80 Best Rose Gold Wallpapers For iPhone

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Are you looking for a soft-colored iPhone wallpaper that screams style and elegance or a cute romantic one?  These cute Rose Gold wallpapers can adorn your iPhone (or any other smartphone that you may have).

Whether you’re in a romantic bubble or feeling girly or simply a pink lover, we’ve got it all for you. From plain wallpapers to textured ones, beautiful pink sceneries to artistic backgrounds. For all your moods and all different seasons,  this list of 80 Best Rose Gold Wallpapers has a wide variety of pinky options for you to try out.

How To Save On Your Phone

Well, that’s easier than squeezing a lemon!

If you’re reading this on your phone, long-press on the picture and press download to save it on your gallery. Go to settings and change your wallpaper.

If you’re on your laptop right now, right-click on the image and download it first. Then Airdrop (Mac to iPhone) or email the picture to yourself.

80 Best Rose Gold Wallpapers For iPhone

1. Apple Logo

Rose Gold alone can jazz up your phone screen. The logo can be an exclusive touch to your iPhone.

2. Love

Are we talking about a soft, aesthetic hue like Rose Gold, and we don’t associate it with love? Nuh-uh, not happening.

3. Sparkly Beach

With the bird-view beach scenery and the beautiful ombre of pink and gold, you don’t wanna miss out on this imaginative wallpaper.

4. All That Glitters

Honestly, I love this wallpaper. The glittery butterfly and plant pattern in the elegant Rose Gold background is so aesthetic!

5. Gold Rose Heart

The sparkling Rose Gold heart in this picture holds an elegance that can charm up your phone and, maybe, your life too. Just saying.

6. Going Down

Although it seems like it’s going down, it will elevate your screen with its sparkly magic.

7. Queen

What’s stopping you from putting up this picture as your wallpaper? You are a Queen after all. Need I remind you?

8. Rosy Night

The dazzling sea under the pink sky might seem too good to be true but it can certainly spruce up your phone well.

9. Floral Pattern

If you’re a fan of artistic patterns, you’ll love this aesthetic floral pattern in the Rose Gold background.

10. Breathe

Breathe. Such a simple word with the heaviest weight. This one’s beautiful and meaningful, if that’s the combo you’re looking for.

11. XOXO

If you’re not in the mood for meaningful pictures, how ’bout a cute hugs and kisses wallpaper? XOXO!

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12. Rose Gold Print

A fine rose gold printed wallpaper can embellish your screen too.

13. Marble and Glitter


Gosh, I love the sparkly Rose Gold, pink, and marble trio here! Like it’s so stylish. Don’t you agree?

14. Lights

I wonder how those little string lights can beautify such a simple, minimalist background!

15. Textured Wallpaper

If you want a simpler background but not too basic or plain, this nice textured one would be perfect for you.

16. Rose Bouquet

If you can’t have this pretty bouquet of roses IRL, you can at least adorn your iPhone screen with it.

17. Glittery Background

If your eyes can’t get enough of glimmering objects, this glittery Rose Gold background can be pretty appealing to them.

18. Glitter Smudge

And if the previous one was “too shiny” for you, maybe you’ll find this one appealing.

19. Rose Gold Love

Calling out to the Rose Gold lover/girly-girl chicks or even boys. Don’t you just love this collage consisting of all your favorite stuff?

20. You Are Enough

Going through the I-feel-so-lonely phase? If you are, I wish I could help you but all I can do sitting behind my screen is pick out this wallpaper for you to remind yourself that You Are Enough.

21. Gold Crown

Put a sparkling crown on your head ( and your phone) and go conquer the world girl!

22. Metallic Leaves

The metallic leaves in the picture with their Rose Gold shine hold an inexplicable kind of beauty. Don’t ya think?

23. Rose Painting

Are you an Art Lover looking for a painting-like wallpaper? Look no more!

24. Gold Cloth

The shiny smooth Rose Gold cloth can cover your phone screen well.

25. Diamond

Here’s an out-of-the-ordinary wallpaper that has a Rose Gold diamond on a black background.

26. Rose Gold Sequin

If you’re not so fond of the powdery glitters, you can put up these sequin glitters as your wallpaper.

27. Crystal

Want an elegant, chic kinda wallpaper? This Crystal won’t disappoint you or your phone.

28. Metallic Rose

It’s all Rosy in this picture. Sparkling Rose Gold rose on a Rose Gold background!

29. Glistening Wallpaper

Will you ever be able to ignore this adorable pink collage?

30. Chanel Aesthetic

Here’s something I’ve put up for all the die-hard fans of Chanel!

