41 Dollar Store Halloween Wreaths

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It’s the Halloween season again when it’s absolutely normal to put skulls, bats, and ravens on your entrance doorway, devour Halloween sweets and snacks the whole day and roam about in the town disguised as a witch. Now, before you dig out your store-bought Halloween décor from the storage and cram as many carved pumpkins as you can on the stairs, ensure your doorway is set for welcoming the trick-or-treater.

And what is the best way to do so? With a handcrafted GHOULISH Halloween wreath, of course!

A DIY Dollar Store Halloween wreath is the perfect way to make a sinisterly stunning visual impression in the days preceding Halloween. You’ll be set to amaze everyone in no time with these inexpensive, convenient designs, which feature everything from boxwood wreaths packed with ravens to Styrofoam aspects adorned with crawlers to eerie Halloween cobweb wreaths.

To make trick-or-treaters of all generations feel at home, use shadows, bats, and even fake ravens to live up to the night’s gloomy and dark tone.

1. Halloween Ghost Wreath:

Via HandmadeCharlotte

This tissue paper ghost wreath is a perfect example of how the finest Halloween displays are often the easiest to create. They’re swift to make and are a great way to personalize for Halloween at a little expense! This wreath is spooky, and we’re sure your family will enjoy assisting you. Craft few more additional spirits to use as decorations across the room!

2. Witch’s Hat Wreath:

Via CurlyCraftyMom

If you want to adorn your house for the Halloween celebrations in neutral tones, this incredibly cute DIY wreath is for you. You can make this simple, inexpensive witch’s hat wreath in no time, and it won’t break the bank! The best part? It’s constructed entirely of cupcake liners. Isn’t it both luxurious and affordable?

3. Spooky Eyeball Wreath:

Via TheLoveNerds

This frightful festive wreath will draw all eyes to your front entrance on Halloween eve. All you’ll really require are some ping-pong balls, googly eyes, and a foam wreath to pull it off. It’s fun for tiny ones who like to jiggle and touch the wiggly eyes, but spooky enough in the darkness.

4. Creepy Spider Wreath (DIY):

Via TheLoveNerds

For your DIY Halloween décor, make a spooky crawling Spider Wreath! It’s a simple Halloween Decoration made with a few basic items and a bit of glue that your trick or treaters will adore! The spiders create a sophisticated pattern that appears somewhat like lace from a range, adding a touch of elegance to your external décor.

5. Crows And Spiders Wreath:

Via TheHappieHouse

This is something you’ll adore if you’re wanting to brighten up your entrance doorway! This gorgeous yet frightening wreath appears to be complex and time-consuming but the magic can happen sooner than you think! This activity will only take you five minutes and will not burn a hole in your pocket!

6. Embroidery Hoop Wreath:

Via MySister’sSuitcase

Here’s a quick and easy Halloween embroidery hoop wreath you can whip up in under 20 minutes! It’s just cotton spiderwebs draped around a colored embroidery ring, and it could be the quickest DIY wreath ever. For this, use a wood embroidery frame as the core to achieve a trendy, sleek aesthetic.

7. Halloween Monster Wreath:

Via KaraCreates

This DIY wreath design is perfect if you’re looking for a fun Halloween wreath for your front entrance this year. This frightening and adorably adorable wreath is quite simple to build. All you’ll need are a bunch of orange feathers and a variety of googly eyeballs in various sizes, which can all be found at the dollar store. It can be used to decorate a simple wall or entrance.

8. Spooky Foliage Wreath:

Via LemonThistle

Make this very easy and inexpensive DIY if you want to decorate your exterior for Halloween but are more of a utilitarian. Simply spray paint the leaves black and weave them into a wreath. Add some fake spiders to add to the horror element. This decor design is ideal for celebrating Halloween whilst maintaining a trendy aesthetic, it also adds a sense of elegance to your entrance.

9. Halloween Ribbon Wreath:

Via CraftsByAmanda

This ribbon wreath is exactly the sort of Halloween decoration people like to display on the entrance porch. Use different ribbons in seasonal shades to build your own convenient Halloween Ribbon Wreath. You may also make this wreath with any combination of ribbons you choose! This would make a fantastic addition that your kids can work on.

10. Burlap Pumpkin Wreath:

Via CraftsByAmanda

Halloween has arrived, which means now is the ideal time to construct a burlap pumpkin wreath. This beautiful pumpkin wreath will add a festive touch to your main doorway!  If you enjoy everything vintage, you’ll adore how this wreath charms your visitors. Also, if you want to keep things a bit less creepy this Halloween, making this wreath is a fantastic option.

