81+ Free Harry Potter Wallpaper Backgrounds for iPhone

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It’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter movie was released that cast an unbreakable spell on us. The series might have ended but not the magic it created. To celebrate such an iconic series, we have compiled a list of 81 Free Harry Potter Wallpapers for your iPhone. 

From the great Hogwarts Houses to the amazing Professors and other wizadry stuff, we have it all here (including the boy who lived and his amazing friends) for a Potterhead to enjoy. So spin your wand and see the magic!

But before we see the magic, let’s take a quick look at:

How To Save On Your Phone

Once you’ve chosen the wallpaper, long-press on it and click “download”. You’ll find it in your phone’s file. 

But if you are reading this on your laptop/computer, right-click on the picture and click “save”. Then email the picture to yourself. Or Airdrop it from Macbook to iPhone. 

1. The Wand

Fess it, we’ve all pretended to cast a wizardy spell with a stick as our “pretend wand”. A wand has always been in the wish list of a Harry Potter fan.

2. The Trio

The trio we all grew up watching with them casting their magic spells and fighting evil.

3. Aesthetic Art

If you do not recognize this deer, you are not a true fan. It’s the doe that guided Potter to the Sword of Gryffindor. And it was also the reoccurring Patronus of the Potter family!

4. Dragon & Harry

The Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament were fun and all but, for me, the fiercest dragon, Hungarian Horntail (one in this picture) totally gave me the thrill.

5. Don’t Touch My Phone Muggle

A true Potterhead does not need a description for this particular wallpaper. If you don’t get it, it isn’t for you muggle!

6. Mail Owl

Would you trade a Mail Owl for your instant SMS service? I’d rather write letters and watch my owl fly off to the receiver if it means I can be a part of the wizarding world.

7. Alohomora

Out of all the magic spells, this one’s probably the easiest to cast and a pretty useful one too if you wanna break into someone’s house (or phone).

8. Pixie Harry Potter

As cute as the pixie looks in this picture, these devilishly tricky creatures are anything but that. Remember when the Defence against Dark Arts lesson on “how to control pixies” went hysterically wrong?

9. Harry Potter Quote

Of course, we remember this famous Dumbledore dialogue to Harry at “King’s Cross” Station. The logic this holds is amazing and one we should take inspiration from.

10. Prisoner of Azkaban Collage

Who knew the heir to the dark lord would turn out to be Harry’s godfather? However, this adaptation was pretty good especially the ironic passphrase to Marauder’s Map “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”.

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11. Cartoon Harry

Learning to trade the magical broomstick was a heck of a thing, but of course not for our Pottery boy!

12. Harry Potter Collage

The perfect wizardry world college for those who ever dreamt of being a part of it.

13. Gryffindor

Gryffindor gave us some unforgettable characters whom we fell in love with so much that even after 20 years we cannot get over them.

14. Drawing Potter

The drawing of Harry here looks anything but like the real Harry. But it’s cute and quirky, I’ll give it that.

15. Home

For the ones who have stuck with Harry and his friends until the very end, Hogwarts is your home too and this one’s for you.

16. Witchcraft & Wizadry Stuff

All things you need for practicing witchcraft and wizardry are in this picture (except the magic that is in you).

17. Dobby

The saddest part for me was when Dobby died. He was the cutest, a loyalist, and the most loved character. He did not deserve that.

18. Hogwarts Houses

It’s time to assign you to Hogwarts Houses. But here you get to choose your own and not the Sorting Hat.

19. Slytherin

If you ain’t a Gryffindor guy, there’s a high chance you are a Slytherin guy, and am totally on your side here.

20. Ravenclaw

Are you an intelligent, creative, and intuitive person like a Ravenclaw? Then this gorgeous picture is for you.

21. Draco Malfoy Once Said

Not everyone hates Draco, am I right or am I right? If you agree, then you should try this wallpaper maybe.

22. Gryffinpuff

A cross between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff?! That would be fun!

23. Hufflepuff

If you are a loyal, selfless, and kind person, then you are definitely a Hufflepuff and this collage is for you.

24. Dobby Is a Free Elf

We all wanted Dobby to be a free elf and he succeeded in being one!

25. Cedric Gregory

Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen for me. But his portrayal of Cedric Gregory was undeniably awesome!

26. Weasley Twins

The Weasley twins never failed to make us laugh with their light-hearted jokes and fun personalities. I bawled like a baby when Fred died.

27. Draco Malfoy

Here’s a Draco Malfoy treat for the Malfoyheads!

28. Harry & Hermione

Who else shipped Harry & Hermione? I sure did before the whole Romione & Hinny thing happened.

29. Harry Potter Cards

You got all the Harry Potter cards now. What are you gonna do with them?

30. Hermione Granger

I bet every Potterhead guy at one point had a crush on Hermione, or rather Emma Watson.

31. Ron Weasley

But in the end, Ron Weasley won over Hermione and us too.

32. Hogwarts 

The Hogwarts Houses Logo in this picture looks fiercely gorgeous.

33. Magic

We all do. You just need to look deeper to find it.

34. Harry Potter Sketch

A cute sketchy Harry Potter wallpaper for the amazing fans of the series.

35. Marauder’s Map

It’s probably the only map we all know how to read!

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36. Happiness

Another great quote by Professor Dumbledore! He never failed to amaze us with his words of wisdom.

