51 Dollar Store Halloween Projects

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The holidays have arrived, and with them comes fall, everybody’s favorite season! And then comes the spookiest time of the year —HALLOWEEN!

And of course, decorations form a big part of Halloween. You may want to deck out your residence and main entrance with authentic Halloween decorations, but because décor can be costly, it’s a good idea to up-cycle and design on a budget.

You can shop resources for DIY Halloween crafts instead of buying ready-made Halloween décor. Mason jars, adhesive tape, coat hangers, and a long list of other items are available in the dollar store. These items may be transformed into elaborate Halloween decorations in a matter of minutes.

Here are 51 Dollar Store Halloween Projects ideas that will definitely frighten your guests!

1. Spooky Ghosts:

Via Momoftheyear

These spirits would look particularly spooky during the nighttime.

From the dollar store, get white streamers and a white poster board. Trim the poster board lengthwise in half and glue or tape streamers around one end. Roll the poster board into a cylindrical figure and paste it together once that has dried.

Add creepy, terrifying expressions, then hang them outside with colorless threads that swirl in the breeze to make them look like they’re flying!

2. Tea Light Pumpkins:

Via Smartschoolhouse

These Tea Light Pumpkins are made of small flameless orange tea lights— they look cute but creepy! When you switch on the light, you’ll get a luminous pumpkin nose.

These mini pumpkins are sufficiently simple for even children to make! Furthermore, they give the environment a perfect sense of eeriness at night. Definitely a Halloween goodie!

3. Jug Luminaries:

Via Craftsbyamanda

Collect mason jars for the whole month of October and prepare to decorate the pathway with ghost lanterns on Halloween eve.

Simply fill the jug with sand or you can choose to paint it any color of your choice. Then add a miniature battery lighting.

Draw funny or eerie faces with a sharpie, and when it gets dark outside, your spooky ghost will shine!

4. Jack Skellington Door Decor:

Via Homemadeheather

This decoration is for you if you want something that is simple to put together but has a significant influence. This free Jack Skellington door printable is ideal for making a Halloween décor. Apart from that, you’ll need black electrical tape, scissors, and a printer.

This face is guaranteed to produce the ideal tone for some spooky excitement if you enjoy decorating up your home and being a bit goofy on Halloween night!

5. Spiderweb Doormat:

Via Deliacreates

With several guests walking to and from the house throughout the Halloween season, choosing more economical décor is a good option. This creepy yet cute DIY craft idea involves very little effort and money—you only need a black semicircle doormat, white fabric paint, and a paintbrush!

Plus, you don’t have to clean up afterward, so it’s a bonus solution.

6. Spider Web Yarn Craft:

Via Thecraftingchicks

The spider web yarn DIY is affordable, simple to make, and will create a creepy decoration. You’ll need popsicle sticks, white yarn, hot glue, and of course, spiders! That’s it.

The black and white color scheme of this décor also appears to be extremely contemporary. Make sure to include other insects if you wish to increase the spooky effect.

7. Hanging Ghosts:

Via Simplydesigning

What really is Halloween without a few ghosts? These spirits appear to be considerably friendlier than the average ghost, making them ideal for families with small children.

Make them using styrofoam balls of different sizes, black paint, cheesecloth, and some other basic supplies. Add in spiders, bats, and fake eyeballs to make this decor more spooky.

8. Flamingo Vultures:

Via Smartschoolhouse

This is a simple hack that will transform your harmless lawn flamingos into the spookiest birds in town!

You only require some spray cans to paint them and white furry boas to secure around the collar to transform your innocent pink lawn flamingos into vultures.

The vultures will add an intriguing twist to any of the exterior Halloween arrangements!

9. Glittery Witch Broom:

Via Rainonatinroof

If you enjoy sparkling and dazzling witch brooms, this DIY is for you. You may make these with items out of your own home garden and from the Dollar Tree store. And you’ll be surprised to learn that these look way prettier than a supermarket-bought glitter broom that costs a fortune!

10. Spooky Candle Votives:

Via Todayscreativelife

This DIY is for you if you enjoy a beautifully adorned spooky house. As someone who has previously planned a gathering you definitely understand that decor is only a small part of the equation, the major part is lighting!

These spooky candle holders are a great way to add some personality to your home’s decor.

11. Bloody Candles:

Via Dreamalittlebigger

Turn up the excitement by making basic candles extra creepy. Candles are a pretty typical Halloween decor, but raise it another level by turning them extremely eerie.

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Drip down the wax from a red candle onto your white candles, giving the effect of blood spilling. This design is minimal but impressive.

