30 Best DIY Christmas Wreaths

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“Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year. Mostly. Sometimes. Once. Nevermind, I’ll buy my own stuff.” I’m pretty sure that Christmas is the only time I can bribe my parents to buy me gifts. I mean, considering their attitude is all, “we gave birth to you, what more do you want?” I’d say it’s a pretty big feat.

All things considered, no matter how many presents you buy, nothing can beat the holly jolly decorations you have, strung around the house. Most importantly, the wreath. Wreaths are a classic, whether you celebrate

Christmas or not, that you always have during the holidays on the front door. But, you don’t always have to buy them. You can make some pretty creative and awesome ones on your own too! Take a look at these out of the box ideas.

1. Winter Ice Wreath

Via Womansday

Make this amazingly unique wreath with some cranberries, apple slices, a bundt pan, and a couple other easy to find ingredients. This wreath is beautiful, easy to make, and also serves as a bird feeder!

2. Pool Noodle Tinsel Wreath

Via Bhg

You know those pool noodles you have around the house that your kids “promised” to use? But now they just look sad and wrinkly? Time to put them to use. All you need to do is attach the ends of the noodle, and hot glue some tinsel all around the surface.

3. Ice Skates Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

Now, this is what I call out of the box decorations! Brighten up your house by hanging a pair of skates filled with leaves, ornaments, or whatever you think will shock your guests the most. Hang these on the mantle or behind doors, for a subtly bright touch to each room.

4. Rudolph Wreath

Via Daisychaindesigns

As if Rudolph the red nose reindeer wasn’t sung enough during the holidays, this wreath will take it to the next level.  Your kids will enjoy this! The only problem is, you might be singing the song for months afterward.

5. Enchanted Wreath

Via Womansday

This reminds me of the fairy wonderland I used to read about in books. And it’s surprisingly easy. With a bit of twine, tape, hoops, and wreaths, make your childhood come to life.

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6. Balloon Wreath

Via Studiodiy

literally cannot describe the number of times I’ve blown up balloons for my brother’s bday parties, only to have them annihilated 5 seconds after guests (with kids of course) arrive. But for the whimsical and creative touch, why not?

7. Scandinavian Style Wreath

Via Forrent

Not into the sparkly, cheery, leafy look? This minimalistic Scandinavian style wreath is perfect for you! Using an embroidery hoop and wreath, wrap the wreath around the hoop and decorate it with small flowers or berries.

8. Memory Wreath

Via Countryliving

Feeling nostalgic? This wreath gives you the perfect excuse to bust out those old family photographs, and stick them artistically over a boring green wreath. Turning it into something much cooler to remember.

9. Ribbon Wreath

Via Polkadotchair

Remaining ribbons leftover from all the decor you raided at Marshall’s? Fear not, you can put it to good use. Weave a bunch of the ribbons in and out of a wire wreath frame to achieve the perfect fanning effect.

10. Quirky Tie Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

Whoever said ties were boring was wrong, because this wreath looks fantastic. Put a quirky spin on your Christmas wreaths this year by tying his ties (pun intended) together to create this masterpiece.

11. Frozen Wreath

Via Pagingfunmums

If your kids are obsessed with Frozen, you’ve found the right wreath. With a styrofoam wreath, baubles, and tulle, even Elsa will be jealous of how snowy this wreath looks.

12. Straw – Burst Wreath

Via Womansday

I feel like this is an activity you can include family or friends in to make these type of crafty wreaths. You just need paper straws, as you can tell from the title. Brilliant, right?

13. Ornamental Wreath

Via Thecraftedlife

Want to try something new for Christmas? Go all out in a flame of rainbows with this colorful wreath. With a few of your favorite baubles and chosen tinsel, this bold wreath will stand out against your decorations.

14. Diamond Boxwood Wreath

Via Homeyohmy

Tired of the same old circular wreaths? Try these diamond wreaths. While I can’t afford the real diamonds, I can at least afford the wreaths.

