120 Cheap And Healthy Dinner Recipes

healthy dinner recipe ideas

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Eating healthy on a budget may seem tough, but in reality, there are plenty of healthy meals you can cook for your family, that are easy on your pocket. There’s also a misconception that affordable food is restricted to simple meals, but you can go as fancy as you want. From fancy chicken and filled dinners to simple vegan casseroles, the options are endless!

You can also plan your meals ahead of the week if you are looking to cut down on your costs. This list has every quick and cheap meal that you can think of. Go through it and plan your week accordingly!

120 Cheap And Healthy Dinner Recipes

1. Banana Pancakes

Via Delscookingtwist

They are light, fluffy, and everything delicious! Add some Greek yogurt and cottage cheese to make your pancakes healthier, and the fresh banana toppings give them a tinge of sweetness.

2. Spinach And Pea Carbonara

Via Eatingwell

Who doesn’t like a light pasta dinner? This yummy pasta is also healthy because of the greens. The base of the sauce is also egg, so it is free of preservatives and is perfect for a quiet night.

3. Chicken Sesame Noodles

Via Eatingwell

This Asian noodle dish is so healthy due to the addition of chicken and veggies. For a healthier alternative, use veggie noodles such as zucchini (zoodles) or carrot instead of your regular cooked noodles.

4. Scallop Scampi Pasta

Via Foodnetwork

This is a great alternative to your regular shrimp pasta. Filled with protein, this dish is a dream dinner for fitness freaks! You can also use whole wheat noodles if you wish to go an extra mile for your health.

5. Vanilla Bourbon French Toast

Via Eatthis

Instead of the extra sweet and sugary French toast, try making your French toast with some fresh cream and bourbon. Yes, I know what you’re wondering: bourbon?! But it tastes delicious and it is a great way to end your day.

6. Veggie Scramble

Via Foodal

The name says it all, what could be healthier than your classic greens and veggies? A great take on your evergreen scrambled eggs, they have mushrooms, spinach, and some healthy goat cheese. You can also add some avocados, olives, and any other veggies.

7. Spinach And Ham Quiche

Via Servedfromscratch

Oui! This French delicacy is a delight regardless of what meats or veggies you add to it. This is such a healthy dish that you can make on a budget because of the affordable ingredients.

8. Breakfast Naan Pizza

Via Eatingwell

Swap your pizza bread for a simple flatbread and make a fancy breakfast! A healthy eggs and veggies pizza is exactly what you need to start your day right! You can save the leftovers for a quick dinner as well.

9. Chickpea Curry

Via Hostthetoast

Since this simply requires some canned chickpeas, this is a great affordable option for a week you just need to get by! You can add extra veggies to your curry if required, but it is not necessary! Serve with some flatbread or rice.

10. Scrambled Egg Pita

Via Kidspot

If you’re bored of your classic scrambled egg meals, this is the perfect dish that gives a slight twist to your scrambled eggs. Add some tomato tapenade or tomato and basil pesto to your pita before filling it with scrambled eggs.

11. Chicken Farro Bowl

Via Laurafuentes

Make a farro and chicken bowl for an easy dinner night. Add some salad veggies to your bowl to make this dish highly rich in protein. This dish is delicious as well as cheap as it requires hardly 3 ingredients.

12. Lentil Curry And Cauliflower Rice

Via Eatingwell

Another great 3 ingredient meal, this meal is filled with carbs and thus perfect for a healthy dinner. You can get pre-cooked lentils and a curry sauce for a quick dinner. Swap your regular rice for cauliflower rice for a healthier dinner option.

13. Eggs In Purgatory

Via Wellplated

This meal is dipped in protein, literally! You have your eggs delved in bacon. Additional grains and tomatoes give it a creamier taste.

14. Popcorn Chicken

Via Myfoodstory

While frying your chicken that is already coated with heavy marinating sauce may not seem like the healthiest fit for a snack, this healthy take on the snack will change your mind. You need some keto bread crust, almond flour, and chopped almonds for this. The best part: you bake your popcorn chicken, thus avoiding the oil!

15. Spinach And Artichoke Dip

Via Cookingclassy

This dip works well when you need your food to make rounds at brunches or parties. It is healthy, saucy, and spicy (courtesy of the delicious chilies). Serve with pita bread or tortilla chips and watch them disappear in minutes!

