50 Cute DIY Mason Jar Crafts

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Mason Jars have been around since the 20th century as an essential for canning jams and jellies, that was the only place for them for years. But a cleaver marketing push six years ago changed their course from being a normal canning jar to a Pinterest staple.

Be it as rustic wedding decor or a simple project to keep the kids busy on a summer afternoon, mason jars have taken the world by storm.

Mason jars occupy a place in the list of millennial things, after Avacado toast and TikTok of course. They have to them a vintage feel but they can be so easily modernized as well. Now there are hundreds of things to do these pretty glass jars outside the kitchen. There are endless pages on all the creative crafts you can do with them on Instagram, Pinterest, or Etsy.

I have curated a similar list of 50 mason jar crafts that I liked the most. I hope you like them as well.

1. Mason Jar Lid Coaster

Via Morelikegrace

Before getting started with the jar, let me just say that some of my favorite crafts in the list are the ones that involve getting creative with the lids just like this one. Make these chic coasters with mason jar lids, ideal for a modern minimalist home.

Make them vintage or make them modern depends on the fabric you would choose. If you can sew or know the art of embroidery, you can even personalize them.

2. Mason Jar Pour Spout

Via Sherisilver

Avoid Spillage by making this mason jar with a spout. Ideal if you are also like me and end up spilling have the can of baking soda into recipes that asked for just 1 tablespoon. These are quick to make and would look cute in your kitchen.

3. Stained Glass Mason Jars

Via Masonjarcraftslove

Stained glass reminds me of R.H.D Museum in Chicago. There is something about stained glass that can make any glass just breathtaking (of course you need to have some command over brush unlike my brother who ends up staining himself).

Paint your mason jars and if you are one of those artist types then the world is your oyster. You can also put fairy lights to give your craft an extra glow.

4. Chalk Paint Planters

Via Shellyhickox

Freshen up your home with these pretty mason jar planters. Personalize them with chalk and add ons like the paper bird. You can have them on your backyard table as you sit down to enjoy a spring day.

5. Mason Jars Welcome Sign

Via Michellejdesigns

Welcome guests with this fabulous mason welcome sign. Put fresh flowers for the visitors, just imagine how pleasant it will be for anyone who visits you. You can personalize them like nameplates (the one like Mr. and Mrs. or Welcome to Adam’s Family) or hang a similar sign a little lower, decorate in a Halloween themed manner and use it to put out candies for kids.

6. Vintage Vanity Lights

Via Blesserhouse

These vintage mason jar lamps simply amazing. I love everything vintage which may be one of the reasons for my love of mason jars. Another way to give them a little more vintage look is to stain the mason jars with colors darker color (only stain lightly, do not paint it has to work as a lamp after all)

7. Indoor Herb/Succulent Plant Garden

Via Kastyles

Indoor gardens are just as hyped as mason jars. People who cook (and I mean like really cook not just Mac n Cheese and Ramen) know the difference fresh herbs can bring to a dish. So if you always want fresh herbs on hand without burning a hole in your pocket make your indoor herb garden with mason jars.

There are plenty of ways to decorate them, match the mason jars with your kitchen tone. You could also use them as succulent planters for having a pop of greenery on your work desk (Use the shorter mason jars they look cuter on a work desk).

8. Mason Jars Soap Dispensers

Via Lovegrowswild

Make this soap dispenser to give your bathroom that cool look you want. Use it for other things as well like conditioners, shampoos, and moisturizers.

Decorate it match your bathroom. I painted mine with white chalk paint and golden bases (white because that is the color of the drapes and golden because a little glitter never hurt anyone).

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9. Mason Jar Sconce

Via Craftberrybush

Sconces just pour elegance into a place. But we know how costly they are to install. Make these chic sconce using dollar store plaque, pipe clamp, and mason jars. Put fresh flowers, seashells, etc to fill these. You can always put battery operated lights to make a sconce lamp.

10. Mason Jar Lid Labels

Via Theprudentgarden

As I said earlier, a mason jar lid can be the start of a project on its own. Use mason jar lids and stick on labels them. Now you can use these labels to know the location of different plants you planted in your backyard and they will look cute as well. You can print the labels or use chalk paint.

11. Mason Jar Nail Polish Remover Kit

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

This thing works like a charm. It is one of the cheapest things on the list and will also save you money on removers. Buy a big remover bottle once and it will last you for months if not a year. So getting rid of those dark colors and glitter nail paint is now super easy. You would need to keep replacing the sponge once it gets dirty.

12. Mason Jar Lid Tarts

Via Goodhousekeeping

Have you noticed that a mason jar lid could perfectly fit a tart? Make and serve individual tarts in mason jar lids. It would look unique and I am sure your guest will love this chic way of serving desserts. You can also decorate the lids if it is for a really special event.