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15. Colorful Bulbs Wreath

Via Countryliving

Who said Christmas colors were only red, white, and green? Surround your home with these wonderfully colorful Christmas wreaths, simply made with a craft ring and 65 multi-colored bulbs. Truthfully, this is one of my schoolgirl wishes coming to life. The other one was to go inside a washing machine. (Hey, I was 6!)

16. Let It Snow Christmas Wreath

Via Thehappyhousie

With some yarn, wood slice rounds, fabric strips, and other basic craft items you can raid from your toddler’s closet, this wreath is simple to make! It looks a lot like a winters day after a bunch of snow.

17. Pom – Pom Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

Throwback to the Jonas Brothers’ song Pom – poms! Glue various sizes of pom-poms together, and even multi-colored ones for an overall aesthetic effect.

18. Candy Cane Wreath

Via Instagram

If you are obsessed with candy canes during the holidays, this is a perfect way to show it. (Not eat it). It’s also the perfect way to pick candy canes whenever you want, especially when you have a holiday party.

19. Wine Cork Wreath

Via Mommayoungathome

All the times you drank wine late into the night and didn’t throw the cork away………I feel ya. Put them to use! With a bit of hot glue and structuring, you can easily make this wreath. Check out DIY wine cork crafts.

20. Cookie Cutter Wreath

Via Goodhousekeeping

Looking for a quick and easy wreath? You’ve found it. Attach your cookie cutters with some twine, or string for an eccentric and charming decoration. Honestly, I would just stick this on the front door as a change from the traditional ones.

21. Dollar Store Wreath

Via Decorchick

No matter how old I get, I will ALWAYS shop at the dollar store. Where else can you find snacks for a dollar or less?? (I never said they tasted good, but still). You just need some gold leaves or wreaths to stick together on a round ring. Pretty, cheap, and easy! That should be a tagline.

21. Disco Ball Wreath

Via Abeautifulmess

Bring back the 60’s in style! This disco ball wreath will be the flashy centerpiece of your decorations, even when you have all the lights off, and it’s pitch black.

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22. Sock Wreath

Via Valeriewritenow

If you’ve accumulated enough socks to fill up a room (guilty as charged), this is the perfect craft to throw them into. This wreath also gives off a minimalistic and calm vibe without seeming too plain.

23. Christmas Ornament Wreath

Via Madamecreativa

Tired of tripping over Christmas ornaments? Put them to use by making a few wreaths with a bit of twine, wire, and leftover ornaments.

24. Sweet, Soft, and Puffy

Via Thesweetescape

This fulfills all my cravings in an instant. With some twine and hot glue, stick clumps and layers of marshmallows together to create this fluffy wreath.

25. Modern And Natural

Via I.pinimg

This clean yet comforting wreath combines the colors of Christmas, with the whimsical elements of the holidays. Yarn always has a comforting yet clean feel to it. No wonder people go crazy with it during crafts.

26. Toilet Roll Wreaths

Via Evermine

Recycling toilet rolls? A job for amateurs. Legends use them to make wreaths. With a couple of decorations, a hot glue gun, and other common craft items, this wreath will be a souvenir to remember.

27. A Berry Merry Christmas

Via Abeautifulmess

Hold up! Before you throw away all those leftover cranberries, use them for this wreath instead. Use red felt and cover a styrofoam wreath. Hot glue cranberries on top for a truly festive wreath. If you want to go all out, stick a bow on it.

28. Candy Cane Peg Wreath

Via Juliesjapes

As someone who knows how expensive wreaths are, this is perfect. Decorate the pegs you have lying around the house, and form a wreath. Both you and your guests will get a kick out of it.

29. Mickey Mouse Wreath

Via Instagram

By far the decoration your kids will love! Bring the fun of Disney to Christmas this year with this mickey mouse wreath that’s every little kid’s dream.

30. Music To Your Eyes

Via Etsy

Music lovers will truly appreciate these wreaths, especially with the sheet music that you fold into triangular shapes.

Most of these ideas are inexpensive, but creative and whimsical. You’ll have a kick using common household items to make wreaths, and still, make them look festive and beautiful. Merry Christmas!