16. Deviled Eggs With Bacon

Via Natashaskitchen

If you have been looking for some healthy finger foods for your entrée, your search can stop here. A classic rendition of the deviled eggs is perfect because it is just eggs! Shred some bacon and sprinkle on the top for an extra tinge of protein.

17. Chicken Noodle Soup

Via Simplyrecipes

This chunky veggie and chicken soup tastes better with each spoon. It is also extremely filling, so if you are looking for a lazy weekend dinner, this is the perfect fit!

18. Chicken And Black Beans Nachos

Via Marthastewart

Add your cheese, chicken, and black beans on a tortilla chip, and your dish will be ready in just a few minutes! You can also swap chicken for bacon as per your preference.

19. Fish Taco Bowls

Via Homesweateats

Serve this yummy dinner bowl with chipotle sauce. Your store-bought chipotle has a crema layer on the top, which tops these bowls to give them the creamy taste they have.

20. Steak And Eggs With Chimichurri

Via Tastingtable

Although this is a classic egg and steak breakfast, this is one of those dishes that you can have throughout the day. With the right amount of protein, your day will surely start right!

21. Quesadilla

Via Inspiredtaste

Instead of going overboard with your cheesy fillings, maintain a good balance of veggies, chorizo, and cheese for a healthier snack. You can also add guacamole to give your quesadilla a quirky flavor.

22. French Onion Soup

Via Simplyrecipes

This soup is delicious because it is packed with flavor. However, a major downside to this flavorful and healthy dish is that it takes a lot of time to cook. It is definitely worth the wait.

23. Beef Pad Thai

Via Eatingwell

For a healthier alternative, choose to opt for whole-grain brown rice pad thai noodles. You can also add veggies like carrots, peas, and scallions. This also helps in increasing the serving size.

24. One Pot Greek Pasta

Via Eatingwell

If you have some cooked leftover pasta, make a whole different dinner out of it! You can also prep the pasta and freeze it to cook during the week. Add slices of chicken sausage and feta to pack this meal with flavor.

25. Ham And Peas Soup

Via Allrecipes

Cooking your ham and peas with a slow simmer will give you a thick creamy broth that makes such a great soup. You will simply keep coming back for more once you try this dish out.

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26. Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup

Via Simplydeliciousfood

This combination will blow your mind away! Pair your classic grilled cheese sandwiches with a warm cup of tomato soup. While your grilled sandwich will be packed with cheese and Greek yogurt, make sure you roast your tomatoes in the oven for your soup to give it an extra flavorful tinge.

27. Chinese Chicken Salad

Via Recipetineats

With the perfect balance of toppings, this salad is filled with nutrition to the brim. Make sure you don’t add too many toppings to your salad because it reduces the nutritional value tremendously.

28. Philly Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes

Via Eatingwell

Swap your hard buns for softer buns because they are easier to eat and you can gulp them down in minutes! These are a classic American snack and you can quickly make them with some bacon leftovers, veggies, and cheese!

29. Clam Chowder

Via Allrecipes

Clam chowder is usually a light, thin broth, but swap your cream out for milk and make a thick creamy broth. This helps the clam remain the center of attention.

30. Spicy Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Via Gimmedelicious

These healthy shrimp wraps are filled with veggies and herbs. This is a perfect meal for a low-carb dinner night.

31. Asparagus Salad With A Fried Egg

Via Eatthis

The asparagus is the base for this salad, while a fried egg is placed on top of it for a creamy layer. This meal is crunchy, creamy, and everything nice!

32. Baked Salmon With Veggies

Via Watchwhatueat

This is such a colorful and bright dish that will keep you engaged till the last bite. The salmon is seared to a beautiful orange and can be served with your green beans and tomatoes.

33. Grilled Steak Tortilla Salad

Via Goodhousekeeping

This salad is so creative because of the mixed grilled steak among your regular salad veggies. The spicy and tangy taste of jalapenos will freshen your dinner parties. Plus, a tinge of colorful food never hurt anyone! The crunchy tortillas make a good side, and you can also serve it with a fresh homemade dip.

34. Club Sandwich

Via Spendwithpennies

A club sandwich is always so filling that you’re all set for dinner. This rendition of your classic club sandwich will surprise you. You have all your meats in the sandwich: ham, bacon, and turkey. A nice even layer of mayo evens out the sandwich and makes it creamy and easy to eat.

35. Cauliflower Pizza

Via Downshiftology

Who has ever thought a simple five-ingredient dish could taste and look so good? This delicious pizza has cheese and flavor bursting in your mouth with each bite, but is also healthy and clocks in less than 340 calories! A dream come true, right?

