51+ Beautiful Roses Wallpaper Background for iPhone

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As Anne Bronte once said, “But he that dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose”. If you wanna get roses for yourself, you have to touch the thorns indeed. However, for now, you don’t have to worry about the thorns!

We have compiled a list of beautiful Roses Wallpaper for your iPhone where you only need to see the flower’s beauty and not worry about it being prickly.

How To Save On Phone

Long-press on the wallpaper you’ve chosen for your iPhone and click ‘download’. Or right-click on the picture you’ve chosen from your laptop and click ‘save’. Transfer it to your phone via AirDrop or in any other case email it to yourself.

1. Red Rose

Let’s begin with the Classic Red Rose ‘cause it’s never gonna be too old for romance and proclamation of love. 

2. Yellow Rose

‘Cause yellow is the best hue flowers possess and you can’t change my mind.  

3. Pink Rose

To have a little pink in life makes anything possible and everything better. 

4. Path of Roses

Here’s a little piece of wisdom- On the path full of roses you may get pricked by thorns but do not stop, keep moving. 

5. Roses & Skull

Roses and Skull, what a chaotically beautiful combo it is. But that’s life, chaotic and beautiful. 

6. Black & White Roses

‘Cause sometimes Black & White is all we need in our lives. 

7. I’ll Be Right There

A wise man once said, “Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind”. It’s something we often forget.

8. Blood Stained White Rose

How wonderfully this picture speaks louder than words ever could. 

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9. Aesthetic Rose

Such a beautiful red rose all wilted and sour. I wonder what happened to this little red flower? 

10. Holding Hands

Oh so beautifully the two hands are bound by the rose of love and the heart of desire! 

11. Vintage Pink Roses

Let the sweetness of the pink roses enhance the beauty of your life. 

12. Rose Drawing

The essence of red roses is perfectly illustrated in this picture of a Rose Drawing. 

13. Dry Roses

Dried up roses on a ruffled blanket, the soft texture coming together with the rough one- what’s the secret we don’t know about?

14. Strong Is The New Pretty

I just think it has always been pretty, we just could not see it. Or rather didn’t wanna acknowledge it. 

15. Bouquet of Roses

What I can see is a beautiful bouquet that represents the pledging of one’s heart to another.

16. Black Rose

There is something so captivating about black, it amazes me. It has no hue of its own and yet we find ourselves drawn to it. 

17. Rainbow Rose

Ah! A rainbow-colored rose. That’s the first I’ve ever seen. Unique and creative.

18. Sparkling Rose

With a bit of red and a little sparkle, you can get over any bad thing in your life. Just gotta believe in thyself

19. Rose Letter

A Red Rose and a Love Letter- the Classic romance, the most heartfelt way to proclaim your love for another.

20. Burning Rose

The burning rose seems to me like a man’s impetuous passion or a burning desire.

21. Wet Blooming Rose

How gently the droplets lay still on the delicate rose petals.

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22. Aesthetic Wallpaper

Nothing but just a bunch of red roses on a plain pink background that surprisingly looks so aesthetic.

23. Flower Vase

A vase full of colorful roses and other beautiful blooms is a soothing sight for the eye.

24. Rose & Hearts

Hearts and a Red Rose- an age-old pair that’s been ruling our hearts since Aphrodite created these red blooms.

25. Dark Roses

The gorgeous hue of roses outshines the darkness around.

26. Rose Arrangement

The colorful Roses peeking through the Cluster of Baby’s Breath Flowers is such a beautiful arrangement.

27. Crushing Rose

The bare hand crushing the delicate flower- it’s cruel but hauntingly beautiful somehow.

28. Pink Petals

The pink petals are so soothing to the eye. So cheery and bright.

29. Delicate Roses

A vase of freshly bloomed delicate pink roses, there’s not a more realistic picture than this one.

30. White Roses

The white roses are stacked together so neatly. It’s an elegant beauty, so peaceful to look at.

31. Floribunda Roses

A bunch of special kind of roses, the Floribunda Roses- a treat for your eyes.

32. White & Pink

A jar of white roses and warm pinks is the perfect picture to radiate positivity in your life.

33. Sweet Macarons & Bouquet

Some sweet macarons coupled with the fresh fragrance of roses. Sadly you can neither taste nor smell the picture but you can have a sight to behold.

34. Rose with a Ring

It’s amazing how a mere rose and ring represent the fragile human hearts that are hopelessly in love with their other half.

35. Floating Yellow Petals

The sunkissed yellow petals floating in a bronze washbasin- that’s so aesthetic.

36. Orange Blooms

The orange roses in simple jars, how does it look so beautiful?

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37. Pretty Pink

A baby pink rose to cheer up your days.

38. White Bouquet

It’s like the bouquet has been washed in milk! Drop-dead gorgeous.

39. Black Rose on White Paper

This simple picture of a Black Rose on a white background seems so aesthetic.

40. Cluster of Red

A cluster of blood-red roses has that unmatched romanticism in it, don’t ya think?

41. Trapped Rose

A trapped delicate rose in a dark world, what’s the meaning you got from this picture?

42. Hope

“cause all that we need to survive is hope. Hope is like the driving force. Otherwise, we’d just be existing not living.

43. Scattered Roses

Scattered roses all around on the plain white ground.

44. Holding Flowers

Our hearts are as delicate as these flowers, they must be tended with love and care. Else, they’d wilt and break.

45. Blank Card & Petals

You can edit this picture and add a message for yourself on that blank white space, just a suggestion.

46. Purple Rose

My second favorite rose is a purple rose ’cause it symbolizes love at first sight!

47. Roses & Gold Lips

I LOVE the idea here! A golden pair of lips and a cluster of red roses all around. It’s so creatively captured.

48. Collection of Roses

So many vases, so many colorful roses, I can’t help but think that’s what life is all about.

49. Pouring Roses

Pour some roses into people’s lives and you’ll see how much of a difference you make!

50. Misty Background

Ah! So wonderfully captured the water droplets and the pink roses behind.

51. Roses & Books

It’s a nice picture idea with roses and books. I like it.