51 Buffalo Check Christmas Decor Ideas

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The thought of Christmas always brings a rush of joy and nostalgia whatever your age might be—the magical atmosphere of this day brings out the festive spirit within us too!

Prepping the tree, preparing delicious treats, throwing parties for friends and relatives, exchanging gifts…I can barely contain myself while thinking of all these wonderful things as Christmas nears.

And one of the best parts about Christmas? Decorating the house! All of us are looking for new and innovative ways to decorate our homes whenever this festive season arrives.

This Christmas, adopt the hot trend of DIY buffalo check decor. Surely most of us might have heard about the ‘buffalo check plaid’ trend. Ranging from our clothes to using it as an element for home decor, buffalo check design has come a long way! So why not get innovative this Christmas with this flourishing trend?

Keep scrolling to get a bunch of amazing and novel DIY ideas using buffalo check decor.

51 DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Decor Ideas

1. Candle Holders

Via Rufflesandrainboots

This is an easy way to decorate your candle holders and make them look festive and beautiful. Just glue on buffalo check ribbons to them and don’t forget to add floral sprig—it’s Christmas after all!

2. Christmas Tree Decoration

Via Theyellowcapecod

The Christmas tree is the symbol of Christ that is diligently decorated. Decorate your Christmas tree with buffalo check fabric so that you can keep up with the trend! You can wrap the gifts in buffalo check material too to match your tree.

3. Christmas Frames

Via Thenavagepatch

This printable buffalo check decor will give a classic look to your vacant frames. If you want to customize the material yourself, grab some white acrylic paints and write ‘joy’, ‘merry times’ or ‘peace’ on this decor.

4. Stocking

Via Creativeramblings

Traditionally, the stocking is hung up by children before Christmas for Santa to fill with presents.

This decor idea is a perfect way to get creative with the tradition. All you have to do is glue on buffalo check printed cloth a store-bought stocking—it’s not that hard!

5. Wreath

Via Createandbabble

A wreath is a symbol of growth and eternal life—and what is Christmas without hanging up a wreath? This tutorial has made it easy to make a DIY buffalo check wreath by using readily available materials. This one is a must-try!

6. Ornaments

Via Thecraftingnook

This adorable DIY is creatively made with old baubles and some scraps of buffalo check fabric and ribbons. This idea is a quick grasp and very easy to make!

7. Snowmen Scarves

Via Homeiswheretheboatis

If you have any snowmen decorations you’re planning to use this Christmas, take some pieces of buffalo check ribbon and use them as scarves! Your snowmen will be in vogue and be cozy too.

8. Napkins

Via Knickoftime

Make buffalo check bandana napkins and decorate them with bright white ink this Christmas. Any meal you serve will be extra special due to the presence of these napkins.

9. Wood Sign

Via Youtube

This red and black buffalo check plaid print using chalk paint is such an imaginative Christmas decor idea. You can make the sign extra-long and add ‘in Jesus’ after ‘believe’—this will read as ‘We believe in Jesus’. You can put this sign out on the porch as a welcome sign for your guests.

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10. Vase

Via Weekendcraft

This is a perfect DIY if you want to use something else than the buffalo check printables and fabrics. It can even be used as a cutlery holder for your Christmas party!

11. Christmas Forest Entryway

Via Madeinaday

Offer a warm welcome to your guests through this buffalo check forest entryway. Glam up your console table by using this super popular theme!

12. Gift Wrap

Via Extrapetite

Organizing a Christmas party? Make this party more joyful by gifting your guests thoughtful goodies wrapped in buffalo check wrapping sheets. You can also place these gifts around the Christmas tree!

13. Deer Head Sign

Via Craftsbycourtney

This Christmas decor looks elegant and can be easily made in four simple steps! You can use this as a wall hanging—or simply place it on a tabletop.

14. Banner

Via Makinghomebase

This is a quick and very simple way to make a space look gorgeously festive and merry! You can either use printables or use white paint on your fabrics to make the whole Christmas look come alive.

15. Christmas Hoop Wreath

Via Domesticallycreative

Wow and welcome your visitors by hanging a buffalo check Christmas hoop wreath to your front door. Decorate it with a red ribbon and floral sprigs to get that festive vibe.

