31 Halloween Party Ideas To Blow Your Next Party Out Of The Water

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Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year. The first, you ask? Christmas. No holiday can ever replace the awesomeness of Christmas. I mean, presents, a crap ton of food, and old Christmas movies?

I feel like it’s the total package. And I feel like you’re never too old to dress up for Halloween! (No matter what your mom says) But let’s be honest. As much as we like to go to parties and host impromptu get-togethers, it can get really expensive! And after a while, your brain feels as dry as the Sahara desert when you scramble for creatively cheap ideas.

Well, say goodbye to those worries, because these ideas will totally blow your next party out of the water! Or should I say, “there is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by the moonlight……”

1. Let Guests Help Themselves


While you may be tempted to go full Monica and have party favors and services under your control….you’ll suck the life out of the party! Let everything be in a buffet-style so that you can socialize with all the undead and still eat with your guests. This is where finger foods really come in handy.

2. Glitter Pumpkins

Via goodhousekeeping

Orange pumpkins? Nostalgic and traditional, but boring. Glitter pumpkins? Now we’re talking! “It doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got bling!” Paint the pumpkin color of your choice, before coating the sides, and stem with some super sparkly glitter. I say super sparkly because it should sparkle so much, that people on Mars can see it.

3. Set The Spooky Scenes

There’s nothing better than a themed party, especially when it’s the one time you can dress like a creepy person and not get called out for it.

Set a theme for the party and use it as the tone for your party. Something like American Psycho, The Shining, or Annabelle should do the trick. Because nothing says “Happy Halloween” more than an ax murderer chasing you through a snowy maze to kill you.

4. Edible Monster Pizza Bites

Via Womansday

While I completely admire and respect moms who go out of their way to make everything from scratch……….ain’t nobody got time for that! Personally, I would just buy huge boxes of frozen bagel bites, and stick some olives on to act as eyes. Plus it’s a great way to work olives into your kids’ diet without the classic “ew face” from them.

5. Candy Corn Toss

Via Countryliving

Clearly, this game is candy corn inspired, and it’s a blast at kids’ parties! Paint some traffic cones to mimic candy corn, and set up a few in the backyard similar to a ring toss game at the carnival. Make sure the spray paint you use is kid-friendly.

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6. Witch Party Banner

Via Orientaltrading

I feel like a party isn’t complete without some sort of cheesy banner spelling out the purpose of your guests’ visit. Scratch that itch by hanging up this banner.

7. Voodoo Punch

Via Isaveatoz

Make these supremely cool voodoo punch drinks with candy, an injection (you read that right), some food coloring, and maybe……some booze? Without kids present of course.

8. Keep The Guest List Adults Only


Open bar anyone? That way, you can actually watch the exorcist without your kids bouncing up and down asking for more candy. Because apparently, the first 3 snickers bars weren’t enough!

The party will be darker, much more fun……and maybe a little loopy, but hey it’s Halloween.  If you really want to impress your guests, make an awesome DIY wine cauldron to substitute with boring wine bottles.

9. I See You Halloween Snack Mix

Via Goodhousekeeping

Most of these ingredients will already be in your pantry. Honestly, the only item that will make this “Halloween themed” or creepy to eat, will be the candy eyes. Granted, you’ll definitely have a sugar high after eating this, but your guests will definitely be impressed. I guess it’s worth the sugar hangover the day after!

10. Get In Touch With The Spirit World

Ouija Board Game

Keep it fun and freaky folks! Nothing says freaky more than an Ouija board. Of course, this is even freakier when it’s a smaller group of people, but it’s still effectively creepy in a party.

Watch your guests spill your secrets in no time. Mwahahahahahaha………..that was my fake laugh in case you couldn’t tell. I’ll work on it, don’t worry.

11. Carved Cooler

Via Womansday

Why go with the plain old jack-o-lantern when you can gut out your pumpkin, fill it with ice, and make it a cooler! Stick it in a corner with your other food, and it’ll be perfect for themed drinks.

12. DIY No-Carve Raven Pumpkin Decor

Via Countryliving

This no-fuss no-carve pumpkin makes it look like you put a lot of effort into decorations. In reality, just print out a template, and trace it onto a pumpkin using black acrylic paint.

13. Black Bottom Brownies

Via Countryliving

No Halloween is complete without a pure chocolate dessert. Ascend to chocolate heaven by making these indulgent brownies that’ll have your guests begging for more.

14. Vampire Floats

Via Torani

These vibrant red drinks are made of red punch and vanilla ice cream, that’ll charm the fangs off the undead. Probably from the sugar overdose of this drink.

