100 Creative DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Christmas is all about spending quality time with your friends and family, spreading joy and having a gala celebration all season long. But there’s one more thing that complements the Christmas vibes, you must have guessed it by now. 

Gifts, yes you were right! Gifts let us express our love towards our loved ones and gift wrapping plays a major role here. It radiates a sense of personalization and helps us display our affection in unique ways.

If you’re also a fan of DIY projects and are looking for some spunky and creative DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas, stick along to explore. 

100 Creative DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Furoshiki Cloth      

Via Buggyandbuddy

Furoshiki is originally a Japanese fabric used to wrap commodities, then why not try it to wrap our Christmas gift? This wonderfully printed cloth will give a lively look to your gift. 

2. Polka Dot Gift Wrap     

Via Polkadotchair

Polka dots are always in vogue and they could take your wrapping game to a whole new level. 

3. Jingle Bell Ornament Wrap    

Via Sallyjshim

Christmas is incomplete without the bells and so is your gift wrapping. Hang these jingle bell ornaments and go jingle all the way!! =

4. Gold Tipped Paper Flowers    

Via Liagriffith

Isn’t gold an all-time high in terms of embellishments? Well, of course, you can’t afford it to decorate your homes but you can surely scintillate your gift wrappers. 

5. Star Garland Gift Wrap DIY     

Via Blog.potterybarn

Use this star garland to enhance the look of your wrappings without creating much hassle. 

6. Glamorous Christmas Wrap     

Via Lovelydrawer

Print this glamorous Christmas wrap and use it with your usual wrapper to design your own wraps.

7. Letter And Number Gift Tags     

Via Inmyiownstyle

Personalize the gift wrappers by using the initials of the recipient or some special number series. 

8. Black Paper And Pinecone Gift Wrapping    

Via Burkatron

Enough of all the shimmers and glitters, it’s time to switch to some elegant black and pinecone adornments to fancy your gift wrapping. 

9. Christmas Tree Bags    

Via Ahomemadeliving

If you’re already done with wrapping up all the gifts and want to dazzle it up, use these Christmas tree bags to hold those gifts. 

10. DIY Stitched Up Gift Wrap    

Via Collectivegen

Stitch those gift wraps on your own to customize the wrapping paper and give it a personal touch. 

11. Yarn Gift Wrap Idea     

Via Theshadyacre

Who knew that yarn could be used for Christmas gift wrapping purposes? Well, they are going to look sassy once you complete it. 

12. DIY Christmas Tree Gift Toppers    

Via Fellowfellow

Mount a Christmas tree on your gifts and incorporate the festive feels to your wrapping paper. 

13. Photo Gift Tag    

Via Themerrythought

There’s nothing more touchy than a picture of a memorable experience. Use this tactic in your gift wrappings and witness the happiness on the recipient’s face. 

14. Vintage Glam Christmas Gift Wrap     

Via Satoridesignforliving

This one’s for all the vintage lovers out there, the simple and rustic design is really eye-catchy. 

15. Paper Animals Gift Wrap    

Via Goodhousekeeping

I love kids and this is my favorite way to design gift wrappers for my kids. 

16. Mickey Mouse Christmas Wrapping Paper   

Via Mypoppet

No matter how old are you, Mickey Mouse is someone who will always excite you. 

17. Rudolph Gift Tags    

Via Girljustdiy

Make these cute and creative Rudolph gift tags and hang them on your gift wrappers. 

18. Holly Berry Christmas Gift Wrap    

Via Localmilkblog

Add some eatables to your gift wrappers that would give them a natural feel and include one more treat for the recipient. 

19. Pretty Poofs    

Via Womansday

These fluffy and pretty poofs will add charm to your basic wrapping ideas, it’s a must-try! 

20. Anthropologie Inspired Gift Wrap     

Via Homemadeginger

Just be creative and include these cute patterns to each of your gifting items. You can design them in a variety of patterns. 

21. Dog Bone Gift Wrapping   

Via Letsmingleblog

Gift your furry baby a cute gift covered with this innovative dog bone gift wrapping. 

22. Reindeer Christmas Gift Wrapping    

Via Kidscraftroom

Reindeers mark the arrival of Santa and therefore a gift wrapped up with them is a sure-fire to tickle your merriment bones. 

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23. Chalkboard Gift Tag    

Via Liagriffith

Another project for the black lovers out there, this chalkboard gift card is really simple and effortless. 