12. Tea Light Witches:

Via Smartschoolhouse

Tea Light Witches are miniature witches fashioned from greenish flameless tea lights and a few basic craft tools. Visitors and family members will be amused to see these caricatures staring right at them.

For evening Halloween decor, switch on the lights and the witch’s nose will light up.

13. Mason Jar Candle Holders:

Via Yesterdayontuesday

Combine mason jars, glitter, candles, and pumpkins to make a simple decor. Since this eliminates witches and ghosts, it is more of a gentle touch to Halloween.

This decoration is perfect for individuals who prefer something pleasant instead of terrifying, thanks to the confectionery and ribbon embellishments.

14. Glowing Plastic Jack O’ Lantern Totem:

Via Scratchandstitch

You must be aware of the flimsy jack o’ lantern carriers children use during Halloween to collect their goodies. You can turn them into a decor piece by stacking them vertically and adding a string of white lights.

The tall construction gives the impression that you invested extra attention into the decoration whereas, in fact, it is as simple as stacking four or five pumpkins.

15. Tomato Cage Witch Hat:

Via Smartschoolhouse

These classic Tomato cage witch hats are a hit in both genres, whether you enjoy creepy stuff or absolutely creative Halloween decorations. Anyone can make one of these ghost hats with a tomato cage and a few basic things to make it look like a witch’s hat.

This colossal tomato cage witch hat is guaranteed to be the talk of the town this Halloween!

16. Trash Bag Spider Webs:

Via Howaboutorange

We are confident that you will enjoy these trash bag spider webs as they are low-cost, time-saving, and simple Halloween décor.

All you need are garbage bags and some tape to stick them to the windows. These are very simple, spooky, and stylish, and the greatest part is that you won’t need a bunch of craft supplies to make them.

17. Ghostly Jugs:

Via Goodnessonthego

This décor idea is for you if you and your family purchase large containers of water or milk. You can even purchase these large jugs just for this Halloween DIY.

All you have to do is wash the jugs and paint ghost-like features on them with sharpies. After that, punch a ring in the bottom of the jar and insert LED bulbs, and your frightening little ghostly jugs are ready to scare the trick or treaters.

18. Skull String Art:

Via Abeautifulmess

Painting plywood, nailing in a couple of white nails, and wrapping white thread around those nails is all it takes to produce this awe-worthy artwork for your fireplace or bookshelf. Add a couple of pumpkins and bats around it to amp up the spookiness.

Every time guests go into the room, it is sure to attract their attention and make them shiver.

19. Skeleton Bubble Bath:

Via Smartschoolhouse

Skeletons also enjoy bubble baths! This Skeleton Bubble Bath may be made with only four ingredients, all of which can be bought at a dollar store or nearby hobby shop.

Perhaps including a smoke machine and a black light would enhance it even more to create a spooky effect. Some lively Halloween soundtrack would be another thing that your skeleton might want to enjoy while chilling!

20. Spooky Hand Soap:

Via Karacreates

Give your visitors a scare in the most unlikely of places: the washroom.

This DIY doesn’t involve any casts; all you need is a mason jar, liquid hand soap, and eyeball ping-pong balls, all of which can be found at the Dollar Store for very minimal prices.

The good thing is that it just takes about 2 minutes to assemble it, and it can even be done right at the last moment before the visitors arrive.

21. Skull Flower Pot:

Via Persialou

This DIY idea is for you if you want to design a frightful yet exquisite decor for Halloween or if you like the black and white color scheme.

Carve a hollow in the head of a foam skull, then cover the entire piece in a layer of greyish-black paint to make a creepy, yet stylish vase. Complete the appearance with some white flowers to add emphasis.

22. Creepy Crystal Balls Candlesticks:

Via Flamingotoes

Through these mystical crystal enchantments, your future will look scary! Dazzling Christmas bulbs, transparency film, black spray paint are some of the items used to make these crystal ball centerpieces.

They’re also quite simple to make, and you’ll enjoy the scary hovering figures within these Halloween centerpieces.

23. Paper Spiderwebs:

Via Thisheartofmine

These are eerie versions of origami paper pinwheels, which are commonly featured as festival decorations. You can construct a bunch of these for your approaching Halloween party only using a couple of basic supplies and methods.

Paper, scissors, glue, and twine are all you’ll need to get started.

24. Spider Garland:

Via Designimprovised

This DIY is for you if you want to recycle household items and craft something with items you currently have around the house.

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Baker’s twine and pipe cleaners are all that’s needed to make this spooky garland. All the extra craft supplies that you will need are readily available at the dollar store.

This spider garland is the perfect blend of everything scary, demonic, and hilarious!

