80+ Beautiful Flower Wallpaper For iPhone

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I’ve never met anyone who thinks flowers are not beautiful. Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature! With that said, I assume you too love flowers and you’d love some good flower wallpapers for your iPhone. You are in the right place.

We’ve listed 80+ Beautiful Flower Wallpaper for iPhone where you’ll get a wide range of flower pictures (real flowers, sketches, paintings, and more!). You will also learn a bit more about flowers on the way.

How To Save On Phone

It’s no biggie. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

  1. Press and hold the picture on your phone and click download. Change your wallpaper from the settings
  2. Right-click on the picture on your Mac/lap/computer and click save. Transfer it to your phone via email or Airdrop.

1. Red Flower

Redden up your iPhone screen with this pretty red flower picture.

2. Cute Pinks

Or maybe you can go for a bunch of pinky flowers for that sweet touch.

3. Orange Flower

A nice,and simple, pretty little orange flower goes a long way. You can try it.

4. Minimalist 

A minimalist flower sketch is the next best thing if you don’t want a real flower picture.

5. Tube Flowers

Tiny little flowers in small tubes are just the thing you need on your iPhone screen.

6. No Rain No Flower

Here’s a good flower quote on a minimalist flower picture. No Rain, No Flowers. True that.

7. Tea & Flower

An elegant tea & flower wallpaper on a soft-hued background for the tea lover in you (and your iPhone).

8. Bunch Of Tulips

A bunch of colorful tulips is all you need to brighten up all your mornings. Or somebody else’s.

9. Flower In Flames

The burning red rose appears to me as one’s burning passion. What’s the meaning you found in this wallpaper?

10. Sad Flower

We don’t always want a jolly, happy, positive picture as our phone wallpaper. Sometimes we look for a melancholic/sad wallpaper and if you feel the same way right now, here you go.

11. Lone Flower

A pretty, bright but lone flower in a dark forest is the perfect reminder to stand straight and bright even if things around you are too dark, even if you’re alone.

12. Drawing

A beautiful, colorful flower drawing wallpaper for the art lover in you.

13. Flower Girl

What’s more beautiful than this picture which is full of grace and pink?

14. Gardenia Flower

The white hue of the gardenia flower is my favorite shade of white. It’s like the perfect amount of white. Do you agree?

15. Aesthetic Blue

Ah, the flowers in the picture! The bluish-pink blend is captivating. And the light reflection adds to its beauty.

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16. Pretty Pink

If only I had a garden to grow such a beautiful flower. The picture’s good enough though. Do you wanna grow such a flower?

17. Cute Little Ones

The garden of heaven is probably like the one filled with these little white flowers.

18. Blue & Butterfly

What an aesthetic picture we have here! The mesmerizing blue butterfly sitting on a wet blue flower. So beautiful!

19. Animated Flower

If you want something different but flowery, this animated flower picture is just the “different” thing you’re looking for.

20. Bunch Of Pinks

If pink is your happiness, we’ve got a bunch of happiness for you!

21. White & Red

Nature’s choice of color is truly amazing. The white and pinkish-red combo here is SO on point.

22. Sparkly Flower

Here’s something simple, unique, sparkly, and, of course, flowery for you.

23. Golden

Imagine if the floating golden flowers like those in the picture were real. It’d be spectacular!

24. Flower Painting

A nice floral painting wallpaper for the painter in you.

25. White Sunflower

Shine as bright as the sunflowers on a sunny day. Let nothing dim your light. 

26. Floating Flower

A picture with more than one deeper meaning. It depends on you what you comprehend.

27. Sunny Day

The flowers are most charming on a bright sunny day, don’t ya think so?

28. Flower & Bee

Where there’s a flower, there’s a bee. Inseparable. It’s a splendid view to see.

29. Aesthetic Drawing

The blood-red and dark hue blend with a pinkish touch sure makes it appear exotic and charming.

30. Rose Gold

And if you want something glittery, well, a real flower doesn’t have that glitter-sparkle but the ones in the picture sure do.

31. Cute Whites

The soft white hue of the flowers reminds me of tasty cream. Now am craving some cake. Anyways, the picture’s beautiful so you may go for it.

32. Pretty Flower Design

Here’s a pretty flower design that you can try out for your next party!

33. Black Art

Flower drawings don’t always have to be colorful. Black Art is as beautiful as colorful ones.

34. Pretty Butterfly & Flower

Seeing a butterfly sitting on a flower makes me happy! Nature is so beautiful, isn’t it?! Especially during Spring with all the colorful blooms. How about you put up a beautiful Spring wallpaper? Take a look at 50+ Best Free Spring Wallpapers for Your iPhone

35. Flower & Stones

Here’s a pretty, aesthetic wallpaper for your iPhone. It can also be a decor idea for your home.

36. Carnation

Did you know a Carnation flower is symbolic of a mother’s love? Yes! Give your mom one next Mother’s Day. She’ll love this exotic flower.

