80 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Last Minute Before Your Big Party

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Is it October already? Well, I for one cannot wait for the cute fall outfits, thanksgiving dinners, crunchy maple leaves…but most of all, HALLOWEEN! Everyone loves the decorating and running out to buy candy or go trick or treating and obviously, the outfits.

But what if you don’t have time to order or go buy your costumes now because they’ll either arrive late or just be way over budget? Don’t you panic…I have just the perfect Halloween costume ideas that you can DIY even at the last minute to make your festivities easier and a lot more fun.

80 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 

1. Magic 8 ball

Via Somethingoodblog

You can easily style into a Magic 8 Ball costume by sticking two sheets of paper on the front and back saying 8 and a message respectively. It’s the perfect last-minute idea which just needs a black pre-owned dress and two cut-outs.

2. Identity theft

Just a few name tags stuck over your shirt, and there you go! A fun and innovative way to style your Halloween costume this year would be to dress up as “identity theft”!

3. Error

Via Youtube

A costume without a costume, what could be more ironic than that?! Style into an Error 404, all you need is a sign on a shirt saying costume not found, and there you go!

4. Fork in the road

Via Instructables

Dress up as a famous pun or gimmick for this Halloween. Fork in the road can be easily styled by sticking a bunch of tapes and one fork to a plain colored top. Easy and fun really!

5. She doesn’t even go here

Via Me.me

One of the classic movies, being mean girls should definitely be included in any Halloween.

If you’re not a mean girl, be the opposite. Damian’s iconic “she doesn’t even go here” can be styled with a blue-black hoodie, sunglasses, and a sign.

6. Bad and Boujee

Via Hairsoutofplace

Since the rise of TikTok and Reels, the bad and boujee combination has become very famous. Easy and simple to make. It’s best suited for the last minute plan of a costume, so wear this to your Halloween parties!

7. Ghost

Via 5minutesformom

A super easy and fun costume for Halloween has to be a ghost. All needed is white or any colored blanket, sheet, or fabric.

A ghost is spooky and mysterious as well. A last-minute costume as a ghost would be perfect!

8. Garbage

Via Cristinaporziocosplay

A garbage or trash bad style has been adapted by even some of the most popular brands and companies. Style yourself up with or as trash polythene for this Halloween to present a completely innovative and chic look.

9. Mummy

Via Popsugar

Need last-minute help as to what to wear to a party this Halloween? Just grab some toilet paper and wrap it around yourself and there you go! A full-fledged mummy costume in action!

10. Cowboy

Via Aboutcostume

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the heroes of the west for Halloween? Just grab a hat put on some boots and strengthen your accent! That’s a perfect cowboy Halloween costume.

11. Scarecrow

Via Brit

If a cowboy seems too repeated or generic, why not dress up as its very costume brother, a scarecrow? Dress up with the same hat and boots, and a few face paints could go a long way.

12. Skeleton

Via Marthastewart

Dressing up as a skeleton for Halloween is the easiest way to be pretty and perfect! A few cuts on a shirt or a short run to target can help you dress up as a skeleton for this Halloween.

13. Frankenstein

Via Sendit

Just a little green paint and stitch marks drawn on any clothing, maybe a suit can turn you into Pennsylvania’s favorite monster, the Frankenstein!

14. Face art

Via Today

If you want to show off your artistic styles during the Halloween season, use this opportunity to grab those paints and paint away! You can be anything you please with this idea. Fun isn’t it?!

15. Snowflake

Via Legaleeblonde

If it snows during Halloween in your area, or even if you just enjoy the snowy season, dress up as a snowflake for Halloween! All you have to do is use a piece of paper, or cardboard or fabrics to make a beautiful snowflake costume for yourself to dress up as this Halloween!

16. Lego

Via Dreamalittlebigger

A few cardboard cutouts can help make you a part of your favorite toy set as a kid- Legos!

Easy and simple to make. It’s best suited for the last minute plan for a costume, so wear this for your Halloween parties!

17. Flower

Via Liagriffith

A flower costume is the best of all. Plain simple and neutral, yet it stands out and is colorful and bright! Just a few fabrics stitched together and you’re done!

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18. Life gives you lemons

Via Clubcrafted

The famous quote “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” inspired this costume. Stick the word life to any shirt and buy a bunch of lemons. That’s it! You’re ready to go help people made lemonades! Perfect for last-minute plans.

