51+ Aesthetic Cloud Wallpapers For iPhone

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Are you feeling a little gloomy lately? Or are you in a bright, positive, joyful mood? Well, clouds represent both positive and negative moods. So a nice cloud picture as your phone wallpaper will match your mood well.

We’ve gathered a list of 51+ Aesthetic Clouds Wallpapers to update your iPhone wallpaper and match your current mood. From dark clouds to bright sunny ones, we have it all for all types of moods.

How To Save On Phone

You can directly save it on your iPhone (or any other smartphone) by just long-pressing on the chosen picture and then clicking on the download option.

Or, you can take it from your laptop/computer by right-clicking on the picture then clicking save. Transfer it to your iPhone via Airdrop or email it to yourself.

1. Stormy Clouds

If your current mood is like the dark, stormy clouds in the above picture, it may interest you.

2. Sky Cloud

But if you’re in the bright, sunny phase, well here’s a clear sky picture to match your mood.

3. Cloud Valley

Look at how the misty clouds embellish this beautiful valley. It’s such a mood!

4. Sun & Clouds

If you love this picture of the bright sun surrounded by dense clouds, just crop it a bit from the sides and you can have it as your phone wallpaper.

5. Lightning 

The scary lightning bolt and the cotton-like clouds will suit your phone well.

6. Rainbow In Someone’s Clouds

It’s a beautiful quote on a lovely background. Do ya like it?

7. Ride Under The Cloud

Such beautiful creativity is portrayed through this nice picture. I love it!

8. Without a Little Rain

So have patience in the rain and wait for your rainbow to show up.

9. Cloud Moon

Let the clouds pass, the moon will shine again (okay, even I can quote sometimes).

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10. Cloudy Mountain 

Up on the mountains, above the clouds- it is such a feeling, isn’t it?

11. Red Clouds

The red clouds like the ones in the picture are rare and they get etched into the soul.

12. Fall Apart

And then stand back up straight and don’t give up no matter what.

13. Evening Sky

Imagine you lying on the grass and this beautiful scenery presents itself in front of your eyes. While that may never happen, you can at least save this picture to look at.

14. Blue Clouds

If you want your screen to be filled with blue clouds, we’ve got the perfect one for you.

15. Heart

The heavens want us to spread only love and the clouds gave the message. 

16. Pink Clouds

I’ve never seen pink clouds, have you? To me, this picture is pretty fascinating.

17. Yellow Clouds

The dawn and dusk clouds play this beautiful ombre of hues that I just cannot get over. Ever.

18. Sunset

Seeing the sun go down and rise again gives some sort of hope. Do you feel that too?

19. Dark Clouds

If you’re not a bright cloud person, here’s a picture of dark (or rather black) clouds for you.

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20. Shooting Star

The shooting star in the picture can’t fulfill your wish but the clouds can certainly adorn your phone screen.

21. Drowning

This picture’s kinda dark if you look at it that way but it can be fascinating too. Depends on you.

22. Good Days

If you feel the quote in this picture, well, hang in there. Good days will come.

23. Rainy Ride

A ride in this rain is scary for most but tempting for the pluviophile’s.

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24. Angel Energy

Angel energy equals magical energy. And that’s what you need to reach your high-end goals.

25. Greens & Clouds

The dense, massive, and enraged clouds on the green fields are intimidating but so captivating at the same time.

26. Moon Clouds

Seems like the clouds are stretching in an attempt to cover the moon but failing to reach its height.

27. Sad Cloud

If you can feel the sadness of the cloud in this picture, maybe you need to “buddy-up” with it.

28. Cute Cloud

And if you too feel the happiness of the cute clouds in this picture, share your joy with them!

29. Remember

Ask the clouds to remember ’cause they never forget.

30. Violet Clouds

The light violet-ish hue makes this picture seem pretty.

31. Painting 

And if you want something artistic, here’s a painting of beautiful clouds that you may like.

32. On The Horizon

A dream-like sight that you only wish to witness once in real life but it’s hardly possible.

33. Dense Clouds

This picture of dense clouds is perfect for those gloomy days.

34. Peak

The picture makes the deadly dangerous and super strenuous climbs seem worth it.

35. Misty

This picture of dark mountains covered with misty clouds is a mood.

36. Clouds In Spring

Fully-blown, colorful flowers and clear blue sky are why Spring is my favorite.

37. Autumn Clouds

It’s not the clouds that are Autumn but their orange-ish color certainly makes them seem like that.

38. Butterflies

If only butterflies could fly up that high. The picture is gorgeous though.

39. Green Clouds

Ever seen green clouds before? Well, there’s a first for everything.

40. Sunflower & Sky

Sunflowers under a clear sky? We are gettin’ Summer vibes!

41. Blue-Green Ombre

A peaceful sight of these beautiful blue and green ombre clouds. I’m sure you like it too.

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42. Smoky Black Clouds

I wanna be like those birds that are flying high with so much bravery in the dangerous dark clouds.

43. Above The Clouds

Would you like to take a visit to the peak of the hills, above the clouds like that in the picture? I know I would!

44. Lightning Bolt

Clouds are pretty and all but when they roar and cause lightning bolts, boy they can make the toughest tremor.

45. Cloud Cone

Ice cream cone? NO. It’s Cloud Cone! Would you like to try it? It won’t hurt your teeth.

46. Gray Sky

There’s always a ray of hope amidst the darkest clouds.

47. Cliff

Sitting on the edge of a cliff gives a different kind of rush. And the spectacular view is a bonus!

48. Sea of Pink Clouds

Such an imaginative picture! If only we could live upon the sky in the sea of pink clouds like the one in the picture.

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49. Forest In The Clouds

It’ll be a thrilling adventure in such a dense, dark & misty forest. Until then, let the wallpaper suffice.

50. Golden Hour

The silhouette of trees during golden hour (evening) is a sight to remember!

51. Blue Sky & White Clouds

Blue sky and the white clouds with rays penetrating through. The picture radiates so much positivity.

52. Rainbow & Clouds

The dark clouds will soon pass and the rainbow will emerge like that in the picture.

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