51 Free Cute Pink Wallpapers For Iphone That You’ll Love

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Are you feeling too girly lately? Or you’re normally a girly girl with lots of pink stuff and looking for more? You’re in the right place. This stop has beautiful pink wallpapers for your iPhone that are too cute to ignore.

We’ve gathered up a list of 51 Cute Pink Wallpapers that you will just adore! Since the term “cute” is subjective, we have listed a variety of ideas to match your meaning of “cute”.

And if you don’t know how to take a picture on your phone, here’s how:

How To Save On Phone

It depends on which device you’re using.

If you’re on your phone, press and hold the picture you’ve chosen and click download to save it to your gallery.

If you’re on your Mac, right-click and download then Airdrop it to your iPhone. BUT, if you’re on any other desktop or laptop, you can email the picture to yourself.

1. Cute Cowgirl

Let’s begin the list with this adorable little Cowgirl. The sparkly background and cute she matches perfectly.

2. Pumpkins

Happy pink pumpkins ain’t found nowhere but here in this picture.

3. Kitty

The Kitty gaze always manages to strike a chord of empathy in me. How ’bout you?

4. Change For Yourself

Want good life advice? The picture says it all. You can’t avoid change but you should do it for yourself.

5. Bunny

This bunny won’t bite you. So you can enjoy its cuteness without any fear.

6. Rainbow

A little rainbow on a pink background is nothing less than cute. You can try it out.

7. Love

Pink is often associated with love. So why don’t we do that here too? Here’s some love for you.

8. Girly Rudolph

There’s no girlier Rudolph out there than the one in the picture. I mean look at her flaunting those giant lashes!

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9. Stronger

Put it up as your wallpaper if you need to see this regularly. And soon you’ll feel that strength in you.

10. Ghost

Who says ghosts are scary? Look at the one in this picture and think again.

11. Food Lover

For strawberry lovers, here’s a sweet strawberry treat for you. Too bad you can’t have ’em for real though.

12. Panda

If you’re as obsessed with pandas as I am, why didn’t we meet before?! Anyways, here’s a little treat for your eyes.

13. Cute Cat

It’s like those sparkling eyes are calling out to you. You can’t resist saving it, can you?

14. Pink Prints

I’d follow these paw prints even if it leads to hell! I just can’t resist myself from paw love. What about you?

15. Piggie Love

This adorable Piggy is giving you love in its cute way. Don’t you want it every single day?

16. Pink Rain

Rain is nothing but a cloud’s vomit. Gosh, did I just make the pluviophiles grimace?

17. Milkshake

Start your day with this milkshake and you will have a positive, cheerful, and bright day.

18. Cup of Poms

It’s a unique picture ’cause no one ever put poms in a teacup (none that I know of) but it’s a pretty cute picture.

19. Pink Flower

You can put up this picture of a pink flower as your wallpaper. It’s pretty cute.

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20. Pink Beauty

This Pink Forest picture is more exotic than cute but if that’s your choice, who’s stopping you?

21. Pink Pusheen

The Pusheens and pink make a cute pair together! Top it off with some Christmas ornaments and you get this adorable picture.

22. Pink Love

Here’s a cute and unique pink wallpaper for the pink lover in you.

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23. Dripping Rose

This dripping pink rose wallpaper is aesthetically cute. It’s gonna suit your iPhone well.

24. Life of Pink

If you wanna live a Life of Pink, start by updating your iPhone wallpaper to this one.

25. Pink Candy

Delicious candies are on the way! All you gotta do is save this picture and then check your phone screen.

26. Pretty Leaves

These pretty pink leaves can brighten up your screen with their prettiness. Give it a try.

27. Glittery Pink

A simple glittery background shines on the screen of a pink lover’s phone.

28. Pink Decor

I can imagine the beautiful pink interiors of this house from the picture. I’d wanna live in it. And you?

29. Molang

The Molang holding its origin country Korea’s flag is really cute and patriotic in a way.

30. Pink Ruffle

The ultra-soft ruffly carpets feel like heaven. And the pink one in this picture is cute too!

31. Cute Skull

Here’s another scary thing that’s turned into a cute one with pink and hearts.

32. Kitty Kiss

Ah! Forehead kisses. Ain’t they the cutest form of affection?

33. Baby Mammoth

This makes me wanna time travel to Ice Age and pet the cute baby Mammoths.

34. Encouraging Texts

Some encouraging texts for you so that no one can make you feel any less of yourself.

35. Butterfly 

A pretty butterfly and pretty you go well together. I’m not buttering you, I’m sure you’re pretty/handsome.

36. Bicycle Ride

I’d ride my bicycle for miles to visit such a beautiful pinky place. But if lassitude hits, I’d just make do with this picture. How ’bout you?


You got this “I DONUT Care” attitude lately? Then this wallpaper is perfect for you.

38. Foodie Girl

If you can relate to the girl in this picture, you belong with us foodies. Let’s go out for a delicious meal sometime.

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39. That’s So Fetch!

If you don’t know this dialogue, you’ve so missed out on a Classic. Gretchen Wieners. Need I say more?

40. Anime Girl

If only such gorgeous Anime characters existed in real life. Anyways, the picture’s cute enough to adorn your iPhone.

41. Spring Sunshine

Such a nice greeting from your iPhone (if only you put this up as your phone wallpaper).

42. Among Us Cute

Gone are the days of Among Us. Or are they? If you’re still hooked on this game, this one’s for you.

43. Cute & Aesthetic

A simple, meaningless picture is turned into an aesthetic, pretty one with pink background and snow filter.

44. All Pink

Pink clouds and sea? That’s new. And you should always try out new stuff.

45. Cherries

A simple pink background with a pair of cherries in the middle. I’d say it’s cute!

46. Pink Pineapple

A Pink Pineapple? Well, that’s something I’ve never heard of. But it’s in the picture so maybe it exists? Thoughts?

47. Fluffy

A pink fluffy toy wallpaper for the child in you.

48. Eating Melon

Well, pandas munch on Bamboo in reality but this picture is just a depiction of someone’s imagination (and it’s hella cute!).

49. Dumplings

Do these cute toddling pink dumplings look like butt cheeks to you? Or is it just me?

50. Baby Elephant

You can’t touch a baby Elephant in real life but you can look at its picture and go aww at it.

51. Pink Squid

It’s in no way related to the bloody Squid Gameshow. It’s just a pretty pink squid waiting to adorn your iPhone screen.

If you ain’t much picky with colors and just want a super cute wallpaper for your iPhone, check out the 51 Cute Wallpapers for your iPhone article that will surely make you go aww.