36. Croque Monsieur

Via Recipetineats

A Croque monsieur is similar to a classic American ham and cheese sandwich. You use gruyere cheese, and your ham is sliced into thick pieces! Oh, and you also bake this heavenly delight.

37. Korean Pineapple Beef Lettuce Wraps

Via Cookme

Lettuce wraps are honestly a perfect meal for a light dinner. You just need to keep swapping the fillings! For this meal, fill your lettuce wraps with some steak coated with marinade sauce. Sprinkle some chopped peanuts before you serve your dish. Despite being heavy with beef, you’ll be surprised at how low-calorie this meal is!

38. Mac And Cheese

Via Allrecipes

Who would say no to a classic mac and cheese for dinner? The meal is so comforting, and you can never really go wrong with this meal. Pro tip: add some yogurt to give your pasta sauce an even and creamy texture.

39. Tomato Soup And Pita Bread

Via Goodhousekeeping

Back with another great tomato sup combo, this spicy tomato soup is perfectly balanced with this sweet pita bread. The pita bread is rich in herbs and has a coconutty flavor.

40. Turkey Bolognese With Fettucine

Via Eatthis

The perfectly cooked ragu, along with some slow-simmered meat sauce is the perfect meal for a date night!

41. Creamy Mushroom Chicken

Via Healthyfitnessmeals

The creamy mushroom sauce is the life of this dish. The enriched, royal texture of the sauce can be owed to the Greek yogurt.

42. Honey Ginger Cedar Plank Salmon

Via Goodhousekeeping

This perfectly seared salmon is very easy on the eye, and tastes just as good! It is, however, enriched with spices, so you can pair it with a cool cucumber salad to balance your entire meal.

43. Oven Fried Chicken

Via Bettycrocker

Why get a bucket of crispy chicken for a weekend dinner when you can make it right at home, and healthier? Coat your chicken leg in buttermilk and hot sauce and coat it with bread crumbs. This crispy chicken is so healthy and tastes just as good, and even better!

44. Hawaiian Tuna Bowl

Via Verywellfit

This colorful tuna bowl is filled with protein and is so colorful! It has a sweet, and tangy taste owing to the tangy rice at the bottom of the bowl. You can also top the bowl with some creamy avocado.

45. Chicken Pot Pie

Via Natashaskitchen

A classic chicken pot pie is exactly what you need after a tough day at work. Use an extremely thin puff pastry to bring your version of the chicken pot pie to life. You can also bake your chicken pot pie in muffin tins for smaller servings.

46. Pomegranate Honey Glazed Chicken And Squash

Via Goodhousekeeping

This sweet and tangy dinner meal is perfect for your weekly dinner nights. You can also serve it with some brown rice for a healthier side.

47. Spicy Hawaiian Pizza

Via Eatthis

If you’re looking to make a delicious pizza that is heavy and filling, a Hawaiian pizza sounds perfect for your night. The pineapple toppings assure the sweetness of your pizza, that balance the smoky nature of it perfectly.

48. Chicken Sausage Lasagna

Via Sandravalvassori

You have your classic lasagna with tomatoes, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese, while the chicken sausage is just added to the mix for a healthier protein element!

49. Seared Scallops With Lentil Salad

Via Goodhousekeeping

The scallops balance the richness of the lentil salad by adding a sweet tinge to the dish. Lentils are generally filled with antioxidants and are extremely rich in flavor as well.

50. Smothered Pork Chops

Via Cafedelites

The pork is covered with chicken stock, buttermilk which is low in fats, and mustard, to create a rich sauce for the pork to settle in. The dish is infamous due to the smothering technique. Serve your pork chops with some veggies and potatoes on the side.

51. Meatballs With Spaghetti

Via Delish

Homemade meatballs are super easy to make and you can make them in batches and freeze the leftovers to use later. This is an extremely cheap meal you can put together in no time. Use homemade breadcrumbs and swap your parmesan for dried herbs for a cost-effective meal.

52. Black Bean Vegan Soup

Via Veggieinspired

Any vegan meal is usually very low on calories so you won’t have to worry about your meal being healthy enough. Add avocado toppings for a zesty taste to your warm soup.

53. Bacon And Broccoli Pasta Salad

Via Foodiewithfamily

This dish is very affordable and also healthy due to the high quantities of broccoli and spinach layered throughout your meal.

