51 Creative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

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Are you planning about redecorating your bathroom? Do you need some space management to declutter your small bathroom? 

We have got all your needs covered. These simple and easy decor ideas would transform your bathroom and simply charm your visitors. Whether you want to change the curtains or wallpaper or flooring, we have got it all. Small bathrooms are less glamorous, owing to the little space, but with some intelligent and strategic styling ideas, you can actually forget about the space.

You can match and contrast colors, install new fixtures like big mirrors for ample light reflection and create some visual spaciousness. So, check out these small bathroom ideas before you start with all the designing process.

51 Creative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

1. Small And Refreshing Plants

Via Biggerthanthethreeofus

Keep the fresh feel of your bathroom alive by installing green plants in it. This easy DIY not only gives your bathroom a fresh look but also enhances the air and reduces humidity. Choose an aromatic species for extra freshness. 

2. Toilet Paper Holders

Via Designimprovised

We all know how essential toilet papers are when it comes to bathroom accessories, and it is also something that couldn’t be avoided. Let’s choose a trendy and stylish toilet paper holder for the matter and use it as a decorative piece. Tip: Use some contrasting colors for a better look!

3. Vintage Wallpapers 

Via Diydecorator

Want a cheek look for your bathroom? Choose vintage botanical wallpapers for this DIY and transform your bathroom. You can opt for a black and white theme to make it look extra sassy and gorgeous. 

4. Metallic Decorations 

Via Keystoinspiration

It is very likely that you do have racks in your bathroom to store essentials. Why not adorn them with showpieces having a modern vibe? Include some gold, copper and neutral shades in geometric shapes to get that contemporary look!

 5. Spa Inspired Cabinets

Via Recapturedcharm

Ever drooled over those long, dark cabinets in hotel bathrooms? You can surely install one in your own bathroom with this easy DIY. It will not only create some extra storage space but would also make it look fabulous!

6. Kids Bathroom DIY

Via Thediymommy

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom to make some room for baby essentials, this one is for you. Choose this easy and youthful theme to organize your bathroom and make it look practical and trendy!

7. Spa Decor

Via Aqualanedesign

Again, for some classic spa decor, follow this easy DIY and get that ultimate spa feeling. You just need to roll your towels instead of folding them up and organize some matching containers and bags for other essentials. You can also keep something for the dense aroma and just relax!

8. Door Towel Holders

Via Jennaburger

Towels are undoubtedly one essential stuff when it comes to bathroom needs, and thinking about their resting place is important. Add some cheek to your bathroom by making door towel racks for better space management and ease of use. Check out storage ideas for small bathroom.

9. Chalkboards


Scribble down some funny words and quotes on your bathroom wall and bless it with a trendy yet unique look. They are not only eye-catching but can also make your bathroom look bigger, you know, with those reflection and stuff! 

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10. Play With Basics

Via Centsationalstyle

Bathroom basics include mirrors, lamps, racks or shelves. Why not choose some unique shapes and sizes for them for an appealing look? You can also alter the wall colors to make them stand out. 

11. Mirror Wall

Via Architecturaldigest

Why just a small vanity mirror when you can have a mirror wall? Make your bathroom look bigger with this easy idea and let the light and reflection of patterns do the magic. 

12. No Shower Doors

Via Architecturaldigest

This DIY will make you realize that you don’t actually need that extra door. It can literally change the entire look of your bathroom. Don’t worry, having good drainage will do the job here.  

13. Embellish Your Sink

Via Blacklacquerdesign

No bathroom is complete without a proper sink, isn’t it? So, why not pay a little more attention and choose some unique shape for it? Corner sinks are the best options in this case as they massively are space-saving! 

14. Bold And Statement Colors

Via Realhomes

Mostly bathroom walls are either white or a shade of white. People hardly prefer dark interiors for their bathroom. Break these norms and install an all-black bathroom and make it stand out like nothing else. 