19. Corn

Via Brit

Why not dress up as an ear of corn for this Halloween and make corny puns?! Easy to style, easy to wear. Very comfortable and a good suggested costume as a last-minute party outfit.

20. Cat

Via 5minutesformom

The infamous cat of Halloween has to be present during any and every party on this night! Take up the initiative of being a cat on this day. Easy to be, with just a few markers and cat ears and you’re done! Amazing recommendation for Halloween costumes.

21. Mouse

Via Iamstyle-ish

If a cat seems too repetitive, why not pull a Karen Smith and dress up as a mouse?!

Easy to style, easily accessible, and easy to wear, this is a perfect Halloween last-minute look.

22. Teacher

Via mrsosgoodsclass on Instagram

Dress up as a teacher for Halloween if nothing is planned, caused by just wearing semi-formals and carrying books and apples, you can definitely rock this look!

23. Wolf

Via Kandeej

A wolf at Halloween is a must be, so why not dress up as the one for your party? All you would need is something comfortable and a few markers or makeup and you’re done!

24. Sia

Via Ipinimg

To rock out an even last-minute look would be by dressing up as something unique bold and different. Wearing skinny vests and tights and a blonde wig, all very easily accessible can make you the best dressed at a party as well.

25. Cheerleader

Via Partycity

Need last-minute party costume ideas? Just get your school jersey and a skirt to dress up as a cheerleader! You can style and accessorize this however you want by adding materials to it as well.

26. Jellyfish

Via Todaysparent

Being a Jellyfish would look sting-zing on you! Easy to style with a few strings and an umbrella. Comfortable and stylish, this innovative look is a very good last-minute idea for a Halloween costume party.

27. Sushi

Via Fairfieldworld

Everyone’s favorite food should be included in Halloween, shouldn’t it? If sushi isn’t being served, you serve sushi! Style with easily available blankets and ironed out print outs!

28. Sandy (grease)

Via Halloweencostume

Along with everyone’s favorite food, everyone’s favorite shows Sandy should be present at a Halloween party. Pre-owned clothes including a leather jacket and red heels can make this look and you the center of attention at a party.

29. Deer

Leg Avenue Women's Costume, Dark Brown, One Size

Styling up like a deer would be a good option for a last-minute Halloween party costume. All you would need is some store-bought or DIY antlers and a little bit of makeup and you are ready to be the beautiful gazelle of the party!

Buy it on Amazon.

30. Baseball mom

Via Werecallingshenanigans

Need to style the last-minute costume for a Halloween party and need ideas for looks and outfits? Just dress up as a soccer mom! Easy and comfortable to style and wear. Best for last-minute plans.

31. Hula girl

Via Realsimple

Styling as a hula girl is very simple and adds on to an exotic look. All you need is a skirt and a flower garland and you’re done. Easy, simple yet bold, and mysterious. This look will make you the talk of the party.

32 Dracula

Spooktacular Creations Renaissance Medieval Scary Vampire Deluxe Halloween Costume for Men Role-Playing Sins Cosplay (Medium) Red

Just put on a cape that would be easily available at any store and DIY easy teeth and horns as accessories. A last-minute costume as a Dracula would be perfect for your Halloween party!

Buy it on Amazon.

33. Bunny

Via Womansday

Being a bunny for Halloween is an amazing costume idea and a perfect outfit. Just a pair of easily made DIY ears can go a long way and make this the perfect event with your perfect look!

34. Harley Quinn

Via Blogvidadacasada

Halloween’s favorite supervillain has to be DC’s wonderful Harley Quinn. Style yourself as Harley Quinn with any of these items that are are easy DIYs.

35. Joker

Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume, Purple, X-Large

With every Harley Quinn, a Halloween need to have a Joker as well. Style yourself as Joker this Halloween with fun suits and DIY make up to be the perfect supervillain this season.

Buy it on Amazon.

36. Pig in a blanket

Via Realsimple

One of the easiest last-minute costumes would be creating DIY ears and a nose for niga and getting a blanket. Now you’re a pig in a blanket! A last-minute costume as a pig in a blanket would be perfect!

37. Referee

Via Halloweencostumes

Very similar to a soccer mom or a mime costume, a referee costume can be styled by wearing a striped shirt in whites and black and a whistle. There you go! You’re ready to hand out fouls at this party!

