31 Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls

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Are you bored of looking at the same boring walls in your room every day? Hook up right here because we’ve curated some fantastic DIY room decor ideas for you. Our bedroom works as an escape from the world to us. Thus, it must bring us peace of mind and reflect our personality and style.

Think about how satisfying it would be after a hectic day to be able to be in a room designed as per your choice. Sounds intriguing, right? 

So let’s just dive into the pool of fascinating ideas for your room!

1. Fairy Lights Polaroid Garland

Via Thechildatheartblog

Mostly, our Christmas lights lay down idly throughout the year. It’s time to make some fun out of them. You can make a beautiful photo garland for your room using some clothespins, fairy lights and of course your photographs. 

This would make your room full of life with your best memories. And will lighten up your room! 

2. Floral and Wire Words

Via Lovelyindeed

Flowers have this charisma to make anything look special. Use them on your walls and see for yourself. Yes, you can use wires and flowers to form encouraging write-ups on the walls of your room. 

Waking up to an inspiring quote or word every day will accelerate for the rest of your day. So go ahead and make your walls inspire you!

3. Edgy Wall Clock

Via Theproperblog

One of your four walls would be having a clock on it, and in most of the cases, I’m pretty sure you don’t like it, right? So let’s do a makeover to it!

With this fun and easy DIY, you can change the look of your wall clock the way you want it to be. Here, they’ve given a classy triangular pattern, but you can add your punk to it. 

4. Dry-erase Board and Desktop Tray.

Via Twotwentyone

If you’re someone who writes down their to-do list on a piece of paper because you’re forgetful but guesses what you also forget where you kept that paper! Well, that’s the real struggle right there.

To avoid all this hassle and simultaneously decorate your room, try out this method, and I’m sure you’ll love it! 

5. Paper Succulents Frame

Via Thecraftedsparrow

If you’ve always wanted succulent flowers around your place but never got ample space or time to maintain it, this is the right thing for you. Plus, it will play an integral role in enhancing the beauty of your room.

You only need to grab some thick craft papers, scissors, and a ruler. 

6. Honeycomb Wall

Via Vintagerevivals

Turn your dull wall paint into a legitimate artwork. Dull walls are fundamental and not our choice. We know you love vibrant patterns and colors. 

Time to change the attire of your walls. Paint them into honeycomb by making a pattern of joined hexagons and fill them with any color of your choice. 

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7. Paper Heart Wall

Via Twistmepretty

This one’s the easiest and cheapest of them all. Plus you will find the required materials lying nearby (inside your school bag). Yes, to create beautiful wall decor, you only need a few scrap papers, scissors, and thread.

Gather some will power and make it happen. Finally, sit back and adore it! 

8. Magnetic Make-up Board

Via Laurathoughts81

If you’re someone who’s got a lot of make-up stored in their closets but forgets to apply it in the time of need ( because you’re forgetful or just lazy to take them out ). 

Try this magnetic board to hold your make-up tight; this would continuously remind you of the varieties you have and of course, decorate your room as well! 

9. Glitter Vases

Via Thesweetestoccasion

This time we’re up to a glittery ride! Embellish your room with these pretty glitter flower vases. You’d only need a glass jar, the glitter of your choice, foam brush, painter’s tape and an all-in-one glue ( ModPodge ).

Once you’re done, put some flowers into it and set it on your side table or your study table. 

10. Frill Curtains

Via Aboyagirlandapug

Get rid of your old curtains and replace them with these ruffle curtains. You just need to grab a fabric ( preferably satin ) as the curtain material. Cut it, sew it and repeat till you get the desired product! 

They’d surely turn out to be more youthful and vibrant than your essential curtains. 

11. Chalkboard Paint File Cabinet

Via Moxandfodder

Give your file cabinet a makeover! Take some chalkboard paint, sandpaper and of course the office.

This would give a whole new look to your file cabinet and an overall new look to your room. You’ll be able to perform it efficiently with one of your friends ( she/he shouldn’t be lazy! ). 

12. Glass Marble Tabletop

Via Rosyscription

Time to reconstruct, reinvent, and revamp the top of your side table. Gem-like glass marble is an evergreen trend, use it in the place of your conventional tabletop.

This five-dollars DIY will fascinate you with its impact on your room. This is specially curated to suit your dazzling personality. 

13. Paint an Ombré Wall

Via Alittlecraftinyourday

I can’t understand why painting walls with ombré shade isn’t a trend. Most of the walls are either painted with white or any other shade. Ombré is a high-spirited shade to perfectly suit your personality. 

Paint the walls of your room with this colorful color and see the change in vibes. 

14. Pushpin Poster

Via Metalandmud

Another way to put up a moving quote or word is to write it up on a piece of paper and just hang it. However, a more exciting way to do it is to use board pins. 

Take a thick black sheet, board pins, and a pencil. Write your desired phrase on the paper and insert pins, as shown in the picture. 

15. Paint Your Headboard

Via Goodhousekeeping

The best way to get a headboard is either to buy it, or a cheaper way is to paint it. If you’ve always wanted a headboard for your room but are too young to have finances, you can paint it for yourself.

