51+ Free Aesthetic Dark Wallpapers For iPhone

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Ar you in that zone where you just wanna turn all your stuff dark to match your dark mood? If it’s turn to change your wallpaper into something dark, you are in the right place.

Here we have compiled a list of 51+ Free Aesthetic Dark Wallpapers For iPhone where you’ll get different kinds of wallpapers. From exotic sceneries to beautiful designs to minimalist backgrounds, we’ve got it all.

But before we dive into that, here’s how to save on your phone if you don’t know.

How To Save On Phone

  • Directly download it to your phone. Press and hold the chosen picture and the download option will pop up.
  • You can save it on your laptop or computer. Right-click on the photo then click save. Email it to yourself or Airdrop (Apple to Apple only).

1. Light Vs Dark

This picture made me wonder, can light and dark ever meet?

2. Marble Texture

The amazing marble textured planets in the picture look so aesthetic and majestic at the same time.

3. Bulb

It’s a simple light bulb but somehow this picture managed to capture its beauty. Impressive!

4. Dark Earth

How beautiful our planet Earth looks from space! And we are hell-bent on ruining its natural beauty.

5. Galaxy

‘Laying under the galaxy of stars with your special someone has a separate fan base. And I belong to that category! Do you?

6. Simple Dark

For the minimalist like you, here’s a very simple dark wallpaper with a numerical design (that has no meaning, it’s just a simple design).

7. Motivation

And if you’re looking for daily motivation, “the fact that you ain’t where you wanna be should be enough motivation”.

8. Lake & Mountain

The picture itself is so breathtaking. Imagine what a spectacular place it must be in reality! Gosh, I’d give anything to visit there.

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9. Purple

Want something quirky? This picture is sure that, if not anything else. The purple/blue ombre is working.

10. Dark Forest

The silhouette of trees is giving me the creeps. But it’s also kinda attractive. Don’t you think?

11. Red Sky

I honestly can’t make sense of this picture. But, for me, the unfathomability of this picture is its beauty.

12. Orange & Black

Orange is the new black. The first thing that popped into my mind. However, this one’s more like an ombre of orange and black (which looks pretty good).

13. Red Moon

The magnificent Red Moon is itself enough to make any picture stand out. The trail of trees is just a bonus here.

14. Gradient iPhone

A special gradient wallpaper for iPhone users (honestly, it’s for any smartphone user but that’s a secret).

15. Burn Your Past

If you need to hear this, well, here you go. Burn Your Past. Period.

16. Smoke

The way dense smoke rises up is so classy and aesthetic, isn’t it?

17. Universe Of Thoughts

The girl and her pool (or universe) of thoughts in her head are just so relatable to many of us.

18. Sunset Sky

This one got me in a ‘sunset state of mind’. Love the evening red sky and its reflection here.

19. Sand Dunes

Notwithstanding the scorching heat and freezing cold temperatures of a desert, its beauty is remarkable. The photo is the proof.

20. Dark Fall

Fall is not dark but the picture sure is. The dark orange leaves are pretty aesthetic to me.

21. The Dark Knight

Don’t tell me The Dark Knight did not cross your mind as we are discussing dark wallpapers.

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22. Red

It seems like an ancient place that went through a massacre, a blood-bathed place brought to ruin. And yet it’s an attractive picture.

23. Dark City

The beauty of a city is most visible at night when all its city lights twinkle like the stars in the sky.

24. Eagle

The virtue of an eagle is unreachable. Look at that fierce pair of eyes and the sharp beak ready to take on any challenge.

25. Dark Marble

The Dark Marble surface with the golden patches looks pretty aesthetic to me.

26. Teal Sky

The teal flame has enhanced the beauty of the dark sky filled with bright and twinkling stars.

27. Get Off My Phone

Put up a passive-aggressive warning sign as your wallpaper so no one touches your phone.

28. The Finger

Or maybe you can just give the finger to whoever touches your phone without your permission.

29. Dark Flower

This brownish dark flower is mesmerizing! I can’t take my eyes off of it.

30. Blue Love

I think blue is kind of a “safe color” ’cause only a handful of people dislike it. And why not? It has a unique charm.

31. Blah

Fed up of all the nonsense and blah? We have the perfect wallpaper for you.

32. Ode To Sleep

Here’s a great wallpaper for a sleepyhead like you.

33. Japanese Lantern

Now I get all the fuss about Japanese Lanterns. They are really pretty.

34. Love

Ai shiteru. The Japanese language is so beautiful.

35. Aesthetic Dark

A simple black background with an elegant design on it can be your new favorite wallpaper.

36. Night Sky

The stars never cease to amaze me. Every time they spread across the sky, I’m smitten by them.

37. Flame

Let the flame in your heartburn like the flame in this picture.

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38. Dark Moonlight

I’m getting pirate vibes. But it’s splendid!

39. Dark Beauty

Glorify the Dark Beauty ’cause she’s gonna rule over your phone (if you choose her though).

40. Night City

Capturing the city at night is a must for every photographer. It’s impeccable.

41. Dark Wood

This Dark Wood wallpaper is perfect for the dark phases you go through in your life.

42. Burgundy Smiley-Winky

A burgundy smiley/winky wallpaper is just the thing to match your cool vibe.

43. Gothic Sugarskull

Here we come across a creative, dark picture that’s especially appealing to the goths.

44. Cosmic Collage

Are ya interested in cosmology? Then you’ll surely like this cosmic collage.

45. Constellations

There are so many constellations in the picture you can’t even count.

46. Roses

A bunch of red roses captured in all its beauty on a dark background.

47. Orange Flame

The orange flame can burn your phone screen down. Literally. Try it out.

48. Kissing Couple

The silhouette of a couple kissing under the moon is the most romantic thing I’ve seen all day.

49. Sky In A Jar

Here’s a creative photograph for your phone screen. Galaxy in a jar. Sounds like a movie title!

50. Deep Into The Ocean

The ocean is a separate world, totally different than ours. If only I could dive like the woman in the picture. Can you?

51. Countryside 

The countryside looks spectacular in the evening. If only the sky was actually purple, it’ll prolly be the most beautiful scenery EVER.

52. Aesthetic Man

This gorgeous model looks so glamorous and elegant in this makeup design.

Now that we’ve satisfied (hopefully) your dark wallpaper craving, did it get you in the black mood? If it did, we can satisfy that craving too! Take a look at our Aesthetic Black Wallpapers For iPhone article and find your favorite wallpaper.