15. Multiple Mirrors

Via Codyulrich

We did talk about a mirror wall, but if that is too cringy for you, you can also go for hanging multiple mirrors in your bathroom. They can be of different shapes for a unique look. 

16. Lift The Curtains 

Via Countryliving

The shower curtains don’t have to be ankle-length always. Lift them up to the ceiling and make your walls look taller. They should definitely pass the usual bathtub height! 

17. Glass And Transparency 

Via Hansgrohe

This one is my favorite! Create a sense of visual transparency by making doors of glass and enjoy while you take a relaxing bath. Though this is more of a renovation idea, it can definitely transform your bathroom!

18. Something Bold!

Via Mackenziehoran

If your bathroom interiors are white, say Hi to bold wallpapers. Choose from a wide range of colorful, classic wallpapers and decorate your bathroom with that stunning look. 

19. Art Prints 

Via Emilyaclark

Assuming you have empty walls in your bathroom, you can use them to display various artworks. Choose those paintings and prints that could define your personality.

20. Game Of Tiles

Via Architecturaldigest

A small bathroom may seem bigger if you do the right trick. In this DIY, we will play with the tiles and increase our space. From floor to the ceilings, transform everything by choosing the right design and color scheme of tiles.

21. Window Makeover

Via Theimpatientgardener

Highlight the walls near windows to achieve a stylish look for your bathroom. You can also customize the grills and bars of the window to change its looks. Either of these will work well and will embellish your bathroom!

22. Shower Niche

Via Architecturaldigest

You might have seen this one in hotels and many of you might have thought this to be an impractical design, but trust me, it is not. They do stand out and are at a better reach when we are up for a warm shower!

23. Illusion Wallpapers

Via Simplifiedbee

We know what optical illusions are capable of so we will try to incorporate that here. Paint lean and tall tree prints on the walls to make the ceiling look higher than ever! 

24. Tiles Again! 

Via 4men1lady

We have already talked about tiles and appreciated their dominance in our bathroom interiors. In this DIY, we would like to propose all-white tiles for your bathroom. They can make your guests go WOW in seconds!

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25. Narrow Sinks 

Via Aninvitinghome

If you have less space, corner sinks would be the key, but this statement style is appropriate for a larger bathroom. A narrow and horizontal sink can make your bathroom look cheek and fancy with literally no efforts! A white sink is preferred in this case. 

26. Gallery Wall

Via Ourfifthhouse

We always consider having a themed gallery wall while renovating our living room, but can this be done in case of a bathroom? Well, the answer is yes! Achieve a cohesive and attractive look by organizing a gallery wall in your bathroom. Make sure to keep it compact and neat. 

27. All-White Interior

Via Pinklittlenotebook

Just like black and bold, we have white and neutral. Give your bathroom the millennial look by making it all-white. From furniture to accessories and walls, everything should be clean white!

28. Planters 

Via Mochacasa

For those who love plants and green, install hanging planters in your bathroom. They would not only look amazing but will also keep the bathroom air naturally fresh

29. Baskets And Towels 

Via Makinglemonadeblog

If you have reusable wooden or jute baskets, recycle them and use them as holders in your bathroom. Roll your towels and store them in those hanging baskets to achieve a stylish and sophisticated look. 

30. Color Palettes

Via Roomfortuesday

Make your bathroom stand out by printing astonishing patterns on one of the walls. They need not be white, black or grey. They can be multicolored as well!

31. Smaller Fixtures


If you have enough space then well and good. If not, you should install smaller fixtures for better space management. This could include small step stools or vintage sinks and many more. 

32. Accent Wall

Via Vintage Revivals

Gallery walls in a bathroom look good right? So, let’s try the accent wall. Maybe a hanging map or a vintage painting, anything could make up for an accent wall.

33. Jungle Pattern


Powder rooms can always experiment with bold wallpapers. Here we are talking about green wallpaper with giant leaves. Contrast them with the surrounding fixtures for a better look. 

