41 Amazing DIY Rainbow Crafts for Kids

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Keeping kids indoors on a rainy afternoon often poses a problem for young mothers. Television or a video game just doesn’t quite cut it out because they tend to get bored after a few hours. The best way to keep them occupied is thus inevitably arts and crafts! And what better craft items to create if not rainbows? They are colorful and bright and bring immense happiness when you look at them.

Easily incorporate this feeling into your warm home by helping your kids in DIY – amazing and easy rainbow crafts. Once you have mastered this list, you will never have to worry about keeping your kids busy for the entire day. Try these funky rainbow DIYs today!

41 Amazing DIY Rainbow Crafts for Kids

1. Paper Strip Rainbows


If you have a toddler at home, chances are that you already find paper strips lying around the house for absolutely no reason. Instead, you can use the paper well and make paper strips with your kid. This fun activity can be done in less than 10 minutes! You need some scissors, a stapler, and paper strips. These cute rainbow paper strips can be hung on the ceiling or a wall, or a modern dresser.

2. Rainbow Shoes


Kids often get their hands dirty while playing, which may cause them to catch a cold easily. You can let your kid get their hands on something productive and fun that won’t cause any harm to their health. Grab some sneakers, sharpies for all the colors in the rainbow, and get started!

3. Rainbow Popsicles


Spend some quality time with your kid by making easy edible rainbow popsicles to munch on. With instant pudding, food colors, jello, milk, dixie cups, and popsicle sticks, your tasty popsicle is just minutes away!

4. Rainbow Rice Platter


A plate of rainbow rice is visually appealing to young children, and they have as much fun making it as they have in eating it. You can use either food coloring or some non-acrylic paint to dye your rice. You can also make rainbow rice if your child needs some convincing to eat healthy food.


5. Rainbow Comb Painting


Kids enjoy messing around with paint. With a rainbow painting, you are stimulating their sensory growth and letting their creativity run wild. Hand your kid an old comb and non-toxic paints and let them do the rest. You can also hang their painting once dried to appreciate and boost their creativity.

6. Rainbow Paper Plate Craft


Use scrap paper of all the rainbow colors or crayons (whatever you prefer), glue, scissors, cotton balls and half a paper plate to create a cute craft that you can proudly hang in the kid’s bedroom. This activity is easy to carry out and extremely cheap, so it is a fun activity to do with your kid.

7. Cotton Ball Painting


When your kid is learning about rainbows, this is the perfect activity to help them remember the sequence of the colors in the rainbow. Dip cotton balls in paint, and let your kid dab the cotton balls on a sheet of paper. This way, your kid can learn about the rainbow while doing a fun activity. Don’t mind if your child gets some paint on you!

8. Grow your Own Rainbow


Watching a rainbow submerge into the sky is fascinating but your child may not get to see that or even if they see it, chances are bleak for them to be able to remember it later on. Help them make a rainbow at home with a paper towel, water, and some washable markers. The activity takes nothing more than 10-15 minutes and stimulates their senses as well.

9. Make a Rainbow Cake


Baking is one of the most fun activities you can do with your toddler. It keeps them busy and occupied, and you get tasty treats once you’re done. Make a rainbow cake, the exact ones you may have seen on Pinterest and Instagram, in the comfort of your home. With the help of some online tutorials, baking a rainbow cake will be delightful for both of you! You can use sugar-free products if you are health conscious too.

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10. Rainbow Slime


The gooey feeling of slime never fails to make kids giggle. DIY a vibrant rainbow slime with your kid with clear glue, baking soda and food coloring. Place it in a small jar once done, so your kids can play with it whenever they like! But make sure to follow all safety precautions while making and playing with the slime.

11. Rainbow Sponge Painting


Art does not have to be expensive and classy. Kids love being messy, so you need to set boundaries and restrict them from ruining expensive things. Buying expensive art supplies for kids does not make sense when you can easily create beautiful pieces with items at home. Your children can make a pretty rainbow painting just with some paint and a sponge.

12. Rainbow Tambourine


All you need to make a rainbow tambourine are some paper plates, paints, glue, cotton balls, and bells. Paint the rainbow in full circles on your paper plate and attach the bells on the arc after folding the paper plate in half. The tambourine must be stuffed with cotton balls to give it some texture. Your kids are sure to have fun playing with this homemade instrument!