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54. Pecan Stuffed Apples

Via Thespruceeats

Desserts are too often too sugary and people on a healthy pathway tend to avoid anything sweet. But this filling dessert is so rich in flavor and won’t harm your diet as well. The apples are baked, so they are not too sugary or oily. You can prep this with just 5 ingredients, so it is affordable too!

55. Chicken Braise

Via Goodto

Nothing screams simple like a regular chicken braise on a Friday night, right? A basic mustard cream sauce keeps the dish simple and elegant. This dish is very affordable if you just want to get through the week because all you need is chicken thighs, parsley or thyme, and some carrots!

56. Ham And Cheese Salad Pizza

Via Goodhousekeeping

This ham and cheese pie-turned pizza is the healthiest pizza option you will find! It is also such a quick meal as it takes hardly 20 minutes.

57. Lentil And Spinach Curry

Via Thewholesomefork

If you’re looking to get by on a budget, this is the perfect curry recipe you need. Switch your regular chutney for dried spices so your curry has the same rich flavor but you won’t have to spend too much either.

58. Tomato Tart

Via Foodandwine

This easy tomato tart meal is so quick to prepare if you buy rolled pastry. To save some additional time and money, use store-bought pesto. You can also add lemon, mozzarella cheese, and any other toppings to give your tart some enhanced flavor.

59. Pancetta Chicken

Via Goodhousekeeping

Roast your chicken in the oven for a healthier alternative. This meal is filled with protein and has very low calories, so you won’t have to worry about your diet getting spoilt. The pancetta cream adds such great taste to your chicken.

60. Miso Spinach Noodles

Via Goodhousekeeping

This unconventional noodle soup is delicious and healthy. Although filled with umami, the meal is relatively low on calories. You can serve with boiled eggs for some extra protein.

61. Vegetable Polenta

Via Goodto

The key to a healthy polenta is very simple: bake it! This polenta is packed with the richness of veggies and feta cheese – you will have to make a large batch because your loved ones won’t be able to not ask for seconds!

62. Roasted Shrimp And Poblano Salad

Via Goodhousekeeping

Rich with avocados and veggies, you can whip up this delicious shrimp salad for a last-minute brunch or dinner party, while on a budget!

63. Smoked Bacon And Onion Tart

Via Bbcgoodfood

Make this delicious treat in batches for a big dinner, and you can even store the leftovers for a quick dinner fix during the week. Yes, it is that cost-effective!

64. Spiced Steak And Green Onion Kebabs

Via Goodhousekeeping

Chicken or steak skewers are so much fun to devour as well as make because you know they’ll be finished as soon as you serve the plate! These gorgeous-looking kebabs are full of protein and taste as good as they look!

65. Mexican Rice

Via Damndelicious

This Mexican rice meal shows great promise, with herbs and chilies being at the forefront of the dish. You can also add some frozen peas to your rice.

66. Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

Via Tablefortwoblog

These spicy shrimps are perfectly balanced with a cool and crunch apple slaw, so it is completely packed with sweet and spicy, and everything nice!

67. Chicken Parmesan

Via Skinnytaste

A light cheesy meal is the kind of comfort food everyone needs after a rough day. This meal is free of any saturated fats and allows you to delve into the flavors without the guilt of skipping your dietary plans. Add a quick salad side to increase the nutrition level of the dish.

68. Beer Battered Fish And Double Cooked Chips

Via Goodto

Are you in the mood for some classic fish and chips? Avoid getting takeaway to save some money and cook them yourself, in a better way than you would find in any restaurant! Make some fancy fish and chips that taste better than any takeaway meal!

69. Basil Cashew Pesto Pasta

Via Lecremedelacrumb

This meal uses nutritional yeast, so you know the flavor and nutrition value is topping off the charts with this one. This is also a quick dinner meal you can put together in under half an hour!

70. Macaroni Cheese With Peas

Via Bbcgoodfood

You will get your protein-packed dinner with this great rendition of classic mac and cheese. This recipe uses bacon and sweet peas. You can use penne pasta or cavatappi for this meal.

71. Tofu Pad Thai

Via Minimalistbaker

Instead of cooking your pad thai in heavy oils, opt for a simmered fry for a healthier option. This is a great alternative if you want to swap your meats for something healthy because tofu is a great vegan option that keeps the flavor of the meal intact.

72. Enchiladas

Via Simplyrecipes

Chicken enchiladas are a budget-friendly delight. They are so affordable yet filling. You can also make large batches of it and freeze it for use throughout the week.