31. Glitter Sprinkle

If you don’t want it to be all Rose Gold, maybe you’ll like this sprinkling glitter on a black background.

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32. Rose Gold Foil

If you want a minimalist wallpaper but with the same shine, this is it.

33. Elegance

In my eyes, this one particularly reaches the ceiling of elegance.

34. Beautifully Patterned Wallpaper

A beautifully patterned wallpaper goes a long way.

35. Get It Girl

Wake up to a bit of encouragement every day!

36. Dreamer 

I’d prefer a dreamer over a realist. What about you?

37. Slay

You gotta slay. Every day. Remind yourself.

38. Angel

A pretty Angel wallpaper for you if you’re a positive-vibe person.

39. Random Patterned Wallpaper

The pattern is pretty random but beautiful nevertheless.

40. Basic Wallpaper

If you’re not in the mood for patterns or sceneries or designs, you can go for this basic Rose Gold wallpaper.

41. Marble Balls

I’m bouncing some pinky marble balls your way. Do you like ’em?

42. Black & Rose Gold

This combination goes way back to when someone clever decided to put these two colors together and create magic!

43. Butterfly

Love the Black & Rose Gold combo? Here’s another one with a Rose Gold butterfly on a black background.

44. Snow

I love the exquisite snow pattern here. It also vibes well with the black background.

45. Pendant

Here we bump into another beautiful picture that screams elegance with that shiny little pendant on the pretty background.

46. Sparkly Lips

If you’re in the mood for something sexy, this wallpaper of rouged sparkly lips is just the thing for you.

47. Happy Thoughts

And if you want some happy thoughts, I’m sending some positivity your way!

48. Metal

If you can’t get enough of the shiny Rose Gold hue, bask in this metallic wallpaper for a while.

49. Rose Gold Waters

This picture makes me wanna jump in the sea and look for this spectacular view!

50. Foil Star

A cute little Foil Star for you if you want something unique but simple.

51. Palm Trees

A couple of sparkly palm trees bring good luck your way!

52. Rose Gold Bird

I just wanna take that mini pendant out of the picture and wear it all the time.

53. Dark Rose Gold

There’s nothing to comprehend here. Just enjoy the uniqueness of this wallpaper.

54. Rose Gold Swirl

A swirly pattern for you if you’re in an I-am-so-confused-wth-is-happening phase.

55. Inflatable Love

Fill your heart with love like balloons filled with helium. Wait, did I just quote something?

56. Gold Rose

Want simple? You can go for this one.

57. Diamond Ring

Want something classy and “expensive”? This is it.

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58. Cute Ombre

Honestly, I cannot get over this beautiful Rose & Gold ombre!

59. Aesthetic Rose Gold

Calling out to my aesthetic ladies, this one is for you!

60. A

If you choose this one, I’m guessing your name (or somebody special’s name *wink*) starts with an A.

61. Gold Rose Cartoon

Well, this one’s pleasing if your eyes love the sight of sparkly objects.

62. Wonderful Time

If it’s the time for the most wonderful festive season in your city/town, this one suits the occasion well.

63. Christmas 

And if it’s Christmas time (our favorite holiday), have a merry & bright Christmas!

64. Snow Balls

Don’t you just love the sight of snow falling especially during Christmas? I’d love to see it once!

65. Heart

Cute and simple just like you. How can I tell? Well, let’s not get into that.

66. Shiny Rose

The metallic Rose Gold glint of this rose is pretty attractive I must say.

67. Girl Cave

The picture has all the ‘common’ favorite’ things of women. Girl Cave indeed.

68. Lockscreen Wallpaper

Yeah, we don’t lock our phones just like that now do we?

69. Feather

A nice, pretty, and glittery wallpaper that has no meaning but only beauty.

70. Typical Girl

If you relate to this picture, I bet you’re loving it!

71. Lots Of Love

The picture is filled with love, just like your good heart.

72. Surprise Love

The Box has so much love in it. Be like this box.

73. Textured Wallpaper

If you want something artistic but not OTT, give this one a shot.

74. Cute Apple Wallpaper

A cute Apple wallpaper for your Apple iPhone. It goes well with any other smartphone too.

75. Get Shit Done

Yeah, get your procrastinating a** up and get shit done!

76. Rose Gold Girly 

I love the sparkle here. It’s like the perfect amount- not too dull, not too bright.

77. Act Like A Queen

It’s a lesson you should learn. And remind yourself every day.

78. Apple Locket

A simple locket design in a black background if you want something minimalist.

79. Heels

If you find the heels in the picture pretty, it’s bad that you can’t wear them for real but you can at least download their picture.

80. Cute Heart

Let’s end the list with a cute little heart picture and lots of warmth!

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