24. DIY Paper Snowflakes    

Via Giochidicarta

Cut down these paper snowflakes to give a frosty look to your gift wrappers. This will lure your friends who love winters!

25. Fabric Scraps For Gift Wrapping    

Via Thingsforboys

Who knew that those little fabric scraps can be so useful to spruce up our usual gift wrapping. 

26. DIY Duct Tape Wrap    

Via Sweetestoccasion

Duct tape is a lot more than just a tape. You can use it to wrap your Christmas this holiday season and witness the wonders it’ll do. 

27. Twine Christmas Gift Wrap    

Via Cosmocricket

Since we’re upcycling all sorts of things to make a creative gift wrap, why not try a hand on twines! 

28. DIY Black Tree Garland And Stamped Wrapping Paper    

Via Hellowglow

The color of elegance ( black ) is back with a pinch of simplicity and a hell lot of grace to awe you. 

29. Creative Yarn Wrapping    

Via Cottonandflax

Make dazzling pom-poms out of those yarns and use them as an embellishment on your wrapping paper. 

30. Cardboard Gift Wrap Idea    

Via Busybloomingjoy

Cardboards are the soul of DIY projects, so hang a cardboard tag to those gifts addressed to the recipient. 

31. Watercolor Gift Wrap    

Via Minted

Watercolors might not be easy to deal with but they surely incorporate life to everything. So try them on your basic gift wraps and make something worthwhile. 

32. Imprinted Cloth    

Via Theidearoom

Reach out for some fabric to cut out these beauties and spread the joy among your loved ones. 

33. DIY Emoji Gift Wrap    

Via Studiodiy

Emojis are the most trendy and loved way to convey our emotions these days. Put some on your gift wrappers and incorporate some life into them. 

34. Metallic Gift Wrap    

Via Colorsandcraft

This metallic gift wrap is easy to make and anytime better than your usual store-bought gift wraps. 

35. Stamped Tissue Paper    

Via Thecraftingchicks

Use those tissue papers as gift papers to upcycle their unused packets lying around on your kitchen shelf. 

36. Metallic Polka Dot Gift Wrap    

Via Gifts

Just think of what a combination of polka dots and metallic design would look like. Breathtaking, right? So what are you waiting for? Make some for your gifts too. 

37. Paper Bag Gift Wrap    

Via Thebeautydojo

This last-minute gift wrapping idea would save you a shopping trip and some money as well. 

38. Boxwood Gift Wrap    

Via Uncommondesignsonline

How about using boxwood as an adornment for your gift wraps? Well, it will turn out to be prettier than you think. 

39. Folded Felt Gift Box    

Via Curbly

With a little bit of effort and time, you can pull over this great folded felt gift box. 

40. DIY Christmas Light Wrapping Paper    

Via Boxandavenue

Don’t limit the festive vibes to your home decor and eating habits, expand the use of those Christmas lights ( artificial ones, of course! ) to the wrapping paper as well. 

41. Craft Paper And Boxwood Wreath Gift Wrap    

Via Craftberrybush

Here comes the wreath! This holiday essential could do a great job of prettifying your gift wrapping. 

42. Washi Tape Christmas Tree    

Via Foodcraftsandfamily

I’m sure you must be aware of the versatility of a washi tape roll. Well, it’s an expert at beautifying simple things like your Christmas gift wrapping. 

43. Gift Wrapping For Treats    

Via Nineandsixteen

Gift some homemade eatables like cookies to your dear ones this festive. This gift wrapping idea will complement it most aptly.

44. Santa’s Reindeer Bells    

Via Twitchetts

Reindeer bells mark the onset of the holiday season. Just imagine their garnishment on your gift wrapping papers. 

45. Miniature Winter Scenes     

Via Lovelyindeed

This is hands down one of the best ways to design your gift wrappers. The whole winter scenic beauty is a sight to behold. 

46. Creative Christmas Tree   

Via Manualidades.facilisimos

Get a little creative with the Christmas tree this year and make an awesome space for them on your gift wraps. 

47. Confetti Embellishment Gift Wrap    

Via Modpodgerocksblog

Confettis are undoubtedly gorgeous when it comes to decorating our homes, but have you ever thought about using it as an embellishment on your gift wrap? Well, do it now! 