25. All Hands In:

Via Goodnessonthego

Hands inside the water pitcher are a traditional Halloween décor that is simple to make. Rubber or latex-alternative gloves, rubber bands, and a highlighter are all that you will need.

To decorate the gloves, begin by painting fingernails or adding other genuine details. Then, like a balloon, inflate them fully and secure them with rubber ties. Lastly, drop them into the punchbowl and enjoy them flowing away.

26. Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkin Pails:

Via Smartschoolhouse

This craft is perfect for you if you want to include something unique to your interior or garden Halloween displays. It’s very vibrant and not too frightening for children.

All you need are plastic pumpkins pails and pumpkin lights!

27. Spooky Foliage Wreath:

Via Lemonthistle

Make this very basic and cost-effective DIY if you wish to adorn your residence for the fall holidays. You just need to spray color the fall leaves to a deep black shade, then weave them into a wreath. To amp up the eerie element, consider adding some faux spiders.

Whenever you wish to embrace Halloween whilst keeping your art stylish, this aesthetic Halloween décor is ideal.

28. Halloween Mason Jars:

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

One of the finest ways to glow up your fireplace, fall entrance, or tabletop is with these eerie monochrome illuminated Halloween mason jars. This craft is simple to execute. Decorate the mason jars with vinyl haunted houses, hovering bats, and spiderwebs.

29. Embroidery Hoop Spider Webs:

Via Dreamalittlebigger

This Halloween, instead of using annoying artificial spider webs, make your own. Crocheted spider webs can be put into embroidery rings to transform them into charming Halloween adornments.

Attach these little pompom spiders for an added eerie touch—they’re just adorable!

30. Spooky Halloween Candle Holders:

Via Thecraftpatch

Make these eerie bottle candle stands if you’ve been searching for a quick Halloween centerpiece. They may appear to be from a magician’s elixir cabinet, but they’ve actually been fashioned from dollar store materials.

Find antique jars or flower pots in your cabinet, spray paint them, and place tapered candles on them.

31. Image Transfer Halloween Candles:

Via Eighteen25

Using tissue paper to imprint spooky pictures onto wax candles is a very unique idea!

Though these columnar candlesticks appear fancy, they’re a frighteningly easy DIY that anybody with a printer and a blow dryer can complete.

32. No Carve Decoupaged Pumpkins:

Via Todayscreativelife

Decoupage is a terrific way to beautify pumpkins without bothering to butcher them. If your pumpkin carving qualifications are terrible, then this DIY is for you!

You can use either real or fake pumpkins for this project, along with decorative paper cutouts, and mod podge/decoupage glue.

33. Happy Fall Sign:

Via Jenniferallwood

Make this Wooden pallet decoration with a candy corn-colored canvas banner to mark the arrival of fall and Halloween. You can also add illumination and use warning words to make it a little eerier.

You may also drip a red candle wax to create a bloody and deadly look on the pallet.

34. Confetti Coffin Tray:

Via Modpodgerocks

This creepy yet adorable craft project will liven things up on your Halloween tablescape. It will surely be the ideal addition to your upcoming fall gathering.

All the supplies required like confetti, plastic spiderwebs, and a coffin-shaped tray will be easily available at the dollar store.

35. Halloween Skull Centerpiece:

Via Apumpkinandaprincess

You don’t have to forgo elegance even though you’re aiming to scare people. This eerie black and white skull décor piece is ideal for a Halloween centerpiece.

It’s simple to build, requiring only a candle wreath ring, Spanish moss, skull heads, and bleeding tapering candles, and it looks stunning. Additionally, all of the supplies are readily available at the dollar shop.

36. Creepy Halloween Dreamcatchers:

Via Madeinaday

These dream catchers are a spooky yet charming substitute for a festive wreath and are constructed utilizing excess fabric trimmings and yarn. The hanging eyeballs and feathers are sure to give anyone nightmares defeating the purpose of the dreamcatchers!

37. Marquee Sign:

Via Lollyjane

Hint to your guests that more horrors wait inside the house by placing this antique-looking “Eek” marquee sign on your front porch. Additionally, you have the option of customizing the color schemes to match the exterior decor of your home.

You can even include traditional Halloween decorations like bats, ravens, or even a hanging broomstick and a witch’s hat to scale up the horror factor!

38. Jack O’ Lantern Television:

Via Craftsbyamanda

Making a Jack O’ Lantern out of an unused television is a terrific way to transform your doorstep into a Halloween paradise.

The TV you use for this project can be old but you must be able to turn it on. Stick the black vinyl face on the screen and decorate the rest of the parts using orange paint.

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It’s a truly distinctive Halloween décor that draws a lot of attention from both adults and children while trick-or-treating. These will fit great on the window sill next to your entrance door!

