31 DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas

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Winters are my favorite time of the year when Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Black Friday just get wrapped up and Christmas is around the corner. The whole festive vibes buck you up to decorate your house in the most glamorous way possible. 

However, the high-end ornamental stuff costs too much, and oftentimes we don’t even use them throughout the year. How about something from the dollar store? Yeah, simple supplies from the dollar store paired up with a whole lot of creativity can dazzle up your house this holiday season! 

These DIY dollar store Christmas ideas are so easy and fun that you can have a little chit chat session with your loved ones while making them. Plus, they’re inexpensive (of course!).  

31 DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Burlap Reindeer Ornaments    

Via Theresourcefulmama

Embark on your Christmas decorations with these cute burlap reindeer ornaments. Reindeer always reminds me of joyful holidays and festivities (nothing rhetoric!). It might look like they require stitching and sewing but it doesn’t. And you could easily find ’em at a dollar store. 

2. DIY Winter Vases    

Via Tarynwhiteaker

These winter vases would make a great gifting idea as you can easily personalize them. The only constant glam is its snowy appearance, and you can experiment with the rest of it. Besides, it’s a potential centerpiece as well. 

3. DIY Gift Bag Wall-art    


Via Thecrazycraftlady

Have you ever thought of including a gift bag for your Christmas decoration? Now you will. Yes, you can use the pretty gift bags from the dollar store to articulate a masterpiece. They’re gorgeous, affordable and are available in a large variety. 

4. DIY Holiday Candlesticks Holder  

Via Tidymom

You must have doll up your candlesticks numerous times but let’s make a change this time. Try decorating a candlesticks holder with minimal supplies and a neat procedure. And it’s a fun activity to do after all holidays are all about joy. 

5. Sparkly Lighted Mason Jars    

Via Youtube

Any holiday season would be dull and boring without festive luminaries, right? If you’re looking for an affordable and elegant lightning idea, get your hands on this one. These sparkly lighted mason jars with the base just need to be customized and they will be Christmas ready!

6. Snowflake Wreath    

Via mamainthedeep

Wreaths are an integral part of the decorations whether it’s Christmas or Halloween. They literally turn the whole normal into a party thing. And this snowflake wreath is going to be exactly what you expect it to be – chic and cheap! 

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7. Dollar Store Angel   

Via Dollartree

Presenting you with a unique representation of an angel made up of toothpicks, balls, cone styrofoam, and marker. This addition to your Christmas decor will make it look rustic and lively at the same time. 

8. Dollar Tree Mason Jar Christmas Globe    

Via Foxhollowcottage

You look for something effortless, thrift, and charming every holiday season but what if I tell you it’s right there in your nearest dollar store? Although you won’t find it as such, you can create it using a mason jar and some basic supplies.

9. Wooden Snowman Spoons

Via Eyeballsbydaycraftsbynight

Sprinkle a little festive glow on your dining table as well without buying those expensive crockeries. In fact, it’s just going to cost you a few dollars and a tad bit of creativity. Plus point, these snowman spoons are super easy to make. 

10. Snowflake Door Hanger     

Via Raeofsparkles

Welcome your guests with a snowflake door hanger (as if they haven’t seen enough of snow already, lol!). This simple and neat craft looks attractive to me and for that reason, it should definitely have a place in your Christmas decoration this year. 

11. DIY Glitter Stars    

Via Usefulbeautifulhome

Glittery stars dazzle up the whole place regardless of their size and color. And Christmas decoration seems incomplete without a star. So here it is! A budget-friendly eye feast that you can easily make at your home. 

12. DIY Snow Village    

Via Confessionsofaplateaddict

To all the last-minute decorators out there, we’ve got you! This snow village is easy to make ( might seem like a neck-aching job! ) and inexpensive. Also, it’s going to cover a significant amount of space with its mesmerizing appearance. 

13. Dollar Tree Salt And Pepper Shakers

Via Debbiedebbiedoos

Make these cute little dollar tree salt and pepper shakers and decorate your table like a pro! Needless to say that this is ornamental and functional too. I’m totally in awe of these cuties and gonna use them all year long.

14. Framed Ornaments

Via Foreverdecorating

Christmas ornaments usually go like a lone wolf and add up to all the missing spark in your decor. However, framed ornaments are the new cool in the market. All you need is a frame, ribbons, and the ornaments, of course!

