81+ Halloween Wallpapers For iPhone

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Is Halloween around the corner? Or ya just can’t get over the festive mood yet? Anyways, we have got the perfect thing to match your Halloween-y mood.

You guessed it right, we have some awesome Halloween Wallpapers for you! This list of 81+ Halloween wallpaper contains all kinds of pictures- from cute, spooky, scary, aesthetic ones to even some super imaginative ones that can cover your “wallpaper crisis” for long or until you get over this grand festival.

Before we begin, here’s how to save the wallpaper in your iPhone (in case you didn’t know).

How To Save On Phone

There are two ways-

  1. If you’re on your phone right now, long-press on the picture you chose and click download. You’ll see the photo is saved in your gallery.
  2. If you’re on your Mac or desktop, right-click on the chosen picture and click “save image”. Then Airdrop the picture to your iPhone (or email it to yourself if you use any other smartphone).

1. Cute Boo

Let’s begin with a Boo ’cause Halloween’s all about that. This one’s a Cute Boo specifically.

2. Black Horse

These aesthetic, gorgeous horses with their scary looks match the Halloween mood perfectly. With a bit of cropping, you can easily fit it on your phone screen.

3. Halloween

If you want a simple Halloween background, this one’s a good choice.

4. Fire Ghost

This fierce burning ghost is scary and enthralling at the same time. Gives me the Burning Skull from Ghost Rider vibe.

5. Scary Pumpkin Man

Pumpkin Man is here to spook the sh*t out of you! Wanna bet?

6. Halloween Cats

These gorgeous, scary little Halloween cats ain’t no here to for all the awws but for the screams.

7. Halloween Villains

What would you do if Pennywise attacked your town? Fight like the children of Derry or run?

8. Halloween Night

This spooky picture perfectly matches the Halloween night vibe.

9. Spooky Night

The haunted house and the graveyard in front- what a combination for Halloween!

10. Devil Balls

With the horns and the canines, I doubt these neon devil balls are here to just play.

11. Scary Halloween

Well, well, the horrific smile of the pumpkin head is scary enough to make a man pee his pants if it appears in real.

12. Zombie Princesses

Way to ruin the gorgeous Disney princesses! It’s like they came straight to Halloweentown from Disney Castle.

13. Halloween Revenant

Beware on Halloween night. You may come across a revenant like that in the picture and you won’t even be able to tell the difference.

14. Happy Skull

Now that’s a joyful skull with all the candies in it. It doesn’t have to be scary always.

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15. Spooky House

Would you dare to live in that house (or tent?) all alone for a night in exchange of a million bucks? If not, you can at least save this picture as your wallpaper (that’s not so scary).

16. Halloween Moon

A spectacular sight indeed. Do some cropping around the picture and you can put it up as your screen wallpaper.

17. Not-So-Spooky Hugs

Sending some spooky or not-so-spooky hugs your way.

18. Lonely Ghost

Let this lonely ghost sit on your screen for a while (in short, put it up as your wallpaper).

19. Dark Night

If come across this tree with the crows and the hanging bat at night, I’d take a U-turn (thank you!).

20. Patterned Pumpkin

That’s an elegant way of decorating with pumpkins on Halloween. Isn’t it?

21. Halloween Mask

Not scary or spooky, just a simple smiley mask to set the Halloween mood.

22. HD Night

The HD quality of the picture makes it even more exquisite and a bit of spooky.

23. Michael Myers

The 70s murderer villain, Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise, is back to spook you out again.

24. Spooky Season

The season is spooky but not this picture. If you want something cute, here it is.

25. Scary Skull

The skull is ready for Halloween with its candle and wrapped cloth. Are you?

26. Stephen King

Remember the “you’ll float, too!” quote Pennywise delivered? That was chilling. And so is this picture.

27. Pennywise

If you don’t find Pennywise scary, you will now.

28. Vampire Bite

The vampire bite is supposed to be scary but Twilight made it kinda sexy. Agree?

29. Robot Witch

Ever dressed up as a Robot Witch? You should give it a try. It seems fun in this picture.

30. Scream

Scream ’cause it’s Halloween! And save this picture as your wallpaper to suit the season.

31. Halloween Scarecrow

Not only the crows, anyone would be scared when this scarecrow falls in their sight.

32. The Grinn

I feel The Grinn movie is kind of underrated. It was thrilling/scary and that’s what I look for in a horror film. What about you?

33. Aesthetic Halloween

The green color evaporating out of the pumpkin is so aesthetic. And the man behind is kinda cute.

34. Stranger Things

For the Stranger Things fandom (which is huge), here’s a Stranger Things Halloween-themed wallpaper.

35. Planchette

Planchette is a scary thing (and you should not do it, ever) but this picture is not.

36. Evil Queen

The evil queen is here to slay. And you can have her on your phone screen with just a bit of cropping.

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37. Hidan

Even though Hidan was a minor antagonist in Naruto (if you haven’t seen it, you should!), his charm was unavoidable.