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15. Set Up An Outdoor Trick-Or-Treat Station


As long as it’s not cold or rainy, this outdoor station gives the kids a chance to run wild without trampling over each other in the house. Make sure the adults capture a lot of these moments because it won’t be long before kids grow up and start sneaking out to late-night parties.

Have an assortment of colored popcorn, lollipops, and gumballs in an assortment of bags, so that kids can easily choose what they want.

16. Cookie Bat Cupcakes

Via Goodhousekeeping

Give your plain ol’ store-bought cupcakes a cute makeover with Oreo cookies! Skewer some peanut butter cups into the middle of the cupcake to serve as the foundation for the bat. Attach two halves of the cookie to each side of the buttercup to act as wings, and stick some candy eyes on each half to really bring it to life. These will be the cutest cupcakes ever!

17. Leave A Scary Message

Via Cosmopolitan

Now, this is a perfect background to have on your living room wall or to scare the crap out of guests when they go to the bathroom.

This is totally a copycat version of Pretty Little Liars, especially with the red lipstick. But really, is there a better way to scare the crap out of someone than have them flick the light on and see a message on the mirror saying, “I’m watching you ….”

18. Candy Corn Cards

Via Womansday

If your kids are starting to feel restless, this is a perfect way for them to chill out. Candy corn cards! With a bit of construction paper, glue, ad candy corn, this can easily be a family activity.

19. DIY Potion Bottles

Via Countryliving

Definitely a favorite of mine, since it gives me MAJOR Harry Potter vibes. It requires some restructured wine bottles, labels, twine, and melted candle wax.

20. Skeleton Costume

Tipsy Elves' Women's Skeleton Costume - Scary Black and White Halloween Jumpsuit Size Medium

Now THIS is a costume. No weird nurse or cowboy getup, no extra makeup. This costume is stylish, comfortable, and you probably don’t need undergarment either, but I’d wear some just in case. It’s a party, not a club.

Get this costume here.

21. Mandarin Pumpkin

Via Mouthofmums

Perfect for decorating your food table or counter, all you need is a black sharpie and basic drawing skills to transform the humble mandarin to a creepy pumpkin. Plus if you forgo the traditional jack-o-lanterns, you’ll be applauded for the creativity of these mini lanterns instead!

22. Stuffed Peppers

Via Bbcgoodfood

You’re probably thinking……too simple. There’s no way I can serve something I eat normally anyway. Wrong! Make an awesome chili, stuff some yellow peppers (acts as a jack-o-lantern), and top it off with cheese!

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23. DIY Candy Tier

Via Youtube

This is perfect to keep near the door, so parents and kids can snag a bit of candy before entering the party. It’s almost like a welcome gift. This tier only needs 2 spider webs and a goblet from the dollar store to assemble an easy candy tier.

24. Candy Corn Banners

Via Youtube

Definitely the easiest banner you’ll ever make. Just paint some paper plates to resemble candy corns, cut it into eighths, and string them together!

25. Gelatin Streaking

Via Youtube

By far, the most colorful decoration you will have at the party! You just need a glob of gelatin to be injected with needles filled with various colors. Make sure that kids of the appropriate age are handling the needles!

26. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Back to the Basics! This is perfect for the picky eaters at your kid’s Halloween party. All you need to do to make it festive is use Halloween themed cookie cutters to cut out pumpkin-shaped sandwiches!

27. Monster Cups

Stick a bunch of googly eyes onto some black paper cups. Life can literally not be easier than this, rather than running through the store looking like a headless chicken. (True story)

28. Candy Corn Cupcakes

If you’re comfortable with baking, then this should be a breeze. Make a bowl of white cake mix as per the box’s instructions. Split it into two bowls and add yellow and orange food coloring individually. Layer the cupcake tins with the yellow cake first, then the orange. Voila! Definitely tastes better than candy corn!

29. Punch With A Twist

If you really want to freak your guests out, try this. Fill a latex glove with water, freeze it, and remove the glove. Then place the frozen hand in a bowl full of punch and watch your guests freak out.

30. DIY Welcome Mat

Scare the crap out of your guests as soon as they arrive with this “blood” mat. Cut the mat to size, and draw some fangs out of chalk. Paint the fangs red to really bring out the creep in you.

31. Glow In The Dark Roll

Why waste the toilet roll when you can make it a decoration? Cut out some eyes, and then place a glow-stick in the roll to light up the eyes.

Your party can cater to kids and adults, based on the type of theme and decorations you choose. But it’s definitely possible to plan a party in a short amount of time with a small budget and a bit of effort!