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48. Easy Felt Gift Adornments    

Via Mydesigndump

Try out this stunning combination of light and dark colors as adornments for your gift wrappers. 

49. Tissue Fringe Gift Wrap    

Via Theproperblog

Presenting you another project with the tissue papers. To my surprise, the result was actually amazing. 

50. Eatables Gift Box    

Via Auntpeaches

I love being experimental with everything and if you’re someone like me, you’ll love these eatables gift boxes.

51. Christmas Present Dioramas Up Close    

Via Theartofdoingstuff

Form a miniature winter set-up and mount it on the top of your wrapping paper to get the look. 

52. Gingerbread Gift Tag And Garland    

Via Decoratorsnotebook

Gift your kins these homemade gingerbread cookies tied up most attractively. 

53. Button Christmas Tree    

Via Ballarddesigns

Planning on trying something quirky this time? Grab some buttons and design a Christmas tree out of them.

54. DIY Duct Tape Bow Gift Garland    

Via Studiodiy

Aren’t these little bows cute? They’re really effortless and time-efficient to make. Try them out for your gift wrappers. 

55. Interactive Gift Wrap For Kids      

Via Linesacross

Kids love a plethora of designs on their gifts and thus we’re here to narrow down the choices for you. These are some interactive gift wrap that your kids wouldn’t get enough of. 

56. Gift Bow Santa     

Via Craftinowl

Your friends and family would get in awe of this imprint of Santa on their gifts. Use it as a bow or a simple tag. 

57. Paint Splatter Gift Wrap      

Via Almostmakesperfect

If you’ve already done the packing and still want to spruce up the wrapping, go for this paint splatter gift wrap. Don’t worry, the paint won’t splatter :-P. 

58. Christmas Wreath Label   

Via Damasklove

Boxwood wreaths seem to be the hero of Christmas gift wrapping ideas. They’re affordable and quite easy to make. Try this one out and witness the beauty. 

59. Rustic Gift Wrapping Idea    

Via Onsuttonplace

Rustic never goes out of style! Use the rustic glam to fancy your gift wrappers this Christmas season. 

60. Washi Tape Gift Wrapping    

Via Diyinspired

If you don’t like much shimmer and shine, just switch to this washi tape gift wrapping. They’re subtly the best design you could get. 

61. Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping Idea    

Via Apieceofrainbow

Add some extra excitement to those gifts by using a Christmas tree on their gift traps. 

62. Twine Package    

Via Honestlywtf

The jute twining is such a vintage item to work with. Its displayability and affordability make it the perfect fit. 

63. Simple Embellishments For Christmas Gifts    

Via Stephmodo

Something with the perfect blend of festivity and simplicity, these embellishments would work great for your Christmas gifts

64. Glittery And Modern Wrap     

Via Goldstandardworkshop

This modernized glitter wrap is soothing to the eyes plus it will amaze the receipt for sure. 

65. Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree     

Via Artsycraftsymom

Upcycle the trash cupcake liners to build something beautiful like a Christmas tree and use it on your gift wraps. 

66. Easy Photo Gift Wrap    

Via Googlyeyesandglitter

Nothing seems more personal than a picture, right? So tuck a lovable photograph to complete the look. 

67. Hand Painted Holiday Gift Wrap    

Via Camillestyles

Want something for the last minute? A hand-painted holiday gift wrap to your rescue! 

68. Glorious Christmas Bow    

Via Eddieross

Who wouldn’t love a glorious pull on their Christmas gift? After all the festive season is all about being a bit extra! 

69. Grey And Gold Wrapping Paper     

Via Boxwoodclippings

Glam up your normal gift wrap with the addition of something grey and gold. 

70. Modern And Easy Gift Wrap

Via Homeyohmy

This eye-catchy modern and easy gift wrap would ask for nothing much, just a little bit of your time and effort. 

71. Q-tips Snowflake   

Via Craftedlife

Use q-tips or cotton buds to create winter snowflakes on your gift wraps within a few minutes. 

72. Rudolph Gift Wrap    

Via Frogprinceandpaperie

This creative gift wrap is not only amazing to receive but it’s fun to create and give as well. 

73. Festive Paper Tree    

Via Hgtv

Build these extravaganza festive paper trees to wrap your gifts. The recipient might love them more than the actual gift! 

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74. DIY Calligraphy Wrapping Paper    

Via Boxwoodavenue

Show off your calligraphy skills on the wrapping paper and create something stylish. 

