61+ Free Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper Backgrounds for iPhone

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Ho ho hoFather Christmas is here. And so is your favorite (or our favorite) festive season! You must have a lot of stuff to prepare for the festival but we can offer a teeny help with your Christmas iPhone wallpaper hunt.

We present to you a list of 61+ Free Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper Background for iPhone that will definitely match the festive vibe and spread joy, love, and laughter.

Before we move on to that, here’s a quick tutorial:

How To Save On Phone

You can do it directly from your iPhone or transfer it from your Mac.

a) iPhone- Press and hold on to the picture and click “download”. Then you can easily find it in your gallery. Change your wallpaper from Settings.

b) Mac- Right-click on the picture and click “save”. You’ll find it in your files. Then transfer it to your phone via email or Airdrop.

The same process for any other device but the Airdrop method won’t work.

1. Wonderful Time

Without a doubt, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

2. Christmas Scenes

We live for the Christmas scenes, don’t we? The beauty of the festival is unmatched.

3. Happy Snow

And, of course, Happy Snow is here to spread joy and laughter on Christmas!

4. Bauble

Baubles are my favorite Christmas tree ornament. They’re so pretty and gorgeous! Look at this regal silver/white one.

5. Sprinkles

I think just a bunch of colorful, designed baubles and some snow sprinkles alone are enough to turn a pine tree into a Christmas tree.

6. Christmas Land

It is the faraway land where Santa Claus actually lives. JK, I don’t know but it sure would be the perfect place for him.

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7. Christmas Castle

A Castle itself looks stunning but when adorned with Christmas lights- it is MARVELOUS!

8. Snowflakes

The bits of snow are gonna brighten up your screen like the stars on a Christmas night.

9. Blue & Silver Christmas

10. Hogwarts Christmas

You too grew up watching Harry Potter? Then you must have dreamt of Hogwarts Christmas and we’re here to give you the Hogwarts feels with this gorgeous collage.

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11. Ho Ho Ho

Going a bit out of context, I’ve always wondered why Santa goes Ho Ho Ho instead of Ha Ha Ha. Do you know why?

12. Be Merry

Even the cacti are merry on Christmas when they’re generally pretty rough and thorny. 

13. It’s Cold Outside

Yup. Very cold! But the brownie point is it is the season to wear your favorite hoodie, beanie, or coat.

14. Mistletoe

It’s also the mistletoe season *wink*. Are you gonna wait to be kissed under it?

15. Merry Collage

It is a very merry collage with all the Christmas-y stuff for you to enjoy this festive season.

16. White Christmas

Ever gone for an all-white Christmas theme? It’s like a fairytale. So dreamy! You must try it out. 

17. Let It Snow

Christmas without snow is unacceptable. Let it snow, heaven!

18. Presents

There have to be presents under the tree and lots of them too. What’s Christmas without presents?

19. Pretty Decor

A snowy decor picture for your favorite season. It is really pretty.

20. Cartoon Christmas Collage

A cartoonish Christmas collage for the most wonderful time of the year. Fun, isn’t it?

21. London Christmas

London during Christmas is magical. Snowy and dazzling, am down for that!

22. Wish For

And am sure Father Christmas will grant your wish for that special someone.

23. Like Christmas And Sweater

Do you share that never-ending, inseparable love like Christmas and Sweater with someone? Then you must love this picture *wink*.

24. Xmas Cake

‘Tis the season to show off your baking skills, y’all! Bake some delicious cakes and cookies, and also enjoy this beautiful cake wallpaper.

25. Purple Tree

Ever decorated your tree purple? After seeing this picture, I sure am gonna try it once.

26. Christmas Flowers

The pretty Red Christmas flowers are underappreciated if you ask me. They’re as gorgeous as any other sparkly ornament.

27. Mickey N Fam

If you’re a Mickey fan, celebrate this Christmas with Mickey and Fam!

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28. Kawaii Christmas

The Kawaii seem to enjoy the festival. You should join the fun!

