41 Handmade Birthday Card Ideas

handmade birthday card

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Birthdays call for tons of birthday gifts for your loved ones. But material gifts don’t provide a personal touch, no matter how expensive your present may be. There is nothing that can express your love and gratitude like a simple handmade birthday card, to go with your present.

If you’re not very good at arts and crafts, this is a perfect gift to go with your original one, because it doesn’t take too much creativity or time. But if you’re looking for inspiring and creative ideas because you thoroughly enjoy spending time with crafts and you want to give something personalized to your loved ones, you’re in the right place. So, let’s dive right in!

41 Handmade Birthday Card Ideas

1. Explosion Box

Via Chaoticallyyours

We have a classic explosion bo start off with. The idea has been making rounds for ages and is received well because of the quirky gifts inside. Firstly, map out what you want your explosion box to look like. It can have photographs, candies, or other tiny gifts. If none of this sounds appealing, you can go with the original confetti explosion box, so when your friend receives it, they are greeted with a pop of color!

2. Watercolor Card

Via Doodlecraftblog

Nothing says personal like a card handwritten by you for your loved ones. The colorful splash of watercolors will give your card a great touch. This card is extremely easy to make, all you need are some watercolors and your artistic vision, and bring your calligraphy skills along for the ride! t want your favorite carpet stained because of the watercolors.

3. Vintage Birthday Card

Via Instructables

The vintage aesthetic to your birthday card can be brought by pressed flowers. The best part about this is you can go collect flowers yourself and press them at home, instead of ordering them online. Make sure you keep them pressed for enough time before you envelop them in your card! Keep your flowers secure, and press them gently before arranging them in your card.

4. Pom-Pom Birthday Card

Via Whitehousecrafts

Fluffy pom-poms are a great addition to a birthday card. A great idea can be to use the pom-poms for the scoop-on type of ice cOutlinentline of an ice cream to get started. Use small-sized colorful pom-poms or use some yarn to make them at home. With some adhesive tape, stick the pom-poms above the ice cream cone.

5. Birthday Bear Card

Via Shouldntyoubestudying

What’s better than a cute hand-drawn bear to greet you on your birthday? If you’re looking for a cute birthday card idea that doesn’t involve anything messy and complicated, this is perfect for you. You just need a few basic art supplies and an hour of your time to finish this project.

Start by drawing your bear on cardstock. Trace it on your greeting card, write your wishes, and fold it properly. You can be as creative as you wish and give it a splash of color.

6. Cupcake Card

Via Kitchentablestamper

Food goodie cards are a great way to get your kids more involved with art and crafts. There are different ways you can go forward with this card. You can cut different papers into your cupcake and wrappers and stick them together for a simple card. You can also highlight the borders with a black marker to give them a bold look. 

7. Washi Tape Cards

Via Astepinthejourney

Washi tapes are such a flexible tool to use in crafts. They can be used as borders and banners and you can write over them! You can stick your washi tape at the borders of your card, or you can take a step ahead and use them to make a creative birthday card. You can cut your washi tape into different lengths and use them to make candles and flames. You can also draw a multi-tier birthday cake and use different wasapes as the layers.

8. Embroidered Card

Via Craftingcheerfully

If you are good at embroidery, mix it with the art of card making and gift your loved ones adorable little cards. You can make different designs on your card – from rainbow cakes to balloons and other birthday decorations to flowers! If you regularly practice embroidery, you probably have a bundle of different colored yarns to choose from, so your choices are plenty!

9. Pop-Up Card

Via Redtedart

This birthday season, go for something different than your regular 2D birthday cards. Although you may feel making 3D cards is tis actually quite simple and fun to make. You can give it a birthday theme and make a cake pop-up card, or candles and balloons would look great as well. Grab various colored papers and make sure you cut the paper carefully according to the dimensions so you don’t mess up the pop-up.

