31 Dollar Store Halloween Party Ideas

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The Halloween’s is around the corner again, and there goes the long process of finding decor items for a makeover. Indeed, poor Halloween decor or unattended spaces can kill the spooky vibe.

But of course, you can’t spend hundreds of dollars on handcrafted items that you can make yourself. Well, you can make yourself. So why not just do it?

And don’t worry about the rare or expensive accessories you’d need. You can buy a host of decor items at meager prices from the Dollar Tree store.

But the bigger question remains. What to make, and how? Well, we have got you covered.

You might be surprised to see how people have used seemingly nothing items to such a significant effect. Using some of these ideas at your home can give it the spooky feel without burning a hole in your pocket.

So,check out these 31 Dollar Tree party decor ideas to quickly create an unforgettable scary decor for this year’s Halloween and become the star host of the year!

31 Dollar Store Halloween Party Ideas

1. Scary Bloodshot Eyeball String Lights

Via Kimspireddiy

If you are looking for Halloween decoration in a small space like a bedroom or an apartment, these eyeball string lights are the right package of spookiness for you.

It is budget-friendly, provides lighting as well as abided to the theme. Since it takes a small space like that of a lampstand, you can accommodate it anywhere. Check out other string light decor ideas.

2. Mason Jar Lights

Via Youtube

The tutorial also contains a host of creative Halloween decor ideas you might like. It can get redundant to think of ideas when you have so much planned to do in a budget. A look at these ideas will help you personalize them and free you of the worried about decoration.

3. DIY Fake Blood

Via Thespucecrafts

You can play the zombie apocalypse with your family or plan a prank on your friends with this exciting Fake Blood hack. Anybody can be a zombie now, and of course, the snapshots would be unforgettable. Make your Halloween party the coolest in town with this one.

4. Ghost Balloons

Via Agirlandagluegun

Nobody wants to see these ghost balloons, but they will haunt you irrespective of that. Looking at its impact, it’s hard to imagine why we can’t think of it before. It’s so easy to make, and these make for such attractive wall hangings for Halloween.

5. Spooky Party Cups

Via Cutefetti

DIY projects are more about being smart with what you have when using a lot of accessories. Look at these innovative party cups. The little detailing will earn you a lot of praise. Here’s also offering a little friend to the loners in your party. And making it is smooth like a breeze. So why not?

6. Frozen Hand Fruit Punch

Via Styleathome

This ‘ancient’ idea of having a hand fruit punch never goes out of style. The latex gloves give such a creepy feel to it even after you have seen it year after year. If you haven’t hosted a Halloween at your’s so far, you might want to know how it’s done. Unveil your dirtiest desires with this bloody fruit punch then!

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7. Fang Napkin Holders

Via Foodnetwork

A themed party means everything should abide by the theme. Having dull cutlery could just be a turnoff. Add a little bit of spookiness to your plates by adding these Fang Napkin holders. The food shots will look many times better with these innovative yet cheap party decor.

8. Monster Candy Jars

Via Celebrationshoppe

Trick or Treat Halloween is incomplete without the candy stalls and counters. And here is a brilliant idea to place your candies right. A few dollar store products and 15 minutes of effort can get you these cute yet creepy monster-themed candy jars. Fill them up with orange candies to abide by the Trick or Treat theme.

9. Ghost Lollipops

Via Happinessishomemade

While we pay so much attention to serving and setting up pranks for the adults in our Halloween parties, children get ignored. But of course, why should adults have all the fun?

Pack lollipops in these ghost-like tissues and children can join the fun with you. Of course, you need to introduce them to all this spookiness because it’s that time of the year.

10. Pumpkin Centrepiece

Via Hip2save

Centerpieces can be a severe hit to your pocket if you don’t have enough creative ideas. But here it costs just under $10 and will provide a luxurious look in your Halloween party. The inexpensive items are definitely giving a luxurious feel to the decor here.

11. Ghost Paper Bag Luminaries

Via Crayonsandcollars

If you love luminaries in Halloween but are scared of open flames, here is a great alternative. You won’t have to worry about children putting their hands on the fire either.

These luminaries will look exquisite and fill up your stairway at the cost of nothing. It would require a few hours, depending upon how long your stairway is. You can use a similar idea on your doorway too.

12. Halloween Hand Soaps

Via Cutefetti

You haven’t left any corner unturned to make your house a Halloween themed villa, so why leave the basin out? Your guests should never feel like they are out of the atmosphere.

Keep the thrill of spookiness alive through these creepy spider hand wash bottles. It would neither take much cost or effort and yet it’ll cover your bathroom decor too.

13. Glowing Halloween Light Pods

Via Diynetwork

Decorating the lawn for your Halloween party might seem like a challenging task. But with such innovative yet effortless ideas, it will become smooth as a whistle. These tree glow lights will cover a lot of areas, make your lawn dimly lit and bring that party vibe in without much of a cost.

14. Pumpkin Bowling

Via Idigpinterest

Hosting a party is a tough job because you have covered every aspect- the decor, food as well as entertainment. And no, music doesn’t include the entertainment part alone, especially when you have children around. Make this fun bowling set using toilet papers and let your children have their fun while you have yours. Cheers!

