51 Stunning Black And White iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds For Free

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Gone are the days of Black & White pictures. But, are they really? No, silly. We got ’em back! We have compiled a list of 51 Stunning Black And White iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds for you to try out and get that nostalgic vibe.

From gorgeous nature sceneries to aesthetic photography, we can provide you with diverse options to choose from!

But, before going into that, let’s discuss a quick little thing.

How To Save Wallpaper On iPhone

In case you don’t know it already, there are two ways to do that:

i) If you’re on your iPhone, press and hold the chosen picture and click ‘download’. The same process for other smartphones.

ii) If you’re on your Macbook, right-click on the picture and click ‘save’. Then transfer it to your phone via Airdrop or email (if you don’t have an iPhone). Also, the same process is on other laptops but you can only email it to yourself.

Once done, change your wallpaper from settings.

51 Black And White iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds For Free

1. Leaf

Green leaves are pretty but in ‘black and white’ mode, they are aesthetic!

2. Clock

Hickory Dickory dock, we got a picture of the clock! And it’s black and white too.

3. Red Drops

Don’t know what to make out of this picture, but it certainly is kinda fascinating.

4. Love

A simple, cute,  and lovely background for you to try out.

5. Let’s Get Lost Tonight

And if you’re a hopeless romantic kinda person, we got a suitable wallpaper for you too.

6. Smoky Love

Creative. Aesthetic. Only words repeatedly coming to my mind for this picture!

7. Cloud

A white cloudy picture for the dark and cloudy days (or mood).

8. Aesthetic Wallpaper

The dope monkey-man is here in his super cool avatar! Will you give him the chance to enlighten you (or rather your phone)?

9. Lion

In this picture, the lion is looking up seemingly with so much hope and curiosity in his eyes. Maybe he’s hoping you’d choose him as your wallpaper. Hehe.

10. Mountains

This picture of silver/greyish mountains and the silhouette of trees is perfect for your phone. Especially if you’re a mountain lover!

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11. Astronaut

Live your childhood dream of going to space with this Astronaut Wallpaper.

12. Fries Before Guys

Ladies and gay men, put your hands up and say ay! Fries Before Guys!

13. Live In The Now

We worry so much about the future that we forgot to truly live in the now. Stop Worrying. It’s a quick reminder for you.

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14. Smoke

Anesthetic smokey wallpaper to adorn your phone screen. Give it a try.

15. Joker

The disregarded and mistreated Joker won’t certainly be disregarded in this list. The supervillain everyone loves!

16. A Tree

Looks like a dream scene from a movie. A lonely tree standing on an empty ground.

17. Cool Car

I kinda got the feeling that you love cars so this picture of a stunning black car is for you.

18. Wolf Love

Werewolf movies made so many girls fantasize about getting that “wolf mark” from their soulmate. If you belong to that category, well we got this beautiful intertwined wolf love picture for you.

19. New Day, Fresh Start

A new day means a fresh start. So whatever’s happened in the past days, let ’em go and start afresh with this new wallpaper.

20. Love Pattern

This picture of gorgeous patterns and lovely you will make a good combo. Give it a try.

21. Scream

If you can hear the scream, feel the picture- honey it’s all gonna be okay. Just hang in there. There’s gonna be a bright new day pretty soon.

22. Guys’ Collage

Got a question, why don’t guys do their hair like that anymore?! It’s pretty hot. And so is this Guy’s college.

23. Ooh La La

My ladies, we got an Ooh La La collage for you to remind you that you’re a conqueror and you can prove the world wrong.

24. Black And White

The picture has all the 20th-century stuff and all in black and white! Nostalgia at its best.

25. Gojo Satoru

Jujutsu Kaisen is on the news now. All the anime fans know about this amazing series and especially the famous, charming, most powerful, and every girl’s heartthrob, Gojo Satoru. Are you a big fan of him too?

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26. Silhouette of Love

This beautiful silhouette of the lovers is so amazing. Even in this dark picture, you can feel the beautiful love they share.

27. Vulchur

This exotic picture of a Vulture reminds me of what Suzy Kassem once said, “Fear the Vulture and the Vulture will come. Fear nothing and you are the Vulture”. 

28. Flying Bird

The bird is flying so high up the mountains. Almost makes me wanna wish for wings so I can fly on top of the biggest mountains and see the entire earth. What about you?

29. Skull

It’s a pretty dope picture of a Black and White skull. Pretty suitable for you if you’re a band member or something.

30. Dog

Dogs are probably everyone’s favorite animal. And why not? Look at those eyes. They hold so much innocence, warmth, and love.

31. Walking Up

Keep climbing up your stairs until you reach the topmost point of success and prosperity so when you look down, you’ll find the world under your feet.

32. Clocks

Tick tick tock, time’s running out. But it’s not too late yet for you to choose this picture as your phone wallpaper. Otherwise, someone else might!

33. Falling From The Sky

Absolutely stunning! This picture reminds me of the feeling of falling down from a height (a lot of us got it in our dreams, didn’t we?).

34. Raining

Rain rain, come again, we wanna take a picture again! ‘Cause you make the world look so much better and soothe my aching brain.

35. Sand Dunes

The picture of dark sand dunes is perfect if you’re feeling kinda beachy lately.

36. Walking Alone

Would you take a walk in a deep forest at night all alone? It’s kinda thrilling and soothing at the same time, isn’t it?

37. Crescent Moon

The waning crescent moon in the dark night sky. That’s a beauty to behold.

38. Bridge

Foggy Bridge on a cloudy day with no lights. I wonder what lies on the other end.

39. Smoking Man

The grayscale photo of a smoking man is pretty smokey. And hot. Give this wallpaper a chance.

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40. Flamingo Flower

We present an aesthetic, black and white picture of the pretty Flamingo flower to you.

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41. The Taj Mahal

The wonder of the World. The Taj Mahal. The epitome of true love. While it itself can’t be yours (unless someone ever builds something like that for you), however, the stunning picture can be yours.

42. Water Splash

The sea waves splashed when the camera captured its beauty and we cannot get over it.

43. Cigarette And Water

Swimming and cigarette, ever tried? Well, if you didn’t, you probably should and you should also try out this wallpaper.

44. Footprints

Every time you go to the beach, you leave your footprints behind. The same way you leave your mark behind everywhere you go.

45. Night City

A city at night with all the lights is when its true beauty and secrets are revealed.

46. Feather

This stunning black and white feather picture are here to adorn your phone screen if only you give it a chance.

47. The Cross

Bless your phone with the Cross-chain picture. After all, it contains a lot of your secrets, doesn’t it?

48. Swan

The Swan, like the soul of the poet, by the dull world, is ill-understood- Early Poems, Evening Songs by Heinrich Heine.

49. Glass Ceiling

A picture of a Black and White glass ceiling can be an aesthetic wallpaper too.

50. Apple 

iPhone and an Apple Wallpaper. That’s a combo we can’t forget. This one in particular is so aesthetic and cool at the same time.

51. Dolphins Swimming

Swimming Dolphins deep in the sea is a sight to behold. It’s kinda out of the topic but dolphins are really taken for granted. They must be protected from monstrous people killing them mercilessly.

With this, we reach the end of our list of Stunning Black and White Wallpaper for iPhone. But what if you want dark wallpapers but not only black and white ones? Well, we got that too! Check out:m51+ Free Aesthetic Dark Wallpapers for iPhone.