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10. Balloon Birthday Card

Via Jennifermcguireink

Do you need a quick fix for a birthday card? This adorable birthday card can be made in a jiffy if you have all the art supplies at home. Get some colorful paper for the base of your balloon and cut it into a semi circle. Stick it to the top of your card. Use a ribbon or string and slightly twirl it to give it a small curl. Stick it below your balloon and you are good to go!

Write your birthday wishes inside the card, and you can be done under an hour! An extra tip: sprinkling some silver or gold glitter on your balloon will give it a slight pop.

11. Letterboard Card

Via Designeatrepeat

Letterboards can never really go out of style! They are simple, sleek, and classy, and you can expect the receiver to be pleased with your efforts when they receive this card. For this project, you will need some additional art supplies like a scoring board and a scoring tool.

You can write your birthday wishes or some funny phrases, and they will look classy as ever! If you are looking for a light and subtle look, make sure you go with breezy colors like baby blue, pink, soft yellow, etc.

12. Watermelon Card

Via Stampingeorgia

Make an adorable watermelon-shaped card for a friend who enjoys watermelons! This card looks super cute and sophisticated at the same time. Vibrant with various colors, it is a treat to the eyes and your friend is sure to love the effort you will take with this fine piece!

13. Paper Candle Card

Via Morningchores

3 dimensional cards are usually better received instead of the classic 2 dimensional ones. But we understand that not everyone is great at arts and crafts and even regular pop-up cards could be a hassle. So, this easy and cute 3D card idea is here to save you!

Roll some scrapbooking paper up into thin rolls, so they can be your candles and stick them on your card. You can use pieces of twine for your candle wicks. Write your birthday wishes below, or inside the card and you’re good to go in under 30 minutes!

14. Button Card

Via Morningchores

For a quick fix of a card, this is the easiest and quickest to make, because the main craft supply will be readily available at home. Grab a few colorful buttons and stick them on your card. Draw strings at the bottom of your buttons with a black marker pen. Additionally, you can create multiple designs with your buttons, like flowers, hot air balloons, etc.

15. Heart Jar Card

Via Morningchores

Draw a jar on your card and give it some color. Draw some light strings above your jar, so it appears that they are coming out of the jar. Use heart-shaped stickers, or draw hearts on other pieces of cardstock and stick them.

Draw and cut out and lid from cardstock and paste it beside your jar. Once you write a cheesy birthday greeting, your card is ready to be sent! You can also stick your heart inside the jar for a different look.

16. Birthday Banner Pop-Up Card

Via Soelboutique

When you look at this card from the outside, it may seem plain, like you didn’t put any effort into it, but when you open it, viola! You get an adorable happy birthday banner with balloons on the inside! The banner will take time and lots of effort, so be sure that this is the card you want to go for because it is not a quick fix.

You can make this with simple art supplies at home like cardstock, scrapbooking paper, glue, adhesives, and sketch pens.

17. ‘Make A Wish’ Card

Via Creabeacards

An adorable greeting card that asks the birthday guy or girl to make a wish will quickly get them thinking! Make a chocolate cake out of some scrapbooking paper and stick it on your card. Make candles using the same, and write a ‘make a wish’ greeting at the bottom to complete your card.

18. Disney-Themed Birthday Card

Via Cupcakescardsandkim

Which kid doesn’t love Disney and everything magical? For this card, you need very basic art supplies, so it is very simple to make. Now we understand drawing Disney princesses and villains may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so we have the most straightforward Disney character you can embody in your card: Mickey mouse!

Draw Mickey-shaped silhouettes on your scrapbooking paper and cut them out. Stick them on your cardstock and write your birthday greetings. If you want to make the card a bit fancier, you can use washi tape to cover the borders.

19. Butterfly Birthday Card

Via Agirlandangluegun

This card-cum-gift is such a delight to make as well as receive. You can make or download the butterfly design and shape it beautifully into your card. But the most interesting aspect of this gift is the body of the butterfly, which will hold a small gift for the recipient. You can stick candy, a slim lip gloss tube, or a well packaged cream tube on the body of the butterfly.