16.  Buffalo Check Table Runner

Via Onsuttonplace

Grab a good quality fabric, flannel to be specific that has a buffalo check print. The best part about this fabric is that the colors are woven in, which makes the cutting part easier! This table runner will look perfect on your Christmas table.

17. Embroidery Hoop Ornament

Via Hip2save

Love handmade ornaments? Make them Christmas special by decorating buffalo plaid with any design of your choice. This indeed is a fun craft idea to try out with your family. Make a bunch of them and hang them on your tree with ribbon or yarn.

18. Ornaments With A Twist

Via Lovelyetc

Show me one person who doesn’t love pockets and I’ll show you a liar. Sure, pants have pockets, shirts have pockets, but pockets on Christmas ornaments? Revolutionary! Make cute little upcycled ornaments that have mini pockets in the front—they will look so adorable!

You can insert small gifts in the pockets as a surprise for your loved ones.

19. Updated Popcorn Garland

Via Justdestinymag

This popcorn garland is made from using socks! Wrap the fabric around empty bulbs or plastic balls—you can use red and black buffalo check fabric too. Using socks adds a fun texture to the Christmas tree or maybe anything you’d like to decorate!

20. Tree Skirt

Via 504main

This beautiful tree skirt can be made in an hour! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be more interested in the no-sew part! Using red and black buffalo check plaid will give the room a rustic and Christmasy feeling.

21. Decorate Your Bulb Ornaments

Via Simplymadefun

Looking for easy ways to make you plain bulb ornaments look Christmasy? Just use buffalo check ribbons! You can hang these ornaments high up on the Christmas tree keep them safe from breaking.

22. Holiday Pillow Covers

Via Happinessishomemade

Don’t leave out your pillows while decorating everything else with buffalo check fabric! Get a $3 blanket from Target and make holiday pillow covers in a short amount of time. No muss, no fuss.

23. Blanket Ladder

Via Joyfullygrowing

Using an authentic and sturdy-looking ladder can do wonders for your room’s decor. Hunt your backyard for such a ladder and hang your buffalo check blankets on it. This way, you’ll have space to hang your blankets and also give your room a rustic and Christmasy vibe!

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P.S. Don’t forget to use fairy lights!

24. Vintage Christmas Sleds

Via Findinghomefarms

Ribbons add a sense of elegance to anything and everything! Get some sleds and decorate them with buffalo check ribbons and floral sprigs. You can keep them at the bottom of the staircase or near to the fireplace to add a rustic touch to the decor.

25. Wood Serving Tray

Make this amazing yet simple-to-make serving tray in some easy steps. This will surely fascinate the guests at your Christmas get-together and will match the buffalo check theme perfectly!

26. Porch Love Seat

Via 21rosemarylane

While decorating your front porch, don’t forget to show some love to your love seat too! Arrange a buffalo check blanket on it to give it a festive vibe.

27. Pinecone Centrepiece

Via Pjsandpaint

Repurpose your pine collection into a centerpiece. Use this cute little buffalo check ribbon to beautify the entire look. This centerpiece works as a cherry on top for a rustic Christmas theme!

28. Christmas Treat Pots

Via Rufflesandrainboots

This is a quick, easy, and fun DIY idea for gifting. Paint these cute terracotta pots using chalk paints. Gift your loved ones in style this Christmas season and keep up the trend of buffalo check!

29. Mason Jar Ornaments

Via Ourcraftymom

These mason jar lid ornaments are created using buffalo check fabric and other easily available materials. They’ll look super adorable and rustic so make sure you try this one out!

30. Christmas Countdown Calendar With Pockets

Via Thediydreamer

As we get closer to Christmas, we start to feel that familiar gush of excitement. Why not add to the excitement by making this advent calendar? You can also use this for placing notes and small gifts for each day leading to Christmas!

31. Rustic Christmas Tree Decor

Via Domesticallycreative

This is another Christmas tree decoration idea using buffalo check ribbon. Although this is simple and rustic, it looks perfect without being too loud.

32. Gnome Wreath

Via Rufflesandrainboots

The gnome’s hat is upcycled using a buffalo check towel fabric! You can easily create this wreath in under 20 minutes using readily available materials.

33. Bunting

Via Onesimpleparty

The elementary look of the buffalo plaid will give a unique look to your bunting. You can team this up with black and white buffalo ribbon too. Hang this simple yet elegant flag piece on the wall as part of your Christmas decor.