34. Giant Mirrors

Via iheartorganizing

I always get intrigued by mirrors and this one is one of my favorite designs, an oversized mirror. Choose a classic, wooden paneled mirror for a rustic look and place them right above the vanity. God, I am so excited to even imagine this!

35. Rustic Farmhouse 

Via Designdazzle

No decor list is complete without the mention of those vintage farmhouse styles. In this idea, you would need some furniture and matching paint and you would have your own rustic farmhouse style bathroom ready!

36. Glossy Shower Curtains

Via Thehappyhousie

By glossy, I didn’t mean glittery. It means anything that is more striking. Whether it is a color-blocked curtain or filled with vibrant colors, it should have a dramatic appeal to transform your bathroom interiors. 

37. A Towel Ladder

Via Themerrythought

You can install a wooden ladder in your bathroom and use it as a towel rack. This simple decoration is perfect for a cozy and small bathroom. 

38. Wired Baskets 

Via Tidbits

We did talk about wooden baskets, this is wired ones. Something where you could store wet garments and not regret later. Amazing when combined with some other furniture like a cabinet or stools. 

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39. DIY Fresh Look


Want to give your bathroom a new look but don’t want to replace anything? Well, you can update yourself without spending anything extra. Give a cottage-style look to your basic vanity by stripping the paint down and adding a coat of whitewash. 

40. High Gloss Paints 

Via Architecturaldigest

If you do have an idea about the impact wall paints can have on the overall space, you can guess that high-gloss paints in the interior will definitely make your bathroom look bigger and extra attractive. 

41. Stylish Laundry Bins

Via Townncountryliving

If you hardly care about how your laundry bin looks, you should start caring now. Choose a stylish bin and place it right below your sink in the bathroom. 

42. Striped Walls 


Make your bathroom look bigger with long vertical stripes. The dramatic stripes enable the interior to look more defined and appealing if contrasted with the background colors. 

43. Ultra Glam Designs 


Smaller bathrooms can be adorned with pricey materials as we need so little of them. Design your bathroom with dazzling damask wallpapers, sunburst mirrors, and some classic pendant lights to achieve that super classy look for your bathroom. 

44. Doors and Rugs 


If you don’t want those tinted glasses for shower doors, go for canopied wooden ones. They would also look fantastic if made of copper-colored metals. Similarly, you don’t need rugs for a smaller bathroom. A cheeky tile design would do justice to the flooring!

45. Barn Doors 

Via Shadesofblueinteriors

For an epic rustic look, you can install a sliding barn door oil-rubbed bronze and black finish. This will not only save a lot of space in your bathroom but would also be a style statement itself. 

46. Wooden Shelves 


Shelves are very important in your bathroom as they can declutter the space efficiently. Choose a vintage-looking, ancient piece like wooden bases and turn them into shelves. You can stack them according to your space. 

47. Themed Interiors 

Via Firsthome

If you have chosen a theme for the gallery wall, you must decorate all other setups accordingly. Use floor mats of similar colors and you can also use quotes for some added sass.

48. Floating Vanity


Vanity is the largest piece of furniture in your bathroom and let’s say it, they do clutter your space. To avoid this, use floating vanity and make room for some modern and trendy fixtures. 

49. Small Curtains- Retro Look

Via Decorpad

For those supplies that you want out of sight, keep them under the vanity and cover it up using small, chic curtains. This retro design helps in keeping cleaning items out of sight and therefore enhances the beauty of your bathroom. 

50. Cabin Style 

Via Tinyliving

Add some warmth to your cozy bathroom by installing wooden furniture and fixtures. Use wooden panels for ceilings and flooring and get that summer vibe on a cabin in the woods. This one can also make you nostalgic! 

51. Aesthetic Feel


Bring on that aesthetic, country feels to your bathroom with a footed tub and floral curtains. Wooden cabinets would amalgamate like nothing else for this lively setup. 

If you are planning a quick renovation of your bathroom, don’t think much. Just go for the one you like the most. Trust me, you will definitely create something amazing. So, if you are excited about these extraordinary projects, get to work right away!