80 Easy Halloween Costumes For Women You Will Want To Copy In 2022

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So we’re finally getting closer and closer to the spookiest time of the year… HALLOWEEN! The best part about this festival (apart from the decorating and trick or treating) has to be the costumes. The weeks we spend planning, days we spend making…jeez I can’t wait! When we were younger, it was the thrill we got from participating in those fancy competitions though now it’s more about having the best, most fun outfit in the room.

We all want to wear unique yet beautiful outfits though sometimes our outfits may get repetitive. To avoid this, today we’ve listed 80 costumes that you must have to try this year!

80 Amazing Halloween Costumes For Girls

Cute And Easy Halloween Costumes

1. Tinkerbell

Via Colormecourtney

All you need to become this beautiful fairy is a pair of any short pretty dress with some fairy wings that are easily available at most stores, especially during Halloween season. 

2. Pop Art

Via Countryliving

Any art lovers in the house? Bring back the pop art trend by transforming yourself into it! All u need is a little make-up and you’re all set. 

3. Soda Cans

Via Studiodiy

Wear a bright-colored dress as the can and a baking tin tray for its lid and have fun with this soda bottle look. 

4. Plant Costume

Via Akailochiclife

Go green this Halloween by wearing a monochrome outfit. Attach some leaves and branches to your dress and wear a flower crown to complete the costume. 

5. Hippie Nation

Via Sunglassspot

This DIY hippie costume won’t take you more than 10 minutes. Just wear a flower crown with a long skirt, t-shirt, and sleeveless shrug. Top it all off with a lair of sunglasses and braided hair and start your night. 

6. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Via Sunglassspot

Recreate this iconic Audrey Hepburn look by wearing a mid-length black dress and pair it with some black gloves, sunglasses, faux pearl necklaces, a small tiara, and some black heels. 

7. Snow White

Via Cookiecorp

All you need to do for this easy costume is get a blue tee with a yellow skirt. You can add a red hairband and curl your hair to finish this look. 

8. Dotted Beauty

Via Sugarandcloth

Wear this cute polka dot look by cutting out circles from colorful paper and sticking it all over you. You can even throw in a wig and a polka dot shirt and skirt for some extra cuteness. 

9. Angel

Via Camillestyles

A white dress with some wings (you can DIY them out of some cardboard) is all you need to become a gorgeous angel. 

10. Sailor girl

Via Prettyprovidence

Pair a striped shirt with a long navy blue skirt and a red scarf around the neck. Accessorize it with a brown belt and a white cap and that’s all you need to finish your sailor girl look. 

11. Batty Costume

Via Goodhousekeeping

Do you have an old black umbrella lying around? Well, now you can turn that into a bat costume. Cut the umbrella and half and carefully hot glue it to a black hoodie and that’s it, you’re done. Pair this with a fierce make-up look and start trick or treating.

12. Beauty And The Beast

Via Merricksart

A light blue dress with a white apron and some books will transform you into the magical Belle. You can carry some books and tie up your hair to better the look. 

13. Cheesecloth Ghoul

Via Countryliving

Tired of the same bedsheet ghost look? Make it a little more spooky by wearing a back top and shorts/jeans and covering yourself in cheesecloth or any old torn white cloth. 

14. Queen Of Hearts

Via Goodhousekeeping

Pair a red gown or even a short dress with some heart makeup to embody none other than the Queen of Hearts. You can even circularly arrange playing cards and create a beautiful neckpiece to match your outfit. 

15. Leslie Knope

Via I.pinimg

Any Parks and Recreation fans in the house? Well if you love this show even half as much as I do then Leslie Knope is the way to go. A shirt and blazer with a KNOPE badge and a lot of Pawnee information will make you ace this look. 

16. Minnie Mouse

Via Iamstyle-ish

A black full sleeve shirt, sticking, a red or pink polka dot skirt, and a Minnie Mouse hairband will turn you into the most adorable Mouse people have ever seen. 

17. Stranger Things

Via Francescascollection

A pink dress, a Jean jacket, blonde wig, and fake nose bleed will instantly turn you into the brave stranger things character, Eleven

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18. The Mona Lisa

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Print out a Mona Lisa image that’ll fit your face. Cut a home in the middle and out your face through it to finish it off. You can even put it in a frame for some extra glamour. 

19. Galaxy Skirt

Via Dreamalittlebigger

Make this beautiful costume by painting a tulle skirt with galaxy colors on the inside. Attach some battery operated fairy lights and then once it’s dried, rock it all night. 

20. Mary Poppins

Via Merricksart

As kids, we all wished for a nanny like Mary Poppins. Turn yourself into her with a white shirt, black skirt, and hat, and her staple umbrella. 