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38. Pirate

Via Brit

A pirate during a Halloween party is a must. This Halloween look of yours should be a pirate! With an easy DIY eye patch and sword, you are ready to go and amaze your friends at a party.

39. Little red riding hood

Soyoekbt Women's Little Red Riding Hood Costume Halloween Cloak Cosplay XL

Dressing up as the little red riding hood for Halloween would only require a cape and a cute dress, pre-owned at the last minute would do as well. A DIY basket to add on that and little miss red riding hood is ready for her party!

Buy it here.

40. Tooth fairy

Via Thirtyhandmadedays

A tooth fairy costume would as shown require a tooth drawing made out of fabric or cardboard and foil and everything else would be easily arranged!

41. Troll

Via Liveseasoned

Who knew that just a little bit of hairspray could go a long way?! This Halloween, dress up as a troll for your Halloween costume party and enjoy having a bold and innovative look.

42. Pegasus

Via Ipinimg

A Pegasus can be made with easy DIY horns and wings. Those styled with a skirt would be wonderful and good to go for a fabulous party this Halloween.

43. Bird

Via Flickr

Easy wings can be DIYed and other accessories like a beak can be too. The last-minute costume as a bird would be perfect for a Halloween party this season.

44. Butterfly

Via Topbuzz

Wings can be DIYed easily. Comfortable and stylish, this innovative look is a very good last-minute idea for a Halloween costume party.

45. Bat

Via Sheknows

Wings can be DIYed easily. Comfortable and stylish, this innovative look is a very good last-minute idea for a Halloween costume party.

46. Snow white

Via Saradujour

Just anything blue and yellow along with an apple and a DIY bow can make you the perfect princess and the best dressed in the room for a Halloween costume party. Enjoy being snow-white, even if it’s only for a night.

47. Men in Black

Via Goodhousekeeping

A simple suit and sunglasses can help style you into the perfect and most well-dressed person at a party. Easy, comfortable, and astonishing, this is indeed a good fit.

48. Lipton green tea

Via Flickr

A funny thing to dress up as would be a tea packet. A handmade DIYed tag on a plastic bag would help create this fabulous outfit for a great night at a costume Halloween party.

49. Pineapple

Via Puravidabracelets

Very similar to a corn, a pineapple can be recreated. Dress yourself up as a pineapple for this Halloween! This is the perfect and a very easy look to go along with.

50. Polaroids

Via Themerrythought

Dressing up like a Polaroid this Halloween can be the perfect costume for a party. This season, dress up as a polaroid or photo film by easy DIY cutouts of cardboard or paper.

51. Bubble maker

Via Ipinimg

Just a few balloons and cardboard can make up this costume. This indeed makes an amazing addition to a Halloween party as well.

52. Fifty shades of grey

Via Goodhousekeeping

A funny and humorous costume indeed would be a “fifty shades of grey” look. All you would need are a few printouts of different shades of grey and some tape and you’re done! Last-minute costume as this would be perfect!

53. Batman/Batwoman

Via Halloweencostumes

Easy and DIY available last-minute costumes include being Batman and or Batwoman. If Harley Quinn and Joker are present, shouldn’t you as Batman be too?

54. Powerpuff girls

Via Livingaftermidnite

The powerful trio of the Powerpuff girls has to be present during Halloween times as well. Easy with any one of the three colors being red, blue, or green, the Powerpuff girls can be styled.

55. Mean Girls

Via Yourtango

The infamous mean girls look to require a certain aesthetic, and if you have any of that you can easily last minute be one of them for your Halloween party. Comfortable and stylish, this innovative look is a very good idea for a Halloween costume party.

56. Fruit ninja

Via Costumewall

All blacks, tape, and a few fruits or fruit cut-outs can make this costume a success. It’s funny and different, even bold altogether. Perfect for the Halloween season.

57. Jelly beans

Via 30seconds

A bag of jelly beans made with plastics and a few balls or round cut-outs can make this costume one of the best ones during the Halloween season for a party or such.

58. Eleven

Via Ipinimg

Cosplaying eleven from the stranger things is truly one of the most liked and popular costumes for Halloween. A pink dress and blue jacket with a pack of the infamous egos can be a wonderful Eleven costume for this Halloween.

59. Grapes

Via Justinehuxley on Instagram

A few ballons or cardboard cut-outs stuck around you can turn you into grapes! Who would’ve known such a fun and unique costume would be so easy to make? Amazing costume.

