51+ Yellow Aesthetic Wallpaper Options For iPhone

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Yellow. What a bright and positive color! And if you need that kind of positivity in your life right now, start by changing your iPhone wallpaper into a yellow background. We can help you with that.

We made a list of 51+ Yellow Aesthetic Wallpapers for you where you’ll find almost everything yellow reminds you of. Sunflowers, lemons, positivity, and much more you can’t even think of! Scroll down to check out.

How To Save On Phone

Wait! Before you go any further, here’s a quick reminder of how to save the wallpaper on your iPhone.

i) Do it directly from your iPhone. Simply press and hold the picture and click ‘download’. You’ll see it appears in your files. Change the wallpaper from ‘settings’.

ii) Take it from your Macbook. Right-click on the picture and click ‘save’. Then transfer it to your iPhone via Airdrop.

iii) In the case of any other smartphone or laptop, the same procedure except the Airdrop transfer won’t work so you gotta email it to yourself.

1. Not A Waste

Starting with an encouraging quote. If you ever feel worthless, this will remind you that you ain’t a waste of space no matter what anyone says.

2. Happy Vibes

Yellow gives out positive, happy vibes and so does this collage of all things yellow.

3. Yellow Angel

Yellow angel has fallen from the sky on your phone to make your future brighter!

4. Yellow Ocean

Ocean and yellow is a combo I never imagined, but it looks pretty good in the picture.

5. Vogue

Just ’cause it’s a bad day, does not mean it’s a bad life. Good days are yet to come, hang in there.

6. Don’t Wanna Be You

This one’s pretty, sassy, cool, and very yellow for the yellow lovers out there. Also, has a relatable quote. You should never be a clone of anyone. Be the unique you.

7. Happiness

Some daily tasks for you to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

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8. Aesthetic Collage

Aesthetic, pretty, and cool. Checks all the boxes of a perfect wallpaper.

9. Someone Loves You

Here’s a quick reminder that there’s someone who loves you. Wait for that person to arrive at the correct time.

10. Broken Hearts Club

If you’re in the ‘heartbroken’ zone right now, well, join the club.

11. Yellow Positivity

Take your time with the thing that makes your soul happy or rather makes your life yellowy (happy).

12. A Bee

As I said before, we got everything yellow reminds you of. And I’m sure one of the things it reminds you of is a bee.

13. Flowers

And of course, there are some pretty flowers too (other than a sunflower) that yellow reminds you of.

14. Jungkook

Gonna be honest with you, I don’t really get all the fuss about BTS but I can see why Jungkook is the most loved member of the band!

15. In The Stars Tonight

Your iPhone can be in the stars tonight if you choose this wallpaper.

16. All Things Yellow

All sort of yellow-colored stuff is here in this picture. You name ’em, we got ’em.

17. Dripping Smiley

This one’s kinda creepy, unlike the usual yellow pictures that give out cheery, positive vibes. But if that’s your taste…

18. Thanatophobia

Thanatophobia is not easy for the people who suffer from it. If you do, and you need some cheering in your life then this wallpaper can give you a wee bit of that.

19. Love, Laugh

Spread love. Laugh more. Be kinder and less judgemental. And you’ll see what a beautiful life you lead.

20. Happy

Be happy today and every day just like the color yellow that’s cheerful all the time.

21. Yellow Background

For a simple, minimalist person like you, this plain yellow background is pretty perfect.

22. Fly Me To The Moon

You’re a yellow person! You should never feel stressed and always be chilled and optimistic just like the girl in the picture.

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23. Space Hand

The universe in her hand or rather Space HandThe level of imagination here is astounding!

24. Be The Sunshine

It’s not necessary that someone else has to be your sunshine. You can be your own!

25. Enjoy Life

Life’s short. Really. Enjoy while it lasts so you’re left with no regrets in the end. This is your reminder.

26. Lightning

Why should we always capture lightning as something dark and scary? Does it seem scary at all in this cute picture?!

27. So Much On My Mind

We can all relate to this picture. If you’re in that zone currently, well, this is for you.

28. Neon Collage

Gay Pride people, this one is for you! Good vibes only.

29. Sun

Another yellow thing you can think of. The Sun. But not exactly the one we see every day. This one’s less bright and cuter.

30. Apple Background

A simple but perfectly suitable background for iPhone users. Of course, it’s yellow ’cause that’s our theme today!

31. Called “Yellow”

Coldplay fans are prolly singing along right now.

32. Dragon

Gosh, it looks mighty! Looks like a God-like creature! It’s so SO exquisite! The golden shine is amazing!

33. Sunflowers

Yes, we had to include the sunflowers. We practically learned about the Yellow color from the sunflowers (or maybe not, IDK but they can’t be ignored in this list!)

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34. Lemon

Lemon. Looks sweet but sour inside. That’s kinda metaphorical for some people, isn’t it?

35. Chilling

The girl or the guy in the picture’s chilling with their cool shoes on. Or maybe working. Whatever, it’s a chillax kinda wallpaper.

36. Sunset 

Sunset on the horizon. We all wanna witness this scene at least once in a lifetime. It is soothing and beautiful as this picture.

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38. Butterflies

Butterflies make me so happy. Especially the pretty yellow ones. What about you?

39. Yellow Cloud

A simple cloud can brighten up your screen with the help of yellow.

40. Flower Painting

Love this one! A perfect example of  “aesthetic wallpaper”.

41. Sparkly

And if you wanna go simple but with that golden touch, this is it.

42. Shining Stars

How about some shining gold stars to sparkle on your screen?

43. Yellow Galaxy

Or maybe a galaxy of stars to shine on your screen. Exotic and vast!

44. Smiley Balls

Get a smiley ball in your hand and another on your phone and you’ll stay fit and happy always!

45. Eyes On The Stars

In short, hold your head high but don’t forget your roots.

46. All Yellow Emojis

Yellow means emojis. And we got all the cute yellow emojis in this picture.

47. Glittery

Glitter, glitter on the screen and that’s enough for sparkling!

48. Bee Sucking Nectar

Close-up shots of nature are always spectacular. Just like this bee sucking nectar out of the flower.

49. Hand Between A Flower Field

We’ve seen pictures of a hand coming out of a water body but this one’s different. And a unique choice.

50. Art Composition

A bit of an artistic touch on a yellow background. It’s a unique one.

51. Aesthetic Pose

An aesthetic picture of a gorgeous woman wearing a yellow eyeshadow on a yellow background.

52. Pendant Light

Even a simple pendant light can make anything more beautiful, just like this one can adorn your phone.

53. Mini Television

Let’s end the list with a retro touch. A cute little yellow mini tv for you!

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Retro Vibe

And we’re done here with our list of Yellow Wallpapers for iPhone. To keep this positive, cheerful vibe alive, we’ve also got some beautiful summer wallpapers for you to try out: 51+ Free Beautiful Summer Wallpapers For iPhone.