Sexy Halloween Costumes

1. Warrior Queen

Via Bluereign.london

A bra and a long skirt with some boots and a crown will instantly transform you into a hot warrior queen. You can even do some heavy makeup and put your twist on this look. 

2. Mummy 

California Costumes Women's Mystical Mummy Sexy Horror Costume, Tan, Small

Turn into a sexy mummy by wrapping yourself only halfway along with some classy yet spooky makeup. 

Get this costume.

3. Jon Snow

Yandy Black Medium Premium Sexy Northern Queen Medieval Halloween Warrior Cosplay Costume

Why wouldn’t any Game of Thrones fan dress up as this character? Make him sexier by getting (or DIYing if you’re creative enough) this cool look. 

Get this costume.

4. Harley Quinn

Charades Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume, As Shown, Medium

Though her character, in general, isn’t someone we would want to look up to, her courage and sexiness are somethings everyone wants for themselves. 

Get this costume.

5. It’s Disco Time

Dreamgirl Women's Disco Doll Costume, Black, X-Large

Who didn’t love the 70’s disco vibe? Bring back the old times by wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit bedazzled with jewels. 

Get this costume.

6. Bunny Suit

Via Yandy

Turn the cute bunny costume into a sect bunny suit by wearing a leather jumpsuit with a bunny mask. You can even add a choker for some extra fun. 

7. Punk Rocker Costume

Via Sayyes

Live out your dream of being in a band by dressing like a punk rocker this Halloween. Pair a baggy shirt with a Jean jacket and some ripped jeans. Throw in some non-permanent hair color and chains to add a little more spunk. 

8. Rawr

Via Yandy

Cat costumes are always in. So get a tiger print or black leotard and pair it with matching boots and cat-ear hair-band and it will surely the purrfect Halloween look. 

9. Policewoman

Via Amiclubwear

A black sleeveless turtleneck with jeans or a black leotard with boots can be the perfect cop costume. Just add a cop hat and badge to complete the look.

10. Fallen Angel

Via Yandy

A dark (black, grey, or navy blue) angel costume will make you look like a gorgeous angel who’s falling or stuck between two worlds…plus it’s also a chance to get a little creative! 

11. Nun

Naughty Nun Costume Small/Medium Black

Don’t mind being a little naughty? Turn into a sexy nun this Halloween…and don’t worry we don’t tell. 

Get it here.

12. Skeleton

Via Theresaobrienn on Instagram

Show off your makeup skills by painting yourself into a skeleton. Wear a tube top and some black jeans or shorts to finish it. 

13. Ninja 

Via Amiclubwear

High waisted sheer pants with a red or black bra and some cool nunchucks and mask will turn you into the hottest ninja anyone’s ever laid eyes on. 

14. French Maid

Smiffys Fever Flirty French Maid Costume

Even if you don’t cook, you don’t clean, it shouldn’t stop you from turning into these beautiful french maids this Halloween…and if nothing else then you’ll sweep the hearts of many! 

Buy it on Amazon.

15. Barbie

Via Diamonddollsco on Instagram

A pink crop top with shorts and pink boots is all you need to get the perfect sexy Barbie look. 

16. Devil Look

Fever Women's Wicked Devil Costume with Dress and Horns, Red/Black, 1X

What’s hotter than the devil itself (see what I did there)? A simple red dress with heels and some horns will instantly turn you into him. 

Buy it on Amazon.

17. Daenerys Targaryen 

Via Kat.ofalltrades on Instagram

Here’s another fan-favorite Game Of Thrones character who’s extremely stunning. Dress up as her this Halloween and pay homage to the fallen Queen. 

18. Starbucks

Via Society19

Dress up as your favorite Starbucks order by wearing this cute Starbucks cup costume. Also, get an actual drink to complete the look!

19. Nurse

California Costumes Women's Eye Candy - Nurse Heart Breaker Adult, White, X-Small

A Halloween costume that’s always in fashion and never gets old? Well, nurse, it is. This timeless costume is something you can never go wrong with. 

Get it here.

20. Walking Dead

Via Partiescostume

Turn into these terrifying and unfeeling creatures by wearing a torn shirt with some fake blood and contacts. 

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Funny Halloween costume

1. Sauce

Via Studiodiy

Mustard, barbeque, and ketchup are some of our favorite sauces. So why not then into them this Halloween? A DIY cardboard nozzle big enough to fit your head will bring this look together. 

2. Coffee Addicts

Via Akailochiclife

From cappuccino to lattes, most of us can’t get through a single day without our beloved coffee. 

3. Popsicle

Via Ohyaystudio

Paint cardboard with red, white, and blue and attach a cardboard stick at the end to make this fun and colorful costume. 