11. Skull Halloween Wreath:

Via The36thAvenue

No one ever said Halloween cannot be both frightening and elegant… Anything can be transformed into something spectacular with a Dollar Store Skull! This Dollar Store Halloween Wreath design will take your breath away. It’s the ideal Halloween decoration to display on your main entrance to welcome visitors and can be made with some basic craft supplies like a wire wreath, white, grey, and black tulle, and some embellishments to decorate!

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12. Halloween Wreath with Spooky Hands:

Via Tried&TrueBlog

If you enjoy crafting simple and affordable Halloween wreaths, this DIY project appears to be especially suitable for this season. From afar, this Spooky hands Dollar Store Halloween Wreath appears to be a traditional metallic wreath, but as your guests get nearer, they will notice the skeleton palms gracing your entrance. On Halloween night, this is a really amusing and spooktacular way to welcome your frightful young visitors!

13. DIY Glam Halloween Wreath:

Via Eighteen25

This DIY is for you if you’re always searching for innovative ways to integrate a dramatic black and white design pattern into your house. This Lacy and skully craft speaks of everything aesthetic and charming. Add a warning sign to this wreath to make it more frightening. This eerie yet glam DIY will add to the overall aesthetic of your external Halloween décor, and the greatest thing is that it is super affordable!

14. Metallic Skulls Halloween Wreath:

Via Eighteen25

This Metallic Skulls Halloween Wreath could perhaps easily become one of your absolute favorite DIYs. It’s sleek and crisp, and the greatest thing is that it looks really good from a range while adding just the proper amount of creepiness close enough to smidge. And obviously, the fact that you can grab practically all of the supplies at a dollar store at such low costs is icing on the cake!

15. DIY Halloween Spider Web Wreath:

Via ChickenScratchyNY

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to construct a Halloween spider web wreath, look no further! This fantastic wreath concept is the perfect blend of eerie and modern decor. This amazing Halloween wreath concept only requires a few Dollar Store materials to put together. When you already have all of your resources handy, you would be able to pull this together quite swiftly.

16. DIY Creepy Black Rose Wreath:

Via TheHowToMom

This dramatic, eerie, spooky black rose wreath is ideal decor for Halloween! This simple DIY Halloween wreath whips up in a flash and won’t cost you much! If you want to increase the scare factor, use spiderwebs judiciously. You’ll only need a smidgeon of it. A smaller clump of spiderwebs appears more genuine and aesthetically pleasing.

17. Halloween Wreath with Boxwood and Spiders:

Via TheHowToMom

With a few basic Halloween decorations from the dollar store and a standard green wreath, you can construct this very simple DIY Halloween Wreath in just some moments. It’s both creepy and entertaining. This one will only take a few minutes to prepare. All you’ll need are some more spider webs and larger toy spiders from the dollar store. All you have to do now is spread the web and insert the spiders, and you’re done!

18. DIY Sugar Skull Wreath:

Via CraftedSparrow

Sugar Skulls are an explosion of shades and design! This Sugar Skull Wreath is a fantastic way to enjoy Halloween! Also, if you want to do something a little less spooky for Halloween, this wreath is a terrific option. Skulls are brightly colored, lively, and creative. Give one a go with your unique touch and also add some decor for Dia de Los Muertos!

19. Halloween Painted Skull Wreath:

Via TriedandTrueBlog

This Halloween Skull Wreath DIY craft is for you if you like a wreath with a sinister twist. This Halloween Skull Wreath is really simple to make and is quite affordable. These skulls are available at The Dollar Store and can greet all of those horrifically charming trick-or-treaters spookily as your doorway decoration! The scare aspect of these skulls can be increased by adding miniature lightings, creating a fantastic nighttime wreath.

20. Halloween Wreath with Skeleton:

Via TriedandTrueBlog

Halloween is all about ghosts, spirits, and skeletons, so what better way to welcome your visitors to your Halloween event than with a terrifying welcome! All you’ll need for this awesome Halloween DIY is a whole army of small realistic skeletons. You can also use some Dollar Store mosses and a glue gun to give the wreath a more eerie look. This very simple DIY can be completed in less than half an hour and is ideal for folks who are short on time.

21. Halloween Spider Wreath (DIY):

Via TarynWhiteaker

This is an incredible Spider Wreath that is really amazing! This one almost appears to be composed of something very fancy, but they’re actually Ping Pong Balls! What a brilliant idea! This terrifying Halloween wreath created from very basic materials makes for a striking statement, and none of your visitors will believe it’s built primarily from cardboard, ping pong balls, pipe cleaners, and hot glue.

