51 Cute iPhone Wallpapers with HD quality

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Looking for a super cute wallpaper that won’t bore you any time soon? You are in the right place!

These wallpapers will set up the perfect positive vibe for you. So if you’re in that super positive phase, you gotta give these a try. And trust me on this, you will NOT be able to get over their cuteness any time soon.

From adorable cartoon characters to baby animals, we’ve listed together 51 cute iPhone wallpapers with HD quality that has all the different wallpapers you prolly have in mind and even more!

How To Save On Phone

Well, there are two ways of doing it.

One, you can directly save it from your phone. Simply press and hold the picture and click download.

Second, you can download it from your desktop or laptop. Right-click on the picture and save it to PC. Either Airdrop (if it’s Macbook) or email it to you.

1. Baby Penguin

This makes me wanna fly off to Antarctica and watch those cute little baby Penguins waddle on ice.

2. Cute Devil

The sad little devil emoji can certainly make your day happy with its cuteness.

3. Kitty Cat

If you don’t find kittens cute, what is wrong with you?!

4. Little Squirrel

Anytime I come across a squirrel eating with its hands, I literally stop to enjoy the sight. Like it’s so adorable and funny!

5. Krishna

If you love to learn about Hindu culture and deities, you must know about Lord Krishna and his cute, funny mischiefs.

6. Team Rabbit

If you ask me about the cutest animals to ever exist, I’d always be on Team Rabbit (or at least have it on top of my list). Are you with me on this?

7. Piglet

Whoever made this animated version of a Piglet, they’ve done a fab job! Just look at those blushy cheeks and that adorable smile.

8. Hiding Mushroom

Well, this is something pretty unique. A live mushroom hiding behind the tree. So cute!

9. Cute Stitch

If you’re a fan of the Lilo and Stitch franchise like me, you’ll love waking up to Stitch every morning. And don’t worry, he won’t destroy your phone with his touch.

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10. Husky Pup

If you say you don’t like puppies, it’ll be a shocker. How can one not fall for those sparkling eyes?

11. Dope Piggy

Here we have our little piggy buddy in his dope version! The level of swag he can bring just by floating on the pool.

12. Hello Kitty

Let’s bring back the days of Hello Kitty with this pretty wallpaper of Kitty White and colorful hearts.

13. Pusheen Family

This mushy family of three adorable pusheens is not something you’re gonna get over any time soon.

14. Cutest Banana

Imagine if you peel a banana and this cute little creature came out of it. For real. When that might never happen, you can at least put this imaginative picture as your wallpaper.

15. Pudding

Although you can’t enjoy your pudding the way those little ones are enjoying theirs, you can at least save this joyous moment on your phone.

16. Balloons

A group of balloons is cute too until they’re popped. But that’s not an issue when they’re in a picture.

17. Peppa Pig

If you don’t wanna accept the horrible fate of Peppa and his friends and just wanna preserve the happy memories, we’ve got this nice picture of Peppa Pig for you.

18. Panda 

Black & White Panda tops my list of  ‘ the cutest animals ever ‘. They’ve won me over with their fluffy body and clingy nature. What about you?

19. Cute Girly

If you’re not in the mood for characters and animals, here’s a nice, soft, colorful, patterned wallpaper for you.

20. Queen Poppy

Poppy, the Queen of the Pop Trolls. Be honest, when you see the Trolls singing, dancing, and hugging all day, don’t you almost wanna dive into the TV and be a part of them?

21. Smiley Face

I went AWW at her smile! Isn’t she so cute?!

22. Crowd of Cuties

Ever seen a horde of cutiepies? Well, now you do! I wish it was IRL though.

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23. Sweet Tooth

If all the sweet stuff in this picture makes your mouth watery, you’re a Sweet Tooth by heart (but watch out for those teeth!).

24. Cute Stitch Warns

The adorable Stitch warns on behalf of you (in his own cute way) any “intruder” from touching your phone.

25. Astonished Dragon

If the Dragon just hops out of the picture one day and lands on earth, it will definitely have the same (or more) astonished look.

26. Koala

Koalas are one of the most adorable animals especially when they wrap themselves around you. It’s too cute to bear.

27. Molang Sandwich

Look at those Molangs squished together like a sandwich. Now that’s a picture I won’t forget soon.

28. Anime Love

Are you a Manga or an Anime fan? Whichever it is, you’ll find this picture of the two people and their failing stars pretty cute.

29. Pirate Zone

If you think there’s nothing cute about Pirates, well, look at this picture of the Pirate symbol and think again.

30. Angry Birds

Angry- or not so angry- Birds are having a fun time here. Do you wanna join in on the fun?

31. Bear Trio

I wonder what are they so focused on. Maybe someone’s there spilling the beans to them (that they ain’t all bears).

32. Curious Kitty

Look. At. Those. Round. Eyes. If you’re a Kitty lover, YOU FEEL ME! It’s so cute that I wanna cry.

33. Yogi Doggy

This one’s hilarious! You can also take it as a motivation. If a doggy can do this, you can too.

34. Doraemon

Doraemon and his Dora cakes are like the 4th of July and Apple Pie. It’s an everlasting, ever-growing-till-he-is-dysfunctional bond.  

35. Pooh & Piglet

They are the epitome of how a true friend should be- a loyal confidante, one who stands by you no matter what, accepts you despite all your flaws and loves you wholeheartedly.

36. “Horn” To Be Wild

There’s nothing to explain here. The picture says it all. Be wild.

37. Burger & Fries

If you got a Burger for your Fries, you’re so lucky. And this wallpaper is totally for you (and your Burger).

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38. Castle

If imagined worlds existed, how different the world would be! But that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. We’ll just have to be content with such pictures for now.

39. Pink Flower

Pink is cute. A flower is cute. Hence, this picture is cute. It didn’t take much math to evaluate.

Got you in the mood for some pink? Or maybe flowers in general? We got both!

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40. Pikachu

I’ve never met anyone who thinks Pikachu is not cute. And I assume you don’t think that way either.

41. Happy Burger

This Smiley Burger seems so innocent that I almost wanna become a vegan (but it also looks delicious).

42. All Love

Love is showering in this picture just the way your good heart showers love on people.

43. Love Yourself 

Every day you need to remind yourself to Love Yourself. This cute wallpaper can be a good reminder.

44. Snowman

The joyful snowman playing on the snow-covered ground is a pretty cute picture to wake up to.

45. Plush

Cuteness overloaded picture alert! Look at those big eyes and adorable little smiles. Too cute!

46. Cute Sketch

This sweet and lovely sketch of a little girl with a slightly raised eyebrow and a sly smile is cute too.

47. Jigglypuff

If there’s anyone cuter than Pikachu, it’s Jigglypuff for me. I just wanna bring it home with me.

48. Star Candy

This is a pretty cute star, isn’t it? You can put it up as your wallpaper, or keep it as an option.

49. Minions

If you’ve got a trio like these Minions, you feel the fun in this picture.

50. Cute Monster

Rawr your way through life like this little girl in the crocodile costume. She is workin’ it and so should you!

51. Cute Shirt

This shirt is even cuter than an infant’s shirt. So freakin’ adorable!

Now that we are done with our dosage of cuteness, did you find that particular wallpaper you love?