73. Pea And Mint Spaghetti

Via Realfoodtesco

A quick spaghetti meal is everything you need for a busy weeknight. The ingredients are super cheap and you can cook it in just 15 minutes! If you have cheese – well and good, but the meal also works without a cheese component!

74. Chicken Stir Fry

Via Natashaskitchen

Chicken stir fry is an all-time favorite for people working on a budget. You can use leftover chicken from other meal preps for this dish. You can also swap the chicken for beef as an alternative meal! Serve with rice or quinoa.

75. Turkey Mince Cottage Pie

Via Bbcgoodfood

A healthy and cheap alternative to your regular pot pies, this minced turkey meal tastes as good, if not better! If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives for the ingredients, go for canned peas rather than frozen peas.

76. Spaghetti Bolognese

Via Bbcgoodfood

You can make this quick meal with just a few basic ingredients. You will need some beef mince, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, cooked spaghetti, and mushrooms and you are good to go!

77. Chicken With Roasted Veggies Traybake

Via Bbcgoodfood

This traybake meal takes a while to cook, but it is definitely worth the effort. It is filled with nutrition to the brim and you get enough proteins from your chicken so you won’t have to worry about sticking to your meal plan.

78. Pulled Pork

Via Bbcgoodfood

Pulled pork is so versatile and you can pair it with anything. Put it in a burger for a quick dish, or serve with some fries and BBQ sauce. Either way, your dinner will be protein-packed and delicious!

79. Cheese And Onion Rosti

Via Gav’skitchen

This cheese, onion, and potato meal takes hardly 20 minutes to cook, and won’t hurt your weekly budget at all! This dish is made with the most basic ingredients you can find in your kitchen, so you won’t have to go shopping for it either.

80. Italian Soup

Via Bbcgoodfood

This tasty soup takes a while to brew to perfection, but it is all worth the wait. You also require some uncooked spaghetti for this soup, unlike other regular soups, so make sure you have all your ingredients gathered.

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81. Sausage And Bean Casserole

Via Realfoodtesco

If you’re looking to prep your meals ahead of the week, this meal is the smartest thing you can choose. You can cook it for dinner and then store the leftovers in an airtight container to use during the week.

82. Chili Con Carne

You can cook this using minimal utensils (which save a ton of dishwashing time, yay!) and even freeze the portions to use throughout the week. You can add any extra ingredients like guacamole, tortilla, nachos, cheese, etc. to the meal as well.

83. Bacon And Chili Pasta

Via Goodto

Prepare this meal in under 10 minutes! For a smarter option, use dried basil for your pasta.

84. Bean Salad

Via Theviewfromgreatisland

This nutritious meal can be made quickly in just 10 minutes. You can also freeze your salad and use the leftovers for lunch the next day.

85. Tuna Pasta Bake

Via Nickyskitchensanctuary

Bake this super easy and delicious meal for a quick dinner fix. The ingredients are very cheap and the meal is packed with protein.

86. Sausage Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Via Foodnetwork

Ever wished you could enjoy good old cheese without gaining extra calories? Well, your wish is just about to come true! This healthy dish with zucchini as the base and sausage as the protein supplement makes a really strong case for its nutritive value.

87. Peri-Peri Chicken

Via Chillipeppermadness

Don’t order chicken wings from your next-door KFC, make better chicken for yourself! The satisfaction of cooking your own dinner that can far surpass a fast-food joint’s food is way too much. Serve with any of the three C’s – coleslaw, chips, or couscous.

88. Roast Eggplant With Green Tahini Dressing

Via Delicious

This salad is full of fresh fiber and tastes so good because of the eggplant and tahini combination.

89. Sausage Herby Omelet

Via Goodto

Omelet for dinner? Well, if it is this filling, cheesy, and yum, why not?

90. Nicoise Salad

Via Simplyrecipes

Veggies, flavor, and excellent protein from the egg yolk – this meal ticks all the boxes for a perfect mid-week dinner checklist.

91. Tomato Baked Chicken

Via Goodto

Use chicken thighs or chicken wings for this quick meal. You can also use dried herbs and some mushrooms as a cheaper alternative for some ingredients for the meal.

92. Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad

Via Saltandlavender

Turn your basic smoked salmon into a fancy meal with this flavorful pasta salad. It tastes as colorful as it looks!

93. Miso Roast Pumpkin And Beef Noodle Salad

Via Taste

This salad is low fat and low carb and will fit your dietary expectations tremendously!