13. Rainbow Bread


Kids can hardly resist putting playthings in their mouths, which is why using edible paint is great when it comes to arts and crafts. You can make edible paint at home using granulated sugar and food coloring. Let their creativity flow on bread pieces which they can devour once done!

14. Marble Painting


Rainbow marble painting is a great way to introduce color mixing to your young toddlers. It is extremely easy to carry out. You need some marbles and non-toxic paints. Dip your marble in one paint color and let it get covered in paint completely. When all six or seven marbles are covered in paint, keep a sheet of paper in a large tray and place your marbles on the sheet. Shake your tray and tilt it to create abstract art.

15. Rainbow Xylophone


Kids love drumming on tabletops and creating sound. If your kids seem to enjoy music, DIY a rainbow xylophone with them! Use candy sticks, paint and glue to create the perfect instrument that your kid can play with on a dull day. If you want a bigger xylophone, you can use wood instead. Playing with wood will also teach your kids to be respectful of the climate.

16. Sparkly Button Rainbow


Every kid loves a bit of shimmer. Make button art with your kid simply by using buttons of different colors, glue, and some glitter. Make an outline of the rainbow beforehand on the sheet of paper to keep a track of your rainbow. Apply glue to one part of the rainbow and let your kids stick buttons of that color all over it! Once your kid is done, sprinkle some glitter on their work and put it on display!

17. Make a Rainbow using Washi Tape


Use washi tapes of the rainbow colors and stick them on a sheet of paper. Make some cloud cutouts to stick at the ends of your rainbow. This is a fun activity to introduce to your kids to the colors of the rainbow. You can do this if you want to keep your kids busy but don’t want a paint mess in your house. Check out other DIY crafts to make using washi tape.

18. Bubble Wrap Rainbow Art


You probably have some bubble wrap at your home from the time you ordered something via amazon. Use it to create an entertaining day by painting a rainbow over bubble wrap. Once done, press it carefully on a sheet of paper to get the print on it. You can also stick cloud cutouts at the ends of the rainbow.

19. Rainbow Abacus


If you are looking for a fun math activity for your kid, making a homemade abacus to count numbers is the way to go! With the help of colored beads and thick threads of rainbow colors, an abacus can be made within minutes! Let your beads slip through the threads, and when you are done, use white playdough and stick the threads to it. You can shape the play dough like a cloud.

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20. Rainbow Pasta Craft


Art from food is one of the most creative genres of arts and crafts. You can be as unique as you want with such projects and with just a little amount of things. One such really fun project is making pasta crafts. Put penne pasta in a Ziploc bag and add red acrylic paint to it and shake. Similarly, do the same for other rainbow colors. Once the paint has dried off, stick the pasta in the form of a rainbow on a sheet of paper or cardboard, and hang it on the wall for everyone to see! You can even make a cardboard photo frame with this by sticking the pasta onto the sheet.

21. Rainbow Balloon Arch



Whether it is a special occasion or just a normal day in your toddler’s life, making a rainbow balloon arch will never fail to bring joy to your home. This is a fun activity for parents as well as kids because your toddler can easily blow balloons with a balloon pump, while you tie them like a rainbow. You can hang this on the ceiling of your toddler’s room or a wall.

22. Rainbow Banners


While making a cloth tapestry might be difficult for your young ones, they can easily make a rainbow banner using crepe paper. Cut crepe paper in equal lengths and stick them systematically to a tape. Attach this banner on the wall because it looks spectacular on a plain white wall.

23. Rainbow Fruit Loops Craft


Fruit loops are usually the staple food in the early years of every kid’s life. Let your kids do this fun little activity with their favorite cereal! Draw a rainbow outline on a sheet of paper, and let your kids glue fruit loops according to the rainbow color sequence.

24. Puffy Paint Rainbow Art


Puffy paint pops off on paper and it is such a fun project to experiment with. You can make it using shaving cream, food coloring, and glue. Regular painting may turn monotonous, but you can spice it up for your kids by letting them use puffy paints for their art and crafts. But be sure to not let them put it in their mouth.

25. DIY Rainbow Playdough


Make non-toxic playdough at home instead of buying kits that may have chemical coloring. To make playdough, use flour, oil, boiling water, and food coloring. Your kids can make small balls of this playdough and roll them out to make rainbow art. The best part of DIYing – you can store this homemade playdough in jars for months at a go!

27. Rainbow Lanterns


Jar lanterns are easy to hang and look very pretty too. Paint tissue paper and add it layer by layer so it looks like a rainbow when you are done with it. You can sprinkle some glitter on the tissue papers before adding them to the jar so they have a shimmery effect.