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20. Mesh Balloon Card

Via Viralscrap

Who doesn’t want a glittery transparent birthday balloon card for their special day? Make this easy card using some tulle fabric, glitter and sequins, and some confetti. Once you are done making your balloon cut out, fill it up with sequins and sparkles and put it to place on your card. Tulle is the perfect fabric to use for a mesh project, so just go for it!

21. Washi Script Card

Via Omiyageblogs

We’ve been through birthday cards with washi tape designs as borders and even décor. But using washi tape for your greetings is a new idea that you absolutely must go forward with! The attractive patterns and colors of the washi tape will make your birthday greeting pop off. You can write a simple ‘Happy Birthday’ or go for other heartfelt greetings too.

22. The ‘Oldometer’ Card

Via Merrymadecardscrafts

What’s better than a birthday card that can crack up some laughter at the party? This card contains just the right amount of humor! Print the reading for the oldometer with the person’s age and stick it on your choice of cardstock. Label your card and you are good to go!

23. Dip & Dye Card

Via Poppytalk

DIY dyeing stuff is so fun, be it a quirky tie-dye t-shirt or your pillow cover. You can easily give your birthday card a deep coloring by dyeing the edges of your card. You will love the look your card radiates once dried off.

24. Printable Birthday Card

Via Sixcleversisters

Oh no! Did you just forget someone special’s birthday? Do you have no time to swing by a stationary and grab a birthday card either? Worry not! Find a cute birthday card template and print it. But make sure the print has just the borders because you can still put some effort and make this card by yourself. Grab your sketch pens and start coloring!

25. Printable Watercolor Card

Via Tinselbox

If you had no time or inspiration to let your creative juices flow, worry not! Print a cute birthday card template on cardstock of your choice, and paint it using your watercolors.

26. Leaf Printed Card

Via Delightedmomma

Is your friend an avid nature lover? Make a nature-themed card for them easily with just one leaf, a paper towel, and a hammer. The best part about making a leaf stamp: you require no paint, so goodbye messy colors! You can do the same using flower petals, but they can be very delicate and may tear easily so use bigger flower petals.

27. Sequins Balloon Card

Via DIYs

Balloons are infamously related to birthdays, so the majority of your birthday card designs will have balloons. Instead of painting or drawing a plain old balloon, give it a shimmery look forOutlinee outline of your balloon and stick your sequins accordingly. Use a medium-sized thread to make the string of your balloon and write your birthday greetings, and you’ll be done in under half an hour!

28. ‘Bird-day’ Banner Card

Via Sideoatsandscribbles

Sure, you can make your regular pop-up banner card, but if you wish to go down a fun path, make a pun-y birthday card. They are so well receiv definitely be the talk of the party. This card is very simple to make, yet is different from your regular cards because of the quirky pun.

Make your banner with scrapbooking paper and stick it on your card. Draw a small birdy with a party hat, and write your ‘Bird-day’ pun to complete the card.

29. Printable Candy Gram Card

Via Whoarted

Print a candy gram template and stick it to a poster board. The empty spaces on your template must be filled with different types of candies. The candy gram is a puny phrase to be filled with candy, so make sure you stick the right candy to fill in a gap, so it makes sense while reading. This is a great idea if you’re late for a gift because it is a greeting card-cum-gift, all in one!

30. Owl Card

Via Mayholicraft

This is a simple birthday card that just requires some drawing, so if you have artistic skills, buckle up! Be sure to draw the owl perfectly because there is no other element to the card. Color or paint your card with watercolors, as you please, and write down your heartfelt birthday wishes for your loved one.

31. Birthday Card Shaker

Via Craftbnb

This attractive birthday card is such a delight for kids because it keeps them busy shaking and looking at the glitter and colors! Paint or color your card with the pattern you want, and once you’re done cut out a perfect circle using a ring.