37. Origami of The Trio

This origami of the great Trio is so creative and cute enough to put up as phone wallpaper.

38. Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley is underrated if you ask me. She was a badass girl with her Quidditch skills and savage fighting moments.

39. Harry Potter Logo

Do you like this Harry Potter logo? I think it’s pretty cool!

40. Bravery

 ‘Bravery’ is the word for a Gryffindor. Undeniably. Period.

41. The Boy Who Lived

The boy who lived and ruled over the hearts of millions.

42. Severus Snape

Of course, we cannot forget this epic character, Severus Snape. He is the reason why I’m a Slytherin person.

43. We Do Not Need Magic

My most favorite quote by J.K.Rowling. This is so touching.

44. Draco & Harry

Though they were in a constant rivalry with each other, I never really thought of them as foes. It’s like a bitter-sweet frenemy thing for me.

45. Cute Ron

Ron Weasley had his cute moments and this wallpaper sure captured all his cuteness.

46. Hermione With Cauldron

It’s a simple picture of the greatest witch, Hermione, just working with her cauldron and discussing how to save the world from evil.

47. The Serpent

Ooh, my favorite house is here! The ambitious, determined, and intelligent, Slytherin.

48. Hogwarts

The scene looks so gorgeous with all the students being transported to the castle by boats.

49. Not Ashamed

If Harry Potter taught us anything, it’s how you should not be ashamed of yourself for what you are as long as you bear good intentions in your heart.

50. Symbols

Guess the symbols in the picture and their significance. I’m sure a Potterhead like you will have no problem with that.

51. Fierce Trio

The fierce Trio we all wanted to be a part of is here to add magic to your phone.

52. Golden Trio

When the three were cute little kids, totally unaware of the magic they were gonna create on our screens and in our lives.

53. The Daily Prophet Newspaper

The Daily Prophet newspaper had all the juicy gossip of the wizarding world and we would love to read them, don’t we?

54. Always

Always‘ signifies the undying love of Snape for Lily and it’s truly heart-wrenching that he did not get to end up with her.

55. Cute Harry Potter Poster

This is so cute, isn’t it? A nice, creative touch to the famous character.

56. Gryffindor Means

Courage, Bravery, and Determination. It all perfectly summarizes Gryffindor.

57. The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat was the wisest, in my opinion, ’cause it could judge all the students with much precision like no other.

58. Harry Potter Chibis

All our favorite characters are described by their most famous dialogue in this picture. Love it!

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59. At The Close

You must know the meaning of this line. If not, are ya even a Potter fan?

60. Sane

Such a beautiful line was delivered by none other than, our sweetest character, Luna Lovegood.

61. Wingardium Leviosa

Be honest, when you read Winagrdium Leviosa, you can actually hear Hermione saying it, don’t you?

62. All Our Favorites

The cartoon adaptation of our favorite series. Just kidding. But it would be cool to have a cartoon adaptation!

63. Emotional Scene

I can’t rewatch this scene. It kills me. How lucky Harry was to have had a friend like Dobby.

64. I Don’t Care

If Hermione can be the savage girl with zero tolerance for bullshit, so can we.

65. Among Us Turned Potter

This is a pretty cool cross! Whoever came up with this idea, you did well.

66. Bellatrix

As crazy as she was, she left her mark and we cannot get over her sass.

67. Voldemort & Potter

The epic face-off that had us on the edge of our seats was truly remarkable. And this picture perfectly captures the thrill.

68. Albus Dumbledore

How could we miss out on the great Professor Albus Dumbledore? His wisdom and charisma, and his mighty beard had us all bow to him.

69. Best Friend

The epitome of best friends, ain’t they? You’re lucky if you found the Hermione and Ron to your Harry.

70. The Forbidden Forest

Forbidden but drop-dead gorgeous forest, isn’t it?

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71. Books and Owl

Magic books and a cute mail owl are two things that may never exist in reality.

72. Hogwarts In Halloween

Hogwarts is the perfect place for celebrating Halloween as it’s filled with harmless ghosts and spirits perfect for the Halloween vibe.

73. Lord Voldemort

This picture is AMAZING with Lord Voldemort in his mighty avatar!

74. Hagrid

Is there anyone who resents Hagrid? I bet there’s none!

75. Snape & Lily

Snape taught us the biggest lessons- true love and loyalty. No wonder why he is the best.

76. Harry Potter Minimalist 

A Harry Potter poster for the die-hard series fan in you.

77. Harry Potter Symbols

A true Potter fan would never forget these symbols and their significance. Right?

78. Hufflepuff Crest

Hufflepuff is the most underrated house. They ain’t the helpless wizards (look at Cedric Gregory), and Rowling is herself a Hufflepuff so it says for itself!

79. Ravenclaw Pride

Are you a Ravenclaw? Then you must love this one, don’t you?

80. Luna Lovegood

Yes, we did not forget her. The sweetest character with an unfathomable charm. She was an intelligent, reliable, independent, and kinda true leader.

81. Funny Hermione

Let’s end the list with one of Hermione’s best dialogues. We cannot forget this witty, funny dialogue of hers!

Did you make your choice yet? If you’re confused, simply chant “I solemnly swear I am up to no good” scroll, and let fate decide your phone wallpaper.