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Firstly, decide how you want your headboard to look then move further with the drawing and painting part. 

16. Hanging CD Wall

Via Creativemeinspiredyou

You must be having a bunch of spare CDs ( Compact Discs ) at your place. It’s time to reuse them into a decorative item. You’d need CDs, drilling machines, screws and binding rings for this. 

CDs hanging on a wall look like large sequins and give an effervescent look to your dull wall and eventually to your room.

17. Mirror Wall

Via Thistlewoodfarms

You can give an exciting look to your walls by using a bunch of dollar compact mirrors. Simply go to a dollar store and buy, however many mirrors you want.

Open them and divide them into two using pliers. Finally, attach them on walls using a hot glue gun and make a shape of your own choice. 

18. Shelf Organizer

Via Onceuponherdream

Try out making this cubby shelf organizer in your room. This can be used in many ways – as an organizer, a message board and room decor. 

Save some empty tape rolls and paste them on a glittery circular piece of cardboard. And start storing your accessories, stationery items, or whatever you want to make it look as lively as you!

19. Paper Unicorn Head

Via Lilblueboo

Unicorns might not be real, but they fantasize about us like nothing else! And you can install them on your walls as well as a part of this DIY project

And not only unicorns, try them with any animal or shape you love. And finally, paint them with acrylic or poster colors. 

20. Hanging Shelves

Via Ducklingsinarow

Try this fake hanging shelves trick to fool your friends and decorate your room at the same time. Let the master carpenter inside you come into action and prepare a shelf. Attach strings to it to give that fake hanging look.

You can also try this on an existing shelf (that would be reduced effort and more output). 

21. Bed Canopy

Via Craftaholicsanonymous

If you’ve always wanted to have one of those princess style canopies around your bed, this one’s for you. The easiest way to get one for you is – just make it. 

You’d need some basic things that you could easily fetch from a nearby dollar store. And a fabric of your choice ( preferably white-colored). 

22. Craft Tape Letters

Via Valventgal

There’s a quirkiness in these letters which attracts the most of us. Make one for yourself and articulate it in the way you want. You can even turn them into your favorite quote or merely a word. 

23. Ping-pong Lights

Via Diyprojectforteens

If you want something seamlessly quick and with least efforts, then you should go for this one. You can find one of these ping-pong light strips in any nearby store.

This will not only lighten up your nights, but you can also watch these colorful balls during the daytime. 

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24. Chicken Wire Jewellery Holder

Via Consumercrafts

If you’re looking for an exciting way to display your earrings and other jewelry pieces, then this one’s for you to try! This not-so-difficult DIY will not only help you organize your jewels but also add up to the beauty of your room. 

You’ll mainly need a chicken wire board, paint, and other usual things that you can easily find at your place. 

25. Instagram Wall

Via Gimmesomeoven

Put a vertical line up of your most memorable stories on a blank wall in your room. This may include your dog pictures, your family pictures, your best friends’ pictures and so many other memorable moments. 

Every person visiting your room would admire this artwork of yours. Create it and make your statement among all your friends. 

26. Pom pom Lampshade

Via Craftistasinspiration

This exciting lampshade for that lamp kept on your side table will be an eye treat once completed. It is super cute and fun to make. 

This unique idea will make your room stand out and will be the talk of the town (at least among your friends!). Be ready to receive compliments because it’s going to bring you a lot of praise. 

27. Mobile Triangle

Via Dwellbeautiful

This quirky DIY for your room will make it look absolutely colorful and pretty. This is a bit time-consuming but will be worth it at the end. 

Little things like this will give your room a dreamy look. Hanging things are something that seems comforting and soothing to our eyes. So without giving it a second thought, try this out! 

28. Dyed Curtains

Via 4men1lady

I think dying something is probably the best way for a makeover. This dyed curtains will add life to your anyway dead curtains. 

If your room also has those plain boring curtains, then dying is for you ( I mean for your curtains ). So, grab your curtains and give them a nice shower. 

29. Jewelry Wall Display

Via Ourhousenowahome

Another way to display and organize your jewelry efficiently is to make a jewelry display wall. Not only will it hold your jewelry, but it will also enhance the beauty of your room.

It is perfectly cute and sweet (just like you). So try out this quick and easy recipe to make a reliable holder for your essentials.

30. Cupcake Lights

Via Ohhappyday

We all love eating cupcakes regardless of the occasion, time and place! This is the most basic reason why this DIY made it on the list. But none of us thought that it could serve as decorative light. 

Try out this technique using some craft papers and fairy lights or ping-pong lights. 

31. Rainbow Wall Art

Via Fun365

I guess there is rarely someone out there who doesn’t love rainbows. Rainbows are a sign of an ending in a beautiful manner (they mark the ending of rain). Try out this colorful DIY to make your room high-spirited and moving. You’ll need a colorful tape set, acrylic paint, canvases, adhesive, and a wooden letter (this is optional).