41 Cool Disney Wallpapers for iPhone

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Disney. A big part of our childhood. It filled our childhood with prince charming fantasies and wooing the princess reveries. It made us dream of fairytales that we all wanted to come true.

But now that we’re grown up, they all are nothing but nostalgia. But they did make our childhood awesome, so let’s celebrate the golden, fantasy-filled days with these Cool Disney wallpaper. After all, we are never too old for Disney.

Before we jump into that, here’s a quick reminder:

How To Save On Phone

a) Press and hold the picture on your iPhone (or any other smartphone) and click download. Then change your wallpaper from settings.

b) Right-click on the picture on your Mac(or Laptop or Computer), and click save. Then transfer it to your phone via Airdrop or email.

1. Steampunk Mickey

This Steampunk Mickey is pretty cooler than the actual Mickey. Don’t ya think so?

2. Alice In Wonderland

Oooh, wonderland or spooky land. Alice has got to watch her back here.

3. Disney Princesses

All the princesses in one. Now that’s a Disney show I would have absolutely loved to see.

4. Dope Mickey

Dope Mickey is here to make your iPhone even cooler. Your hands might freeze!

5. Disney Castle

Are we talking about Disney and we don’t include the famous Disneyland castle? Nah, not happening. It would be incomplete otherwise.

6. Never Too Old 

Just the thing said. We are never too old for Disney. So don’t you dare feel ashamed to put up Disney as your wallpaper.

7. Aladdin’s Lamp

Gosh. How Spectacular! The picture is so phenomenal. You gotta agree, Aladdin’s lamp is pretty dope and we all wanted it at some point.

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8. Can’t Adult Today

Are you ready for Disney land or are you a normal adult? I sure am the former!

9. Pretty Disney Collage

This collage is pretty and all but what caught my eyes are the cat and her lady owner. I mean they were savages, dude.

10. Gorgeous Princesses

All the gorgeous princesses in one to brighten up your screen and your day. But these ain’t just pretty faces, they were also pretty cool.

11. Moana

Who’s cooler than Moana and Maui? Nobody! Fess it up, you wanted to be a part of their super cool adventures on Polynesia island too.

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12. Mickey Minnie Love

It’s less cool and more romantic, right? Well, Disney tales are always pretty romantic so it was bound to come up.

13. Frozen 

Queen Elsa is beyond Damsel in distress. She’s the epitome of a super cool, feminist character and Disney fans won’t deny that. Agree?

14. Stitch

Stitch looks adorable but his character is super cool and fun and that’s why he is so popular.

15. Sleeping Pooh

Aww, Winnie The Pooh. I know he is the CUTEST. Besides, he’s also an incredibly cool and trustworthy friend to all his buddies.

16. Disney Crackers

What a spectacular view! Fire Crackers above the Disney castle. That’s super cool!

17. Aladdin & Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine is another fairytale we all wanted to live in. Fun, adventurous, romantic, and really cool.

18. Rapunzel

Yo ladies, most of y’all wanted hair like Rapunzel, didn’t ya? Although, I’m certain ya didn’t want your prince to climb on it.

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19. Glass Heel

What would you do if you accidentally left your glass slippers behind? I would have gone and picked it up ’cause it’s something I’d never have again.

20. Find Your Wings

Not a cool one but a fab one. Find your wings and fly high!

21. Cool Mulan

Our Warrior Princess Mulan is the fiercest of all. She’s an inspiration to all the young girls out there.

22. Peek A Boo

I see you. The coolest toys are trying to peek at your phone. Will you let them?

23. Capn. Jack Sparrow

Everyone who watched Pirates of the Caribbean Sea fell in love with Capn. Jack Sparrow. He’s the coolest, fiercest, and bravest character of all.

24. Scar

If you think that Scar is way cooler than any other lion, you’re on my team!

25. Pooh & Friends

Okay. I know it’s not so cool. But it’s super cute and I couldn’t resist!

26. Dalmation

Here we present to you a live Dalmation dog instead of the cartoon one. Do you like it?

27. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Proves that everyone loves Disney and no one’s ready to be “too adult” for Disney like us.

28. Star Darlings

I gotta say, Disney’s getting so cooler! I mean the girls in this new show Star Darlings look sassy.

29. The Finger

Oh, ho ho! You wanted something cool, there’s not a cooler Disney wallpaper than this.

30. Vintage Disney

The Original Disney. Don’t you miss watching these classic Disney shows?

31. Furious Donald

If you’re as furious as Donald right now, you two must become friends!

32. Princess Ariel

Disney Princess Ariel is here to charm up your phone with her gorgeousness and grace.

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33. The Incredibles

As I said, Disney’s getting way cooler! It’s getting out of the fairytale zone and leveling up to today’s cool millennials real good.

34. Elsa

Had to give her a separate recognition ’cause she’s the fearless, feisty, powerful lady boss every woman wants to be.

35. Cruella

The iconic antagonist of 101 Dalamtions is back with a bang! She’s feisty, fierce, charming, to sum up, the perfect villain.

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36. Disney Villains

We got our favorite Disney villains here. You prolly used to dislike them as a kid but as a grown-up, you can’t deny they’re pretty cool.

37. Brave

Love what Disney’s doing to its female characters. Making them more fierce, cooler, and braver.

38. Disney Ferris Wheel

I’d love to ride the Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel. OR have it as my wallpaper. How about you?

39. Goofy 

Goofy being his goofy self as usual. He’s one cool friend indeed.

40. Baymax Robot

Baymax, our beloved inflatable Robot character, and Hiro’s companion can also be your companion if you choose him to be.

41. Disney Atlantis

Disney has turned Atlantis into this super cool underworld. Gosh if only I could swim deep and was a Disney Atlantis character.

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