51 Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper iPhone Backgrounds

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Are you in a stage where you need a daily dose of inspiration and motivation? You may have a person doing that for you BUT what if I tell you that your phone may just do a better job? Yup.

In this list we’ve compiled, you’ll find 51 Inspirational Quote Backgrounds to put up as your iPhone wallpaper and also to get that daily dose you’re looking for. It’s a diverse list so there’s a high chance you’ll find something relatable here.

How To Save On Phone

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

a) You on your phone? Just press and hold on the picture and a download option will pop up on your screen. Click! Then go to settings and change your wallpaper.

b) You on your Mac? Right-click on the picture and a “save” option will appear. Click! Then email it to yourself or Airdrop to your iPhone.

NOTE: Same procedure for any other device except there’s no Airdrop so you gotta email it to yourself.

1. Desire

That’s so true. Desire is where it all begins.

2. Stand Out

There’s no fun in fitting in. All the hard work is worth it if it makes you stand out from the crowd.

3. Life Quote

A positive, daily reminder of how you should lead your life to be fully content and truly happy.

4. Worth It

No journey is easy but if it leads you to your goals, it’s worth it. Don’t ya think so?

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5. Ignite

If you ain’t inspired to do something, how are you gonna give it your best? Ignite your Inspiration.

6. Laugh Love Live

Laugh. Love. Live. The 3Ls of a happy life. Don’t forget to do the 3Ls.

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7. Go Hard For Your Dreams

Else they’d just remain dreams. This wallpaper is a good reminder for you if you don’t feel like going hard.

8. Don’t Allow Negative

You are gonna meet so many negative people in life. But it depends on you if you’ll allow them to turn you into one.

9. Persistence

If you give up instead of fighting the difficulty, how will you reach your goal? So persistence is important.

10. YOU

The truest thing I’ve read all day. YOU are the best project that you’ll ever work on. Do your best.

11. Patient

No famous people achieved their goals overnight. Took them long hours of hard work, consistency, and patience.

12. Wear Your Scars

There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your scars show your struggle and you should be proud of them.

13. Shadow

So it depends on you. Tree or shadow? What do you choose?

14. Regret

We should always take chances even if they’re all but vain. At least you’ll know you did your best.

15. Crying

I don’t understand the stigma of crying. It’s human emotion. Why are people so ashamed to show it?

16. Believe In Yourself

As Sia said I’m Unstoppable, so are you if only you believe in yourself.

17. Doesn’t Matter

So why bother? Focus on what you’re doing and let ’em all go to hell.

18. Every Moment

Every moment teaches us something. Even the bad ones. So just enjoy them while you can.

19. Negative Mind

‘Cause negative thoughts only lead to negativity. So get rid of those and welcome positivity with an open mind.

20. Stronger Than Excuses

Yeah, we’re all fond of “excuses”. But we gotta be stronger than them. don’t we?

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21. Succeed

Whatever you’re doing right now, don’t give up, one day it will lead you to success. This is your reminder.

22. Time Is A Coin

After all, time is money, right? You must make it count.

23. Proud

Focus on making yourself proud. Why bother what others think?

24. Fear

What wise meanings are given to the term ‘FEAR’! You make your choice.

25. Sweat + Sacrifice

The 2S leads to that S we all dream of. Sweat + Sacrifice = Success. An equation we should all apply in our lives.

26. OK

Whenever you feel everything’s falling apart, let this remind you that soon it will all be OK.

27. End Of Your Comfort Zone

So get out of your comfort zone and live your best life. You never know when it’s gonna be your last.

28. Make It Count

Yeah, make it count. So when it’s your time, you can leave with a content smile.

29. Discipline

You can have all the talent and work all you want but without discipline, it’s all gonna be worthless.

30. Make Dreams Come True

Feel like making your dreams come true every day. This can be your daily reminder.

31. Mistakes

Mistakes happen. Don’t break down ’cause they indicate you are trying (and that’s all that matters).

32. Which World?

Be the good you if you want to put a child in a good world. Change starts with yourself.

33. Progress

Nothing’s perfect in this world. I truly believe that. So what matters is progress, not perfection.

34. Wildly Capable

Your capability is beyond what you can ever imagine. Here’s your reminder.

35. To Be Beautiful

Accepting yourself is the hardest thing to do, and the thing you must do to be truly beautiful.

36. You Can Win

Win or lose? It’s not all fate. It’s you. So choose.

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37. Reminder

Some quick reminders for your daily life so you can make every day count.

38. You Got This

Whatever bad goes on, you got this. Remind yourself that every day.

39. Worry Less

There is endless stuff to worry about but a limited life to live. So worry less and live more.

40. Fear Kills

Failure teaches you lessons but fear stops you from achieving your dreams.

41. Follow The Power

Whenever in doubt about what to choose, always go for the desire that fills you with enthusiasm and POWER.

42. Body Positivity

All shapes are beautiful. You got nothing to be insecure of. This is your body-positivity reminder.

43. Big Things

If you feel worthless now, don’t worry, you will do big things in life. Just wait for the perfect time.

44. Differently

Think from a different perspective. You never know what you might discover.

45. It’s Gonna Be Okay

I believe in Happy Endings. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

46. Better An Oops

You better go oops on your road to success than say what if and sit back.

47. Brightest Stars

You’ve to go through the darkest nights to be the brightest star.

48. Harvest Later

Your plans are your seeds. Do your best to make ’em grow big and healthy.

49. Welcome Fear

Only when you conquer your fear, you can move forward to success.

50. Execution

Execute your plans. Then see what wonders they work.

51. Dreams

Chase your dreams and reach your goals. People will follow you.

Hope you found the daily dose of inspiration you need in this list of Inspirational Quotes Wallpapers. I felt like an old man spreading wisdom. Hey! Would you like some vintage wallpapers for the retro vibe? We got that too! Check out: 51+ Vintage Wallpaper Backgrounds For A Retro Vibe.