39. Mummy Pillow:

Via Sugarandcharm

Using this no-sew project, you can give your lounge space a cute and stunning upgrade for the Halloween season.

You’ll need basic items like a pillow, white fabric (for the bandages), black and white felt for the mummy’s eyes, and glue.

It’s the correct balance of creepy and comfy.

40. Batty Pumpkin:

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

Decorate an ivory white painted pumpkin with a bunch of bats for a scary no-carve aesthetic decor. To produce the best results, use a bat-shaped sheet cutter or purchase them previously punched.

It’s a terrific way to create a little eerie touch to your home decor without spending a lot of money.

41. Pineapple Jack O’ Lantern:

Via Asubtlerevelry

This incredibly easy DIY is perfect if you’re searching for something distinctive and exotic. If you have grown tired of carving pumpkins for fall decorations, now is the right time to switch to a pineapple jack o’ lantern.

Additionally, these pineapples have a more devilish appearance and sinister vibe than carved pumpkins and can terrify your guests.

42. Halloween Yarn Garland:

Via Growingupgabel

In this simple and cost-effective yarn garland decoration, spooky is blended with adorable. It’s a great idea to jazz up a fireplace for a Halloween gathering, that’s also kid-friendly.

You’ll need black, white, and orange yarn, twine, and pipe cleaners for making these adorable ghosts, pumpkins, and spiders.

43. Black Bat Chandelier:

Via Brendid

This is a creepy decor that’s sufficiently lightweight to swing from a light fitting. It’s created out of metal hoops, sheer black fabric, and cotton string, all of which can be found at any dollar store.

Don’t forget to add the bats!

44. Bandana Pumpkins:

Via Creativelybeth

Cloth or bandanas are another fun option to accessorize foam pumpkins. Apart from the pumpkins, you’ll need orange bandanas (duh), twine, acrylic paint (for black stems), and some other easily available craft items.

45. Spider Nest Lanterns:

Via Craftsbyamanda

Making handmade Halloween accessories such as these Spider Nest Lanterns is a terrific way to spruce up your décor on a budget. You’ll need two soda bottles for making one lantern, along with cheesecloth, colorful string, plastic spiders, and of course, battery-operated tea lights.

The color of the string you use for these lanterns is entirely up to you, but traditional Halloween colors such as black, orange, or green will look extremely spooky.

46. Floating Spiderweb Décor:

Via Thisisourbliss

This activity is for you if you think a hovering or “flying” eerie chandelier project would be extremely great for Halloween. The classiest part about this DIY project is that it’s constructed entirely out of dollar store baskets, some spooky creatures, spiders, and string.

47. Skull Candle Holder:

Via Endlesslyinspired

This candle holder is perfect for those who enjoy the darker or spookier aspects of Halloween. This realistic skull candle holder is great for your frightening Halloween party’s theme and is sure to attract everyone’s attention.

You’ll need a few plastic skulls, two terracotta saucers, a big candle, and lots of glue. Spray paint everything with black or silver paint once you’re done gluing them together.

48. Upcycled Basketball Eyeball:

Via Craftsbyamanda

The Basketball Eyeball will not fail to make people laugh! It’s a simple Halloween décor for your home or yard that you can make yourself.  All you need is a basketball and white, green, black, and red paint.

This is a great way to repurpose an unused one or you can purchase one at the dollar store.

49. Skeleton Dish:

Via Fourfrontdoors

This spooky yet fancy-looking dish is quite simple to make and won’t cost you a fortune. You only need a few simple items, such as a mini candle, a plastic skeleton with detachable joints, and a glass tealight holder, all of which are easily available at the Dollar Store.

50. Halloween Terrarium:

Via Craftsbyamanda

This Halloween Terrarium is a terrific addition as a macabre showpiece. It can be made with sale items from the craft store, but similar products can also be found at the dollar store!

You’ll need a large canister, moss, pebbles, and some spooky decorations of your choice.

51. Mummy Halloween Luminaries:

Via Modpodgerocks

These frightening mummy mason jars are the best when it comes to everything spooky and bright! And the best part is that they don’t require any prior crafting skills.

In three easy steps, you can assemble these budget-friendly Halloween lights using mason jars, cheesecloth, and cardstock for the mummies’ eyes.

We’re sure that our collection of inexpensive Halloween project ideas will appeal to everyone from the newbie DIYer to the seasoned craftsman. There’s something for everyone here—ranging from basic DIYs to sophisticated ones.

So, get your Halloween hats ready, and craft the prettiest, spookiest, and most aesthetic Halloween decorations ever!