34. Christmas Box

Via Keepingitsimplecrafts

This DIY Christmas box can be made using readily available materials. Simply use old cardboard boxes and write words like ‘joy’ or ‘peace’ on them. The buffalo check will give a nice touch to your room decor.

35. Christmas Mantel

Via Landeeseelandeedo

This buffalo check craze is a soothing and rustic decor idea. Use the printables mentioned on the site and create your innovative designs using the same. Make your mantel look this pretty!

36. Plaid Christmas Ornaments

Via Onsuttonplace

I’ve got more buffalo check ornaments for you! You don’t have to strain yourself to make these as these ornaments can be made in 4 simple steps. Hang them on your Christmas tree or put them in a bowl along with some pinecones.

37. Buffalo Check Tags For Reindeer Food

Via Thegirlcreative

Make sure to sprinkle some Reindeer food on your lawn for the Reindeers this Christmas! These rustic buffalo check mini tags look perfect for this age-old tradition.

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38. Gorgeous Kitchen Decor

Via Hymnsandverses

Is the material of your dining chairs wearing out? Use a red and white buffalo check tablecloth to cover the seats. Make sure to get matching napkins too. Your kitchen will look beautiful this Christmas.

39. Porch Decor

Via Onsuttonplace

This simple and budget-friendly DIY is perfectly festive! Repurpose your buffalo check shirt to make this Christmas decor come alive. Add in buffalo check ribbons too—they’ll look adorable.

40. ‘Merry Christmas’ Tags

Via Thegirlcreative

Here’s another cute buffalo Christmas tag idea? Gift your guests some yummy edibles with these ‘Merry Christmas’ tags attached to them! The gifts will look very festive and rustic.

41. Snowflake Coasters

Via Lydioutloud

These snowflake buffalo check coasters look so elegant! Turn the ordinary flannel into rustic coasters and add silver iron-on snowflakes. They’ll go perfectly with the kitchen decor idea we mentioned above if you use the appropriate colors.

42. Stockings

Via Dorseydesigns

I have another buffalo check stockings idea for you. They are super easy to make and you only need a few affordable materials. Add pom pom fringe on the top to for a cute look.

43. More Christmas Ornaments

Via Thehappyscraps

With a color scheme of red and white, your blank ornaments can be decorated with buffalo check vinyl. Customize these ornaments however way you want—grab some ideas from this tutorial!

44. Rag Ball Ornaments

Via Madincrafts

These rag balls are so easy to make—you can make several of them in under fifteen minutes. Choose foam balls of any size and use buffalo check flannel scraps to cover them up.

45. Snowflake Hoop

Via Sixcleversisters

This handmade ornament adds a magical feel to Christmas. Follow the amazing tutorial given on the site to create a beautiful snowflake hoop made out of buffalo check fabric.

46. Christmas Rolling Cart

Via Thedesigntwins

Keep a Christmas themed rolling cart on the side of your living room to add to the decor. Decorate it will buffalo check pillows of any color you like.

47. Buffalo Check Christmas Sledge

Via Homeroad

This DIY uses a vintage sled which can be added to your Christmas decor. Follow all the steps to create this look with buffalo check stencil, ribbon and floral sprig.

48. Wrap Gifts With Buffalo Check Ribbons

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

Woo your guests and family by giving them these beautifully wrapped gifts with red and black buffalo check ribbons. The snowflakes on them add a nice touch.

49. Tabletop Frame

Via Bhg

This buffalo check tabletop frame looks so sophisticated and beautiful. It’s simple and rustic and you can elevate its beauty by adding a wreath to it. Your living room will look simply amazing!

50. Bottle Brush Tree Christmas Wreath

Via Positivelysplendid

All we want for Christmas is more buffalo check! Decorate your wreath with buffalo check fabric and add glittery bottle brush trees and floral sprigs to make it feel like Christmas.

51. Ribbon Tied Wreath

Via Stonegable

A long hung wreath tied with buffalo check ribbon looks so elegant! Tie these ribbons onto your wreaths and hang them on cabinets or even on your front door.

Deck your house this Christmas with these amazing buffalo check decor ideas. It is not only easy but also not time-consuming. Make this festive season magical and rustic by having buffalo check decor all around, and have a wonderful Christmas!