31 Dollar Store Halloween Decoration Ideas

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We all wait for Halloween’s to give our home a makeover because anything goes with the decor. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize this fact and look for specialized options that cost us hundreds of dollars for temporary products.

Instead of paying $50, you can craft the spooky mantlepiece; you fall in love with. It’s the smart combination of inexpensive items with a dash of creativity and you can do it in quick time with Dollar store items.

And these 31 creative ideas will let you decorate your home in no time. It’s the ideal guide for procrastinators.

You won’t need a lot of expertise but instead just enough interest to go through it. You can also personalize these options based on your preference.

Indeed, there’s a lot of factors we need to consider while we are decorating our homes. This list covers most of the areas.

It has some exciting ideas about the stairways and then some about your lawn too. You won’t need to go away from this list to look for the missing pieces.

These 31 Dollar Store Ideas can come in very useful for you for Halloween decorations:

31 Dollar Store Halloween Decorations

1. Skull Vase

Via Persialou

A Halloween party is incomplete without an abundance of spookiness. But instead of paying hefty costs for buying the spooky decoration items, buy a cheap foam skull and transform it into this incredible skull vase that will hold flowers for the dead.

2. Halloween Wreath

Via Eighteen25

If you’re a spookaholic like me, you would love this brilliant wreath that you can craft using inexpensive dollar store products. The intricate details on the hand and the silver finish can give anybody the chills under disco lights.

3. Glittery Skull Candlesticks

Via Capcreations

Candles are subtle places of decor. You can keep them anywhere to fill empty space and complete the decoration. These glittery skull candlesticks are ideal for the Halloween parties.

You can keep them over the mantel or give the dinner table a spooky look with these. And if lights go out, the skull would look scarier.

4. Pumpkin Fairy Lights

Via Bargainbriana

Being a Stranger Things fan, I would love to add inspired decor in my home on Halloween, and this one is just perfect for the spooky Halloween nights. Not only do they provide some really aesthetic lighting for perfect party shots, but they also include the theme of the night- Pumpkins!

5. Dollar Store Mummy Hand

Via Christybuonomophoto

Ohh here we go again, the mummy is back at it. No matter how old it gets, the mummy hand of wrapped bandages would never stop from giving us chills. You can use this not only as a decor item but also as a prop. Put the hand on your friend’s shoulder and get a viral TikTok video of their reaction!

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6. Skeleton Ice Cubes

Via Diyprojects

Nothing should be typical and boring at Halloween parties. So apart from getting a Halloween edition wine, you should also opt for some spooky ice cubes. The skeleton ice cubes will give your drinks an eerie feel that is what the night is about.

7. Frankenstein Front Door

Via Eastcoastcreativeblog

Bring the ghost of Frankenstein to your home this Halloween by decorating your front door. Let the party begin right at the doorstep. It’s an idea hardly anyone uses. So, it would be unique and may garner you a lot of praise.

8. Halloween Tin Can Ghost

Via Faithfullytree

I love to have hanging decor items for Halloween parties. When I am tripping, these hanging products suddenly get in my view and bring such a scary vibe. Not only that, but these are also super inexpensive and fill the room like air!

9. Packing Tape Ghosts

Via Prettymyparty

If you want to bring the real thing to your Halloween decor, try these incredibly spooky yet cheap packing tape ghosts. Putting around the law area would be a great idea. It can fool your drunk friends as they move out for a smoke.

10. Zombie Dolls

Via Instructables

A scary decor is incomplete without two things- zombies and creepy dolls. I mean, how creepy do those zombie-like dolls look. This DIY craft will indeed be the highlight of your Halloween decor. The movies have really etched the dolls to be scary in our hearts, so let’s relive those frightening movie nights with this.

11. Hanging Foam Bats


Bats are also synonymous with Halloween. If you love the Batman, it’s time to get your Halloween decor what it deserves- a plethora of bats hanging on the lawn. Of course, bringing the real deal would be going too far, and these foam bats with some fairy lights can complete your lawn decor.

12. Tin Can Luminaries

Via Kidskubby

There are two benefits of tin can luminaries- they infuse naturally in the Halloween decor and last for years. You can almost use them year after year. They would look great on doorways, shelves, stairs, and other places where you can’t put fragile decor items.

13. Halloween Village

Via The36thaveue

The corners are the most difficult areas to decorate. Why not put a whole Halloween village in the corner. It would just be the perfect corner decor. And you might be surprised by the fact that the town started as Mini Christmas Homes!

14. Zombie Planted Hands

Via Sewwoodsy

Flower pots are inexpensive decor items that we hardly use. Here is a cheap but no less creepy Zombie planted hand that would give anybody the chills. You might want to splash a little bit of ketchup over it to make it as bloody as a vampire. It would become even more inexpensive if you have some flower pots already in your store.

