31 Cheap and Easy Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas

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Are you struggling to invite homebuyers despite having refurbished and remodeled each corner of your home? Well, you might have done an excellent job from inside, but have underestimated the appearance from outside.

And all your prospective buyers won’t come from the broker; some might just fall in love walking by. Moreover, a buyer makes some part of the buying decision only by judging a house’s appearance from outside.

So what can you do to improve the curb appeal of your house? Should the lighting change? Or do you need a repaint? Planting more flowers might suffice?

Well, it would have to be a combination of a few factors. And we are here with some very appealing ideas that can enhance your curb appeal by a good mile.

We have also ensured that the ideas on this list don’t cost you a lot and don’t take much time as well. Because we can understand you don’t want to spend too much just to sell your house.

You might be surprised to know how cost-effective and easy it is to makeover your front yard, providing it valuable touch-ups. Read each idea and try to think of how it can suit your situation for the best results.

31 Cheap and Easy Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas

1. Hexagon Cedar Bench

Via Addicted2diy

You only have a few areas to rework around your front yard to raise its curb appeal, which leads to a higher property rate. But when we are talking about the impression on a passerby, out of the box ideas like this cedar bench idea can be a runaway hit. 

Not only does it make a super comfy sitting space around the ancient tree in your yard, but it also provides a beautiful country style feel to the building.

2. Cutting Board House Number Sign

Via Craftivitydesigns

Not everyone passes through checking-out buildings, but this cutting house numbers sign can make stop even mistaken gazes. And well, the more gazes you attract, the better chances of your property getting sold. You can stay with the wooden texture or give it your funky finish.

3. Armoire Cover Electrical Box

Via Shabbyglam

Not all parts of your yard look beautiful. Uncovered areas like the electric box can give your house an industrial feel that might be a turn off for some. If that is the case, you can craft this armoire cover electrical box. It will not only cover the ugly part of your front yard but enhance the natural vibe around it.

4. Air Conditioner Cover

Via Uglyducklinghouse

Just like the electrical box, the AC looks like a poor outcast in the front yard. It only doesn’t fulfill the natural aesthetic you want for a warm curb appeal. But applying this affordable and easy to make wooden cover can completely change the game for you. It will also save your AC outer from getting too dirty now and then.

5. Floral Monogram Wreath

Via Daisymaebelle

Hanging monogram outside your door exudes a vintage vibe to the area. Moreover, you can never have too many flowers in the yard. So the flower monogram is an excellent hanging decor for even those who have large flowery yards. You can also cut the wreath in your name’s shape and place it just outside the yard gate.

6. Wooden Walkway

Via Funkijunkinteriors

If you have a slightly elevated front porch or your house stands above the height at which your yard is, you need to have a comfortable pathway. Boring cemented pathways might not leave an impression, but this oak wood pathway will surely do. It’s natural, rustic, and just the perfect path for people living around hilly areas.

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7. Update Light Fixtures

Via Hgtv

Light fixtures are common accessories that people change because they have gotten too old and rusty, or the quality is builder grade. If you don’t want to go all out and spend $300 cash, here is a quick trick with spray paint that won’t cost more than $50.

8. Faux Stone Panels

Via Fauxpanles

The smallest of areas we ignore like the slab foundation can ruin half of the impression we want to have on our buyers. Now covering it, all isn’t what I suggest because of the huge unnecessary cost, but it’d be wise to use these faux panels that affordably cover it all. You can choose the style as per your preference and make it match your walls.

9. Molding the Front Door

Via Meandjilly

The front door is probably half of the front yard decor. An old front door can prevent a hell lot of buyers from entering your house because they think it won’t be maintained either. Now, if you don’t have enough cash to spend on a lavish door, look what a little bit of paint and molding can do. The frame makes it look grand and luxurious and is quite welcoming at a glance.

10. Mailbox Makeover

Via Beneathmyheart

You might be surprised to know that something as ignorable as a mailbox can affect your curb appeal. And it doesn’t take much of an effort or cost to fix an old, broken mailbox. A quick glance at little things like this can attract buyers and make them think your house is new and well-maintained.

11. Make Walkways

Via Naturescapes

The walkway stairs are welcoming. They leave an impact on a passer-by or someone looking at a property. They enhance the comfort factor that comes with buying a house. You can also look for walkways on the side doors to make the two entrances of your home clear.

12. Concrete Stains for A Porch Makeover

Via Frontporchindeasandmore

The use of something as inexpensive as concrete stains with some faux grout lines can completely change the look of an old, dusty floor. Floors have a significant impact on buyer mentality, and having recently reworked porch flooring can make the house look attractive and inviting. You can apply the same technique for patios, driveways, and so on.

13. Building a Pergola

Via Laurries

Pergolas add a lot of character and luxury to any part of the house. It also adds a bit of shade and looks excellent around the garage. You can for various designs, but don’t forget to put the vines around. If your house faces the west or a direction where you get a lot of sunlight, you can make a longer pergola and add a lot of plants to add some shade on the walls.

14. Solar Spotlights

LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights, IP67 Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights 2-in-1 Wireless Outdoor Solar Landscaping Light for Yard Garden Driveway Porch Walkway Pool Patio 6 Pack Cold White

You never know when a prospective buyer arrives. So, your house should look just as beautiful or perhaps more at night. Lighting plays a significant role in how your home looks from the outside at night. Putting these stylish solar spotlights over the trees gives you a wide-angle to enlighten the whole yard. Moreover, these are solar-powered and will keep charging without electricity.

Buy these spotlights

15. Faux Garage Windows

Via Apinterestaddict

Even I didn’t believe it when I saw this idea on Pinterest. People have seriously gone on to paste faux windows on their garage for just the aesthetic. Until you want to sleep in the garage, there is no need for you to put windows on the garage gate. But since these windows look so good, I would like to buy some faux stickers or complete this DIY and enhance the look of the garage windows.