15. Holiday Dioramas

Via Popsugar

A few wine glasses from the dollar store will be perfect for your holiday dioramas. The lovely snowy landscape inside the inverted glass looks really soothing to me. Top it off with the dollar store candles, sit back, and adore your work!

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16. Glass Jar Centerpiece

Via Taketimeforstyle

Make a dazzling glass jar centerpiece with the things you probably have hand-on at your house or you can easily purchase them from the local dollar store. In addition, you need some basic supplies and holiday embellishments.

17. Framed Reindeer Silhouettes

Via Savedbylovecreations

Presenting you another last-minute project that will make it worth your while and the end results will fascinate you. I mean, the good-looking craft isn’t always so difficult. So grab the supplies from the dollar store and bang on to get started!

18. Dollar Wire Hanger Christmas Ornament Wreath

Via Sixsisterstuff

Try to make this ornament wreath using basically only two things – a wire hanger and Christmas ornaments. It’s unsophisticated, neat, and elegant at the same time. Don’t pay bucks on the store-bought stuff when you can create them by yourself. 

19. Christmas Tree Of Presents    

Via Colormethrifty

You must have had presents underneath your Christmas tree every holiday season but have you ever thought of a Christmas tree of presents? Sounds fun, right? It will only take 45 minutes to be Christmas ready for you! 

20. Christmas Ornament Refrigerator Magnets

Via Redcouchrecipes

Let’s not forget to fancy our refrigerators, they should be a part of the celebration too. So just grab some magnets and Christmas ornaments to make these wonderful embellishments for your fridge. 

21. Winter Luminaries    

Via Craftsbyamanda

Decorate your glass jars using snow texture paint to give it a snowy feel. They’ll lit up your dining table during this holiday season and make your friends envy (for good).

Also, they will be a great asset for your future dates in case you couldn’t get a table at your favorite restaurant (just a friendly suggestion :-P). 

22. Dollar Store Days Until Christmas

Via Lizziscreations

Advent calendars are fun to keep up with, especially during the holidays and special occasions. Try this dollar board chalkboard advent calendar which will keep your countdown until Christmas and will also be a potential decorative. 

23. Tea Lights Christmas Decorations   

Via Craftideas

Head over to your nearest dollar store to grab some tea lights and get ready to articulate the best out of it. Add some Christmas ornaments to it and light up the candles. This quick and easy project is a sight to behold. 

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24. Dollar Store Fish Bowls Snowman     

Via Smartschoolhouse

I never thought that a few fishbowls can turn out to be such a fascinating snowman. Just grab three fishbowls of gradually increasing sizes and place them one over the other. Although your snowman is done already the rest of it has to refine the look so that it can fit right in with the festive decoration. 

25. Jar Lid Ornaments    

Via nottimeforflashcards

Finally, it’s the time to do something happening with those long-forgotten jar lids. You can actually pull this project off in a few minutes and the sparkly jar lid ornaments will be ready to outshine. 

26. DIY Lantern    

Via Splashofsomething

No need to spend money on purchasing lanterns this year because this DIY project is something you can’t miss out on! Add some light to your Christmas decor by these lanterns made up of basically two materials – cotton yarn and white twinkle lights. 

27. Wine Bottles Christmas Display

Via Cleverlyinspired

Who knew that wine bottles and Epsom salt could be such a great pair! These snowy bottles are perfect for the Christmas decorations, aren’t they? They’re pretty, easy to construct, and above all inexpensive! 

28. Ornament Garland    

Via Prettyquirky

Have some fun with those Christmas ornaments and bind them into a garland. This will infuse the amusing holiday spirit into your place. Hang it near the front door or your dining area and admire the beauty. 

29. Silver Spoons Christmas Tree    

Via Highstylerestyle

Well, basically it’s made up of the plastic spoons that you can easily find in a nearby dollar tree. The silver color is optional, you can create it in your own way. And who doesn’t love customized embellishments!

30. DIY Dollar Store Christmas Lantern    

Via Prudentpennypincher

This dollar store Christmas lantern is so graceful that you’d love to keep it around throughout the year. Just a few minutes of your time and a little bit of effort can produce such a wonderful result. 

31. Glitter Candlesticks    

Via Ilovetocreateblog

Buy the normal candlesticks from the dollar store and ameliorate them your way ( actually, the festive way! ). These frugal glitter candlesticks will be such a great addition to your decor and that too without breaking your bank. 

Dollar stores have so much in store for your every need, you just have to be watchful. So go ahead and get ready to rock the Christmas decorations this time!!!