28. DIY Rainbow Candle Holder


If you have a candle in a plain transparent glass holder, give it a vibrant effect by giving it a rainbow color. Take water in a bowl and add nail paint of the first rainbow color. Dip your candle holder in it and once removed, let the paint dry for 5 minutes. Do the same for each layer of the rainbow. The results will surely surprise you.

28. Edible Finger Paint Art


Mothers often don’t let their kids play with paint because they don’t want them to put their fingers coated with paint in their mouths. Edible paint eases all your worries as you watch your toddler have the time of their life with finger painting. You simply need sugar, corn starch, water, and salt for this, give them a sheet and let their imagination run wild as they move around their tiny fingers.

29. Paper Plate Yarn Art


Make a cool craft project with your kid, which you can put on display as well. This project involves using sharp needles, so make sure you don’t let your child play with it alone.

30. Rainbow Scavenger Hunt


Take a break from the messy paints and cooking and play a small scavenger hunt with your kids. Give your kids one color, and let them grab toys or home supplies of that color and bring them back to you. Whoever has the most supplies by the end of the hunt, wins!

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31. Rainbow Suncatcher


Hang a self-made rainbow suncatcher on your child’s rainbow to remind them of you every time they see it. Use various rainbow-colored tissue papers, and let your kids crumple them up. Make a rainbow outline on which your kids can stick the tissue papers. You can stick it on a window or hang it using threads.

32. DIY Rainbow Rock Candy


Rock candies are easy to make at home and are preferred over regular candy bars. You can make a rainbow rock candy simply by using sugar, water, and cake pop sticks.

33. Rainbow Tie Dye T-Shirt


Tie-dye fashion is cute and in style! So, make a pretty tie-dye t-shirt for your little one simply by using water dye of all the colors, a t-shirt of your choice, and ice. While you are at it, you can also tie-dye your other clothing or house items, like a pillowcase, joggers, etc.

34. Rainbow Mason Jar


These jars can be made to keep on display rather than storing something in them because they add charm to your tabletop. Add food color of all the rainbow colors in separate glasses filled with water. Next, add glitter to all the glasses and mix. Paint your jar from the inside and leave it in the oven for a few minutes. Once done, it gives a glow-in-the-dark effect. Your kids will have great fun with these jars!

35. DIY Rainbow Roses


Now, you can let your kids see and grow a rainbow rose by themselves! Buy some white roses and make sure you get the thorns removed. Cut them carefully from the middle. Take three glasses and add water and food colors to them. Let your rose be in the three glasses and leave it overnight to see the colors get absorbed onto the rose.

36. Rainbow Cookies


If your kids love rainbows, make a tasty rainbow treat for their snack time. This is a really fun little project to do with your toddler when you are bored. The rainbow cookies go best with milk because your kid’s nutrition must not be hampered. Most importantly, baking is all about experimenting, but remember to have fun with it.

37. Melted Rainbow Art


Use multiple crayons and group all crayons of the same color. Glue them to a sheet of paper. Next, blow-dry the crayons till they start to melt and spread over the paper. This is a great abstract art project your children can do in their early stages of life for the development of their cognitive skills!

38. Rainbow Soap Foam Bubbles


Spruce up your kid’s bath time with a rainbow-filled bathtub. You will need liquid watercolors and some dishwashing detergent, and voila, your kid is kept busy for a while with these fun soap foam bubbles.

39. Rainbow Bead Bracelet


This super easy rainbow craft can be done in 5 minutes! Grab some beads, a thick thread, and assemble your rainbow bracelet.

40. Rainbow Highlighter



Grab yellow, red, and blue highlighters. Use the red and blue highlighters to draw on the yellow highlighter tip and then try the yellow highlighter on paper. This activity will keep your kid busy drawing rainbows till your highlighter dries up! Of course, save your walls though from your children.

41. Rainbow Butterfly Footprint


Mix watercolors and make a rainbow in the palette, then ask your kid to step into it and put their foot on a piece of paper. When both sides are done, make it into a cute butterfly figure. This makes for a great keepsake for your home as well.

Rainbows are a ‘children’s favorite’ because they are colorful, vibrant, and bring a sense of calm and happiness when you look at them. And when they grow up, they will get to know other creative knowledgeable meanings of a rainbow as well which they will like. With these easy and fun rainbow projects, your kids will never run out of activities to do when bored.