51 Fall Wallpaper Backgrounds for iPhone

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I honestly love Fall. It’s my favorite not only ’cause it has my favorite festivals but it’s also so colorful. It’s like the leaves are flowers themselves, it’s like spring all over again! Don’t you agree?! I mean you are here looking for some beautiful Fall wallpapers so I bet you really like this season.

So we have gathered a list of Fall Wallpaper ideas for your iPhone where you will find different sorts of Fall pictures. From fallen leaves to colorful forests and all other stuff that’s about the season Fall.

How To Save On Phone

Oh, it’s very easy! Press and hold the picture you have selected for your iPhone and click ‘download’ from the pop-up menu. But if you’re on your laptop right now, right-click on the picture and click ‘save’. Transfer it to your phone via AirDrop or email it to yourself.

1. Fallen Leaves

Fall is marked by fallen leaves so let’s begin the list with a Fall Leaves wallpaper.

2. Fall Trees

The trees make for beautiful scenery even with all the shedding of their leaves. That’s the beauty of Fall.

3. Dried Leaves

Orange leaves are such a wonderful reminder that every stage of life is beautiful in its own unique way.

4. Pumpkins

We had to bring up Pumpkins, the fruit of the season! BTW, did you know they are fruits and not vegetables?

5. Fall Day

A typical, sunny, relaxing Fall day with the orange-yellow leaves and the clear blue sky.

6. Dark Road

Dark road, empty street, and orange forest looming over it- a breathtaking vision indeed.

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7. Fall Night

The nighttime during the Fall season is extraordinarily beautiful, you can’t change my mind.

8. Brown Leaf

The brown leaf oh so beautifully represents the circle of life and death.

9. Wooden Pathway

It’s a nice picture and also a nice path to take a long walk on in the Fall season.

10. Fall Season

Dried up leaves and a large Waterfall, the contradiction in this picture is absolutely amazing.

11. Be Thankful

‘Cause Fall is the season of being grateful and giving thanks to all the people no matter how small a part they played in your life.

12. Mountain during Fall

Mountain is breathtaking no matter what season but the forests during Fall look extraordinary.

13. Fall Scenes

A cozy place, your favorite book, and a hot cup of pumpkin-spiced latte, that’s a perfect Fall evening, isn’t it?

14. Misty Fall

The cool breeze, orange leaves and the mist indicating the coming of winter is a soothing Fall moment.

15. Maple Leaves

Save this picture of Maple Leaves to repel demons and evil spirits away from you! Just kidding, nothing like that is gonna happen (or is it?).

16. Fall Pattern

All about Fall is in this pretty Fall Pattern picture!

17. Orange & Black Trees

It so reminds me of Orange Is the New Black, only ’cause of the name. And also this orange/black combo looks smoking!

18. A Leaf

Tiny leaves make up the entire forest. Huh, something to learn from.

19. Red Forest

Gosh, the picture is so captivating! If only I could visit this forest for real…

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20. Hot Chocolate Please

What more do you need?

21. Fall Lake

The forest of colorful, diverse trees is extremely beautiful but the reflection on the lake is gorgeous.

22. Pumpkin Spice

Fall means Pumpkin Spice food or beverage or wallpaper!

23. Black Roses & Pumpkins

Black Rose and Pumpkin, the perfect pair for Halloween.

24. Bird’s View Fall Road

The Bird’s view of the forest during the Fall season is spectacular! Why don’t we have wings?!

25. Piggie in Fall

Look how happy little Mr. Piggie is ’cause its favorite season is here. Just like me. Yup, I love Fall ’cause it has the funnest festivals.

26. Fall River

The yellow trees looming over the river- a nice typical Fall picture.

27. Fern Leaves

Did you know fern leaves symbolize eternal youth? But here they are all dried so, irony?

28. Rustic Fall 

Here’s a simple rustic Fall background for you.

29. Boo

The Boos are so cute, ain’t they? Funny how they are supposed to be scary, haha.

30. Orange Stairs

Ooh, it’s so creepy but enticing too. What do you think?

31. Just Fall Things

Some good books, a hot cup of coffee, and a pair of boots- that’s all we need to rock the season!

32. Halloween Scenes

R.I.P. Just Halloween scenes. Nothing more.

33. Fall Days 

Let’s cheers ’cause the Fall Days are here to make our lives better!

34. Give Thanks

I give thanks to you for reading my article.

35. Pumpkin, Spice & Fall

A slice of Pumpkin, a dash of cinnamon, and maple leaves, the perfect Fall pack.

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36. October Quote

Who loves the month October?! I know a lot of us do ’cause it has our favorite festivals!

37. Happy Fall Y’all

Y’all, wish you a very Happy Fall!

38. Fall Bench

The ground, the benches, and everything else covered with orange leaves- typical Fall scenes.

39. Frosty Mountain

If you’re a mountain lover and your favorite season is Fall, this wallpaper is perfect for you.

40. Fall Ferris Wheel

Life is a beautiful ride like the Ferris Wheel and the fallen leaves.

41. Pinecones

How can we forget about the falling of pinecones during Fall?!

42. Leaves on White Textile

An aesthetic, rustic wallpaper for you if nice & simple is your choice.

43. Yellow Leaf

And if you like all things yellowy, this is totally for you!

44. Maple Leaves on Water

Whoever thought of capturing a couple of mere maple leaves floating on water, ya did a good job.

45. Yellow Forest

Funny how the dried-up, shedding leaves can still seem so beautiful. That’s the beauty of nature y’all.

46. Night-Time

I am legit obsessed with the Fall night landscapes. It’s just so stunning.

47. Sunshine

The bright sunshine and the yellow Fall forest- it’s like Yellow Fall!

48. Night Landscape

You just have to feel the night beauty of Fall. There ain’t no words.

49. Fall Evening

This kinda Fall evening is worth the year-long wait.

50. Autumn Still Life

The Autumn/Fall life indeed. Don’t ya agree?

51. Empty Road

All I can think about is going on a long drive on this empty road!