13. Mason Jar Birdfeeder

Via Littlehouseliving

Having a bird feeder is an ideal way to make the birds in your backyard feel at home. There are many ways to go when it comes to a bird feeder, I liked this not only because it uses a mason jar but also because it dispenses seeds automatically. You wouldn’t have to worry about refilling it for a long time.

14. Mason Jar Citronella Candle

Via Martysmusings

Citronella is a natural oil that repels insects. So if you are irritated by houseflies or mosquitos and want a natural remedy this is the way to go. A pack of two candles can cost your about $ 200 without shipping. Although essential oil also doesn’t come cheap you can use it for a longer period and results are also more prominent.

15. Mason Jar Spices Rack

Via Raisinguprubies

Use the shorter mason jars to store spices and dry herbs. You must be thinking that how is storing things in mason jars unique. Well, you can use chalk paint on lids to label them.

You can also make a magnetic rack for your spices. All you need to do is get a steel tray and glue magnets to the mason jars.

16. Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser

Via Landeeseelandeedoo

Make your tissue dispenser just like these pretty ones. A great party accessory to have on hand. It looks fancy and fabulous with costing you much. Get your craft on and make them just the way you like.

17. Fancy Scrub Jar

Via Theinspirationboard

Mason jars work great as a party favor or as an addition to a care package. They make everything look nonchalantly fancy. Print your label, fill these short mason jars with scrub, and decorate with ribbons. You can also fill them with bath bombs and customize them. Or add tags that say something funny to the receiver (maybe an inside joke of some kind).

18. Easy Matchstick Jar

Via Theburlapbag

This is just the perfect addition to your camping gear. It can carry a lot more matches than a matchbox. It is super easy to make. I would suggest not to make these if you have children around the house.

19. Mason Jar Prism Candle

Via Diyprojects

One of the prettiest craft in the list. You do not have to have a creative hand for making this beauty. All it needs is a mason jar, a battery light or a candle, and a lot of decorative glass marbles that are flat at one end.

20. Textured Personalised Jars

Via Theletteredcottage

I have a thing for personalized stuff and I am sure many of you do too. It gives you a feeling of connection to your home/office. These cute personalized mason jars do the same thing. The picture on the left used hot glue.

But if you are not that good with hot glue you can also use foam letters just like the picture on the right.

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21. Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage

Via Lizmarieblog

The duo of pipe clamps and mason jars comes again. Extra space in the bathroom, Yasss! Make this wall mounted storage cabby for your bathroom and have a place for all the knick-knacks you usually find lying around. Check out other storage ideas for small bathroom.

22. Picture Frame Vase

Via Homestoriesatoz

Gift this beautiful personalized picture frame mason jar filled with fresh flowers to your mother/grandmother/girlfriend and I am sure they will love it. Or just make it as decor for your home. Either way, it’s a great project to make.

23. Mason Jar Utensil Caddy

Via Consumercrafts

A utensil caddy for your backyard gets together. Or just fill them up with ingredients for tea, so that you can always enjoy a tea on your porch or backyard. They look fancy but all it takes are some painted mason jars.

24. Money Bank

Via Pillarboxblue

Make this special travel money bank to remind you to save for that trip to Paris, Amsterdam, or Bali. The vintage map cover is optional but won’t take much time. You could make different money bank for a different type of saving. Like I made one for my brother who wants to save for a pet. I used beady eyes and felt ears and attach them to the lid.

25. Snack Packs

Via Smartschoolhouse

A cute snack pack that can be used by kids as well as adults on the go. All you need is a small mason jar and a plastic cup (apple sauce/fruit cup). There are just so many snacks to pack other than ham cheese biscuit sandwich.

You can have yogurt and granola. You can use a bigger mason jar and carry salad and dressing. Hummus and veggies. Several possibilities in one small pack.

26. Sewing Kit

Via Itallstartedwithpaint

A fully equipped sewing kits with a needle cushion on top. There is no doubt that the wide mouth of mason jars makes them ideal for storing all sorts of things. Since it is clear from the outside you will know what things you are running out of.

27. Decorated Lid Candy Jars

Via Threelittlemonkeysstudio

Those cheap plastic animal toys for kids can now be put to even better use. Make these chic candy jars for Halloween. Or make them festive by changing the color pattern and adding plastic snowflake knobs. You could also gift them to friends and family with homemade cookies inside.

28. Mason Jars Wind Chimes

Via Savedbylovecreations

A great DIY project to keep teens busy on summer afternoons so that they leave their phones for a while. Don’t let them cut the mason jar of course. Let them decorate with feathers, stones, and beads. And make sure they wear gloves.

29. Yarn/Ribbon Dispenser

Via Acasarella

For all you craft addicts out there, mason jars can be of great help when it comes to organizing your supplies. From paintbrushes to colors they can be used for anything but they can especially be useful for your ribbons/yarns.

Make this mason jar yarn dispenser to soothe the organizer in you. No more tangled yarn and mixed ribbons.

