51 Free Black Aesthetic Wallpaper Options For iPhone

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Black is not a color, it’s a MOOD. Period. If you’re in a dark mood or in that dark aesthetic phase or simply a black lover, an aesthetic Black colored wallpaper is the vibe you need right now.

We have put together a list of 51 Black Aesthetic Wallpaper Options for iPhone with ideas that have got nothing to do with seasons but everything to do with your mood, all for FREE. 

From edgy angsty vibes to soothing ones, we’ve got a lot of options for you to try out.

All these options are specifically fit for iPhones, however, with a bit of cropping and editing, they can easily fit your Android or any other smartphone.

How to Save on the Phone

Simply long-press on the wallpaper you’ve chosen from our list and click download to iPhone or any other smartphone. Check your gallery and make sure it’s saved. Then go to settings and change your home screen or lock screen or both. 

These photos perfectly fit the iPhone but if you want them to fit any other smartphone, crop the desired wallpaper according to your phone’s dimensions. A bit of cropping won’t change their aesthetic vibe. 

Let’s dive into the list now, eh? 

1. Full Moon 

The glowing moon with the mystic clouds and the twinkling stars is the perfect example of soothing aesthetic wallpaper in a black color scheme.

2. Aesthetic Earth

The aesthetic Earth in the dark outer space is pretty soothing but vibes with your dark mood at the same time. It’s also perfect to fit any other smartphone or laptop/computer.

3. Black Wolf

Wolf is the most aesthetic animal, in my opinion. This Black & White Wolf Wallpaper is exactly what you need if you’re going through a loner phase.

4. Floral Touch

No matter how dark it is, there’s no pink that can’t brighten up the darkness. The Pink Floral in the black-est background stands out like you in a crowd.

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5. Black Door

There’s something mysterious about this picture. You can’t comprehend but can’t take your eyes off of it either. And if that’s the vibe you’re looking for, this is it.

6. Canyon

I feel like the Canyons call out to you to make you climb it. Whether it’s true or not, if you’re a Canyon climber, this aesthetic Black & White Canyon Wallpaper will suit your phone.

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7. Nike Dream

Phil Knight had a crazy Nike Dream that came true. Yours too is a crazy Nike dream but you gotta do it. Just do it. Remind yourself that every day.

8. Black Flower

Black Flowers are the most aesthetic and rare yet underrated ones but your black-loving heart can appreciate their true beauty. This wallpaper is totally for you.

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9. Watch Where You Look

If you’re into aesthetic photography or creative puns, this wallpaper satisfies both. Watch Where You Look, did ya get the creativity here?

10. Eagle Art

The piercing eyes of the mighty Eagle see right through you. And this wallpaper captures the magic of their stunning eyes and fits it on your phone.

11. Black Ball

Balls are boring little things if you want ’em to be boring. The shiny black balls in the wallpaper are anything but that.

12. Black Apple

If all you’re looking for is a simple Black wallpaper for your iPhone, this full black background with the Apple logo suits your taste and your iPhone.

13. Never Give Up

If you’re in the process of an important but tough task and need a bit of motivation, this is it for you. Never give up. Your phone repeats, never give up.

14. Black Bird

This particular wallpaper is pretty discrete but aesthetic in its own way. Make out of it whatever you want but if you’re a black-lover, you gotta have this one as an option.

15. Black Umbrella

If you’re looking for a simple with no deeper meaning but elegant wallpaper, this Black Umbrella wallpaper works well. You can crop it to fit any other phone too.

16. Skull

For the goth in you, here’s a Black & White Skull Wallpaper. Matches up with your angsty, rough side perfectly well.

17. Dog With A Gun

We know dogs as cute, harmless, and innocent little creatures to keep as our own, but have you ever imagined them as savage little beings? This wallpaper goes beyond your imagination.

18. Audi 

There are cars, and there’s Audi. Agree? Then this Black Audi with glowing headlights wallpaper is totally for you.

19. Musical Panda

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Then this is it ’cause I bet you’ve never seen a dope Panda with headphones around its neck.

20. White Grunge

Are you into rock music? This White Grunge Wallpaper suits your taste for grunge music or simply the rocky side of you. You can crop it to fit your Android or any other smartphone.

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21. Change Starts Here

Need a regular motivational reminder? The Change Starts Here Wallpaper is perfect for you if you’re in that I-wanna-bring-about-a-change zone.