29. Pine

Christmas is incomplete without a pine tree, and so is this list of Christmas wallpapers.

30. Christmas Fox

Christmas reminds me of snow, and snow of cute little foxes! They’re adorable to look at but it’s probably best to keep from petting them.

31. Peppa’s Christmas

Peppa is celebrating the festival in his own minimalist way. You can partner up with him.

32. Red Volkswagen 

Isn’t it fun to go to the pine forest, choose the one you want and cut it yourself then bring it home? Gives a more personal touch.

33. Gifts

One of the things that excite me about Christmas is the amazing gifts!

34. Xmas Wreath

Every festival is incomplete without wreaths. So we had to include this beautiful Xmas wreath in this list too.

35. Lighted Tree

Gorgeous! Beautiful! Splendid! This tree deserves all the ‘beautiful’ adjectives.

36. Santa And Tree

Santa has already decorated his tree. Have you done it yet?

37. Christmas Cookies

The multi-shaped Christmas cookies are my go-to snack. Anyday.

38. Joy

Since the festival is all about spreading joy, here we spread some joy to you.

39. Minimalist

If you just want a simple “Merry Christmas” sorta background, you got it! This one also covers up your “Happy New Year” background.

40. Mini Snowman

Aww. He is so cute. I hope he never melts.

41. Beautiful Staircase

Gosh, it’s so regal! Red and Christmas make anything seem so gorgeous.

42. Say Hi Poodle!

Save this picture of a greeting Poodle as your wallpaper and all your days will be lucky and fab.

43. Red Berries

Red Berries are pretty tasty and this picture is very Christmasy!

44. Forest Christmas

That’s probably how Forest people spend Christmas. Minimal decor. Maximum fun!

45. Pretty Ornament

A Christmas tree ornament with a mini Christmas tree in it. So pretty!

46. Christmas Table

Elegant, classy and so festive. It’s a very good Christmas table decor and, of course, beautiful wallpaper.

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47. Sparkling Tree

A tree made of stars. Now that’s dreamy and inexplicably beautiful just like the tree in this picture.

48. Cards On Tree

Now that’s a unique idea! Try decorating your tree with message cards instead of ornaments.

49. Green & Red

Red alone can make it all pretty Christmasy. Throw in a bit of white too and Santa’s gonna be so happy when he visits you!

50. Modest Decor

Modest decor for the not-so-modest festival is never out of trend. And this modest wallpaper is never too boring.

51. Minimalist Drawing

Even a simple drawing of a Christmas tree with snowflakes and gifts is beautiful.

52. Christmas Beanie Art

Winter means beanies and a Christmas tree. And putting the two together like that in the picture is an art.

53. Happy Holidays

Enjoy this minimalist “Happy Holidays” wallpaper this festive season.

54. Cone Christmas

This one’s a creative picture with that ice cream cone and baubles. And a pretty wallpaper too.

55. Reindeers

Reindeers need no fancy decor. They alone are enough to make it Christmasy.

56. Holiday Latte

Until you actually bake some cookies and enjoy some Holiday Latte, you can enjoy this wallpaper.

57. Santa Penguin

Penguins are so adorable to look at but when one is dressed as Santa, I’d love to look at them all the time! And you?

58. Ballerina’s Christmas

If this is how Ballerians spend Christmas, it’d be so fun to join them!

59. Hope

Christma brings joy and hope. What’s life without hope? And what’s this list without HOPE?

60. Aesthetic Glass Bauble

The purple background enhanced this pretty glass bauble’s beauty! The silhouette in it is so aesthetic.

61. Coffee & Cookies

An aesthetic combo of coffee and cookies for Christmas.

62. Santa Claus

Santa is all ready with his carriage and gifts to come to visit this Christmas. Are you?

Our Christmas wallpaper list ends here. Though the festival is yet to begin! That reminds me, it’s also winter, so why don’t you put up a winter wallpaper on your phone? Take a look at 50+ Best Free Winter Wallpaper Options For Your iPhone.