38. Halloween Sukuna

You’re prolly thinking I’m an Anime lover. Well, I am! And I hope you’re too so we can hype about the famous Anime series that’s on-trend now- JJK and its powerful villain Sukuna.

39. Witch Castle

The enticing red moon behind the dim-lit eerie castle with the lady and her cat standing in front is pretty fascinating.

40. Aesthetic Skull

What a creative picture! The beautifully patterned skull can be done for one of those art projects.

41. Scary Place

It’s a scary, typical Halloween place indeed. It can be a great yard decor idea for Halloween.

42. Lighted Pumpkins

This one’s fascinating but also a bit confusing. Dunno what to make out of it but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

43. Spooky Mask

This can be your next screen wallpaper. Or your next Halloween costume.

44. Halloween Costume

Kinda cute, kinda scary. If that’s the combination you’re looking for, go with this picture (or the costume).

45. Sanrio Halloween

Look at all the Sanrios having a blast on Halloween. It’s such a fun picture.

46. Smiling Pumpkinman

With a creepy aura but an aesthetic vibe, this picture is giving me conflicted feelings.

47. Smiling Stitch

Stitch is cute. Smiling Stitch is not that cute.

48. Happy Halloween

Let the scarecrow guard your house, the Witch curse any intruder, and the bats’ nest in your place ’cause it’s Halloween!

49. Halloweentown

How can we not include the Classic show Halloweentown when we’re talking about Halloween?!

50. Halloween Clipart

A rather simple wallpaper if you wanna keep it minimalist.

51. Cute Decor

Love the minimalist but very Halloween-y decor here. It’s a pretty cute picture.

52. Pretty Black Pumpkins

Well, I don’t know if a Black Pumpkin is bad luck or not, but the ones in this picture are certainly gorgeous.

53. Fortune Teller

Fortune Tellers are scary to me. It’s like they know too much about you, things they shouldn’t.

54. All That’s Halloween

The picture has it all. All that’s Halloween. From treats to brooms to pumpkins- all of it.

55. Killer Lady

With that knife and the dripping blood on her face, she looks sh*t scary and perfect for your screen if that’s what you’re looking for.

56. Little Witch

Such a cute little witch, unlike the same old, cranky ones. It’s a rare sight.

57. Pumpkin Murderer

Never heard of a pumpkin murderer but if they exist and look anything like the one in this photo- makes the picture even scarier.

58. Pink Evening

What a beautiful, pinky evening but it’s not the romantic kind. It’s the spooky kind.

59. Rocking Skull

The skull in the picture is rocking like a star with just its exquisite pattern and aesthetic look.

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60. Red Moon

Blood Moon and Halloween are a deadly combination. While this picture is fascinating.

61. Anime Halloween

This beautiful Anime Halloween Girl looks fierce and gorgeous!

62. Fall Halloween

You love Fall ’cause it has Halloween, don’t ya? This picture’s for you.

63. Good & Evil

There are good pumpkins and there are evil pumpkins. You just have to know the difference.

64. Stickman

This stickman can bring joy to the ghosts but wreak havoc on us. Though this mere picture’s not harmful.

65. Murder Baby

No matter how cute this pumpkin is, don’t take any ideas from it. But you can save this cute thing as your wallpaper.

66. Halloween Collage

Fall’s not just about Halloween. It’s also about crunchy leaves, smoke from chimneys, ripe apples, sweet ciders, cozy blankets, and sparkling fires.

67. Glowing Ghost

This aesthetic, scary ghost-in-flames is a good choice to glow up your phone screen.

68. Halloween Bulbs

These cute little bulbs can be your phone screen decor. Or your next Halloween decor.

69. Mickey Mouse

While there’s no connection between pumpkins and Mickey Mouse, they sure go well in this picture.

70. Halloween In Disneyland

‘Cause the Disneyland princesses need a bit of spook in their lives too.

71. Bootiful

Hey, bootiful. Ya like this wallpaper, bootiful?

72. Shy Pumpkin

Aww, the pumpkin’s so shy. That sparkly body and twinkling eyes can adorn your phone screen.

73. Swinging Together

Halloween is Valentine’s for the ghost couples like those in the picture swinging together.

74. Black Cat

I’m totally against the superstition regarding Black cats. I find ’em beautiful and if you do too, this one’s for you.

75. Vintage Halloween

Feel the rush of nostalgia with this vintage Halloween poster wallpaper.

76. Pretty Witch

This pretty witch and her cat can bring magic to your phone! JK.

77. Blurred Background

This aesthetic capture is pretty creative and unique while having the Fall-Halloween vibe.

78. Pokemon Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with your favorite Pokemon characters (who are ready in their scariest form to spook you out).

79. Gamer’s Halloween

If you’re a big gamer, celebrate Halloween with these gaming characters.

80. Scary Batman

If bats are a thing of Halloween, why not Batman, the Caped Crusader too?

81. Cute Greetings

Let’s end the list with a cute ghost wishing Happy Halloween!

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