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16. Organize and maintain Flower Beds

Via Familyhandyman

Flower beds are almost a necessity when it comes to enhancing the beauty of the yard. But gardening is an art. If you want to make a statement, choose similar flowers of the same colors or two colors in a pattern. Of course, you can give it an English Garden look, but you should keep the flowers close to each other to do that.

17. Add Fresh Mulch

Via Familyhandyman

Mulch is not only essential to prevent weed and moisture attacks on shrubs but also to enhance the overall aesthetic of the place. You should consider freshening up your mulch if you haven’t already to improve your curb appeal affordably and efficiently using mulch. It looks excellent around big leaved shrubs too.

18. Add Border Edging

Via Familyhandyman

Border Edging adds character and appeal around your trees. You can make stone as well as metal pavements around. Red-colored stone edging especially looks catchy and is visible from a distance. Moreover, you can prevent grass from invading around the tree’s space and ruining an otherwise neat looking garden.

19. Hide eyesores in Plain Sight

Via Loveoffamilyandhome

Apart from fencing, another cool way to hide unsightly objects like the motor or the meters is by painting them. Yes, if you think to fence them or covering them is expensive, you can instead hide the air conditioner unit by painting them just like your wall. It will easily camouflage the odd object and provide a unified look to any prospective buyer.

20. Change the Paint color

Via Homebunch

Changing the paint colors can drastically change the look of your house. Choose lively and vibrant colors like brown instead of dull, uninspiring greys. Colors can have an immediate impact at just a glance. Every color has a vibe to it. Look for various shade options before zeroing in on the one you like and that suits other parts of your lawn decor.

21. Clean Up your Roof

Via Footbridgemedia

Flat roofs having ugly mold or too much dust on them can be quite a turnoff. Think about a good looking man with dirty, scattered hair. It can completely change the appearance. 

But roof replacements can cost loads of money. Instead, look at these ways to clean up the roof. You’ll also get to know in which cases you need to call up a professional and when you can DIY.

22. Catchy Lighting Ideas for Front Lawn

You might think you have an ordinary house, but it can look like a countryside cafe just through some smart changes to the lighting. Lighting can change the whole complexion and feel of your place.

And it can also turn the mood of any passerby that might want to get a look-in in your property. Solar lights and string lights are quite popular these days. You can look for ideas around the door, the fences as well as the trees.

23. Hanging Bucket Herb Planter

Via Lowes

Herbs blend in naturally to any garden. But these little herb planters aren’t just about having your own organic supply of medicinal and exciting herbs. They bring a natural feel around your door and window, enhancing the aesthetic by a mile.

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Your homebuyers would appreciate having their own planters and might offer you a high price. But making it is simple and doesn’t cost much, as shown in the tutorial.

24. Clean your Exteriors before repainting

Via Angieslist

Molds, mildew, rust, and contaminants can seriously deteriorate the look of your driveway, walls, stairway, and more. Before repainting your exteriors, it’s essential to remove these eyesores. You can check out this tutorial to know an easy method to DIY clean your surfaces. You can also employ professional services like power washing, soft washing, and pressure washing.

25. Hang Wind Chimes

ASHLEYRIVER Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone,Memorial Wind Chimes Aluminum Tubes Wooden Wind Bell for Garden/Patio/Outdoor Home Decor 30 Inch-Bronze

The calming breeze and the soul-soothing music of wind chimes can elevate the buyer’s mood real quick. It might just make the buyer fall in love with your property and make him relaxed after a stressing home shopping day. Don’t overdo, or it can have converse effects, though. Place one or two of these well apart from each other for the best results.

Buy Windchime.

26. Rework your Deck

Via Thisoldhouse

Having a deck comes with responsibilities. An old-looking deck can make the house look dull and uninspiring from outside. But here’s a quick and easy method that can help you repair your deck in 4 steps. Employing these professional tips will enhance the curb appeal, as you can notice in the pictures.

27. Add Window Planters

Via Exteriorsolutions

The exteriors don’t have to be just neat. A bit of natural chaos and randomness is essential. Adding a planter to your elegant and symmetrical window can help enhance the curb appeal and the overall aesthetic of the exteriors. Growing herbs on these planters will also attract the home chefs so common these days.

28. Add a Swing in your Porch

Via Countryliving

Classic and Vintage never look bad and old fashioned when talking about a house. It’s the comfortable, vintage feel that most people want to have in their homes. 

Attaching the old fashioned and comfortable swing with pillows can give your front lawn an inviting look. You can also add a wicker chair but pay special attention to the pillows- warm and cozy is the buzzword here.

29. Bright Colored Exteriors

Via Countryliving

Vibrant colors aren’t all that bad if you use them wickedly. Take, for example, this house with a yellow-colored door and green striped awnings. Combine it with lush shrubbery, and it becomes all the more inviting. People who like to play it retro won’t be able to resist having a look-in in your property.

30. Add Window Shutters

Via Bobvila

Spice up the look of your plain glass windows with these exciting window shutters. Not only does it add another layer of privacy, but it also adds a dash of richness to an otherwise bland wall with a window. You can choose from a host of shutter styles and select the one blending in your color tone and contrast. 

31. Chandelier Planter

Via Diyshowoff

Most of our front yard decor revolves around doors, fencing, and lighting. But hanging these quirky chandelier shaped planters can undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics around your doorway. It adds a lavish and luxurious vibe to your decor too.

So, here we are. After discussing these 31 ideas, we are pretty sure you would have zeroed in on at least a couple of changes you want to make. An important point to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t overdo law decor either.