30. Air Freshener

Via Thistlewoodfarms

There are many ways to make homemade air fresheners. But filling up a mason jar with some fresh lemons and mints might be the easiest one you will see out there.

You can also will those small mason jars with dried potpourri and keep them in the corners you want to always keep smelling fresh.

31. Sapphire Ocean Mason Jar Chandelier

Via Designsponge

Who would have known that tinted mason jars and big old school lamp lights can make such a beautiful combination? We all have seen many mason jar hacks with fairy lights but this one has a unique vintage feel to it because of the kind of lamplight used inside.

32. Party Serving For One

Via Southernweddings

Mason jars have been a great hit in rustic themed weddings. You could also use these small mason jars as single-serve platters. Oysters on the rocks with a single-serve tobacco sauce bottle. Cute. You can also use them for serving desserts.

33. Beach-In-Jar Terrarium

Via Makinghomebase

Another great project for kids to make. Decorate the jar with beachy knick-knacks like seashells, sands, pebbles, etc. Decorate further with lace to give it that boho vibe. Or paint the base blue to make it look waves hitting the sand.

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34. Monogram Marquee Light Display

Via Oleanderandpalm

A monogrammed light display for all the Instagram/youtube influencers looking to make the background in your video/pictures look pretty. You can be creative and make your logo instead of initials.

35. Mason Jar Decor to Gift

Via Happyhappynester

A pretty elaborate decor and a fun thing to make with your kids to pass those long weekends.

36. Escort Cards + Party Favour

Via Emmalinebride

Everyone wants to do unique things to make their wedding day even more special. So instead of the traditional escort cards make use of these mason jars with chalk paint labels with names of guests written on them.

The guests can take these home as party favors. You can also fill them with candies, gifts, or drinks.

37. Travel Capsules

Via Laurenlikes

We all like saving our memories from the holidays/trips we take. But scrapbooking can be such a tedious process. Why not make a jar of memories? Use mason jars and fill them up with small things you save from the trip.

Things like sand/seashells from the beach, tickets stubs from the museum you like, and small jewelry you bought from a street vendor. Tag them with date and place. You can also use a polaroid instead of normal tags.

38. Stenciled Tumblers

Via Mom4real

Stenciled mason jar tumbler such a millennial thing to even say. But look how gorgeous they look and imagine how amazing they would look at your next party.

These are super easy to make and you can use it so many times. You can also stencil the initials of your guests and give them the tumblers as a party favor.

39. Mason Jar Pencil Sharpener

Via Diyhuntress

Make one of these and then you won’t have to worry about those pencil shavings getting everywhere. The jar is so big that it will take its sweet time to get full. Also, all you have to do is glue a sharper to the lid and make a small hole on the lid.

40. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Via Freepeople

Make your snow globe this holiday or any time of the year. A mason jar snow glow is quick to make and you can make so many. It is a great thing to sell in a children’s fair too.

41. A Millennial Chandelier

Via Martysmusings

This one is a toughie but it is worth it too. Also, it would cost less than a normal chandelier anyway.

42. Epsom Salt Luminaries

Via Craftsbyamanda

Pastel-colored luminaries made of mason jars. These luminaries may lose their color with time so make sure you make them close to the date of the party you want to use them in.

43. Spring Apothecary Jars

Via Adiamondinthestuff

A simple concoction made of old candlesticks and mason jars. Use it for cookies or candies. Or just for decoration. It looks vintage but won’t look out of place.

44. Mason Jars Wedding Centerpiece

Via Diyncrafts

Wedding centerpiece for a simple rustic wedding. You can add flowers in place of candles too but personally this looks more unique.

45. Mason Jar Key Hook

Via Shanty2chic

Perfect example of how mason jars can make any simple thing look more pretty. You can do this with an existing key hook too, just get those creative juices flowing.

46. Glowing Firefly Jars

Via Frompankawithlove

Mason Jars and a little glow in the dark paint will bring a nice touch to your girls’ sleepover. They work as lamps too, so get those scary stories ready and tell them around these firefly style night lamps.

47. Vintage Photo Mason Jars

Via Handimania

Make any picture look vintage with this cool craft with just a black and white picture and some vegetable oil.

48. Wedding Aisle Planters/decor

Via Weddingforward

Benches and flower poles will look even more pretty with these modern mason jars aisle planter. Just what you need for your modern yet rustic wedding.

49. Mason Jar Aquarium

Via Hellowonderful

Add aquarium add-ons to a big mason jar and make your fish pot. It can be just for show with no real fish or you can add a goldfish your choice.

50. Individual Dinner Rolls

Via SImplebites

Thanksgiving doesn’t feel so traditional without the dinner rolls. And neither does a lot of dinner parties. But if you are trying to be health-conscious or do not want your guest to fill up only on those dinner rolls. Then try these individual dinner rolls for your next dinner party.