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60. Dumbledore

Via Toynk

Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series is one of the best and easiest fits. A DIY hat with a fake beard and hair made out of cotton can make this look like a complete success.

61. Carrot

Via Threadsmagazine

Need to style the last-minute costume for a Halloween party and need ideas for looks and outfits? Just dress up as a carrot! Easy and comfortable to style and wear. Best for last-minute plans.

62. Arianna Grande

Via I.pinimg

Ariana grande aesthetics are easily available and generally everywhere. Some merch of here’s pr any sweatshirt and boots can make this look amazing.

63. Cow

Via Studiodiy

A cow is a fun and innovative way to dress up as for Halloween. All needed is a white, brown, or blacktop or dress with a bottle of milk DIYed and there you go!

64. Oreos

Via Legaleeblonde

Everyone loves Oreos. With cardboard and cotton, an Oreo look can be created and it shall rock! After all as said, everyone loves Oreos!

65. Instagram

Via 30handmadedays

Instagram is the new cool for everything! Dress up as Instagram for Halloween this year by just wearing a gradient or printing out a sign of Instagram on a shirt or top or dress. A fun outfit ready for a Halloween costume party.

66. Snapchat

Via Newsknowyourmeme

Dressing up as Instagram seems too much? Why not dress up as a Snapchat filter or Snapchat itself? It’s easy and amazing a last-minute Halloween costume idea and this outfit and look is highly recommended.

67. Undercover cop

SS Queen Women Police Costume Officer Uniform Deputy Halloween Masquerade (set1)

Hoodies, hats, and sunglasses are easily available around any normal household, and by adding a little style go it, you can dress up as a stereotypical undercover cop! An easy and fun costume.

Buy it here.

68. Doctor

Via Costumecauldron

Would you like to save lives this Halloween?! Dress up as a doctor in general or a doctor from your favorite show’s by very easy DIYs and other things!

69. Dwight the office

Via Rookiemag

Everyone loves the office and you surely love Dwight! Dress up as your favorite office character by just wearing a yellow shirt with formals. An easy and amazing look!

70. Juice

Via Studiodiy

Dressing up as a juice box for Halloween is a very easy look by just using a few papers and some plastic. Comfortable and stylish, this innovative look is a very good last-minute idea for a Halloween costume party.

71. Firefighter

Via Halloweencostumes

Dressing up as a firefighter is a unique and amazing look! Just with flannels and suspenders, you can completely rock this look.

72. The Emoji Lady

Via Youtube

No costumes? No worries! Find an emoji you like, and dress up as it is. A great example being the salsa lady in a red dress, but if wanting to go for something more comfortable, and purple top will do for this one.

73. Tree

Via Studiodiy

Need to style the last-minute costume for a Halloween party and need ideas for looks and outfits? Just dress up as a tree! Easy and comfortable to style and wear. Best for last-minute plans.

74. Joker

Via Partycity

Everyone’s favorite show’s characters should definitely be present at a Halloween party. Pre-owned clothes anything in red and black with their signature mask can make you the center of attention at a party during Halloween.

75. Clown

Via Eslamoda

A clown can be styled by wearing any mixture of colorful clothes and a few paints. Easy and amazing a costume for Halloween and it’s the season!

76. Milk

Via Awwsam

If no ideas come to your head at the last minute, grab a polka-dotted shirt and there you go! You have a full-fledged cow Halloween costume ready for your party!

77. Mime

Via Mirandarightsofficial.tumbler

A mime costume is the best of all. Plain simple and neutral, yet it stands out and is bright! Just an easy striped shirt and suspenders will do as well!

78. Criminal

Via Christmascentral

Ski masks and fake handguns are easily available at any local stores during the season. Easy and simple to make. It’s best suited for the last minute plan for a costume, so wear this for your Halloween parties!

79. Social media

Via Ecstasycoffee

Dressing up as a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook is the new chic look. Comfortable and stylish, this innovative look is a very good last-minute idea for a Halloween costume party.

80. Frat Boys

Via I.pinimg

The best last-minute Halloween costume so far would be to dress up like a frat boy or frat girl. Easy to style, easy and comfortable to wear, it’s the perfect Halloween costume!

With this, a list of 80 costumes for this Halloween for you to enjoy the end. Have fun during these holidays and come back during Christmas!!