50+ Best Free Autumn Wallpaper Options for iPhone

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The sound of the leaves crunching, the smell of pumpkin spirit and the cold weather marks the beginning of our favorite Autumn season or the grand festive season.

However, Autumn is so much more than being grateful and trick-or-treating. It’s about pumpkin spice, marshmallows, hot coffee, warm clothes, orange scenes, and much more! And we are here to enjoy all-things-Autumn with these beautiful Autumn Wallpapers that will perfectly match the seasonal vibes.

Before we get into that, let’s take a quick look at:

How To Save On Phone

Assuming you are using an iPhone, long-press on the picture you chose and click ‘download’. You’ll see it appears in your files and you can change the wallpaper from settings. The same process works for any other smartphone.

But, if you are reading this on your laptop, assuming you got a Macbook, you can right-click on the image and save it then Airdrop it to your iPhone. In case you don’t use both iPhone and Macbook, you have to email the picture to yourself to transfer it from your laptop to your phone.

1. Orange Autumn Collage

‘Tis the season of orange color! From pumpkins to flowers to butterflies to dried leaves, it’s all orange and so is this Autumn collage.

2. Pumpkin & Orange

Pumpkins and oranges are one of the many reasons why we look forward to Fall.

3. Dried Leaves

This picture of dried-up leaves with droplets of water on them looks super aesthetic.

4. Autumn Trees

The beautiful, colorful autumn trees is a gorgeous scenery to look at.

5. Leaves & Water

A beautiful edited Autumn leaves and water wallpaper, in case you wanted something quite different.

6. Autumn Lake

The reflection of the autumn trees on the water and the cloudy day sky looks amazing in this picture!

7. Hello Autumn

Welcome your favorite seasons with a hot cappuccino and pumpkins.

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8. Autumn Rail Road

Something as mere as dried up leaves on railway track can be captured so aesthetically. It’s impressive.

9. Kawaii Pattern

All things Autumn is in this cute little Kawaii picture. Do you like it?

10. Happy Fall

Pusheen & his friend wishes you a very happy and joyous Fall!

11. Autumn October

October means the festive month is here, and so is Fall!  It’s the happiest month, isn’t it?

12. Autumn in New York

How beautifully New York City in Fall is captured in this painting pictures!

13. Orange Season

Orange here, orange there, orange everywhere. That’s the beauty of Autumn.

14. Autumn Ride

Ironically, the leaves dry up and shed during Autumn but look the most beautiful with all the colors in this season.

15. Fall

An aesthetic wallpaper of a pumpkin is best suited to match the Autumn spirit.

16. Fall in the Woods

Fall in the Woods means crunchy leaves and orange scenes. It’s beautiful.

17. Lakeside

Sitting near the lake, the cool autumn breeze blowing across your skin and the crunching sound of the dried leaves- it’s pretty soothing.

18. Abundance of Pumpkins

Are ya hungry for some pumpkin? I sure am after looking at this picture of abundant pumpkins.

19. Fall Days

Fall Days are here along with pumpkins and pinecones. Are ya prepared for it?

20. Fall Leaves Pattern

An exquisite, creative autumn leaves pattern for a creative person like you.

21. Halloween 

Spooky boos and trick-or-treating are the reasons why kids (or even some adults) love Fall. What about you?

22. Spooky Pumpkin

Are you spooked by this scary, lit pumpkin? No? You better be ’cause Fall is here and it brings along the sinister pumpkins.

23. Autumn

Pumpkin spiced latte. You got that right. Autumn is about pumpkin spiced lattes (in case you didn’t get it, we’re referring to the three emojis in the picture).

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24. Pumpkin Latte

More pumpkin spiced lattes! And some dried leaves too. Totally gives the Autumn vibe.

25. Orange Leaves

Such beauty can only be witnessed during Autumn (or maybe in Spring too, I dunno to be honest but it’s a beautiful picture!)

26. Fall Scented Candle

Are ya ready to begin the season with your Fall scented candles? What? You don’t have ’em yet? Go get ’em! And get this wallpaper too.

27. Through The Fall Forest

Nature never fails to amaze me. The way these trees are twisted but are in such symmetry with the light and with each other. It’s splendid.

28. Boo & Stuff

‘Cause Fall is about Boo and stuff, right?

29. Fall Has Come

The beauty of a mountain forest during Fall is amplified. The picture is gorgeous.

30. Fall Essentials

Do you think this Fall Essentials list/picture forgot anything? I think it includes all the Autumn essentials.

31. Love In Autumn

It is such a cute picture. Whoever thought to cut a heart in the middle of that leaf, you did a great job!

32. Autumn Scenes

Nothing but Autumn scenes. A drive on that road during that time would be so awesome!

33. Autumn Rain

Or maybe a drive on a rainy Autumn day? Now that would be awesome too!

34. Pond in Autumn

What a gorgeous view! The autumn season made that pond look so beautiful.

35. Halloween Season

As the leaves shred, the masks of sinister pumpkins would also come off ’cause it’s the season of Halloween.

36. Heart Leaves

Thes heart leaves are so cute, ain’t they?!

37. Be Grateful

It is the season of giving thanks or being grateful. A quick advice- Be grateful for all the little things in life.

38. Rustic Background

The simple and elegant rustic theme never goes out of style.

39. Yellow Leaf

That one yellow leaf among the darks that stands out, just the way one should in a dark crowd.

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40. Yellow Pathway

Not just orange or brown, Autumn is also about crunchy yellow leaves!

Is yellow your favorite color? Then we also got some amazing yellow wallpapers for you to try out! 51+ Yellow Aesthetic Wallpaper options for iphone.

41. Misty Autumn

The misty atmosphere adds to the beauty of Autumn. What are your thoughts on it?

42. Hello Fall

Greet your favorite season with pumpkins and the berries of Autumn.

43. Autumn Sunshine

The warmth of the sun during the cool Autumn season is the best feeling.

44. Cold Autumn

The colorful forest in front and the white mountain behind, I am so in love with this combo.

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45. Cozy Autumn

Warm knits, sweet treats, hot beverages, scented candles, books, and pinecones- all make for cozy autumn.

46. Bunch of Pumpkins

Have a holly jolly Fall with this manifold of pumpkins!

47. All About Autumn

Marshmallows, candles, bonfires, beautiful lights, and rain, this aesthetic college is all about the autumn season.

48. Bird’s View Autumn Forest

Autumn from the eyes of a bird is as beautiful as the season itself.

49. Black Autumn

Beautifully organized leaves that kinda symbolize the seasonal changes- don’t ya think?

50. Autumn Wallpaper

A simple, aesthetic, typical Autumn wallpaper for you.

51. Candles & Autumn

The smell of books, pumpkin scented candles, fresh blooms, and hot coffee, it’s the season of warmth and coziness indeed.

With so many different Autumn Wallpaper options, you are probably a little confused right now. And this may confuse you a little bit more. We’ve got other seasons’ wallpapers as well, take a look if you wish to: 51+ Free Beautiful Summer Wallpaper options for iPhone; 50+ Best Free Spring Wallpaper options for iPhone