51+ Vintage Wallpaper Backgrounds For A Retro Vibe

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In a world that’s evolving at godspeed, it’s good to take a quick break and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the good old days. And you came to the perfect place to do the same.

We have gathered here a list of 51+ Free Vintage Wallpaper Options to give you that retro vibe you are browsing for. We’ve got wallpapers of old gadgets, retro vibe collages, vintage art (even renaissance art!), and much more for you to check out. Now don’t waste any more of your time here and scroll!

For those of you who may not know how to save the picture on your phone, let us teach you:

How To Save On Phone

First, make a wise choice and once you’ve decided, press and hold the chosen picture and some options will pop up. Click on the ‘download’ option and it’s saved on your iPhone (same process for any other smartphone).

If you are reading this on your laptop/computer, right-click on the picture and click ‘save’ out of all the options that pop up. Then transfer it to your iPhone via Airdrop (if it’s Macbook to iPhone) or email it to yourself (in any other case).

1. Vintage Travel

Let’s begin with the days when we used to store our precious travel memories in the form of polaroids.

2. Vintage Books

Amazing vintage books, rain outside, and a cup of hot coffee- perfect combo!

3. Retro Vibe

It’s a perfect retro collage of 20th-century fashion, the old oreo ad, the old magazines, cassettes, and more!

4. Nostalgia

If this picture does not give you the nostalgia, you got no right to demand a retro vibe!

5. 20th Century Vibe

When our favorite drink Coca Cola was first released, when our favorite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S first came out, the old dollar store, the retro fashion, and many such good times are captured in this picture.

6. Retro TV

If you belong to this TV’s generation, you must have led an amazing childhood!

7. Retro Collage

We are givin’ you all the retro vibe you want through this perfect vintage collage. Can it get any better?

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8. Vintage Pattern

If not vintage pictures, what about vintage patterns for the artistic person in you?

9. All Things Vintage

It’s got all the 20th-century stuff that is perfect for the nostalgia you are looking for.

10. Vintage Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving greetings back in those days were so cute! I love this picture/poster.

11. Vintage Radio

For the generation that had no phones like today, radios were the most exciting gadget (or that’s what am told). Am I right?

12. From The Past

We got it for you from the past 1976. It’s vintage but it’s “still alive today”.

13. Vintage Car

I wanna confess that I think Vintage cars are sexier than any Mercedes or BMW or Audi or Ferrari or any other modern car you can think of.

14. Vintage Stuff

All this worn-out stuff ain’t of much use today but they are definitely precious vintage items that give off the perfect retro vibe.

15. Vintage Compass

Since we are talking about vintage pictures, a vintage compass picture top the list!

16. Old Key

Next to the compass is an antique key picture that’s perfect to give off the retro vibe you are searching for.

17. Retro Cam

How about a vintage camera for the vibe? Do you like it?

18. Vintage Ferrari

Ah! Another vintage car! I cannot get over how sexy these are (or were).

19. Planet of the Knob Heads

When we finally saw the end of the great WW2, an alien encounter turned nightmare book, the Planet of the Knob Heads came out. A bizarre 40’s book that’s sure to make you nostalgic if you’ve ever read it.

20. Vintage Comic

Our Classic superheroes are back! Save ’em quick so they don’t get away ever again. POP!

21. Aesthetic Retro Vibe

I honestly don’t know what place this is but it’s still hitting me with the retro vibe.

22. You & Me

I’m so in love with this vintage wallpaper that I made it my own phone’s wallpaper. You do it too we’ll match!

23. Vintage Flower Photography

Do you love flowers? Do you love vintage-style photography? If yes for both then this is the perfect wallpaper for you!

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24. Vintage Fashion Boutique

Who wants to bring back the retro fashion boutique? They had some gorgeous dresses, no?!

25. Old Disney

Disney has been a part of so many generations that I think it’s irreplaceable now.

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26. Vintage Anime

I enjoy the vintage anime pictures more than the modern ones. It has a different feel to it.

27. Vintage Love

The love that an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind shares is the purest form of love.

28. Cassette

The cassette days are gone now, but the good old memories are still there.

29. Coca Cola

The favorite beverage of generations, Coca Cola. I can’t believe how old it is.

30. Art

What’s more vintage than marvelous, breathtaking, inexplicably beautiful renaissance art?

31. Record Player

In my opinion, the big vinyl CDs and the record player beat any modern speaker or smartphone. Period.

32. Vintage Heart

Do you have a vintage heart too? Maybe that’s why you’re looking for the retro vibe here.

33. Vintage Luggage

Why don’t men wear such hats that much nowadays? The men back in those days looked so hot wearing those hats!

34. Vintage Tabletop

It appears to me as a bunch of old days newspapers in this wallpaper, but why would they have that leg picture in a newspaper?! Anyways, it’s sure giving off the vintage vibe.

35. Typewriter

Have you ever written with a typewriter? I have and lemme tell ya it’s more fun than the regular boring keyboard we use. #bringbacktypewriters.

36. Vintage Floral Pattern

This pretty vintage floral pattern is soothing to the eyes and retro for the vibe.

37. Race Track

I honestly don’t know much about auto racing, but this vintage racing sure seems cool.

38. Retro Ladies

We’ve got so many gorgeous retro ladies here in this wallpaper. I’m so dazzled by their chic hairstyle though.

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39. Vintage New York

I’ve never been to New York. Has it always been so exciting, intimidating, fast-paced, and simply amazing?

40. Good Ol’ Days

From the classic cartoons to the fun-filled Fairs and so many other good times, the ’90s was golden.

41. Old Paris

Are you a Parisian? Then this should be super nostalgic for you.

42. Back In The Day

Back in the day when rooms were filled with our favorite movie/character posters and old games lying all around.

43. Telephone Booth

When calling someone meant going to the nearest telephone booth, putting in the coin, dialing, and wishing they’d pick up else you’d lose a penny. We are so lucky.

44. Gramophone

Gramophones are so chic, so fancy, so beautiful in comparison to the modern music players with dull designs(ugh, so boring!). Why did we replace them?!

45. Vintage Hong Kong City

WOW. Dayum! Did Hong Kong city actually look so gorgeous in those days? For real? I’m born in the wrong era.

46. Aesthetic Old Days

Remember the trips to the VHS store to rent your favorite movie tapes in exchange for a few bucks? Don’t you miss those days?

47. Vintage Woman

The vintage mirror, the retro style, and the gorgeous woman, everything is on point in this retro-themed picture.

48. Retro Gaming

These games were everything to the kids when they had no smartphones or high-tech video games. So many memories are locked in these little gadgets!

49. Retro Vibe

Are ya feeling the retro/beachy vibe here? I sure am!

50. Vintage Mirror & Roses

This vintage-themed picture is oddly charming. Don’t ya think?

51. Those 90’s Days

Those 90s days when diners, bicycles, cool jeans/top, Ferris wheel, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S were everything!

52. Retro Bird Sketch

A beautiful vintage-themed painting/picture of colorful birds. I absolutely love it!

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