50+ Best Free Winter Wallpaper Options For Your iPhone

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What does Winter remind you of? Snow-covered mountains? Your favorite sweaters? A hot cup of coffee? Chilling breeze? Oranges? Christmas? Well, whatever it is we’ve got it all captured in these amazing Winter Wallpapers for your iPhone and you’re gonna love them.

All these pictures are perfectly suitable to match the vibe of your favorite season but before we jump into that, let’s discuss a small thing.

How To Save On Phone

First, carefully choose your wallpaper. Once you’re fixed on a particular wallpaper, long press on the picture. ‘Save’ option will pop up, click on it. You’ll find the picture in your files. Change your wallpaper from settings.

But what if you’re reading this on your laptop? No worries, simply right-click on the picture and click ‘download’. You’ll find it in your computer files. If you got a Mac, simply Airdrop it your iPhone. In any other case, email it to yourself.

1. Snowy Forest

This list is incomplete without snow, just like Winter is incomplete without it.

2. Winter Mountain

We all wanna reach the peak of snow-capped mountains. Literally or metaphorically.

3. Snowy Mountain Road

Witnessing the gorgeous white scenery while traveling on a snow-covered road is pretty soothing. And so is this picture.

4. Winter Sunset

Where the warm light of the setting sun meets the icy cold snow-covered mountain.

5. Iceland

Where sea waves meet the snow-covered mountains, you know it’s where the magic happens.

6. Frozen Branch

The frozen branch picture is perfect for those icy cold winter days when all we need is a warm blanket, a sweater, and a cup of hot coffee.

7. Snowfall

The very fact of snow is such an amazement, isn’t it? The way it’s formed in the sky, the way it falls and turns our colorful nature into an all-white world.

8. White Land

Speaking of the white world, the world in this picture cannot be more white.

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9. Winter Pattern

Pine trees, penguins, and ice caps. What more do ya need to feel like “it’s Winter”?

10. Clock & Bridge

Would you take a walk on that snow-covered bridge? Or are ya satisfied with its photo?

11. Winter Lake

That’s where Elsa must live! The lake and the snow-covered land are truly breathtaking.

12. Cartoon Aesthetic Winter

The cartoon characters here are enjoying winter to their fullest. Wanna join in on the fun?

13. Snowmen

We got lots of snowmen here! I feel the purpose of winter snow is to “give birth” to snowmen. What about you?

14. Winter In Anime World

When we are all covered in big, fat winter clothes, the Anime girls are so on point with their style and fashion. How do they do that? I’ll never know. Though the picture’s cute, isn’t it?

15. Winter Dusk

Not every winter land gets the sun every day. So the moment of dusk is precious and a sight to behold.

16. Lit Up Tree

How this leafless tree is glammed up with beautiful lights that it became the center of attraction!

17. Galaxy 

The galaxy above and the snow-covered mountain below, it’s a match made in heaven (or feels like you’re in heaven).

18. Winter Lights

A shooting star and dim lights, together make a winter night much more beautiful.

19. Dark Winter

‘Tis a dark winter night but the galaxy above shines bright.

20. Winter Moon

The enormously beautiful moon shining on the winter mountains is a spectacular view to witness.

21. Pine Forest

This picture of a snow-covered pine forest with the sun peeping through is kinda fascinating.

22. Outdoor Bench

A mere snow-covered bench can be turned into a spectacular photo and this is the proof.

23. Snow Covered Road

Take a ride on that snow-covered road and feel the thrill. If not, you can enjoy the wallpaper at least.

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24. Lighthouse

It is a beautiful picture and with a bit of adjustment, you can easily fit it on your iPhone.

25. Snow Structures

This kind of bird’s eye photo makes me wanna develop wings and fly high. If only I could do it for real…

26. White Scenery

Gosh, I’d give anything to live in that house! The scenery is remarkable. Absolutely mesmerizing.

27. Winter Street

Baby, it’s cold outside. ‘Cause snow is falling. Baby, it’s cold outside.

28. A Mountain Deer

A deer is here to make you cheer. Bad rhyming I know. Anyways, The mountain deer with the snow falling on it looks pretty cute.

29. Purple Night

I really wanna experience such a purple night at least once in my life. It is AMAZING. Words fall short to describe it.

30. Christmas Town

Winter means Christmas is here and we had to include this beautiful Christmas town decor.

31. Winter City

It really looks like a Winter City with all the snow-covered houses and trees.

32. Cabin

What fascinates me is that this is a very simple picture and yet it’s oddly attractive. Like there’s a beauty in it I can’t explain. What do you think?

33. Cozy Winter

‘Cause Winter is all about your favorite sweaters, hot coffee, oranges, and Christmas!

34. Melting Ice

Melting ice. Such a simple thing. And yet it’s captured in such an exquisite way. I love this one!

35. Church

The Church looks pretty good as well as the snowy road and the forest behind. It’s a nice wallpaper.

36. Foggy Winter

So foggy, so cloudy, so wintery. What catches my eyes here is that line of orangish trees. It really stands out.

37. Winter Cookies

Baking delicious Christmas cookies is one of the things we all look forward to.

38. Golden Hour

At the golden hour, the white snow-covered mountains turn golden and it’s magic.

39. Dark Night

On such a night, I’d sit on that bench to witness the stars above. It’s a bit scary, yeah, but also pretty soothing.

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40. Lone Tree

A lone tree on a deserted snow land. That’s oddly attractive and kind of metaphorical (depends on your view).

41. Pink Clouds

The pink clouds look so cute! If only we had actual pink clouds…Anyways, the picture’s pretty cute, isn’t it?

42. Snow Capped

I know I can’t get over snow. ‘Cause winter’s mainly about snow for me. What about you?

43. Crashed Aircraft

What a tragedy it must have been. Though the way the picture of this destroyed engine is taken is kinda fascinating.

44. Berries & Snow

It’s a berry beautiful picture! The red is really eye-catching on the white background.

45. Heavy Snow 

All I can think of is what a big snowman we can make out of all that snow.

46. Snowy Railway

While it’s life-threatening to ride a train on this track, the white scenery, however, is certainly gorgeous.

47. Winter Nature

All greens that grow in winter are in this wallpaper. Berries, pines, and all other winter leaves.

48. Mini Snowman

Big or mini, a snowman is always our favorite thingy. What about you?

49. Snowfall In Town

‘Cause it’s snowfall in town, creating magic all around.

50. Frozen Flower

There’s a beautiful hidden meaning in this frozen flower wallpaper. Can you figure it out?

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51. Moose & Snow Sled

Ever ridden a snow sled led by a moose? You must try it out and also this wallpaper!

And we are done! As promised, we got you all things winter in this list of Winter Wallpapers. Wait! We also got other seasonal wallpapers! Wanna check out?

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