50+ Best Free Spring Wallpaper Options for iPhone

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It’s said that the Spring season is symbolic of renewal. With the season approaching, it’s time for you to renew your phone wallpaper too! And we are here to help you with that.

We have gathered a list of 50+ Free Spring Wallpaper Options for your iPhone that has all sorts of pictures to give you the Spring vibe. We’ve got a variety of floral pictures, artistic wallpapers, aesthetic collages, and a lot more to offer!

Don’t think twice, it’s worth your time.

But, we have a quick question to answer before we jump into the list.

How To Save On Phone

a) If you are reading this on your phone, press and hold the picture you have chosen and click download. Go to settings and change your wallpaper.

b) If you are reading this on your Macbook, then right-click on the picture and click save. Then Airdrop it to your iPhone. But in the case of any other laptop or phone, you have to email the picture to yourself.

1. Hello Spring

It’s time to welcome the most beautiful season, Spring! Say Hello!

2. Spring is coming

Spring is coming and so are the gorgeous blooms and we can not be more excited!

3. Spring moon 

The picture screams aesthetic. The beautiful orange-yellow tulip and the bright shiny moon paired up well.

4. Spring Art

We are presenting a bit of art for the artistic Spring season. The picture perfectly captured the essence of the season.

5. Glowing Rabbit in Spring

This adorable little bunny seems to enjoy the Spring blossom and fireflies just like we do!

6. Cozy Spring

Imagine a cup of hot coffee coupled with the colorful Spring blooms and the gentle Spring breeze. So soothing, isn’t it?

7. Pink Night

Ah, the Pink Blossoms! One of the main reasons why Spring is the most beautiful season.

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8. Orange Petals

The bright orange flowers in the picture are no less than any other gorgeous Spring bloom.

9. Spring in the Desert

Even the cacti-filled deserts can get gorgeous Spring blooms and it is an amazing view (like so amazing!).

10. Pretty Flowers

Pretty colorful flowers in a vase under the clear Spring sky- mmm, creative Spring photography.

11. Spring Decor

This makes me wanna jet off to Greece in Spring to witness the colorful floral decors (well, if only I could do it for real…).

12. White Flowers

It’s amazing how a number of cute tiny white flowers can make a simple tree breathtaking by growing all over it. I guess that’s the magic of Spring!

13. Good Day

Not every day is a bad day. Today is a good day or it can be if you choose it to be. Let this wallpaper be your daily reminder.

14. Pink Flowers

Pretty pink flowers never fail to disappoint us, unless you can’t appreciate their beauty (that’s on you).

15. Blossom and Lake

Cherry Blossoms near the gorgeous lake- breathtaking scenery to witness every day on your phone (if you can’t in real).

16. Spring Moment

When the petals fall all around you with the gust of Spring wind, it feels like the sky is showering blessings on you.

17. Flower Art

A pretty, minimalist yellow floral Spring art to add charm and beautify your iPhone.

18. Spring Morning

Rise and shine fellas, Spring is here! The sun is shining bright and the flowers are blooming right.

19. Spring Knit

Are you a talented knitter who loves to knit varieties of seasonal clothes and is preparing for the upcoming Spring knitting session? Then this wallpaper is perfect for you.

20. Anime Spring

We talkin’ about Spring and we don’t bring the breathtaking, marvelous, delightful, and exceptional Spring in the anime world? Not happening.

21. Spring Pathway

Here’s another Anime Spring pathway that’s almost too good to be true so we have to be content with just the picture.

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22. Spring by the Lake

How marvelous it would be to stand on that bridge on the very day shown in the picture!

23. Red & White

Although it’s just a couple of red and white flowers, it seems metaphorical (almost as if nature is trying to talk to us through the hues).

24. Spring!

There’s nothing to say about this picture. It itself says it all. #Spring!

25. Spring Wind

The gentle Spring wind blowing on the lush green grasses and the colorful flowers, spreading the fresh scent of Spring– even the picture of it calms my nerve.

26. Brighter Days

With Spring comes brighter blooms, brighter sun, and brighter days. Just hang in there a little.

27. Purple Blooms

Purple blooms are hard to find and even harder to forget! They have a mystical charm of their own.

28. Spring Forest

It seems like a fairyland to me! The perfect naturally romantic pathway you can ever find!

29. Yellow Bloom

Aesthetic yellow blooms on a dark background- a perfect picture for a yellow/black lover like you & me.

30. Aesthetic Girl’s Wallpaper

The typical girly-girl Spring wallpaper you need to have on your iPhone! XOXO.

31. Spring Land

I’d love to be a part of this picture if it means I get to live in this dreamland forever.

32. Aesthetic Yellow Collage

An aesthetic Spring yellow collage for you to bring positivity to your life.

33. Reddish Blooms

The vintage-style photograph of the different-shades-of-red flowers is a fab choice for your iPhone.

34. Spring Branches

This is not only a great wallpaper idea but is also an amazing Spring decor idea (or a Spring painting idea!).

35. Spring Wallpaper

Enjoy the season with this beautiful floral wallpaper for your iPhone.

36. Welcoming Spring

Welcome the season of joy and prosperity that brings along hope for a better future.

37. Petals Blowing

The pretty pink petals are going with the wind flow and, sometimes, we should “go with the flow” too.

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38. Flowers

A simple floral wallpaper on a blue background for the one who finds beauty in simplicity.

39. Floral Art

Gorgeous art that has got the essence of Spring to give you the seasonal vibe.

40. Aesthetic Spring Girl

Ayo girls, this one is for the aesthetic gorgeous lady in you.

41. Spring Evening

Even in the evening or at night, the colorful spring flowers shine bright.

42. Be Yourself

Be unapologetically you. Let your heart bloom like those gorgeous pink and red flowers.

43. Spring Mountain

Nature is truly amazing and the mighty mountains are the biggest evidence of that.

44. Red Plum Blossoms

This Red Plum Blossoms painting is actually from a well-known Chinese artist, Dong Shouping.

45. Spring Energy

Good energy is indeed contagious and Spring is all about spreading good energy (and so is this aesthetic wallpaper).

46. Pink Tulips

Tulips are my favorite Spring flowers. They are the epitome of joy and cheerfulness and I’m a sucker for that!

47. Spring Owl

I just had to include this adorable little Owl sitting on a flowery tree in this list (it’s also Spring-y so can’t complain!).

48. Spring Sky

If heaven exists, this is how it looks. It’s too gorgeous to be real.

49. Spring Color

This wallpaper is for a flower lover/minimalist person like you. Do you like it?

50. White Tulips

Bless your screen with the picture of white tulips that radiates joy and positivity.

51. Aesthetic Spring

Let’s end the list on a positive note with these little cheerful pink flowers ’cause that’s what Spring is all about.

Spring is all about spreading love, joy, and positivity. But it’s not the only season that’s as cheerful. You guessed it right, Summer! And, fortunately, we’ve got some amazing Summer wallpapers too. Check out: 51+ Free Beautiful Summer Wallpapers for iPhone.