51 Free Stunning Mountain Wallpapers for iPhone You Need To See

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Are you so bored of the same old regular life that you craving some Mountain therapy? Or are you just a big orophile like me? Well, we can’t certainly take you on a Mountain trip BUT we got some breathtaking Mountain pictures for you.

We gathered some of the most captivating Mountain Wallpapers that are gonna make your eyes shine and your heart happy.

Before you get lost in your mountain thoughts, let’s give you a quick reminder on:

How To Save On Your Phone

IF you’re reading this on your phone, the only thing you gotta do is press and hold your chosen picture and click download. Super easy!

But, if you’re reading this on your Mac/Lap/Comp, it’s a bit longer process but a super easy one too. Just right-click on the picture and click save. Then transfer it to your phone via Airdrop (only works for Apple, if you didn’t know that already) or email.

Now let’s begin with the list.

1. Forest Mountain

Pine tree forest in the mountains is the perfect spot for natural therapy. Just the picture alone is calming and relaxing.

2. Lake & Mountain

Lakes are beautiful but the ones in the mountains with the captivating sceneries, ah! Amazing!

3. Mountains & Waterfall

Ironically the noisy sound of waterfalls is actually pretty soothing. And that’s the magic of nature.

4. Galaxy Above

Gazing at the stars with your special someone feels amazing. But when it’s from the mountains, the feeling is inexplicable. Ever did it?

5. Volcano Galaxy

This fascinating picture is so symmetrical, capturing all the beauties so perfectly. Words fall short to describe this breathtaking picture.

6. Peak

The peak of the mountain is the toughest to reach but makes you feel the most amazing when you finally reach it. Same as when we finally reach our goals after toiling hard.

7. Silhouette of Mountains

Silhouettes are nothing but a black shadow of the object like the silhouette of mountains in this picture, and yet somehow it captures the beauty of it. Will never understand how.

8. Red Mountains

Splendid, isn’t it? I’m wondering how the sunlight can just change the green into this scorching red. I guess nature’s truly majestic.

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9. Mountain Path

This is the mountain path that you should never walk on. But you can certainly enjoy the picture of it.

10. Sunkissed

Whatever sunlight touches, it turns so gorgeous. While this snowy peak was already so beautiful, being sunkissed gave it the golden shine that seems impeccable.

11. Snowland

And this is the typical snow land we all have fantasized about!

12. Reflection

The crystal clear water so perfectly reflects the snowy mountains here. It’s just so perfect. And beautiful.

13. Mountain Cabin

Living in a cabin on a snowy mountain. Now that’s one of the things on my bucket list. Have you ever lived in one?

14. Mountain Landscape

If you ask me, the beauty of the mountains is unmatched. Look at the greens and the white here blending so perfectly. Nature is at its best in the mountains. Period.

15. Spring Mountain

During Spring when there are so many colorful flowers blooming. And the way they so flawlessly blend in with each other.  It’s so beautiful that I can’t even describe it.

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16. Line of Trees

Even the trees are in so symmetry, perfectly shaped. The beauty up in the mountains is truly flawless.

17. Dawn Beauty

When the sun’s first or last ray touches the peak, the sight is more beautiful than anything you’ll ever see.

18. Oil Painting

The beauty of the mountains is captured in a very creative way in this picture. You can totally go for this painting-picture wallpaper.

19. Tall Trees and Mountains

They stand so tall, it’s kinda intimidating but fascinating at the same time. And I think that’s how we should be.

20. Night Sky

Falling stars above, forest and mountains below, and crystal clear lake beneath. Picture-perfect scenery.

21. Red Painting

At dawn, when the redness spreads all over the mountains, that’s a sight you must witness at least once in your life.

22. Mountain Road

It’s every biker’s dream to ride on an empty Mountain Road. Are you a biker?

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23. Mountain River

This picture seems tragic to me and yet I can’t take my eyes off of it. It’s captivating.

24. Mountain Town

I have always loved to visit a mountain town. Their lifestyle is so different from the city people.

25. Sunset

Watching the sunset from the edge of a cliff, I’d say yes to that.

26. Monastery

The monastery is a peaceful, welcoming place. Even if you don’t know their culture, they’d welcome you with open arms and you’ll get lost in its tranquility.

27. Castle Up On The Mountains

Most of us have dreamt of a big, beautiful castle up on the hills. While we can’t give you that for real, we got you this pretty picture

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28. Mountain Terraces

This Mountain Terrace picture is also a pretty good choice for your phone. It looks like a “no-filter” picture.

29. Summer Lake

Summer on the hills is unlike anywhere else. The bright sun rays, the beautiful blooms, and the warmth of summer is inexplicable.

30. Mountain Forest River

Where forest, mountain, and river meet. It must feel amazing to be a part of it.

31. Blue Up & Down

If you love mountains and your favorite color is blue, am sure you’ll love this wallpaper.

32. Mountain View

There’s something in this picture that grabs my attention but when you think of it, it’s just a simple, beautiful mountain picture.

33. Fantasy Sunset

What if the sun was actually so close? Looks mighty but damn we could not have borne the heat!

34. Flying Eagle

An Eagle can reach mountains and above. We should take inspiration from it.

35. Starry Night Sky

Under the starry night sky, there lie the mighty mountains and tiny us watching this incredible view.

36. Night Cropland

The beauty of mountain cropland lies in the eyes of the beholder.

37. Top Of The World

Try standing on top of a cliff or mountain and you’ll realize how tiny we are among all the giant beings in nature.

38. Foggy Cliff

Honestly, I love the foggy mountains. Yeah, they block the incredible view but I love inhaling the clouds!

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39. Lighted Mountain City

Oh, the mountain city looks so good at night when it’s all lit up! Especially when you see it from the top.

40. Mountain Bridge

Imagine you’re standing on that bridge with the waterfall behind and green mountains all around with a river flowing below. It’d be splendid.

41. River Between Mountains

A river cuts through rocks and mountains not ’cause of its strength, but ’cause of its persistence. That’s a lesson we should take.

42. Rocky Mountain

Amidst the giant rocky mountains and the clouds, there lies a small house for the nature lover human in this wallpaper.

43. Misty Lake

Such misty lakes make me so thoughtful and I just wanna sit and relax and take in the fresh air. What about you?

44. On The Edge

A house on the edge of a rocky mountain. It’s scary, it’s thrilling, it’s breathtaking.

45. Waterfall & Greens

Take a bath under the mountain waterfall and you’ll forget your home showers.

46. Perfect Symmetry

The cotton-like clouds floating above the green fields and the crystal clear lake- don’t have to describe how beautifully in sync they are.

47. Rainy Above

When it rains on the mountain and you feel the touch of the sky on your skin, it feels amazing.

48. Alone On The Mountain

Some alone time in the mountains, sitting on the lush green fields, watching the sunset, is pretty soothing.

49. Temple

It’s a photo of a famous temple on the hills. Save for good luck (just kidding).

50. Crystal Clear

I can’t get over crystal clear lakes! They’re just so flawless, it’s so beautiful.

51. Aurora Borealis

We talkin’ about a list of Mountain Wallpapers and we don’t include the famous Aurora Borealis? That’s not happening.

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