4. Milkshakes

Via Studiodiy

A simple pastel dress with a hat made out of paper or styrofoam will create this beautiful milkshake look. 

5. Cheese-It

Via Clubcrafted

Glue a yellow paper to some cardboard and cut a few holes in it. Also, glue a string or ribbon to it and then wear it over any yellow dress. Pair this with yellow shoes and maybe even a hat to finish the costume. 

6.  DiscoBall

Via Studiodiy

Glue some old CD or glitter pieces to a ball of styrofoam. Make a hole in the middle, big enough to fit yourself in it. 

7. Camp Counselling

Via Sayyes

A simple brown t-shirt with some baggy jeans and a bandana will turn you into a camp counselor. Add a whistle and boots and you’re all set. 

8. Bubblegum Time

Via Studiodiy

Stick some colorful cotton balls to a black shirt or mini dress and call it a day. You can even pair them with different colored shoes and hairbands. 

9. Paper Doll

Via Themerrythought

Cut out a cardboard shirt and skirt and attach it to your actual clothes. You can even paint it to make it more pretty. 

10. Burrito

Via Awwsam

Who doesn’t like a good burrito? Become everyone’s favorite by turning yourself into everyone’s favorite meal. 

11. Mime 

Via Dresscorilynn

Always had a passion for acting? Well, turn into a mime this Halloween by pairing a simple black and white striped shirt with some black pants and suspenders. You can also paint your face for added effect. 

12. Cereal Bowl

Via Studiodiy

This Halloween, turn yourself into your favorite breakfast! Be creative and keep it colorful. 

13. Bob Ross

Via Charlestoncrafted

No one can match up to the calm and peaceful painter, Bob Ross. A blue shirt and jeans with his brown beard will quickly turn you into him. 

14. Miss Universe…Literally

Via @Discovercotton on Twitter

Are you a pun lover looking for some fun this Halloween? Well then stick some planet cut-outs to a black dress and wear a sash saying ‘Miss Universe’ and create this extremely amusing costume. 

15. Bandits

Via Sayyes

Stealing is not fun kids! But that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up as some cunning thieves this Halloween. You can even pair a striped tank top with shorts and boots to make this look chicer. 

16. Roll The Dice

Via Awwsam

Turn into a fun fuzzy dice for some fun this time around. 

17. Scarecrow

Via Dreamalittlebigger

Turn into a creepy scarecrow with a flannel shirt, a pair of overalls, and some boots and a hat. 

18. Cheshire Cat.

Via Yandy

What’s pink, fuzzy, warm, and fun? The beautiful and whimsical Cheshire Cat that you’re gonna be this Halloween! 

19. Ronald McDonald

Adult Yellow Clown Costume (Size: Standard)

Turn into old McDonald this Halloween to show everyone your hungry and funny side! 

Get it here.

20. Inflated Unicorn 

Via Morphsuits

Make this beautiful creature funny by getting an inflated version this time for your Halloween costume. 

Amazon costumes you’ll love.

1. Butterfly

Butterfly Wings Shawl Halloween Costume Ladies Cape Lace Mask Antenna Headband

Dress up as an enchanted butterfly, the prettiest and most poise of all costumes during this Halloween season if done right. With this multi colored wings, headband, and dressed costume, you can rock this look for your upcoming Halloween parties!

Get this costume.

2. Stegosaurus Woman

Stegosaurus Inflatable Alien Hold me Costume/Children Inflatable Alien Costume/Halloween Costume/Inflatable Party Costumes

This pretend play of a costume is amazing for a halloween costume party or other event or gathering. The inflatable suit truly makes it an easy and comfortable costume for this Halloween season.

Get this costume now!

3. Ostrich-Girl

Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Costume Riding an Ostrich Air Blow-up Deluxe Halloween Costume - Child (4-6 Yrs) Pink

We’ve all heard of cowboys and cowgirls, but have you ever heard of an ostrich girl?! Dress up as one with the wild this Halloween by easily styling yourself into the ostrich girl costume. Even boys can try the ostrich boy costume.

Get it on Amazon.

4. Firefighters!

JOYIN Construction Worker Costume Role Play Tool Toys Set for 3-6 Years Old Kids, Great Educational Toy Gift for Halloween Christmas and Birthday

Who wouldn’t wanna dress up as firefighters for Halloween? This Halloween, style yourself as might real-life heroes with this complete set of firefighter tools and equipment and the costume itself.

Get it on Amazon.

5. Scary Cat Costume

Boys Scary Cat Costume Child Horror Monster Character Costumes Scary Halloween Cosplay Jumpsuit

Dressing up as a cat for Halloween is amazing, but why not try something different and unique? Style yourself as a scary cat with this onesie like a costume! It’s easy and comfortable go-to wear and looks amazing!