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37. Onion Flower

This one’s called ‘Ambassador’, belonging to the Allium ( Purple Onion Flower) family. It has this mauve-purple color and no you can’t blow them off like a dandelion (even if it looks like it).

38. Dark 

Be bright and colorful like the pretty flowers on a dark background.

39. Yellow Tulips

They’re the perfect examples of “beauty in simplicity”. They each got a single color with a smooth surface and no texture. So simple yet beautiful!

40. Golden Blue Flowers

Do you want something creative, more imaginative? This flower picture is exactly what you need.

41. Shining Flowers

With that sparkly touch, the blue and yellow flowers seem so beautiful and attractive. Don’t ya think so?

42. Water Flower

Now we are talkin’ creativity! Whoever thought of capturing this beauty, you’re amazing!

43. Pink Design

Here’s another aesthetic design for your phone screen or your sketchbook.

44. Rustic Flower

How can you make a flower rustic? Choose a simple-looking flower and put it on a wooden background. Easy and looks beautiful!

45. Dandelion

I can’t help but sing  I’m in a field of dandelions, wishing on everyone that you’d be mine, mine’

46. Cartoon Flower

A cartoonish flower picture if you’re bored of the real flower pictures.

47. Dahlia

All types of Dahlias are beautiful but this, in particular, is exquisite.

48. Spring Flower

The flowers that blossom in spring are the most attractive in my opinion. What are your views on this?

49. You Can

Here’s a flower picture with a motivating quote for you. Always remind yourself that you can handle it.

50. Pretty Violets

This bunch of violets will brighten up your phone screen! Try it out.

51. Pink & White

They seem so smooth and beautiful that I almost wanna grab ’em out of the picture.

52. Cute Ones

Cute little wet flowers for your phone. Sure you’ll love it!

53. That One Flower

That one flower that stands out from the crowd. Be like that one flower.

54. Lilies

Roses or lilies? If your pick is lilies then this one’s for you!

55. Lotus

There are flowers that need to be in a group to show their beauty. And there’s the lotus that alone is enough to show its beauty.

56. Colorful Bunch

A colorful bunch of flowers for a colorful person like you!

57. Cherry Blossom

Is there anyone who thinks Cherry Blossoms ain’t beautiful? I don’t think so!

58. Roadside Flowers

These are often ignored but they possess a different kind of beauty that’s unmatched.

On top of that, yellow itself is enough to grab attention. Want some yellow wallpapers? See our list of 51+ Yellow Aesthetic Wallpaper Options For iPhone.

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59. Field of Flowers

The reason why Spring is my favorite. Oh, this must be what heaven looks like!

60. All Yellow

Bless your iPhone with a bunch of yellow flowers. After all, they do spread positivity.

61. Rare One

We got a rare type of flower here. Have you ever heard of it? It’s exquisite!

62. Dripping Rose

This wallpaper of a pair of roses dripping with paint is nothing short of beautiful.

63. Bluebell Wood

Ever been to the Bluebell Wood flower field? It’s magical! I mean look at the picture!

64. Aesthetic

Even if it may seem fake, I still can’t take my eyes off it.

65. Spring Pink

The Spring Pink blossoms are the best just like these pretty stone fruit flowers.

66. Farmhouse Flowers

Try out this farmhouse-style flower wallpaper if you’re a minimalist kinda guy.

67. Antique Painting

The Antique style of painting is back on trend. Hop on it with this beautiful flower wallpaper.

68. Flowers On Stones

Flowers on stones. Now that’s a unique decor idea. And a unique wallpaper too.

69. Pink Roses

The Roses are red. Wrong. The Roses are pink too! And they are sure pretty!

70. Pretty Bird 

The little bird and the flowers around blend in so naturally. It’s amazing!

71. Pretty Whites

Sitting under a tree of these pretty white flowers would be a bliss time.

72. Budding Flowers

The budding of flowers is a sight to see! Nature at its best.

73. Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons are pretty too. Put up this wallpaper and you’ll get good comments.

74. Wet Flowers

Flowers have a different shine on them during the rainy season. Don’t ya think?

75. A Flower

One single flower can beautify your phone screen as well as the bunch of flower pictures.

76. Exotic Flower

What an exotic capture! It is AMAZING. I can look at it for hours.

77. Smoky Rose

Exotic. Smoky. Aesthetic. Only words that came to my mind on seeing this beautiful picture.

78. Amoled Black Flower

The colorful flowers look even more beautiful on a black background, don’t they?

79. Flower & Drops

The way the droplets on the flower are captured. It’s so beautiful. So aesthetic.

80. Aesthetic Flower

Since we are talkin’ about aesthetics, this one’s no less than that! Creative too.

81. Flower On Bench

A small flower lying on a bench is a sight we easily ignore. But the way it’s captured here, it appears so exquisite!

We hope you found the wallpaper for your iPhone. And also learned a tad bit about flowers on the way! If you enjoyed this article, you may also like 51+ Beautiful Roses Wallpaper Backgrounds for iPhone.