15. Halloween Votive Candles

Via Cheltenhamroad

Here is a highly customizable and incredibly spooky craft idea. It’s no fiction but pictures of real people with their eyes glowing. You can put in endless kinds of images and show your own creativity to bring a frightening vibe for this Halloween.

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16. Concrete Pumpkins

Via Hometalk

If you love the spine chilling vibe that Halloween brings, you might as well as make some decor items permanent. Having spooky concrete pumpkins in your garden isn’t a bad idea and won’t be as scary for everyday decor. 

17. Crashed Witch

Via halloweenforum

It’s, of course, not about scaring everybody away. You can also have a little fun and try to amuse your guests with a twist in the scary tale. For instance, this witch just popped upside down in this black pot, and it makes for a hilarious background. 

18. Creepy Crow Wreath

Via Celebrateanddecorate

The plastic crows at the Dollar Store can make for an incredibly beautiful wreath as listed here. Of course, that doesn’t make it all hunky-dory. The crows are scavengers, and although not much harmful, still bring the dark night vibe to your Halloween decor.

19. Spooky Bush Eyes

Via Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Decorating the lawn for Halloween can be an expensive proposition because there is so much space to fill. But these big eyes sneaking on you would hardly cost you the price of a Bournville. And not many people use eyes in their Halloween decor, which is quite a shame as these look very spooky.

20. Ghost Tablecloth

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Halloweens are all about ghost pranks and a hell lot of entertainment. So why let your guests relax at the dinner table? Have some fun here by making this ghost tablecloth. At first, it might look like a piece of artistic cheesecloth put up aesthetically. 

But while they eat, they would notice a ghostly face staring right at them. I already imagine their reaction, oh so priceless.

21. Ghostly Mirror

Via Diyprojects

If you really need to scare your friends on Halloween night, you need to do more than the obvious. You have to use unusual places to hide scary items, and the mirror isn’t the wrong place to start.

While it takes some effort, the results would be worth it. Imagine how scary it would feel when your guests randomly stare at your mirror after a few shots and.. Don’t forget to put the camera around to capture hilarious reactions.

22. Cardboard Tombstones

Via Ehow

Another smart decor idea for the lawns is to put tombstones of the deceased. Of course, these dead people could be anyone you want!

The 3D cardboard tombstone looks as good as real as a concrete one and can make your lawn look like a graveyard quickly. 

23. Skull Candle Holder

Via Endlesslyinspired

These skull candle holders are inspired by the decor items that cost over $20. But here’s a way cheaper yet equally beautiful candle holder that you can create yourself at home. The metallic finish and spider painted candles can blend into places like a countertop and other glossy areas of your house 

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24. Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath

Via Numer2pencil

Eyeballs are great spooky decor accessories that we rarely remember to use. Here is another of crafts involving eyeball, or perhaps this incredible wreath is made out of eyeballs.

Place these googly eyes at the head level to ensure they are watching everybody at the party.

25. Witch Broom

Via Lainie1130

How can we forget the dreaded witch’s broom? It would make for such exciting Halloween decor with these brooms leaning around a spooky wreath. And if someone claims to own it, ask them to take you for a ride with them!

26. Graveyard Lanterns

Via Homedit

It’s time to set up for the spookiest Halloween ever despite being low on budget. Use these cheap Dollar Tree lanterns and tombstones to make your lawn the burial of the dead. Combining these with the spooky eyes will prevent guests from entering your garden after midnight because of course!

27. Boneyard Lantern

Via Ohmycreative

This horrific combination of lantern and Boneyard for Pottery Barns will say Halloween in 100 different languages. Yes, it’s just the perfect lighting you want during Halloween’s. Moreover, you can keep it on the mantel and shelves to fill up negative space that might spoil the vibe.

28. Halloween Books

Via Betterafter

Books are one of the most effective yet understated decor items, especially when you are looking for an ancient and horrific vibe. These Halloween Books are excellent for the photos, and you will also retain these book covers for long. 

29. Deco Mesh Pumpkin Door Hanger

Via Misskopykat

Pumpkins are the star of the Halloween party, but you can’t hang those fat fruits everywhere. Here is a very creative option for a door hanger wreath.

Since door decors have fewer choices than other items, this one comes as an innovative and affordable option. Moreover, it would take just about half an hour to compile it.

30. Paper Mice Halloween Decor

Via Marthastewart

Mice are as creepy an animal as you’d find. So here is a creative decor idea to use the creepiness in your Halloween decorations.

These crawly mice are an excellent option for stairway decor. Just like doorways, you won’t find many opportunities to decorate the stairway, so this comes to a viable option.

31. Ghost Candles

Via Thoughtfullysimple

Sometimes even the simplest of artworks can gain a lot of attention. Take, for example, these ghost-themed candles. It would hardly be an hour’s work and cost you little more than the cost of these candles. But they’ll instantly gain attraction from the guests and abide by your Halloween theme.

These were 31 of the best Halloween decoration items that you can craft using Dollar Store goods. Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive but it’s good enough for your latest Halloween party.