22. Cute Bewitched Halloween Wreath:

Via PassionForSavings

This charming Halloween Wreath has the perfect amount of flair and whimsy! For a frightening and creepy night, who wouldn’t want a Bewitching Wreath on their home entrance? Witch-themed wreaths are particularly amusing during Halloween. It’s such a cheerful and joyful wreath for a Halloween that would work even if you don’t like frightening but prefer some charm. Attach custom-crafted witch accessories like a hat, broom, and anything else you wish!

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23. Black Crow Halloween Wreath:

Via APumpkinAndAPrincess

With just one glance at this terrifying raven wreath, your visitors would be horrified. This DIY Black Crow Wreath provides a creepy yet glamorous Halloween look with sparkling stems flowing downwards, and what better way to greet your friends on Halloween night than with a blackbird? If you enjoy a good black and white visual palette and prefer to stick to the basics, this DIY is for you. This quick and easy Halloween wreath is the epitome of simplicity.

24. Streamer Wreath:

Via CountryLiving

Make a creepy black crepe-paper wreath out of regular streamers for Halloween. This scary wreath is the perfect Halloween house addition and is simple to make! Coil black strands to craft this modest yet frightening aesthetic, then enhance it with your ideas. You have your choice of bats, ghosts, plastic spiders, and unique ones too. Hang this black crepe wreath on your main door as a project made, simple to do, and involving a few craft store materials only.

25. Cotton Spider Web Wreath:

Via TheTipToeFairy

After dark, the wreath’s frightening crawlers continue to terrorize since they’re really battery-operated spider lights. It’s really cool, and it just takes about five minutes to make. The nicest part about this wreath is that it almost takes care of the creepy factor issue on its own. Cotton balls resemble frightening spider eggs and on Halloween night, this is the perfect greeting for trick or treaters!

26. Spooky Tree and Cat Halloween Wreath:

Via TheTipToeFairy

If you enjoy the eerie effect of shadows, this might be the time to incorporate that feature into your Halloween décor. This silhouette Spooky Tree Halloween Wreath is quite simple to make and you will be very pleased with the results. Backlighting is used to create a silhouette effect with this wreath. The scary environment is illuminated by little fairy lights stretched around the base of the wreath.

27. Beware of Monster Wreath:

Via TheTipToeFairy

This DIY Halloween wreath design is for you if you prefer frightening spiders, ghouls, and witches with a humorous aspect. This custom-made eerie Halloween wreath is a great addition to conventional Halloween decorations, and it truly embodies the spirit of the season. It’s a great addition to your Halloween day decorations, but be cautious if your children are terrified of such things. You can even add other embellishments such as crawlers, beetles, or skulls, among other things!

28. Ghoulish Black Wreath:

Via TheArtOfDoingStuff

If you concentrate, spooky may be magnificent. And if you’re looking for a frightening yet gorgeous Halloween wreath this year, this is the project for you. Aside from the basics, you’ll be able to improvise. An all-white alternative would be as lovely and surprising. It’s not very often that one proposes welcoming guests with the world’s most terrifying wreath, but this is the month to do so!

29. DIY Twig Halloween Wreath:

Via TwelveOnMain

From a distance, this door decoration appears to be nothing more than an autumn accent. Trick-or-treaters, on the other hand, will discover the modest Halloween decorations that reveal your home is creepier than it appears. In this easy DIY wreath, simplicity blends haunting, giving your front door just the sufficient combination of Halloween spirit without going crazy. It’s not difficult or costly to design a lovely Halloween setting. This quick DIY Halloween wreath is a great illustration of how fear can sprout from basic elements.

30. Ribbon Ties & String Ghost Wreath:

Via PositivelySplendid

This might be the ideal wreath for you if you’re seeking something gentler than creepy. And a Pastel colored ghost is exactly what everyone needs! This Ribbon Ties wreath is fun, fabulous, and just the right bit of glitzy for Halloween! The nicest part about this adorable yet traditional Halloween DIY craft is that it’s quite inexpensive because a few rolls of yarn and ribbons won’t splash the cash.

31. Colorful DIY Halloween Mesh Wreath:

Via LollyJane

This handcrafted wreath is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor if you want to go all out. This wreath is made exceptionally spectacular with deco mesh, vibrant ribbons, and glittering blossom pieces. So do not be startled if your residence attracts a whole lot of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night! It’s also quite affordable because it’s constructed of mesh and ribbons.

