30 Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas

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Bright twinkling lights, warm oversized clothes, the sweet sound of jingles, and most of all, The Gifts! Oh, how magical Christmas can be. My favorite part about the season is the decorations. Though the problem is, ever since I bought a personal apartment, I usually use the same decorations over and over again, which is also a problem for many people I know. 

Reusing is always great but what about those of us who want to try new things this festive season? Here I have 30 new, innovative ideas and DIY’s to spice up your apartment this holiday season…even if you’re running low on a budget. So without any further ado, let’s get caroling…I mean, crafting.

30 Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Wrap It Up

Via Goodhousekeeping

Too many gifts and too little space? Well, thank God for the shelves. Wrap your gifts up with brown paper bags and place them on your shelf to give your apartment a chic look…and hey, you must use colorful and glittery paper to make it more fun and creative! 

2. Pom Pom Tree

Via Awwsam

This is an extremely cute and adorable way to make your apartment look a lot more festive. All you need to do is make fluffy little pom-poms. Then stack and attach them up in the shape of a Christmas tree!

3. Candy-Licious 

Via Goodhousekeeping

Tired of the same old ornaments on your Christmas tree? Shake things up by using some colorful candies. Attach these onto your trees and watch everything get so much sweeter. 

4. Be-leaf In The Christmas Spirit

Via Attagirlsays

Add real leaves to your artificial garlands to make them pop and also…smell so much nicer! Deck your doors and windows with these and see them work their magic. 

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5. Snowy Centrepiece

Via Savvysouthernstyle

This delightful decoration will give your apartment the perfect Christmas vibe. Use it as a centerpiece or even a small decor item kept on your book-shelves or cupboards to make them look more pleasant.

6. The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Via Number2pencil

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to make some cute DIY Rudolph decorations? Make this easy yet gorgeous piece using wood slates, a stencil, and some paints only! 

7. Mini Trees

Via Domesticallyspeaking

People usually think that there aren’t many ways available to decorate an apartment according to festivities. Prove them wrong by getting yourself a mini tree for the dining table. This looks classy and extremely warm and fun. 

8. Chic Wreaths

Via Sugarandcharm

Whoever said that wreaths were out of fashion, couldn’t be more wrong. Make these stylish and pocket-friendly garlands and wreaths to hang outside your door or over a shelf and give your place a whole new look. 

9. Rustic Coffee Filters

Via Countryliving

Give your apartment the perfect countryside, fuzzy festive warmth by making these lovely garlands out of coffee filters! Attach them all on a string and hang them over your fireplace to give your apartment the cozy rustic feeling. 

10. Glittery Bulbs

Via Countryliving

Amp up your tree by using these sparkly bulbs. Just cover a bulb with glue, roll it in glitter and attach a string or embroidery floss to its base. You’re done!

11. DIY Pine Candles

Via Sugarandcharm

Its the season to make your own scented candles fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. With just a few cheap items, you can make your house smell pleasing as well as feel incredible! 

12. Faux Fireplace

Via Housebeautiful

This is perfect for small lively, cozy, and artistic apartments. Draw a nice campfire or fireplace on a black canvas/chart paper and attach your work of art to the wall. Throw in a rug with some pillows and get ready to start your Christmas movie marathon. 

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13. Branch Out

Via Thelovelydrawer

This minimalistic decor item can immediately give your apartment an elegant Christmas feel. Plus you only need a branch, a jar, and some paint. Go give it a try! 

14. Floral Beauty

Via Designlovefest

Decorate your tree with a colorful flower garland to make your apartment glow. You can even use the remaining garland to hang around your home. 

15. Ornament Lantern

Via Dimplesandtangles

Fill up a lantern, easily available at your local retail store, with Christmas ornaments, and there you have to, the perfect way to make your apartment light up.

16. Merry Christmas Deer

Via Hgtv

Make your apartment look a little fancier by adding these inexpensive shimmery deer ornaments. 

17. Ice Skating In Style

Via Goodhousekeeping

No, you don’t need to go ice skating. These DIY wreath skates with cute pom poms are amazing to add a fascinating and beautiful touch to your apartment.

18. Balloon Tree

Via Sugarandcloth

This unusual beauty looks adorable and would fit perfectly under your budget. You can be as creative and colorful as you want while stacking them up so…enjoy! 

19. Festive Jars

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Need more ornaments and decorative pieces? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. These easy to make DIY jars are all you need to make your home more jolly.

20. Tree Skirt

Via Abeautifulmess

This cool ‘do it yourself’ skirt, for your Christmas tree, would surely be a good project to do on a lazy December day.

21. Home is where the heart is

Via Countryliving

Make these small decorative houses and line them all up on your shelves. You can even add some cotton on top to make it look like it’s snowing!

22. Wreaths Out Of Styrofoam

Via Womansday

All you need to make this fashionable wreath are some styrofoam balls, a hot glue gun, and a nice ribbon bow. 

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23. Tree Pots

Via Mymove

Put small faux Christmas trees in flower pots. Decorate these with colorful paper or paint and put them next to your couch. This will certainly make your apartment more cheerful and merry.

24. Card Garland

Via Womansday

Display your Christmas cards on this lovely looking DIY garland. Cut and tie some garlands on a piece of wood or a wooden hanger to make this. 

25. Dry Fruit Decor

Via Idealhome

This cost-effective method of decorating would be amazing to up your apartment game. Do these with clementines and you’ll surely win the hearts of many Christmas lovers. 

26. Socks Garland

Via Idealhome

Christmas is the time for garlands and socks so what’s better than having a little fun and combining the two of them? Hang socks together on a long rope or string to achieve your desired look. 

27. Plaid Apartment

Via Southernliving

Have a plaid themed Christmas this time around to make your apartment look so much more dazzling and coordinated. 

28. Starry Night

Via Houseandgarden

Make large stars with colorful paper and hang them all over your house and maybe make some tiny enough to fit on your tree! 

29. Ornaments Tree

Via Ballarddesigns

Make this one-dimensional tree by attaching simple Christmas ornaments onto your wall or just some cardboard. 

30. Yarn-Cones

Via Cfabbridesigns

Wrap some pine cones in yarn to make them stand out. Place them in a bowl and keep them on your dining table or on a shelf to give your home more color. 

These were the few Christmas decor ideas that I had for you. Now that you know all about these creative, cost-efficient, and marvelous techniques, why not start decorating? Wish you a very Merry Christmas!!