22. Queen

Yasss Queen! You are the Queen. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. Put this wallpaper up on your phone and go conquer the world.

23. Black Cat

If you ain’t the one to believe all those black cat superstitions and actually appreciate their beauty, this wallpaper is definitely for you. Never mind if it’s not vertical, with a bit of editing it can easily fit your iPhone.

24. Perfect Dog

The beauty of this wallpaper is that it catches the innocence and purity of dogs perfectly. Dogs are the perfect creatures and if you agree, this one’s for you.

25. Waves

Waves create a melody of their own and you can almost hear it in this aesthetic Waves Wallpaper where they’re dancing in their own tune kissed by the light.

26. Black Quotes

It has some black quotes (a couple too dark) that can perfectly match your mood if you’re going through that dark phase.

27. Smoky

The mystical smoke in the black background is so captivating. With a bit of cropping, it can fit any smartphone.

28. Street Lights

This aesthetic wallpaper with its busy street and the glimmering lights holds a beauty that lies in the eyes of the beholder.

29. Swinging In The Space

Sometimes you need to give in to your unrealistic imagination like this astronaut swinging by the moon with twinkling stars around.

30. Broken Glass

This Broken Glass wallpaper holds a deeper and darker meaning but it’s also aesthetic in its own way. Did it strike a chord inside you?

31. Stars

Like the galaxy of stars in the picture, you too can shine bright in the galaxy of beings and let it remind you of that every single day.

32. Eiffel Tower

The glimmering majestic Eiffel Tower in all its beauty. Even in Black & White, it looks as beautiful as it does in its original form.

33. Forehead Kiss

The sweet touch of their lips on your forehead is an amazing forever-lasting sensation and this wallpaper captures the beauty of it.

34. Droplets

Something as minuscule as tiny water droplets can be enthralling if captured in all its beauty like this wallpaper creatively captures its charm on a couple of leaves.

35. Cycle Of Moon

From crescent to full moon and reverse, the natural cycle of the moon has deeper connections to us human beings beyond what we can ever comprehend.

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36. Whispering In The Dark

With a beautiful quote and a mesmerizing background, the Whispering In The Dark wallpaper is a must-try for any smartphone user.

37. Petals

And as the breeze hits, the broken petals fly away to a faraway land. This aesthetic wallpaper is a perfect fit and a must-have for any smartphone.

38. Crashing Waves

You can almost hear the soothing sound of the crashing waves in this picture, can’t you?

39. Moon Heart

If you’re kind of a creative person, you’ll love to see this beautiful imaginative Moon Heart wallpaper on your phone.

40. Fading Apple

An aesthetic Fading Apple Logo Wallpaper for your iPhone can go a long way. Or at least you can keep it as an option.

41. Werewolf And The Moon

There’s nothing more aesthetic than this werewolf howling at the moon wallpaper. It suits all

42. Woman

This beautiful wallpaper with its abysmal meaning is perfectly suitable for all those twisted dark phases you go through.

43. LIFE

A simple yet aesthetic wallpaper with a very simple word but it holds all the weight in the world- LIFE.

44. Citylights

One of the things you must see before you die is a big city at night with all the lights shining bright.

45. Black Panther

The piercing blue eyes of the Black Panther in the Black & White color scheme are just so enthralling that you can’t take your eyes off it.

46. Ferris Wheel

Like a Ferris Wheel, there are ups and downs in our lives so all we can do is try to enjoy the ride.

47. Spiral

If you’re looking for a meaningful one, this wallpaper holds a beautiful meaning of life- spiraling down towards a ray of hope.

48. Up In The Clouds

This is a feeling we all get sometimes. Especially during those rough or extremely boring phases. And if you’re going through the same, this wallpaper suits you.

49. Lion

This picture of the King of the Jungle is really captivating with that majestic mane and shining eyes reflecting a glint of hope.

50. Joker

We talkin’ about Black and miss out on Mr.J? Nah, not happening. The raw him in all his glory is unfathomable.

51. Art

If you appreciate real Art, you’ll understand the beauty of this dark patterned art.

I’ll suggest you save multiple of these pictures and put them up according to your mood. After all, Black is a mood in itself, innit? But if you’re more in the dark mood than black, check out our 51+ Free Aesthetic Dark Wallpapers For iPhone