15. Poke A Pumpkin

Via Projectdenneler

Here’s the much-awaited new edition of the balloon popping game. This is a modern take on the widely popular trick or treats game. Your guests only have to tear through the orange covers and put their hands inside.

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You can put in the most disgusting of items like toothpaste, shaving creams, sauce, socks, and whatnot! And it doesn’t produce that irritating popping sound.

16. Spooky Dining Room Lamp

Via Theyellowcapecod

Lamps and lanterns are everyday items we can use to bring in the Halloween vibe to our parties. Here is a quick, exciting, and affordable way to decorate your lamps and enhance the spookiness of the decor. The spider in it even seems real because of the mesh cloth above it.

17. Spooky Welcome Signs

Via Overthebigmoon

The first impression is essential while planning a themed decor. Every little area of your home counts and the doorway is the most critical. You can use these vintage Halloween signs that can have your personalized messages depending upon your guests. You can also hang these in the middle of the center wall to announce the party.

18. Spiderweb Welcome Mat

Via Deliacreates

With tens of guests moving in and out, your post-Halloween clean up can be so tiring with the accumulation of dust. It can even spoil your ambiance as dirty shoes arrive all the time. Save yourself from some effort by making this practical decor mat that abides by the party’s theme.

19. Hang With Face Ornaments

Via Smartschoolhouse

Halloween parties are all about getting the scary kick. If you like tripping over monster faces looking at you and want to enjoy the Halloween’s to the fullest, the hanging decor is a must. These green glittered witches will provide the required kick whenever your guests accidentally have a look at it. A little bit of psychotic fun isn’t bad either.

20. Shadow Play Flashlights

Via Stuffedsuitcase

Engage your children in the Halloween party by giving them the responsibility to project these creepy little figurines on your wall. It would be a fun activity while they go trick or treating. Moreover, it will provide the kind of eerie atmosphere we strive for at a Halloween party.

21. Googly Eye Bobbie Pins

Via Agirlandagluegun

Make your children ready for Halloween with these easy to make creepy eye Bobbie pins. You can also place these as a prop for other kids attending your party. Because looking creepy is the first step towards hosting a good Halloween party.

22. Halloween Bunting Flags

Via Popcornandchocolate

If you want to host a subtle Halloween party that doesn’t look creepy, you would need cuter ideas. Here’s a cute idea for hanging flags that would provide the Halloween feel without really making your house all scary and spooky. It’s okay to be scared, just opt for something like this.

23. Monster Candy Buckets

Via Tellloveandparty

You have filled your house with loads of candies for Halloween. But you don’t know how to store them. What do you do? Boring glass jars are just not the thing you want at the Halloween party. How is this Monster Candy bucket that provides a practical way to store candy along with enhancing your decor?

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24. Cardboard Halloween Hands

Via Jayscup

You have covered every corner of your house with Halloween themed accessories, but it still isn’t as creepy as you’d have liked it to be. But it will surely become more disturbing than you even thought through this excitingly scary cardboard craft. The hands are coming for you, are you running away?

25. Halloween Silhouette Plates

Via Boxwoodavenue

Another exciting idea for the Halloween themed cutlery; these silhouette plates can be anything you want them to be. Print the skull patterns or the zombies, or you can even show your love for the bats. And of course, these will keep the fun going until you sleep. Perhaps who’d sleep after eating from such a spooky plate?

26. Washi Paper Tape Bunting

Via Sarahhearts

Buntings are affordable wall hangings that quickly fill up wall space and provide the party vibe to your decor. These cute bag buntings are made of waste paper bags and washi tape from the Dollar Store.

You can cut them in any shape you want. Or you can make a few of zombies, a few of pumpkins and so on for different corners.

27. Glowing Eyes for Lawn

Via Kellyelko

I don’t dare to move into the lawn during a Halloween party at night. But if your friend does, he deserves to be scared. And these glowing eyes creeping at him from various directions can make the toughest of the hearts jump. It’s easy to craft and is an excellent decor option.

28. Spider Web Wreath

Via Momendeavors

If you are running out of time and losing sleep over Halloween preparations, a quick hack is first to fill in your room with hangings. These are easily craftable and inexpensive items that can quickly makeover your decor. The spider web wreath, for instance, is easy to make and requires readily available Dollar Store items.

29. Eyeball Flowers

Via Instructables

Eyeballs look creepy only when they hide in plain sight, and you accidentally watch them. For instance, these eyeball flowers show off giant eyeballs yet hide them brilliantly in the middle of the flowers. Your decor also looks more natural and retains its creepiness with this clever idea.

30. Crow Tree for Mantle

Via Katiedidit1

Here is a wicked piece of mantel decoration that can instantly give your mantel a haunted vibe. Dry trees are a sign of the fall and immediately signal that the Halloweens are coming. Fit some crows from Dollar Tree here, and your mantle is ready for this year’s Halloween party.

31. Jiggly Wiggly Brain

Via Kellysugarcrafts

Do you want to bring the zombie apocalypse vibe to your party seriously? Well, your guests won’t be able to resist this jiggly wiggly brain made of raspberry jello. It becomes a creepy yet eatable centerpiece that would instantly excite your guests. 

These were some Halloween Decor ideas from items that you can buy from the Dollar Store. Indeed the store offers such a large variety of decor accessories that you can play with. A visit will let you know how many more ideas lie amidst these inexpensive decor items.