32. DIY Halloween Skeleton Hand Wreath:

Via LollyJane

This skeleton hand wreath would be the finest addition to your front door this spooky season to greet the visitors. DIYers, it’s time to put your crafting hats on and add this DIY Halloween Wreath to your to-do list straight away. It’s just so much fun and glam for the Halloween holiday, and yet, it’s so simple to put together. All you’ll need are a few basic supplies, and your very sophisticated and creepy Halloween wreath will be finished in no time!

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33. Cupcake Liner Wreath:

Via MomDot

This Halloween wreath with cupcake wrappers is a great addition to your fireplace or as a swinging decoration. To construct a lovely, patterned wreath, collect some colorful cupcake liners. This is a simple DIY that doesn’t take long to do. It’s simple to do while you relax, and since cupcake liners are inexpensive, you may create a large number of them for any celebration. Besides, any extra cupcake liners can be used to make fresh treats – isn’t that a win-win situation?

34. Friendly Ghost Wreath:

Via FlamigoToes

You may make this adorably pleasant ghost wreath if you don’t want to frighten off your guests. This one is for you if you prefer to make cute Halloween decorations for your home and are looking for some ideas. It’s simple to master and a wonderful way to reuse any embroidery rings you may have on hand, or you can acquire all of your supplies from the Dollar Store.

35. Black Cat Wreath:


This easy to craft and a bit less scary Black Cat Wreath for Halloween will add a frighteningly fuzzy touch to your front entrance! While black cats have a bad rep, they make excellent eerie complements to your Halloween decorations on the outside. When you attach two black ears and some whiskers to any standard wreath, it seems like a spooky black cat. This easy craft creates the ideal classic Halloween atmosphere and also adds some style!

36. Spooky Mummy Wreath (DIY):

Via PrettyProvidence

You’ll enjoy this mummy Halloween wreath if you’re searching for a fun and easy Halloween wreath décor to build! It simply takes ten minutes to pull it off and is quite lovely. This tissue-coated wreath looks like a mummy, and those secretly concealed “eyes” provide the best eerie tone to your mansion. The best aspect is that is everything simple, quick, and inexpensive!

37. Haunted Mansion Halloween Wreath:

Via PrettyProvidence

A creepy yet stylish Halloween wreath like this is necessary because your main doorstep receives more guests in the month of October than any other season of the year- umm… thanks to the Trick-or-Treaters! This adorable Modern Halloween Wreath with a Miniature Haunted Mansion is perfect for Halloween! The charcoal and silver tones, in particular, are sure to appeal to you. It’s simple to put together and can even reflect your home aesthetics.

38. Spider Web Halloween Wreath:

Via APumpkinAndAPrincess

This dazzling delight DIY is for you if your Halloween décor aesthetic has traditionally included a blend of sparkle and shine, and you prefer to avoid the dark and macabre décor. This wreath is the ideal balance of charming and terrifying, with just minimal efforts, a load of bling, and some tiny skeleton pieces. You can also improvise to make it more spooky in order to scare your guests.

39. Witch Wreath (DIY):

Via LollyJane

This elegant Fabric Covered Witch Wreath is not only gorgeous, but it’s also simple and inexpensive to create. The inscription on this amusing and simple wreath craft states, “The witch is in.” The wreath’s fright impact is increased substantially by the legs and boots. You may also embellish it a little further to make it more personalized and spookier: a fantastic visual surprise for your trick or treaters.

40. Musty Wreath Relic:

Nobody will ever be brave to approach your front entrance while this rusted, spidery wreath is draped over it. Reindeer moss, which is basically a lichen, is the key ingredient, which can be found in craft stores and the Dollar Store. The earthy hue of the moss, mixed with some freaky ornaments, will give the wreath the appearance of being taken out from a haunted, spider-infested cellar.

Via MarthaStewart

41. Wriggling Snake Wreath:

Via MarthaStewart

This Halloween decoration put on the front entrance is both terrifyingly clever and startlingly entertaining, kicking off the Halloween celebrations with a bang. You’ll adore this Halloween decoration wreath since it looks so sophisticated with such little time and works required. Simply attach the serpents to the wreath in whichever pattern you like, and try to spread it as evenly as possible. You may also allow a few of them to trail over the side.

The Bottom Line:

Selecting the proper outfit, struggling to come up with delectable treat recipes, and selecting a number of horror films to enjoy with your pals may all be part of your Halloween preparations. While it’s all in good fun, don’t forget about your outside Halloween decorations. This list of unique and spooky wreaths will help you build a really nice overall effect between greeting family and friends and the swarms of trick-or-treaters who are expected to pop by on Halloween. Terrify them this year with either of these spooky DIY Halloween wreaths!