19 Best Furniture Hacks You’ll Regret Not Knowing

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Furniture DIYs that we have seen on the internet mostly required a lot of craftsmanship, money, and loads of time. Sometimes all you have to do is flip a piece of furniture over to reinvent itself.

We are going to show you the furniture hacks from old and useless wooden pieces by just changing their purpose or by applying wooden legs and spray paint which will not cost you more than 5 dollars a hack.

So let’s get the creative juices flowing.

19 Best Furniture Hacks You’ll Regret Not Knowing

1. Miniature Sofa Or Toddler Bed From Old Crib

Via: Adriel Booker

Children grow out of their cribs quickly and rather than selling or throwing it away, use this trick to turn it into a window-side sofa with ladder for your kids. Full instructions via Adriel Booker.

2. Bench From Old Chairs?

Via: An Oregon Cottage

Old chairs mostly do not have a good cushion, therefore remove them before using this trick. 

With this hack, you can make a more comfortable sitting arrangement to accommodate more than one person. With a few easy steps.

DIY instructions via An Oregon Cottage.

3. Old Chairs Budget Friendly Hack

Via: Refresh Restyle

You will never throw away chairs after this. Wooden chairs might start to look gloomy in a while. 

If you like painting as I do, then this hack can help you make your chairs get a new look and become safe from termites.

4. Old Door New Headboard

Via: Infarrantly Creative

Doors are robust and perfect for reuse. 

You can use it to make a new headboard for your bed. 

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You require a few carpentry stuff for this, you can get them on rent.

Get the tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.

5. Rustic Tiny Ladder Night Stand

Not using your small ladder? If not don’t throw it away you can make a lot more creative stuff out of it.

You can make a night table and use it to keep your phone or laptop while charging etc.

Hack discovered by Country Living.

6. Got one more Coffee Table?

Via: Tatertots And Jello

Make your old coffee table look new with tiles of different colors and styles. You don’t require much material just a piece of plywood some nails and tiles will do.

Your old table will look new and become more sturdy. 

Get the complete instructions at tatertotsandjello.

7. Turn Kitchen Cabinet Into Craft Table

If you have an unused kitchen cabinet don’t let it stay empty make use of it to keep your DIY stuff in an organized way.

This hack requires drill so if you don’t know how to effectively use a drill ask some who has the knowledge about it to do it for you.

 Instructions on ehow.

8. Window transformation into Coffee Table

Via: Marty’s Musings

Don’t you like having your morning coffee looking outside getting fresh air and enjoying the weather? 

You can make a coffee table easily with a window.

How to do it? Check it out here.

9. Upcycled Drawers Into Side Tables

Via: Hometalk

Side tables make a nice place for u to keep your night creams and phones.

You will require paint and wooden legs for this project, and the end result will be fabulous. You will own a stylish side table with racks. Learn to make it on hometalk.

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10. Entertainment center recycled into Kids Closet Armoire*****

Via: Hometalk

Easy to make, all you have to do is empty the center and put a bar through the tv place for hangers and you are set. 

11. Filing Cabinet Vintage Makeover

Old filing cabinets become a waste of space if you have grown out of its use. By just adding legs to it, we can repurpose it for efficient use. 

Full instructions on  Bloglovin.

12. Clock Table

Via: Scavenger Chic

We combine the old clock’s paper and a stool to produce this hack.

It is very simple and it will give your round table an aesthetic look. I know you are eager to make it. Check out the tutorial at Scavenger Chic.

13. Making Ottomans

Via: Beyond The PIcket Fence

You can use old drawers for this hack by just removing the holder and attaching cushions and wooden legs to make it beautiful and highly efficient and useful. 

Want to make it? Check out Beyond The Picket Fence

14. Crafts Organizer from Stool

Via: Little Hooligans

Got an old stool? Don’t know what to do with it? 

You can make a holder out of it and your things more organized. Although, it can be used to store light stuff only.

15.Turning A Bookshelf To Bench

Via: Feeling Nifty

Tuning an old bookshelf into a bench can be one of the best uses of it. Make comfortable benches for indoor and outdoor uses from your bookshelf.

Check out the easy tutorial here.

16. Window Bench From A Closed Bookshelf

Via: Mommy Vignettes

One more use of a bookshelf and very similar to the first one but the best part is in this one you get to keep your storage space the same. Place wooden legs on the horizontal side and cushions on its opposite one. What an amazing idea!

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17. Grand Piano Hack?

Via: Instructables

In case your grand piano is out of service and no longer feasible to repair, we have a great use for it. Wall mount the piano flap as described by Instructables in order to construct a great decorative and useful addition to your house wall.

18. Craft Table Using Old Crib

Via: A Little Learning For Two

When the child grows old a crib becomes useless. Don’t throw away the cribs make a sitting for your baby.

The old crib can be converted into a table by removing one side as suggested by A little Learning For Two. Useful and feasible hack and can be highly useful for multiple kids around the house.

19. Laptop Table Using Window

Whenever we use our computers from our lap, we experience the laptop heat and it can cause harm.

You can use a window and a cushion for comfort and support to make a laptop desk.

Decorate it however you like. Always put the pillow on your lap and the computer on the flat side. Great DIY by 5-minute crafts. Instructions on  5-minute Crafts.

Most of the hacks require using tools, therefore, children should not try them without adult supervision. 

These were 19 creative furniture hacks tried a few and the result was FAB…It won’t take a lot of time and money and it’s definitely worth so do give a shot.