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Get it on Amazon.

6. Spiderman

Rich Kids Superhero Bodysuit Halloween Cosplay Jumpsuit Black

Who wouldn’t want to be everyone’s favorite superhero spiderman?! Dressing up as spiderman with this easy real life like costume would be unique and absolutely brilliant.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. Unicorn

Tutu Dreams Halloween Unicorn Costumes for Girls with Wings Headband Tutu Outfit Unicorn Party Favors Supplies (Unicorn Dress+Rainbow Wings, 1-2T)

Dressing up as a unicorn at Halloween at least once is a must! Dress up as a unicorn this Halloween. Easily styled with this beautiful headband and dress!

Buy it on Amazon.

8. Grim reaper

Grim Reaper Girl Costume Glow in The Dark for Halloween (Large(10-12 yr)) Black

How better to greet Halloween with the traveler of the dead? Dress up as a grim reaper this Halloween to impress and strike everyone with awe with your uniqueness and utter beauty.

Get it on Amazon.

9. Mad hatter

Leg Avenue Women's Delightful Hatter Costume, Multi, Large

If the Mad Hatter grew to be your favorite character from Alice In The Wonderland at a young age as it is, this is the costume for you this Halloween! Easily style yourself as this mysterious as poise character for this Halloween.

Get it on Amazon.

10. Boo monsters inc.

Boo Deluxe Toddler Costume, Purple, Small (2T)

How can anyone forget boo, the baby from Monsters Inc. Style yourself as this fun and bubbly but also mysterious character for this Halloween? An easy and comfortable costume indeed.

Get it on Amazon.

11. Wonder Woman

Rubies DC Comics Wonder Woman T-Shirt With Cape And Headband, Red, Large Costume

Dress as DC’s brilliant and amazing superheroine- Wonder Woman herself. With this an easy and comfortable costume, your look would be absolutely amazing and different for any Halloween related event.

Get it on Amazon.

12. Pickle Men

Rasta Imposta Men's Pickle, Green, OS

A man in a pickle, the pickle in men, being in a pickle and so many more things inspired this costume. If you feel the need to dress up as something fun and ironic, or if you just want to express your love for pickles, this is the costume for you this Halloween!

Get it on Amazon.

13. Bee

Kangaroo Halloween Costumes - Bee Costume

A bee costume is rather common and uncommon at the same time, which makes it different, special and the perfect costume for you this Halloween season.

Get it on Amazon.

14. Dinosaurs

Rubie's Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex, Standard

How fun would dressing up as an actual dinosaur for Halloween be?! Style yourself as a dinosaur this Halloween with this easy inflatable costume for any party, event or gathering during the Halloween season.

Get it on Amazon.

15. Ninja

Leg Avenue Women's Deadly Ninja Costume, Black/Red, Small, Black/Red, Size Small

During mysterious and spooky Halloween times, what better to dress than a ninja?! This costume brings about a poise and superiority in your look, making it the perfect most unique outfit during Halloween times.

Get this costume now!

16. Cleopatra

Morph Womens Blue Cleopatra Costume Ancient Egypt Egyptian Princess Dress for Women - Small

If you’re into Egyptian mythology or just want to try something new this Halloween, dress up as Cleopatra from medieval Egypt through this costume. It as well and it would make you look mighty and powerful and at the same time elegant and poise, so in simpler words, perfect!

Buy it on Amazon.

17. Emmet lego movie

Disguise Emmet LEGO Movie 2 Deluxe Boys' Costume

Style yourself as Emmet from the Lego movies this Halloween season for any upcoming party, gathering, or event. A fun-filled, easy, comfortable, and outgoing costume like this is sure to help you have an amazing time.

Get it on Amazon.

18. Squirrel

Rasta Imposta Squirrel Costume, Gray, One Size

This Halloween dresses yourself up like a squirrel and shows your amazing approach to this Halloween. A completely different and fun look, this fit is sure to turn some heads!

Get it on Amazon.

19. Where’s Waldo?

The amazing where’s waldo game has been played by all of us since children with friends and family and is an amazing way to bring back memories during these times. The perfect and most comfortable costume for this Halloween is indeed this one.

Buy it on Amazon.

20. Pineapple

Tipsy Elves Pineapple Halloween Costume Dress: Medium Yellow

Dressing up as a pineapple shows your different approach to Halloween and a unique sense of style. You would definitely be the center of attention with this a costume if dressed correctly and this is sure to help make you have a fun and memorable time this Halloween.

Buy it now.

And thus, this amazing list of 80 wonderful categorized Halloween costumes ends! Hopefully, this was useful and you will enjoy being one of these during this Halloween season!