorate these with bright colored ornaments of your choice.

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38. Upgrade a Door for Christmas Tree

Via Comofazeremcasa

Upgrade old wooden commodities by transforming them into a colorful Christmas tree. Use things like doorknobs and handles to decorate it.

This is a quirky alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

39. Candy Cane Wreath

Via Hikeandhip

Candies are the best. So is a wreath shaped like a candy cane.

Use wide ribbons, baubles, greens, and bows to get the desired assembly for your candy wreath to rock your Christmas.

40. Soft-n-Simple

Keep it simple and festive this Christmas. 

Add a prelit wreath, garlands on the railings, some lantern holders and a Christmas tree. Let the snow handle everything else for you!

41. Keep It Minimalistic

Via HomestoriesAtoZ

Try to express more in less. Like this refined porch.

A traditional wreath, pine cones, garlands, handful of bows, and lanterns, that’s all! But, the charm it carries is incomparable.

42. Cotton Wreath

Via Etsy

This cotton wreath is like bliss for those who have white Christmas coz the way it blends with the surroundings is mesmerizing.

Add some Christmas lights to it and pair it with silver garlands and lanterns to enhance its beauty.

43. Glitters and Sparkles

Via Potterybarn

Add sparkles to your usual greens by adding snowflakes and gold or silver baubles to embellish a boring porch.

This hack can make a number of different looking objects well coordinated.

44. Make It Jolly

Via Atcharlotteshouse

Working through small details adds significantly to the overall appearance.

Like, the large bows on the planters, the Merry Christmas garland on the Christmas tree and the deer about the door, the prelit stars, and burlap-wrapped plants.

All these small things make everything look awesome.

45. Traditional and Modish

Via Maisondepax

Oversize your wreath to incorporate an elegant view on your porch. Add some falling red ribbons and a frosty wreath along with some candles and lanterns.

Don’t forget the giant Christmas tree peeps.

46. Snow Pretty

A frosty backdrop is really pretty to work with. Pair it with frosty ornaments like a frosty wreath and a Christmas tree embellished with silver stars.

Also, buffalo printed throws and scarves are the best pairs when things get Frosty.

47. Make it Blush

Via Southernliving

Go natural with a faux wreath made of red and green leaves and some pine cones to make a nice and natural front door.

Use bushes made of the same leaves to make them get along. Add Christmas lights and lanterns to complete the look.

48. Add Statment Bows

Via Pinterest

Adding big bows to the garlands uplifts their overall look a million times. It is one of the best ways to instill a posh and festive vibe in every individual who passes through your porch. 

Not only garlands, but these also work well with wreaths and trees.

49. Let Lights Do It All

Via Yiilighting

Embellish your Christmas tree with a variety of lights and a lot of snow. 

Use your favorite colors that match the rest of your decor and let your tree sparkle as bright as the Star in the East!

50. Oversize the Joy

Via Yiilighting

Oversized ornaments enhance the festive vibes the same number of times as their size.

Try adding oversized baubles or oversized lights with a ribbon around the doors and railings and you’ll be astounded by their grace.

51. Blend It All

Via Cottageintheoaks

Innovate a new decor style by mixing all others a bit.

Wreaths with bows, ribbons around the railings, logs of wood, a signboard with Merry Quotes, garland with baubles, plants wrapped in burlap, and whatnot.

Just color coordinate everything and you’re done!

So guys, now that you have some of the most appealing ideas, I bet you have made your mind on which ones to try out!

So what’s the wait for? Play your favorite Carol and tell the world that Lord Has Come!

Merry Christmas!