51+ Free Beautiful Summer Wallpapers for iPhone

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Are you looking for a beautiful wallpaper that reminds you of the jolly summer season? Well, what is summer for you exactly? Beaches? Watermelon? Ice Cream? Summer heat? Whatever it is, we’ve got it all here. Beautiful beach wallpapers, summer fruits and blooms pictures, aesthetic summer collages, even quoted pictures, and everything else that summer is all about. All for free!

So scroll down and check out this list of 51+ Free Beautiful Summer Wallpapers for iPhone we compiled for you. And just in case you don’t know how to take the picture on your phone, here’s how:

How To Save On Phone

All these wallpapers are compatible with not just iPhones but any other smartphone.  So for any smartphone, all you gotta do is press and hold the picture and click ‘download’. You’ll find the wallpaper in your phone files.

If you are reading this on your laptop or computer, right-click on the picture and click ‘save’. Then transfer the picture to your phone via Airdrop if it’s from Mac to iPhone, otherwise, email the picture to yourself.

1. Summer Beach

Summer means “let’s hit the beach!” So we shall begin with the beach.

2. Beach Collage

Surfing? Check. Jeep? Check. Ferris Wheel? Check. Beach? Double check. What else do you need for the summer holidays?

3. Hat & Bucket

We need a hat to protect us from the summer heat! And a bucket to go fishing maybe? Whatever, the picture is totally giving off a summer vibe.

4. Melting Ice Cream

As much as we love to lick ice creams in summer, it’s kinda disgusting when it melts and makes a mess. Surprisingly, this melting ice cream picture is not so bad! And totally gives off the summer vibe.

5. Watermelon

What else is summer about? Juicy, big watermelons, and spitting out their seeds (the one in the picture got some big seeds!)

6. Ice Cream Pool

‘Cause summer is all about ice creams and pool. Can you deny that?

7. Ireland Summer

The island bustles with life during summer. If you’re from Ireland or have ever been there, you know what I am talking about. With the picturesque views and gorgeous sunsets, the island is glorified in summer.

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8. Bible Verse

Summer means positivity and hope. And this touching Bible verse is the perfect way to kickstart your summer.

9. Isaiah 6:3

Like the rays of the bright summer sun spreads across the earth, His glory is spread all over the world. A beautiful verse indeed.

10. Summer Love

This watermelon is high itself. Though it might make you high too. Harry Styles would know.

11. Hello Summer

Greetings summer! We thank you for all the joy and positivity you bring to our lives.

12. Flowers

You know I love summer nights. The sky is clear, the stars are prominent and the flowers below look gorgeous.

13. Summer Sky

The summer sun is here to brighten up your world and this wallpaper will brighten up your phone.

14. Summer Blue

Blue above, blue below, it’s blue everywhere! That’s the beauty of summer.

15. Palm Trees

The beauty of palm trees is elevated during summer. I don’t know why but somehow it is, I mean look at the picture!

16. Positivity

Welcome the sunshine, chill on the beach, spread positivity and just be happy this summer.

17. Summer Story

Every summer has a special story. Especially a cute little love story. I bet you got one too. Care to share?

18. Hawaii

Come on, you knew it was coming. We talkin’ summer, we talking beaches, of course, we had to talk Hawaii!

19. Pineapple & Coconut

Oh let’s not forget the other delicious summer fruit- Pineapple! And coconut too.

20. Summer Tagsa

We got all your beachy thoughts trapped in this Summer Tags wallpaper.

21. Beach Vibes

It’s a cute little picture with those cute lifebuoy-like floaters, giving off a typical summer vibe.

22. Sunny Days

So we can have fun again! Hit the beach, go diving or fishing or surfing, enjoy the summer till it lasts.

23. Blue Shades

Shades and sunny summer days, an inseparable pair. What do you think?

24. Enjoy Your Summer

Let this wallpaper be the sign to get rid of the imposter that disturbs your peace of mind, and enjoy your summer on the beach.

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25. Butterflies

Spring and Summer are the seasons when we realize there’s a wide variety of butterflies with endless color combinations!

26. Sea Stuff

Seashells, starfish, and everything beachy in this picture make me wanna hit the beach right away.

27. Girl’s Summer

To all my girls out there, make the most of your Girl Summer this year! Let this wallpaper be your reminder.

28. Pink Flowers

A bunch of pink summer blooms to cheer you up every time you feel low ’cause summer’s all about being happy and spreading happiness.

29. Dawn

Sunset on the beach, that is so romantic just like this beautiful picture.

30. Seashells

Ever collected seashells as a kid? Most of us have. A wave of nostalgia washed over me ’cause of this picture.

31. Smug Pineapple

The smug pineapple is here to greet you this summer in its freshest form.

32. Sailing Boat

If you’re a sailor, you know the feeling of sailing under the clear summer sky with the cool sea breeze blowing across your skin.

33. Summer Swim

We all wanna have a good swim as soon as the summer hits just like the swimmers in the picture who seem to be enjoying a lot.

34. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the mark of summer. It literally has “sun” in its name, meaning it blooms the best in the summer sun.

35. Wooden Hut

Anything that’s related to the beach- we’ll accept. Just like this wooden hut and the wooden bridge in the middle of the sea.

36. Komodo Beach

Normal beaches are fun but the ones like this Komodo Beach are on another level fun! And gorgeous too.

37. Summer Blooms

Sunkissed at dawn, these pretty red summer blooms look super cute and beautiful in this picture.

38. Tulips

The gorgeous tulips with their flamboyant colors make our summer more colorful and joyous.

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39. Summer Texture

Let’s not forget the pretty leaves! The fresh greens are treats to our eyes and warmth to our hearts.

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40. Christian Fern

The Fern in this picture is literally Christian with the Cross and the holy pendant. It’s quite pretty.

41. Summer Road

The road trips during summer are the best. The sky is clear, the trees look fresh, birds chirping and the fields are filled with colorful blooms. 

42. Flower

What an aesthetic picture with that cute little white flower on the seashore.

43. Summer Popsicle

Summer means sucking on popsicles. Ice cream, lemon, watermelon, and other fruity ones.

44. Watermelon 

We just can’t get over watermelons. How can we? Summer’s the only time for watermelons, after all.

45. Flamingo

Flamingo, the National Bird of the Bahamas, has become synonymous with summer ’cause it gives you all kinds of tropical/beachy feeling we all love.

46. Summer Pattern

Cacti. popsicles, pineapples, watermelons, and Flamingoes- everything that reminds us of the perfect summer is in this picture.

47. Here Comes The Sun

The scorching sun is here to brighten up our days and turn the heat up in our lives.

48. Palm Tree Vector Art

The cool shade of the palm tree and the sound of the sea, that’s all we look forward to in summer.

49. Summer Starts Now

If you’re an old-school kinda guy, the typewriter, polaroids, and the minibus are sure to make your summer happy.

50. Polaroids And Summer

‘Cause all we need to have fun during the summer holidays is a mat, a hat, and a camera.

51. Coconut Drink

Let’s not forget the refreshing coconut drink by the seashore. That’s a memorable part of tropical summer.

52. Starfish

Let’s end the list with the star of the beach, the tiny little starfish. Isn’t it cute?

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