94. Pumpkin And Zucchini Lasagna

Via Taste

The unique aspect of this dish is that it has no pasta, yet you won’t even notice the missing part of this rich meal!

95. Tofu And Peanut Fried Quinoa

Via Taste

Looking for a vegan gluten-free dinner? This low-calorie dinner meal is everything you’ve ever dreamt of and more!

96. Chicken And Coconut Curry

Via Cookingandme

This coconut chicken curry is creamy and full of delicious veggies to keep the health factor going. You can finish cooking this to perfection in under an hour.

97. Cauliflower Curry

Via Funfoodandfrolic

Swap your meats out for a yummy vegan curry. This also helps you stay on budget since your common veggies are cheaper than whole meats.

98. Chili Potato Cakes With Fish Fingers

Via Goodto

These spicy potato cakes balance the earthiness of fish fingers perfectly. They are also cheap to make because a lot of the herbs and spices needed will be available in your kitchen beforehand.

99. Lemon Chicken With Potatoes

Via Pillsbury

This four-ingredient dish is great to make when on a tight budget. Use boneless chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts for a cheaper meal.

100. Salmon, Chia, And Broccoli Fish Cakes

Via Taste

These gluten-free fish cakes are a healthy dinner option for a busy Friday night. Prep and freeze them on the weekend to enjoy during the week.

101. Chicken Piccata Bowl

Via Taste

Low in fats and carbs, cook this dish for a quick weeknight dinner fix.

102. Stuffed Capsicums

Via Taste

Prep this easy dish on the weekend and freeze it so you can grab a quick dinner on a busy weeknight.

103. Beef Chow Mein

Via Chelseamessyapron

Instead of getting Chinese takeaway, cook a tasty chow mein right at home!

104. Pork Medallions

Via Bbcgoodfood

Have your pork cut in a lean cut and serve with green veggies to balance the protein of your dish.

105. Zucchini Lasagna Roll-Ups

Via Damndelicious

The addition of cannellini beans makes this meal rich in protein and fiber.

106. Leek And Egg Salad

Via Eatsmarter

Serve this leek and egg salad with some garlic bread for a full and hearty dinner.

107. Salmon And Fennel Salad

Via Foodnetwork

A low-calorie salad night is exactly what you need at the end of a stressful week! The salmon is enhanced with so much flavor you will devour this meal down within minutes!

108. Chicken And Jalapeno Slaw

Via Taste

This colorful delight has beans rich in protein, stuffed in a sweet potato. The best part about this dish is that it is low fat!

109. Tomato And Pepper Galettes

Via Bonappetit

This meal is full of flavor. Use readymade puff pastry for a cost-effective meal.

110. Minestrone Soup

Via Loveandlemons

This low-calorie soup will surely warm you up on a cold winter night.

111. Tomato Risotto

Via Bbcgoodfood

Cook the meal like a regular risotto, but you can use Arborio rice instead of regular rice to save up some costs for a quick cheap meal.

112. Rainbow Noodle Bowl

Via Happykidskitchen

This vegan noodle bowl brings the phrase ‘eat a rainbow’ to life!

113. Chili Tofu Zoodles

Via Taste

Make zucchini noodles rather than regular noodles for a slightly fancy dinner. Use tofu instead of whole meats if you are looking to cut down costs.

114. Squash And Green Tart

Via Southernliving

Use cabbage, broccoli, or any other green veggie and a cheese of your preference to make this quick and easy tart.

115. Beef Stroganoff

Via Recipetineats

Cook this quick low-calorie meal in just 30 minutes and enjoy an enriched flavorful dinner night.

116. Beef And Veggie Pie

Via Taste

Make a low-calorie pie filled with protein and flavor for a small dinner gathering and watch your pie get finished in minutes.

117. Chicken Nugget And Chips

Via Taste

Make homemade chicken nuggets and pair them with oven chips for a quick complete meal.

118. Cheese Sausage Batter

Via Goodto

This is a great dish to make because you require all staple ingredients readily available at home, such as flour, eggs, etc.

119. Mushroom And Pork Bake

Via Taste

Roast your pork in the oven for a quick low-calorie dinner.

120. Chicken Tacos

Via Damndelicious

Prep your ingredients ahead of your meal and quickly fix this meal in under 15 minutes. These tacos are made with whole-grain tortillas, a ton of veggies, and ingredients low in sodium!

Get ahead of your week’s dinners by planning well in advance so you can eat healthily and not lose a fortune over it either!