30 Best Food DIY Christmas Gifts

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Christmas is going to be here in no time and everyone is going crazy trying to look for new gift ideas and better ways to show people you care! What’s better than gifting them FOOD!

But the same old candy bars can get a bit boring so here I have for you some easy and appetizing sweets and treats to make your loved one feel extremely special…though I suggest you save some for yourself too. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

30 Best Food DIY Christmas Gifts

1. Peppermint Bark 

Via Womansday

This beautiful delicacy is extremely tasty and very simple to make. The sweet taste of crispy peppermint and white chocolate will leave your friends and family wanting more! 

2. Box Of Mints

Via Marthastewart

Bake some cute butter mints and gift them in a box. Because what says yummy more than a pack of colorful mints?

3. Gingerbread Man

Via Deliciousmagazine

Timeless and pretty, this easy to make gingerbread cookie will certainly win everyone’s hearts over…and stomachs! 

4. Pistachio-Chocolate Dipped Oranges 

Via Womansday

These tangy delights make an amazing gift because of not only their taste but also of their adorable looks. All you have to do is dip some orange slices in white chocolate and sprinkle some pistachios on top. Voila! 

5. Chocolate Waffle Cookies

Via Goodhousekeeping

Dip store-bought waffle cookies in some delicious chocolate and add shredded coconut on top. This is the perfect last-minute treat for your loved ones. 

6. DIY Marshmallows

Via Bakersroyale

These fluffy cloud-like sweets go well with some hot cocoa. And is the perfect dish for your camping trip. DIY these at home and then gift them to all your loved ones to always be invited to camping! 

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7. Truffle Balls

Via Redonline

Make these creamy chocolate truffle balls and sprinkle some brown or muscovado sugar on top to make them perfect for a Christmas gift

8. Christmas Cookies

Via Goodhousekeeping

These delicious-looking sweets can be easily made at home using a cookie press and some tasty icing. So run along and start baking!

9. Vanilla Espresso With Almond Butter

Via Withsaltandwit

This store’s favorite is extremely easy to make at home. It’s the perfect mix of almond butter and vanilla beans with roasted almonds. It goes with everything from ice cream to apples!

10. Caramel Crunch Candy Bars

Via Countryliving

Imagine eating your favorite cereals with an even better taste because guess what…we’re drizzling some caramel! 

11. Sweet And Salty

Via Delish

These cookies are made with chocolate chips, sprinkles, pretzels, and potato chips! You can not only gift them but also put then on the table for Santa’s visit! 

12. Lollipop-Lollipop O LollyLollyLolly

Via Foodnetwork

Put dollops of melted chocolate onto parchment paper and add your favorite nuts. Freeze it and there you have your amazing and tasty lollipops! 

13. DIY Vanilla Extract

Via Wholefully

Every holiday dish calls for this aromatic extract so why not gift some? This process takes a long time…like 6-12 months long, but it’s extremely worth it…and hey, you can even keep some for yourself once you’re done. 

14. Festive Fudge 

Via Delish

Make some good old fudge and add colorful sprinkles to make your sweets more fun looking. 

15. Choco-chip pizza

Via Olivemagazine

This odd-looking yet yummy treat will have your guests put this on their wishlist. Make a huge cookie and add all your favorite toppings. Then cut it in the shape of a pizza and gift in a box! 

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16. Vinegar With Infused Rosemary

Via Foodnetwork

Everyone loves rosemary, especially around the holiday season. Give your friends and family a bottle of rosemary infused vinegar to make their winter months a lot tastier. 

17. Sugary Cocktails

Via Marthastewart

Make your loved ones feel special by gifting them these syrup cocktails. You can even try adding different flavors to each of them. 

18. Reindeer Truffle

Via Taste

Make these lovely reindeer truffles to add that extra Christmas feel to your gifts! 

19. Vanilla Snowflake

Via Redonline

These picture-perfect vanilla cookie treats are not only beautiful and mouth-watering but your friends can also hand them on their Christmas trees

20. Turmeric Mix

Via Wholefully

This spice is extremely popular right now and also has tons of healing qualities. So go ahead and gift this sweet and spicy mix with which your family can easily make lattes. 

21. Floral Burst

Via Deliciousmagazine

Make these cute and tiny sweets with edible flowers, some cream, icing, and loads of delicious creamy chocolate. 

22. Whiskey With Caramel

Via Thevintagemixer

What goes best with caramel? Chocolate? Candy? Popcorn? Nope…Whiskey! Gift a whiskey caramel jar to your friends and give them the perfect icing/topping for their cakes as well as coffees.

23. Choco-nut Pretzels

Via Minimalistbaker

A fan of peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzels? Well, who isn’t? This jar of peanut butter with little chocolate dipped pretzels makes an amazing gift! 

24. Fig Jam

Via Displacedhousewife

Any sandwich lover would die to get their hands on this delicious jam, so why not turn it into a gift? 

25. Cookie Dough

Via Number2pencil

Gift your friends a big jar of frozen cookie dough to not only enjoy eating it but also make some fun treats!

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26. Specialized Salts

Via Loveandoliveoil

Salts are the best finishing touches to a lot of dishes. Add some tiny pieces of blueberry, dried lemon zest, and rose petals to make this gorgeous flake sea salt. 

27. Creamy Cinnamon Honey

Via Thefoodcharlatan

Make this creamy butter with easy to find ingredients from your kitchen. It may look simple but definitely, tastes likes heaven!

28. Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn

Via Crazyforcrust

Add some melted white chocolate and peanut butter to store-bought caramel popcorn and observe as it works its magic on all your friends. 

29. Transparent Sprinkle-Pops

Via Justataste

Guess what? These mesmerizing lollipops are made using sugar, corn syrup, and sprinkles only. So get your parchment paper out and start pouring! 

30. Sweet And Spicy Vodka

Via Tastyyummies

This fig, cardamom, and vanilla bean Vodka will shock everyone with its mind-blowing taste. Plus it is gluten and sugar-free and is also a perfect dish for your vegan friends! 

Food is a very personalized item to gift to someone, especially during the festive season…they give your loved ones something to enjoy as well as remember you with. So now that you know about all these mouth-watering delicacies, go give them a try. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!