Glue a piece of acetate on your circle window and make a ring out of embossed paper to attach to the window. You can fill this circle with sequins, stars, and any other shiny stationary décor. Just make sure you cover the back with foam tape at the end.

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32. ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Themed Card

Via Anyalstudio

This adorable multi-layered card is a great gift if you wish to give one gift on behalf of multiple people. You can ask your family or friends to write small letters for the birthday guy or girl, and once your card is made, gently place these letters in the ‘mailbox’ of your card. Your loved one will have a great time reading letters from everyone close to them!

33. Pixelated Heart Card

Via Trendhunter

The pixelated effect of this card is so beautiful once recreated. You need to cut thin strips of the scrapbooking paper you want to use and cut them up into equal squares. Make an outline for your heart and stick your squares together to get the effect.

34. ‘You’re a Gem’ Card

Via Thepostmansknock

Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you with this adorable little birthday card. This card is made using black paper and marker pens. Black paper cards look so sleek and attractive and you will admire them for hours once you’re done with them. Draw a gem and color it. Make sure you mark the borders and lines of the gems with a white marker so they look bold on the black paper.

You can write ‘You’re a Gem’ in bold font below, using the white marker pen. Another great tip for this card is to color the gem with the color of your friend’s gemstone, such as an emerald or rose quartz. This gives it a personalized touch.

35. Scrapbook Card

Via Scrapbookandcardstodaymag

Instead of restricting yourself to a tiny card, go creative with it and start journaling! Grab all your art and craft supplies, and some photos out of your albums, and get started! All of your creative skills will be put to use for this card.

36. Harry Potter Themed Card

Via Countryscrapfarmgirl

You can never go wrong with Harry Potter for a kid’s birthday card. You can either draw and then color the hair and spectacles of Harry Potter, or stick cutouts from scrapbooking paper. Don’t forget to include the little lightning scar on his forehead!

37. Woven Birthday Card

Via Karendunbrook

Even if you don’t know how to do a quick stitch, this card is pretty easy to make. Cut out scraps of paper that you wish to sew onto your cardstock, and lightly weave them in your card. Make sure your thread is thin so it is not very visible. Once you write down your birthday wishes, the card is ready to be sent!

38. Glitter Rainbow Cake Card

Via Iminheaven

Turn your classic cake card into a glittery mess! You can use glitter paper or washi tapes for the layers of the rainbow cake. Cut the strips and stick them in order. Line every layer with ivory paper to give it the look of white frosting. Once you are done, spread some embossing paste over your white layers so the frosted fresh effect stays till your friend can open and have a look at your card.

39. Edge Punched Card

Via DIYs

These creative edge-punched designed cards look classy and are a great gift if you wish to give a co-worker or your boss a birthday card. You can write your wishes on the card, and even keep some money inside the card and gift it, if required.

40. Crayola Paint Birthday Card

Via Kwernersdesigns

Do you want to make a birthday card quickly with the minimal art supplies at home? Just use some Crayola paint! Use different colors and paint a layer each of various colors. You can draw candles over it to make it a birthday cake design, or you can also draw a string and let it look like a gift. The choice is endless! 

41. Gilded Birthday Card

Via Camillestyles

“All that glitters is not gold, but chances are, it is!” Glitter brings life to any birthday card. So, make use of the shine it brings and make a birthday card for your loved ones using gold glitter. You can go wild with the number of designs available online waiting for you to recreate them!

Nothing can beat the feeling of receiving handmade cards. Knowing that someone values you enough to work hard on your birthday gift is an unmatchable emotion. With our exciting and creative birthday card ideas, you will never run out of ideas. This little gesture will bring a smile to all your loved ones’ faces! Make sure you have fun with it because it shouldn’t feel like a tedious task you just have to get through. Let your creativity run wild, the sky is the limit!