75. Mini Boxwood Wreath    

Via NickandDalicia

Another boxwood wreath project to embellish your gift wrapping papers. 

76. Wood Bead Snowman    

Via Instagram

This wooden bead snowman is innovative and will give your gift wraps a crafty look. 

77. Beaded Design Gift Wrap    

Via Craftandcreativity

Get these beaded design gift wrap to dazzle up your regular gifts and witness the joy in your loved ones’ eyes. 

78. Rustic Check Gift Wrap    

Via Extrapetite

This classic check gift wrap is something that you can’t afford to miss out on. 

79. DIY Reindeer Wrapping Paper    

Via Skiptomylou

Call your kids to perform the dance and your reindeer wrapping paper is ready to rock.

80. Personalized Christmas Wrapping    

Via Boxwoodclippings

Hang the initials of the receipts on the gifts using the glitter paper and your personalized Christmas wrapping is done. 

81. Kraft Paper And Glitter    

Via Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Use the kraft paper, glue dots, and glitter to pull over these shimmering gift wrap. 

82. Pom-pom Topper Gift Wrap    

Via Goodhousekeeping

Include a whimsy touch to your gift wrappers by creating these colorful pom-poms. 

83. Potato Stamped Gift Wrap    

Via Hgtv

Grab a potato to develop this potato stamped gift wrap in just a few minutes. 

84. DIY Felt Gift Attachment    

Via Thinkmakeshareblog

Attach some lush greenery to your basic gift wrapping paper and it’s ready to slay. 

85. DIY Washi Tape Gift Wrapping    

Via Almostmakesperfect

I couldn’t get enough of Washi Tape yet, so here comes another wonderful project that you can perform on your gifts. 

86. 3-D Star Gift Boxes     

Via Collectivegen

These 3-D stars would not only fancy your gifts but also enhance the aesthetic look when you’ll put them under your Christmas tree. 

87. Simple Gift Wrapper    

Via Thesefourwallsblog

To the minimalists out there, this simple and ravishing gift wrapping is for you. 

88. Graphic Paper And Fabric Tape DIY    

Via Acreativemint

Get chic and make this eye calming wrapper using graphic papers and fabric tape. 

89. Fa La La Felt Ornaments   

Via Splashofsomething

Turn your normal gift wrapping into a worthwhile showy piece by using these fa la la felt ornaments. 

90. Cupcake Liner Bow    

Via Songbirdblog

Cupcake liners are those underdogs that you usually overlook but you won’t overlook them from now onwards. 

91. White And Metallic Gift Wrapping    

Via Lottsandlots

Some people love the hue of white on everything, this clean project is for them. Incorporate the white and metallic touch to your gift wrapping. 

92. DIY Decorated Bauble Gift Toppers   

Via Gatheringbeauty

Gift toppers do a great job of increasing the aesthetic value of your gifts. Decorate your gifts with these Bauble gift toppers. 

93. Rustic Gift Wrap      

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

If you’re a fan of country-style decoratives, this rustic gift wrap could be the perfect fit for your next Christmas gift. 

94. DIY Cardboard Snowman    

Via Smartschoolhouse

Upcycle those courier packages made up of cardboard to assemble them as snowman gift wrappers. 

95. Roller Stamp Christmas Tree    

Via Handmadecharlotte

An easy way to print those Christmas gifts with your kids is here! This would add a lot of personality to your gifts. 

96. Brown Paper With String Wrapper    

Via Katescreativespace

Brown paper used to be so dull before I found this amazing idea to use it in the best possible way. And now my gifts look really cute. 

97. Hand Painted Wrapping Paper    

Via Bloglovin

Unleash the artist within you to draw the miniatures and various sceneries on those wrapping papers. 

98. DIY Geometrical Gift Wrap    

Via Sarahshermansamuel

Honestly, I hate geometry but I couldn’t resist myself from sharing this incredible gift wrap work. 

99. ‘Word Search’ Customized Gift Wrap    

Via Somethingturquoise

Give your loved ones a word game customized on the gift wrapper, you can also use it to convey a secret message ;-). 

100. Minimal Style Gift Wrap  

Via Sallyjshim

This cute little box is as easy as ABC to create but it can add profusely to the aesthetics of your gifts. 

Unravel your creativity and spread the joy this Christmas season by recreating some of these gift wrapping ideas. Don’t forget to share 🙂